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Guyana Implements Breathalizer Law – Barbados Government Continues To Ignore Drunken Slaughter Every Weekend

Government Of Guyana Acts Responsibly Against Drunk Driving

Successive Barbados Governments have failed to implement breathalizer laws that would target the growing slaughter on our roads. We lose more people to drunk driving than we do to murder, but when it came to protecting us from drunken drivers, the idiots of the Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley BLP Government never went further than talking about “maybe, if, someday”.

At least with the BLP Government, we knew that our drooling, word-slurring Prime Minister never implemented anti-drunk driving laws because he didn’t want to get nicked himself!

Thompson DLP Government Continues The BLP Policy Of Doing Nothing To Stop Drunk Driving

After almost seven months in office, the Thompson DLP Government has done nothing to address the serious problem that our country lacks enforceable, modern drunk-driving laws.

Think about that folks – in practically every civilized jurisdiction in the world when there has been an accident and the police suspect the driver might have had even one beer, the driver has to blow into a breathalizer machine to prove how much alcohol is in his or her body. We know that some people can drink lots and not “look” like they are drunk, but they shouldn’t be driving. The breathalizer provides scientific evidence so there is no doubt.

Barbados Free Press has been calling for breathaliser laws and equipment for the police for two and a half years now. In those two and a half years we have seen some horrible accidents and even mass accidents – but our law enforcement officers have no way of testing to see how much those drivers had been drinking.

The first job of government is to protect the citizens, and successive BLP and DLP governments have failed to protect the citizens when it comes to drunken driving.

Prime Minister Thompson… time to act, Sir. If your government can’t implement breathalizer laws during the first year of your term, that will pretty well say everything about your priorities and leadership.

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Barbados Borrows Millions From Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – How Much Will Be Siphoned Off By Corruption?

Barbados Has No Law To Prevent Government Officials From Awarding Contracts To Family Or Themselves!

Here we go again, folks. Like the BLP Arthur/Mottley Government before it, the DLP David Thompson Government of Barbados is tapping into international loans and money to finance projects when there are no rules about how the money gets spent – and no rules prohibiting the awarding of contracts to companies owned by government officials or their immediate family members.

Now that they have achieved power and hold the country’s cheque book in their hands, David Thompson and the DLP government refuse to implement standards that will prevent them from using their office for personal profit.

So who will be doing the “consulting” and the “studies” that go along with this big loan?

Don’t ask… because Barbados doesn’t have any transparency laws either!

Same old, same old…

Barbados Gets US$5 million IDB Loan for Standards System

Bridgetown — July 27, 2008 — Barbados’ national standards system will undergo a modernisation process to the tune of US$7.29 million.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce, George Hutson and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Representative, Anneke Jessen, signed a loan agreement during a ceremony in the Ministry’s conference room, Reef Road, St Michael.

Government is providing US$2.29 million while the IDB will foot US$5 million.

Describing the venture as a priority for Government, Mr. Hutson said the project would strengthen Barbados’ National Standards Systems, upgrades to BNSI’s administrative areas, as well as its physical and technological infrastructure.

In addition, the Minister of Trade said globalisation and trade liberalisation have heightened the need for countries to maintain high standards.

“Changing international conditions, deepening regional integration, and the need to improve the competitiveness of local goods and services have underlined the importance of maximising quality and efficiency in the application and administration of national standards.

… continue reading this article at Caribbean Press (link here)


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Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

So Mia Mottley is calling for justice for BLP supporters. Why didn’t she call for justice for me, when I was editor of the Advocate and was being persecuted almost on a daily basis by the BLP?

The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.

… Reudon Eversley writing at Barbados Underground Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them

We Need A Truth And Reconciliation Movement In Barbados

Former PM Owen Arthur

Former PM Owen Arthur

There is a tape recording that has been talked about in hushed tones for the past three years, and is now making the rounds in the Barbados legal community.

I have not heard the tape personally, but for reasons I will not go into here I sincerely believe that it exists, and that it will surface on the internet before long.

The tape recording is of a drunken, raging former Prime Minister Owen Arthur calling a citizen at home sometime in the wee hours of the morning. The language is ripe, the threats are real – and the hatred is palpable.

Former editor of the Barbados Advocate Reudon Eversley is correct when he says that Barbados was on the brink of a dictatorship during the Owen Arthur / Mia Mottley Government. The BLP cowed the press, corrupted the courts by appointing a former Government Minister and political hack as Chief Justice – and generally did whatever they wanted to without so much as a second thought about decency and the rule of law. They used the police as their private enforcers – and the police went along with it.

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

These same BLP thugs threatened to murder Adrian Loveridge, rape his wife and burn down his hotel. After the threats, there were two arsons at Loveridge’s hotel – along with a break-in and a ladder up against his bedroom window as a little message.

The police know who the suspects are, but refused and still refuse to charge anyone.

Death threats were also made against an old lady who is involved in a lawsuit where the Chief Justice, former PM Arthur and many BLP big-ups are defendants. More death threats were made against bloggers including Ian Bourne.

These threats of murder, rape and arson against a foreign investor and respected community member are all a matter of public record. What a great lesson for other foreign investors coming to Barbados!

The Secretary of the Barbados Labour Party, William Duguid, confirmed publicly that at least some of the threats were made using his computer located at the Parliament Building!

And speaking of threats, BLP Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has herself declared that blogs and talk radio should be censored.

Again, all of the above is a matter of public record – and we pray that the Owen Arthur tape-recording soon becomes public as well.

There Is A Lesson In Reudon Eversley’s Article – But Not The One That He Intended

Reudon Eversley and so many folks were oppressed, threatened and harassed by corrupted members of the BLP government – and it will be a long time before their sense of righteous anger fades.

Peter Simmons

Peter Simmons

And because some of those corrupted people are still entrenched in positions of power and authority, the abuses continue even now. Think of the UWI professor John Knox who was told by former Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons that he would be fired from his job if he continued to be a witness in a trial. Knox continued and he was fired… and the cowardly lapdog Barbados news media still says nothing about that. (Or about the Ronja Juman trial.)

So the abuses are still happening, but now under the new DLP Government.

Reudon Eversley thinks that the problem was with the quality of the people who were in the former BLP government.

He is dead wrong.

When Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and all the BLP gang entered politics so long ago, they were not evil. They may have wanted a dollar or two in their pockets, but they had in mind that they would be able to do some good for their fellow citizens and their country.

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

What happened to corrupt them? Simple… Barbados had no anti-corruption laws, so there were no controls at all. Then they consolidated their power by appointing a corrupt political hack to be in charge of “justice” and the courts. They controlled the news media with government advertising contracts and threats – carrot and stick – and the Barbados news media did as they were told.

Under the BLP, rule of law became whatever the ruling elites wanted it to be. There was (and is) no law prohibiting government officials from awarding contracts to companies owned by themselves or their families.

Who could resist such power? You? Me? David Thompson?

The situation is repeating itself under the current DLP government. With no laws put in place to prevent corruption, it is only a matter of time before the good people associated with the current government yield to temptation.

It is already happening and the Barbados news media remains silent after switching loyalties to the DLP.

Meet the new boss… same as the old boss…


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Calls For Corruption Investigation in Panama – Corrupt Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Involved

Our friends over at have the full story of how deposed Barbados flyover contractor Jonathan Danos was involved in paying millions of dollars in bribes to Panamanian politicians.

But will the Thompson Barbados Government really take action against corrupt government officials involved with Jonathan Danos in the flyover project?

The smart money says that Prime Minister Thompson will put the interests of the DLP ahead of the interests of Barbados – and go easy on BLP members because he doesn’t want to start a war. – Mabey Bridge Scandal Continues to Grow

BFP: Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Admits Paying Huge Bribes To Caribbean Government Officials & Their Middlemen


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Cuil – “Worlds Largest Search Engine” – Our Tests Show New Web Search Engine Just Might Be Better Than Google – What Do You Think?

Cuil – New Search Engine Claims It Has Three Times Larger Index Than Google

Google holds about 62 percent share of the U.S. search market, and with Yahoo (21 percent) and Microsoft (8.5 percent), the top three engines account for over 90 percent of the market share. At BFP I don’t think anyone uses anything much else than Google – but that might change because we’re really excited about a new search engine called Cuil. (Pronounced “cool’)

Cuil is the child of a few ex-Google engineers who say they developed new technology that digs down deeper into the web to find what you are really looking for.

After trying it for an hour, we have to admit that we are excited. The search results are not just different, they are more on point. It is like doing a “search within results” on Google, but again – different. We are also seeing results that we can’t find on Google no matter what terms we search under.

Search “Barbados” with Cuil – the world’s largest search engine – and you get back 5.6 million returns. Barbados Free Press is Number 3 !

We’ll let you know in a few weeks whether Cuil becomes our first choice for searches. (And yes, when you search the word “barbados”, guess what the number three hit is?) 🙂

In the meantime, try it out and we’ll talk about it.

New Search Engine:

About Cuil

Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too.

The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search engines have not kept up—until now. Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of its content, its concepts, their inter-relationships and the page’s coherency.

Then we offer you helpful choices and suggestions until you find the page you want and that you know is out there. We believe that analyzing the Web rather than our users is a more useful approach, so we don’t collect data about you and your habits, lest we are tempted to peek. With Cuil, your search history is always private.

Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil.

Further Reading

Guardian: Cuil New Search Technology

Associated Press: Ex-Google Engines Debut “Cuil” Way To Search


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Who Made The Policy That Separated Mothers From 3-Year-Old Children At Kensington Oval?

Dozens of mothers were in tears at Kiddies Kadooment when the police prevented mothers from accompanying their children into the Oval. The idea that parents and 3-year-old children would be separated from each other with no prior notice is absurd, dangerous and frankly, idiotic.

We would like to have a first happen in Barbados. We would like the organisers of the event to announce publicly the name of the person or persons who made this decision.

But that doesn’t fit in with our national culture, which is “it be nobody fault”

And speaking of “nobody fault”, what’s happening with all the criminal charges that were expected in the Hardwood scandal?

From the Nation News…

Parents, who had earlier accompanied their children on the road as they jammed from Pelican Craft Village along Fontabelle, were barred entry from the Oval which was being used as the parade venue for the first time.

As frustrated and panicking parents stood behind a fence they called out to their charges, some as young as three years-old who were on the inside without their guidance.

One young mother wiped her eyes continuously, as tears flooded her face, after she tried in vain to get the attention of her four year old daughter on the other side of the fence.

… read the entire article at the Nation News here


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Barbados DLP Thank BLP For Advertising Prime Minister’s Cruise!

Faulty Editor Allowed DLP To Advertise On The BLP Blog For Three Days!

We received the following message and the screen shot from a delighted DLP organiser…

I would like to congratulate the BLP for allowing the DLP space on their website to advertise the upcoming cruise of The Hon. Mr David Thompson the Prime Minister onboard the HARBOUR MASTER this Sat the 2nd at 5.00pm.

They must still be using the faltered program of the politics of inclusion to have allowed us the use of their site for the few days, whatever got into them I would very much like to thank them for promoting the event and realising that they are in opposition and are willing to be sensible in carrying out the affairs of this country.

Once again thank you all at the BLP for giving exposure and supporting the upcoming charity event being hosted by the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY.

It is the one time that I would have hoped that their site use to get some hits but nevertheless we always have the blogs to turn to,

We in the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY thank you for allowing the opportunity to promote our cruise on your website, we loved it.


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