Source: Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Told “Wait Until After The Election”


Waterpark Developer Matthew Kerins Quietly In Barbados For Secret Meetings

A trusted source informs Barbados Free Press that Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Matthew Kerins was in Barbados last week for a series of secret meetings about his waterpark project. Mr. Kerins requested to meet with senior government officials, but in the end met only with an intermediary who delivered a message from the Owen Arthur government…

“Wait until after the election”

The American developer first requested the new meeting early in January of 2007, after he became angry over the Christmas holidays about delays and inaction regarding his land use permissions. According to our source, Kerins feels betrayed that he has paid over US$2 million in “consulting fees” to various Barbados “consultants” and has yet to receive permission to build – especially after a “very pleasant” meeting in 2005 with Mr. Leonard Nurse and Prime Minister Owen Arthur wherein the Prime Minister confirmed Mr. Nurse’s advice to Kerins that the waterpark should be built at Graeme Hall.

Mr. Kerins’ recent meeting had been delayed for a number of months as he presents a real “sticky wicket” for a government facing an election in the next while. There is a popular resistance against the waterpark at Graeme Hall and area locals have collected over 6,000 signatures on a petition against the development. Widespread negative publicity about the waterpark, plus a general backlash against large scale developments in Barbados has made open support for the waterpark political suicide for a government that is on the ropes with many constituents.

Many believe that if the waterpark development was given public approval prior to the election, the area BLP incumbents would not be secure.

Says our source… “They (the government) wish Kerins would go away, but he has, unfortunately, paid all those ‘consulting fees’ and was at one point given assurances by no less a person than the Prime Minister himself. That in itself is another sticky wicket should Mr. Kerins decide he has been unfairly treated.”

As a stopgap, Mr. Kerins has been asked to revise the water use estimates using newer desalination and water-recovery technology, but this is primarily a delaying technique by a government that is trapped between a rock and a hard place. Mr. Kerins has also been advised to keep a low profile and especially to avoid the media.


What Matthew Kerins Does Not Know

Our source also advises that preliminary approval for some additions has been given to one of Mr. Kerins competitors – Ocean Park Marine Aquarium. Ocean Park had requested permission to build a small waterslide and also to construct a major dolphin exhibit. The dolphin exhibit would include shows of trained animals and a “swim with dolphins” feature that has proven to be a major money-maker and tourist magnet at other parks worldwide.

While Ocean Park’s waterslide approval is “on hold” primarily because it would be unseemly to grant approval to Ocean Park while saying no to Mr. Kerins, senior staff at Ocean Park have been told to gear up for the dolphin swim feature.

Says our source, “Kerins has heard the rumours (about the dolphin swim) but he would go ballistic if he knew that preliminary approval has been granted. Have fun!”

Is The Caribbean Splash Waterpark Dead?

Our source states that Mr. Kerins has been told to wait until after the election and that a newly elected government would be in a much better position to grant permission for his project – especially with a revised proposal that includes newer water-recovery technology.

So we asked directly if the Caribbean Splash Waterpark project is dead. Our source replied, “Kerins is on the mat, but only until the next round.”


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  1. Let things come out. They are not to be trusted. That is their MO.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    So, why would Kerins ‘go ballistic’ if he knew about the Ocean Park slide?

    Ocean Park is on PRIVATE LAND, in the midst of commercial enterprises.

    His proposal was for his enterprise to work on land belonging to taxpayers of Barbados!!!

    Him, go ballistic? EXCUSE ME? What right exactly does he have to dictate where and what he can do.

    He is free to buy private land in an industrial area for his enterprise, as did Ocean Park.

    But, no. He basically wants taxpayers to subsidise his enterprise by providing cheap land for his use.

    That is the long and short of it.

    And, then he also has control of this cheap land, if the development should fail.


  3. Dukes Resident

    There is a group of residents in Dukes Tenantry, St. Thomas, who are objecting to a proposed plan for a race track next to the village, a drag strip, and car rally racing. We have collected over 300 signatures, and have written objections to the Chief Town Planner. Copies of all have been sent to the Minister and to Town Planning. We have not been acknowledged.

    The agricultural land plot in question, part of Vaucluse Plantation, has been made into a race track, and commercial activity is ongoing at the location, at Vaucluse St. Thomas, even though the development is illegal.

    We have objected to the plan to develop the track at the location on several grounds eg noise, dust, traffic, environmental pollution.

    No one is stopping this from happening. During the last 12 months the owners of the track actually paved the dirt track, even though the Town and Country Planning has not approved them to do this. This shows flagrant disregard for our rights, and for our welfare. They are going ahead, and who cares about the residents. They have the money, and the power to go ahead, even above the heads of government. We wonder why government is allowing this to happen?

    Since nothing was happening to our satisfaction, we wrote letters of protest to the Newspapers after they paved the track recently, but the papers refused to publish them. Nor will they do stories on us, or our plight.

    We are not middle class voters in Christ Church. We are villagers. But our case in question closely resembles Graeme Hall vs Water Park. Will any of the 6,000 conscientious objectors of Graeme Hall “rally” in support of the 300+ Dukes, and surrounding neighbourhoods, residents? Won’t any of you help us? Most do not have computers, to go on a blog, but have the same rights as any in Barbados.

    The plantation in question is partially owned by supposedly reputable Williams Industries.

    Why are they doing this to us? How can we make government and the illegal developers, pay attention and stop?

    Can BFP help us in our plight?

  4. Genealogist

    Can anyone tell me if Mr Leonard Nurse (Oil Terminal and Waterpark) is related to Lt Col John Nurse ( Prison )?

  5. GO Kerinz

    Kerins will get his pound of flesh,yet.
    U wait and see!

  6. Pogo

    Dukes Resident.

    We feel your pain. The reason the paving happened is the fix is already in. It is people like you and your neighbours who have to step up now and make a lot of noise.

    What you are seeing happen here is happening all over Barbados. Money buys the politicians. Politicians stifle the newspapers and CBC. Next thing that is going to happen is friends of the politicians will visit you and make veiled threats that they are going to get you if you don’t behave.

    Luckily we now have these blogs to get the story out. Send pictures to them. Have everyone in your neighbourhood post news on BFP, BU etc. Give the names of people and politicians who are, once again, ignoring your rights and the property use laws.

    Go to the political meetings and raise the subject and don’t accept anything but direct answers.

  7. Straight talk

    Just a thought, why not let Kerins try his Waterpark idea at Mangrove Pond.
    Can,t do any permanent damage to our environment.
    The land may take years to stabilise for permanent redevelopment.
    It has a fine view of the West Coast and the golf courses at Sandy L….. oh I get it, it’s a non- starter.

  8. John

    Dukes Resident

    Your points are valid.

    What makes the situation worse is that there is an existing racetrack on lands supposedly slated to go to Golf development.

    Bizzy always moans about selling this land to foreigners and losing the race track but yet the race track remains and is in use and the foreigners are yet to play any golf.

    Barbados is full of inconsistencies. Maybe you should ask your Parliamentary Representative if the proposed race track in St. Thomas exists on the draft/ amended Physical Development Plan and how exactly she will be voting when Parliament finally decides to obey the law of the land and adopt, or not that plan?

    Guess you also need to appreciate the people of Padmore Village, Pollards and Vineyard, who also may be in a similar predicament. I have not seen any complaints raised by these residents although I am sure thay exist.

    Maybe the shutting down of the race track at Bushy Park is more in line with the complaints the developers expect from their potential customers for the real estate part of the golf!!

    This is a really crazy situation, one that can only happen in Barbados as it is currently being run, and has been for years!!

    Time for a change!!

  9. John

    Dukes Resident


    The Physical Development Plan is really what we the people of Barbados allow the Government to do with our land for a five year period.

    We get to go to the meetings and present our concerns when the proposals are being enquired into, and make our own proposals.

    The last enquiry was in 1998, some 9 years ago, and still nothing has reaced Parliament yet!!!

    The enquiry was held over the period of a week in various parts of Barbados. The one I attended, the last one, had 20 people, if that!!

    I remember the chairman was very pleased at the high turnout when compard with the others!!

    The whole planning process has been hijacked by special interest groups only because we the people let them.

    These groups waste our time and money because we than have to turn around and protest what we don’t like way after the event. They rely on us going away.

    This time, let us not go away!!!!

    Let us waste their time and money.

  10. John

    …… let us get to laugh at them instead of them always laughing at us!!

  11. John

    Who laughs last laughs hardest!!

  12. Dukes Resident

    In the recent newspapers there was a clip stating that the old Bushy Park racetrack lap record, held by none other than Bizzy Williams, since 1975, was broken.

    Bushy Park has therefore been a track for more than 30 years. Vaucluse Raceway is a figment of the imagination does not as yet exist, except in the mind’s eye.

    Williams Industries is part owner f Vaucluse. Does Bizzy Williams share in ownership of this land by way of shares in Williams Industries?

    The proposed race-track at Vaucluse was wrongly conceptualised as a “field of dreams”, but that field did not take in the angle of consideration towards the nearby residents, and is therefore shown as a greatly selfish ambition.

    So the residents do seem to have a leg to stand on in protesting its establishment, in that it does not have planning approval, whereas Bushy Park has been there for a great many years.

    Again, please remember Vaucluse does not have planning permission. There have been written concerns, written objections to the plan for development, which is way too close by longstanding residential areas. None of the letters, objections, or concerns have been even acknowledged.

    Since then, night-racing has caused yet another concern: that of LIGHT pollution.

    In the papers a few months ago the company that owned Bushy Park went into receivership, just as the racetrack was revived and put back into substantial use. Very strange indeed.

    Despite the fact that there are some very high powered people who dabble in motor sport, the residents of Dukes are, though some do not consider it, human beings, with rights that should very closely be considered. Owen Arthur and Cynthia Forde, we are asking for your help. For the sake of nearby residents, please!

    We expect developers to be like this, but government too?

    We cannot laugh, as our very quality of life is at stake here. If this could be put behind us we would be very happy.

  13. John

    Dukes Resident

    If the law has been broken, go to court!!

    Give the court a chance to demonstrate it will uphold the law of the land.

    Raise your expectations and just as the developers and their inside contacts in Government are wasting your (our) time and money, they will suddenly twig that you (we) are not going away.

    Find out if you do have a leg to stand on and if you do, sue the pants off them, business people are very receptive to actions that hit their wallets!!

    There are examples of persons in Barbados who stood up for the cause. They appear to have lost because others will not stand up and be counted. Greenland is a case in point.

    In reality, they have won, because they have pointed the way for others to follow and have verbalised positions for others to hear and use …. and they are happy.

    If you sit and do nothing, the sacrifices of those who went before will be of no consequence.

    You will also get just what you expect, nothing … besides being miserable!!

    Stand up and be counted. You will be surprised at the results, also, you will feel like a human being!!

    Raise your expectations.

    You have to walk the walk and go forward in order to leave behind what you want left behind.

    You will be surprised at how good you feel and how hard you will laugh.

    Your opponents are cowards at heart who cannot stand the light of day to be shone on their actions.

    Light your candle!! Get others to light theirs too.

    Join in the fun of reclaiming what is yours. It sure beats circling round and round and going nowhere.

  14. Frequency of Operation.

    I have to axe what the big beef is about!

    IS Vaucluse Raceway going to be operated Monday to Friday 9-5 ?
    Okay maybe not that frequently.
    Let’s try Every Single Weekend?
    Okay maybe not that frequently.
    Let’s try One Weekend a Month.

    Kerins water park,however, will likely be operated seven days a week, closing maybe for Good Friday and a few days Xmas and either side of it.
    I don’t see much comparison,honestly, sorry.

  15. reality check

    frequency of operation

    any change of land use in a normal democracy requires some form of consent of and dialogue with the residents —this has not happened and the residents count for not—so much for democracy

    How would you like a race track next to your home?

  16. Hants

    A Racetrack operating near a residential area is mental torture for the residents.
    One day somebody may “snap” and there could be a serious incident.
    Barbados is not the passive society it used to be and problems like this are best solved before they create a history making disaster.

  17. anon

    what about the decision on the subway franchise? does this have to wait until after the election

  18. Allan

    What is the connection between Kerins and the PM, HALLAM NICHOLLS.
    Who told Kerins to come to Graeme Hall? let me see if you can guess.

  19. Get In The Action

    Frequency of Operation

    How would you like cars roaring around a racetrack in your back yard, even if it is once a quarter. Peace for them on Saturdays and Sundays is lost.

    I am sure this track has permission only for agricultural use, and unless cars can now graze, laws are being broken. The laws of this land are there to ensure the rights of every citizen. They are not variable depending on wallet size. These poor people deserve better treatment.

  20. Get In The Action

    Dukes Resident

    Hit them where it hurts. Get a list of all sponsors for the next event and email/call/write in protest to the Managing Director of each company – 300 calls daily to the GM at Texaco or Shell will wake someone up. Go public with the names of the companies sponsoring these “illegal” events, and the effects this illegal track is having on your lives. Barbadian business people will do anything to avoid negative PR. And go further – if it is an International company I am sure their Head Office in US or Europe will be very impressed that their brands are being associated with this illegal activity.

  21. Dukes Resident

    That is correct. The race track is only a zoned agricultural plot, and is part of the plantation. It is not approved for subdivision, and it was done without permission.

    We continue to hope that it will be stopped, and will compose a full story letter. Then we will email it to Barbados Free Press, and see what further can be done.

    For those who have expressed awareness, and most especially kind words, we would like to say thank you for trying to advise and for supporting our attempts to resolve our problems.

    We will return to the blog, if BFP allows it, and as we are able to give you a full set of information, so that you can be the judge, and can help us further.

    So for the present we say thanks, and please tell everyone you know about us.

  22. Dukes Resident

    And lastly to Mr Frequency of operation, we would humbly like to point out, that once a permission was granted to have this thing, we would always have it, and it would be unstoppable. This is really the biggest fear, as they wish to race the super-charged cars, and to make a drag strip, to have night-time racing, and much else. But thank you for your comment. Please remember the children and the elderly.

  23. Hants

    Dukes Resident
    You will have a lot of support from reasonable people.
    You have a right to live in peace and quiet.

  24. No - Name

    Have you forgotten that Lynch and Owen promised the people of Barbados that after CWC the next big thing would more formula one car racing?
    They have made up their minds already. Unfortunately the powers that be don’t give a dame about the majority as long as they continue to please the minority.
    Residents of St.James can no longer access the beach as they have done for years via the road facing the former porters factory. You think Eastmond of the diabolical fame cares about how this is impacting on residents?

  25. Citizen First

    WE all have right to live in peace and quiet.

    Will we , the people, ….

    turn down the music from our radios and sound systems in our homes and our cars ?

    Avoid the bars with kareoke sets turned up?

    turn down the music at the private parties we hold, especially when the speakers are placed outside in the driveway?

    moderate our speech, especially in public? Take a walk through Bridgetown and listen to the crass, vulgar, obscenity laced speech of men and women passing by.

    stop urinating in public? I saw a middle aged woman lift her skirt up and urinate at spot about 20 feet from the Christian Literature Bookstore at the southern end of Crumpton Street at around 4:30 in the evening!

    support the removal of the music sets in PSV’s?

    Dukes resident, I support your fight to protect your home from this nuisance. However I also want to use the occasion of your call for support to also highlight the frequent and wide spread assaults on other peoples’ rights that occur on a daily basis.

  26. Yardbroom

    Citizen First

    Are you still here ?

    As I have chided you before.

    You seem to have a problem with Barbados, you said in a previous post you have no choice as to where you live, but you do.

    Yesterday you said you saw a man urinating in public.

    Today you mentioned a woman urinating in public.

    As a gentleman your gaze seems to be drawn to certain things. I will pass on those.

  27. Citizen First


    You can chide all you want. The fact is that the public behaviour of some people (of course not the majority) is less than what I believe it should be! This behaviour can be objectively determined to be unpleasant, unhealthy and a nuisance.

    Do you care to comment on the other five actions/behaviours that I mentioned?

    Should I infer that you approve of using any utility post, corner where ever as a public urinal? Do walk around Bridgetown especially in the area of Lower Broad Street where the taxis are parked?

    While some who post here comment ad nauseam about what they perceive the Government (the BLP) to be doing wrong (and I don’t have a problem with that) and particularly about cricket world cup, my concern is to provoke discussion about public behaviour and about our personal responsibilty to each other and to our environment.

    And to satisfy your interest, there is much that is wonderful about Barbados and Barbadians. It is my expectation that my children will live here for the rest of their lives and I want to pass to them a country that has the best quality of life given our resources.

  28. Peltdown Man

    “…you have no choice as to where you live, but you do”

    Obviously a noise lover, Yardbroom, or is it “yardfowl”. Every citizen and resident has a right to a peaceful existence in their own home. This means against motor racing, loud music, barking dogs, karaoke, PSV thumping and I could go on and on about the incessant noise that is Barbados these days. No, I will not leave because of it – I will fight it as is my right! How dare you tell someone to leave if they don’t like it. How dare you! Do you urinate anywhere at any time when you feel like it? Do men in this society have weak bladders or something? It’s not people who are forced to see this kind of thing that are the problem, it is those who feel that it’s okay to expose themselves in public who have the problem.
    I’m with the residents at Duke’s. The illegal activity taking place there must be stopped, because in Barbados, illegal activity has a way of becoming the accepted norm. As John stated, stand up and be counted – a very good way would be to lobby the sponsors of motor racing, and especially their overseas head offices, because such nonsense would not be tolerated in their countries.

  29. Citizen First

    Maybe on a specified day all of us who fight for a more civil society and in defense of property rights can all assemble in protest at the race track in solidarity with the residents at Dukes.

    Maybe the BFP can arrange an online vote as to..

    Are the residents at Dukes unreasonable to demand the closure of the race track in their district?

  30. Lady Anon

    This is similar to the residents in upton who don’t want the football area next to the gymnasium…

    What about those residents in Bush Hall and Bank Hall and Spooners Hill who have to put up with the noise and brightlights from the National Stadium.

    It is the mentality of some Bajans…”I know it has to go somewhere, but not in my neighbourhood.”

    The residents in St. Philip were ok when the prison was at glendairy…once it was moving to Dodds…”Not in my backyard”.

    I guess all these things should go on reclaimed land or we should do without them because no matter where goes it will be in somebody’s back yard.

  31. Peltdown Man

    Lady Anon
    My point is that every site that is to be used for a potentially contentious purpose should be the subject of a proper INDEPENDENT enquiry. Usually, if a decision is made to go ahead, then local residents are entitled to some compensation for the disruption to their lives. Here in Barbados, however, these schemes just “slide” through. You cant’ help but feel that money changes hands, because in a truly democratic society, ALL citizens deserve the protection of their elected government.
    The noise from motor racing is extreme, however, and once accepted, the incidence of racing will grow and grow, making life literally intolerable for those living in the neighbourhood. This is not a case of the few being asked to suffer in favour of the majority. Motor racing is, after all, a recreational pursuit, not an essential one. It is noisy, polluting, a heavy user of fossil fuels, and as I understand it, before the track was paved at Vaucluse, they just poured used motor oil on the dirt to seal it – a great environmental statement! This “smallest developed country in the world” just shows how far it has to go to make that statement sound anything but hollow.

  32. Sam

    As a gentleman, I am naturally drawn to such public scenes that Yardbroom pointed out, but it is only because I want to get my aim straight.

  33. Yardbroom

    Citizen First

    In your post of yesterday you mentioned the man, you did not mention the woman you held that in reserve , today you mentioned the woman still on the same track. You rarely seem to post without reference to the habits of the Barbadian populace of course you sometimes insert a not most, or not all, but the inference is that this is generally “accepted” behaviour, yesterday you had the nerve to say that you understand this kind of behaviour is part of “our culture.”

    I am delighted you have at last mentioned there is
    much that is “wonderful about Barbados and Barbadians,” I concur.

    Barbados has its faults and there are many, everyone would agree, but at times a little graciousness is more effective than overkill.

    You said you wanted to provoke discussion which you have done, it is simply that I have challenged you on certain points.

    I will not accept that bad behaviour is part of Barbadian culture.

    There are unsociable people everewhere Barbados is no exception.

    There are certain patterns of behaviour more prevelant in Barbados than in other places.

    The converse is also true.

    Sometimes too much pontificating can be a curse.

  34. Feeling Helpless

    I dont often read blogs of any kind, but the discussions about the waterpark and the racetrack hit a tender nerve and I guess it’s time to join the blogging world.
    I also live within easy and ample hearing distance of the illegal Vaucluce raceway and have been here for many a year enjoying the tranquillity of the parish of St Thomas. In the early years I was a self-appointed fire watcher for Vaucluse and Cane Garden and the managers of said plantations appreciated the early warnings. Now there are no managers to watch over our district, there are instead selfish and self-serving owners of these same lands who wish only to satisfy their own manic cravings for a convenient place to exceed the speed limits and they dont give a tinker’s damn about the ears, nerves, or hypertension problems of the people they disturb.
    And through it all that “we” have tried to do, they seem to have some kind of inner connection with the agencies who OUGHT to be stopping the continuation of illegal activity. What on earth are ordinary, little people with no “connections”supposed to do about that?

  35. Get In The Action

    Feeling Helpless

    Change that to Feeling Empowered. You are not alone. There are many Barbadians on your side. Your community needs to come together and make these issues public. How can the media not turn up to a press conference called by over 300 Barbadian citizens? If that does not work and you get nothing from both political parties, contact the gentleman from the Lion’s Castle area who is doing a good job representing the concerns of surrounding residents, on the call-in shows. See if he will keep your case on air.

  36. Citizen First

    Mr Yardbroom,

    You are being misleading.

    You are hanging onto the “our culture” bit too much. The first reference to “our culture” was by Jinx007 in response to a post by me listing 16 activities that I observe continually happening (i.e. at least once a month) in my neighbourhood. In response to your query as to whether I wished to live in Barbados, I wrote TWO DAYS ago –

    “Hello Yardbroom,

    I don’t have much of a choice as to where I live. To be fair, I have been very happy to live in Barbados which has many advantages.

    However, many of the problems I have described have become much more acute and chronic for me since moving to the specific St.Michael district a few years ago.

    Barbados is changing and changing rapidly.

    These kinds of behaviour are becoming more widespread as our culture becomes more coarse and vulgar . At present the vast majority of my neighbours deplore and bemoan these problems but it seems we are at the mercy of a few who have (yes Jinx007) no consideration for others.

    So the question is How does the large majority make the small minority “have consideration for others” ? ”

    Note that two days ago I indicated that

    * I was happy to live in Barbados and that

    * the vast majority of my neighbours deplore and bemoan the loutish behaviours that I listed.

    Anyway the above quote is the only instance at which I used the words “our culture” but if I am commenting on the behaviour of some Barbadians (and I am a Barbadian) then whose culture is it ? Would you deny that the Barbadian culture is not in danger of becoming more coarse and vulgar?

    *Am I making up the words – ZR culture, bashment culture etc?

    * Why would there be a need for a sign outside of R Furniture limited that states “Do not urinate here, it smells bad”

    * Why would there be a Society for a Quieter Barbados if unreasonable and inconsiderate noise making is not a problem.

    * Why would the PrimeMinister feel the need to convene a conference on morals and ethics?

    *Some of the younger members of my family could talk about the ‘dutty wine” and ‘the hot wuk or hot f_k’ dances.

    *Is there a drug culture?

    In fact you wrote – “As a young boy if someone had mentioned drugs to me I would have thought they wanted me to go to the drug store, I knew nothing else.” and now?

    You, Yardbroom, also wrote

    – “Have we moved on? in material things we have but in others no, for example as a young person you should not pass an adult from your neighbourhood without greeting them with good morning or good evening, this is no more and we as a society are the poorer for it.”

    I like to detail specific observations and not fuzzy categories and so I may have been guilty of hyperbole but what I see around me causes me concern.

    I made no mention of a man urinating except to bemoan that the utility post outside my home is used as as urinal. The reference to the woman in a subsequent post was to point out that to my surprise that it is not only men doing this thing. In any event you are flogging the urinating thing to death. What about the other 15 behaviours?

    If I didn’t accept what you wrote in your last post I would be inclined to think that you see nothing wrong with relieving oneself in public!

  37. Get In The Action


    Don’t you think that the plight of these residents surrounding Vaucluse deserves its own post. The cries of Dukes Resident and Feeling Helpless symbolizes the side of Barbados that I am ashamed of. As Barbadians we have been instilled with a sense of community, to look out for our neighbour. I know that this is changing, but we can stop the rot. For the illegal thrill of a few boarish people these peoples’ lives are trodden upon and thrown upside down – cars on the track at 11.30pm regularly – what selfish nonsense. And all because a couple wealthy landowners feel they can push the limits.

    And if the Editors of the Nation and Advocate are reading this, give these people your support. We are all Barbadians together – come on let’s do the right thing.

  38. Dukes Resident

    When we teach the children, we tell them, “Do the right thing”. This is a good thing for adults to remember.

    It was late last night that the rally driver drove round and round the track, a great many times- after 11 PM.

    Let us resolve to do the right thing.

  39. Rumplestilskin

    Citizen First / Yardbroom,

    Basically I think you guys are agreeing on the principle of behavior, but seem to disagree with the ‘generalisation’ on increasing degradation of behaviour in society.

    I must say that while Yardbroom makes a valid point regarding the danger of generalising, I do agree with Citizen First that behavior has deteriorated and is continuing to do so daily.

    When we as society ‘accept’ such debasing ‘activities’ as an example, the ‘dutty-wine’, society is gradually being moved along the scale further towards extremes of negativity.

    While the replies may assert that such examples as the ‘dutty-wine’ are simply forms of expression, I personally do not agree with that view.

    Self-expression can be represented by many forms, however, are you going to allow your youngster, or indeed are you yourself going to watch, such forms of expression and the language used by say Richard Prior, as opposed to Bill Cosby.

    Even though both have been regarded as great comedians obviously their use of language differs significantly.

    At what point does self-expression become offensive? At what point do we say, no?

    I personally think that the dutty-wine depicts such an unacceptable form of behaviour as to be viewed as virtually animalistic.

    A friend told me once that ‘the only thing that separates man from animal is pride’.

    True? Maybe, maybe not.

    But, I do know what my judgement tells me.

    People argue about ‘north-American’ influence and the negativity involved. I personally also think that some idolised ‘role models’ are rather inappropriate. However, did American culture give rise to the ‘dutty-wine’? No.

    I cannot forget that incident in the paper a year or two ago, depicting a man holding a boy, propably about ten, behind a woman ‘wukking-up’.

    This was unheard of even five years ago.

    Indeed, my understanding is that the media ‘cut-up’ the Trini flagwoman in the early 90’s who was rather ‘extravagant’ with her moves.

    Yet ten years on and we can see the most disgusting behaviour by two adults in encouraging a ten year old boy to ‘get behind’ a wukking up woman?

    I guess, das ‘we’ culture.

  40. Angonia

    The late night racing at the Vaucluse raceway is definitely not “part of our culture” – it is a blatant disregard for the authorities in our midst and disrespect of neighbor and in fact self. I say “self” because it is not only stupid to race at high speeds in the middle of the night, the act in itself speaks to the level of intelligence of the individual – don’t you know that you can and will eventually kill yourself.

    Don’t mind me – you obviously have a death wish. Just wish you’d execute it some where else other than at that illegal raceway in Vaucluse.

    But let’s focus on the real issue – the raceway. Did I miss something was it approved for racing or are we circumventing the laws of the land by insisting that the racing is not frequent enough so no permission is needed.

    Well from where I sit – and forgive for my ignorance – if a car is driven around a racetrack and at very high speeds and with the noise and cheers to accompany it – what do you call that? Is that not racing? It does not look like speed-walking to me.

    That the racing is held on an infrequent basis is a load of shavings and the owners of the land and the authorities are well aware of that. So let’s all behave intelligently here and admit that there is racing going on there. The track was recently paved and all kinds of construction going on there. What are you preparing the grounds for – a tsumnami rescue facility? You should all stop seeing those astronomers and deal with the real issues facing the marginalized citizens of this island. If the problems are not fixed, if villagers continue to be marginalized in return for seats and otherwise then my prediction is there is going to be a tsunami (and I’m no Astrid).

    We (land owners) may all feel entitled to do what ever we want with our property but realistically we can’t. Why? Because the property is not always in the hands of reasonable thinking persons. That’s why there are laws for the protection of all persons.

    In the absence of laws there is only one thing – ANARCHY. I need someone out there to reassure me that Barbados is not headed in that direction.

    I am certainly feeling anxious over the many fires burning on this 166 sq miles and there are not as a result of cane fires. Thank God we are not the size of T&T. Let’s name a few fires – Millenium Heights, Apes Hill, Lion Castle Polo Estates, Vaucluse Raceway – do you all see a pattern emerging here? History has a way of repeating itself if we are not careful in Barbados IT WILL.

    Still Agnozing.

  41. Rumplestilskin


    I for one agree with your view re eventual serious trouble if our direction is not changed.

    As someone who would be regarded as ‘middle-class’, I am frustrated and deeply concerned at the cost of living (everytime I shop), at the cost of land and building, at the encroachment on public beach access (and I mean aided by Government, it in no way is restricted to private ‘wealthy’, as Government projects put buildings in place of parking access at numerous beaches, witness Accra, Dover and now Carlisle Bay soon. Ostensibly these buildings are ‘beach facilities’ but serve more, whether intentional or inadvertent, to block up access that would be available for locals, you can have facilities without the square footage being all used up), at the significant expenditures on ill-conceived projects (including lack of reasonable prioritisation) such as flyovers, at the nonchalant attitude towards public healthcare and at the lack of financial and substantive reporting of Government projects which we, the taxpayers, fund.

    There is always a time to reap what you sow. And the current planting does not appear to be considering what will be reaped.

  42. Rumplestilskin

    To clarify a point above, the reason I mentioned ‘middle-class’ was to indicate that if I feel this way (and legitimately should not as in my view food, shelter, clothing and healthcare are items that should be regarded as basic, not luxuries), then what do those who are less fortunate feel when they shop, when they look to buy food, when they look to buy school uniforms, when they need healthcare for example?

  43. Dukes Resident

    After reflecting about the adviceposts, it would appear that Dukes protest needs the help of a legal mind. This person would be a non-political, civic-minded individual who would have to be prepared to work for free, with a view to satisfaction in knowing that he or she has done something very valuable for a group of people in need.

    If there is anyone, please post your name and contacts. May you be blessed with peace of mind and satisfaction, and receive that which you pray for.

  44. liz

    Lady Anon
    Is the track going next to your home?

    I feel for the Dukes residents.
    Does Barbados really need this kind of racing facility?
    If we do need it then where should it go?
    If we do not need it then lets say so. Loudly.
    There are a lot of things Barbados can do without and be better off for it.

  45. Peltdown Man

    Dukes Resident
    Please be very careful choosing a person who offers assistance voluntarily. I know of one organisation that was taking the government to court, for which even hired lawyers failed to give them the proper advice. The current Chief Justice was then AG, and was defending the government’s case. The case was thrown out on a technicality that even the most naive lawyer should have known about. No matter what their political affiliation, lawyers stick together. Be careful.
    One way to draw attention to your plight is to take direct action, such as a peaceful demonstartion and a press conference on a race day. If the owners of Vaucluse call the police to have you ejected, it would be the height of hypocricy. What would they say to the police? “We are staging illegal racing on an illegal race track, and these people are trespassing, please remove them!”?

  46. John

    Dukes Resident

    Be very careful of the legal mind you choose.

    Preferably he should be from your neck of the woods and have actually demonstrated some affinity for your cause.

    Better if you know the person, ……… their father, their mother, their children, their aunts their uncles , their brothers in law, where they go to church, …..

    I saw the same crap Peltdown Man is talking about with a legal firm ….. an old, old legal firm, years of experience!!

    Case got thrown out on a technicality.

  47. Lady Anon

    Lady Anon
    Is the track going next to your home?

    No it is not, and do not for one minute think that I do not sympathize with the Dukes residents. I for one am all for peace and quiet with fresh air and all.

    However, I live in close proximity to the National Stadium, and live right next door to a pig and chicken farm. No matter how many letters I write to the town and country planning and the environmental health office (and by saying this some people will kn0w who I am), there is no recourse.

    I therefore end up breathing in pig sh*t and chicken sh*t on a regular basis, breathing in burnt chicken feathers et al.

    I know what it is like being the only one to fight a cause only to be told that the town and country planning is “statue barred” (their words – not mine) from doing anything.

    I too would like to live in a peaceful, quiet and relatively healthy environment.

    All I am saying is, that no matter what happens, people will say, not in my backyard…and I will confess my foibles, in some cases, I am one of them.

    Peltdown man said “My point is that every site that is to be used for a potentially contentious purpose should be the subject of a proper INDEPENDENT enquiry.” This I agree with and again the enforcement is the key.

  48. Yardbroom


    I believe the points you have enuciated demonstrates clearly the problems in Barbados, we are sleepwalking into anarchy.

    People feel powerless to contain the excesses of the well heeled, because those who have been elected to govern have succumbed to avarice, greed and corruption, as a result they are not free agents representing the ordinary citizen.

    When citizens have no recourse in law and they are aggrieved there is only one course of action available, a tragedy for us all.

    That with a small electorate in the constituency being discussed, and the large number of voters who are inconvenienced, and yet the constituency representative does not make this an issue of great concern, demonstrates a lot about Barbados politics.

  49. I was recently in Barbados and my children would have loved to go to a water park. This would be a great venue for any caribbean country. All I read is people pontificating gibberish and maybe baby, HEY GUYS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. Walter H.

  50. Dukes Resident

    We already have a big water park. It is called the Caribbean sea, baby.

  51. Citizen First

    Hey Walter Harrison,

    Oh great magnificient One, for whom we miserable, ungrateful natives should be happy to serve…what else should be provided so the little great Ones could be happy at your next condign visit to Barbados?

  52. ?

    and when it fails, Walter can always go somewhere else on holiday.

  53. Michele

    Barbados is a small country and for the size that it is, it should not have a waterpark.

    You can get to a beach very easy and alot of the hotels are on the beach. Walter should go to Spain next, for the place is big, cheap hotels might be inland so you will sure find a waterpark then.

  54. Dukes Resident

    Perhaps I spoke in anger.

    I think that there probably will end up being a water park in Barbados.

    Mr. Harrison, because it is obvious he has no connection to the developers or the local interests, won’t mind that it hopefully won’t be in a national park, as location won’t matter to him as a visitor, so in the country, perhaps up close to Searles, or in the Belle, could be just fine.

    There are water parks in many countries. In fact winter water parks can be inside heated buildings. They don’t need Barbados, which has beautiful sand, sea and sun, and an unspoilt island that we are conserving. That is why so many are blogging on this topic.

    As a conmparison, few people from up-market Manhatten go down to Coney Island these days. It’s really very down market and kitch. Water parks and race tracks are the Coney Island market. Barbados should be careful about these, because it will lose its raw wonderful peronality and beauty.

    We can have these things, but they should be put in their place, as they do not represent who we are in Bim.

  55. Peltdown Man

    Right on, Dukes Resident, and there is another aspect to operating a water park, and that is the health of the patrons. Read the websites on these matters and find out that human and bird faeces are a big problem. It is a fact that pounds of human faeces are deposited in large public swimming pools every day, just by people who don’t wipe their backsides properly. In addition, Graeme Hall is right next to a bird sanctuary where thousands of cattle egrets roost every evening. Don’t tell me that we’re going to forbid them to use the water park as well. We will have a polluted water park in a tropical climate, and to mitigate against this, huge amounts of chlorine and other chemicals will have to be used. All the waterparks that I have seen in Florida and the UK, even at Disney, are tacky to say the least. This type of attraction is definitely not what Barbados needs unless it intends to move seriously down market.

  56. jinx

    Dear Mr. Walter Harrison,

    I am just dying to visit Disneyland. By any chance is it in YOUR backyard????????????????????????????

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  58. Shame on you the govt. of Barbados, in this day and age you are allowing or condoling this kind of practice in your country. The beach is supposed to be public property and for the general public all throughout the island. Learn from your neighbours, or your neighbouring islands. Control and stop this practice now before it gets out of hand. Don’t encourage S. Africia in this region. Shame on you!!

  59. so why not sea not good for humans and their should boil the water before their use for drink and if there donot boil the sea water so when their have a hurricane and their should boil the water befor drink

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