Where Did Cliverton Sleep Last Night?

Somebody is looking for Cliverton

Where are you, Clive?


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34 responses to “Where Did Cliverton Sleep Last Night?

  1. Anonymous

    get yourself home now.

  2. Anonymous

    Clive? Please…

  3. Partial

    Clive – what de hell you think you doing? You better have a damn good excuse!

  4. .35

    someone is in big trouble. Cliverton go home now

  5. Jason

    It looks like the personal life has taken over the blog. I hope you work it out.

  6. Anonymous


  7. @Jason… Thank you for your above.

    To put on the table: I thought this was a serious Blog. Why would anyone *care* about the above?

  8. Red Lake Lassie

    Serious blog or not – somebody is doing their laundry in public. too bad.

  9. akabozik

    ohhhhh ohhhh. Please be nice!

  10. @akabozik: “Please be nice!”


  11. Anonymous

    I’m sorry. Please call.

  12. @Anonymous: “Please call.”

    …now that just comes across as insecure and needy…. (wink)

  13. crossroads

    More important where will he sleep tonight?

  14. This is bad

    Wahtever is wrong here, you should calm down and take a deep breath. Nothing is solved by name calling.

    BFP please get rid of this article.

  15. wait cliverton still got dat outside woman in de Ivy fa true 🙂

  16. Cliverton Not Signed In

    I’m not going to take it down and I’ll bloody well leave it up forever for all to see. YOU put it up so YOU take it down.

  17. passin thru

    It is Crop Over time fuh true!

  18. J

    I think that Cliverton is resting quietly in the dog house all like now.

    Nitey, nite, Clivey my boy. S;eep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  19. Red Lake Lassie

    Girl you are going too far with this. You think you can embarrass him it will only make it worst.

  20. 329.18

    Chaaww, Clive!

    Do yo thang, dude!

  21. boys will be boys

    sometime a tomcat need to prowl around to know he happy at home

  22. Rohan

    will somebody fill me in on what happened? I’m lost!!!!

  23. Rohan

    actually forget about it…I have a feeling I don’ t want to know…haha

    carry on

  24. 677

    Has Cliverton come home yet? Woaloss! Must be crop over time! 😉

  25. I wish I could sleep that good!

  26. He en’t get home yet? Wow!

  27. J

    I think I see Clivey wukking up on the East coast 1/2 hour ago.

    He looked happy to me.

  28. OMG, did he ever come home?

  29. J

    All like now Clivey is sitting in the rain at Kensington waiting for the Finals to start, and after that it is fordeday morning jam and then straight to Bridgetown Market and then a fete on Saturday night. Sleep Sunday and then, “Spring Garden ah coming” Monday morning.

    Happiness is “Crop-Over”

  30. He has to be home now, wh’appen??

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  32. Anonymous

    When you see this side of a womam, it’s time to cut her loose.