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Let’s Discuss This Again: Nation News Finally Discovers That Barbados Police Don’t Give A Damn About Rule Of Law

“For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.” Thomas Payne, 1776

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.

Two Nation News articles appearing online today might mean that the lapdog editors at that rag are finally waking up to the truth about how the Royal Barbados Police Force operates without accountability, effective civilian oversight or the least concern about the foundation of our society that is called Rule Of Law. (Rule of Law definition here)

We Don’t Do Inquests Into Police Shootings In Barbados

In Barbados, police officers can shoot an unarmed man in the back of the head because he wouldn’t stop for police while on his bicycle at night – and there will be no inquest or civilian oversight of any police investigation. (BFP story link here)

The island news media will never mention the occurrence again. It is like it never even happened.

The innocent young man who now lives with bullet fragments in his brain will not complain about the police either.

The thugs from the Royal Barbados Police Force put a bullet into Stefan Griffith’s skull for nothing… what do you think will happen if he complains now?

That is not exactly the picture of Barbados justice that we love to portray abroad. When it suits us, we prefer the fairytale that this is “Little Britain” where democracy, individuals’ rights and rule of law are not merely showpiece window dressing, but the very foundation of society. Continue reading


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Barbados Light and Power Net Income Up 48% In One Year – Yet Still No Investment In Alternative Energy Sources

Today our friends at Barbados Underground posted a strong case that the company that Barbados allows to have a monopoly over power has been irresponsibly gouging consumers while failing to make realistic changes for the country’s future.

Is it time to cut BL&P down to size through regulated pricing and government-mandated investment into new technologies?

If you want to have a monopoly on this island, you had better be responsible about it.

The government could start by forcing BL&P to purchase power from home-owners who make surplus through wind generation or solar panels – and then increase taxes on BL&P and use the money to crank up the incentives to homeowners to convert to alternative energy generation.

The nay-sayers might want to think about how many windmills we used to have all over Barbados. Only the technology has changed. The wind from Africa still blows as strong as ever…

Head on over to BU and read their excellent story: Barbados Light & Power & Stephen Worme Under The Microscope


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CNN.com Links To Keltruth ‘VECO Barbados Jail Fraud’ Story – Big Step For Little Barbados Blog

CNN Links To Keltruth Blog For The Fourth Time!

Every day millions of blogs all over the world link to major news sites like BBC, Fox, CNN, NY Times, Sky and others as the bloggers write their own takes on the day’s happenings. Huge news organisations like CNN sometimes have hundreds or even thousands of blogs linking to a major story – so it is a big deal when CNN links back and features two or three quality blogs that are discussing the same topic.

Although CNN contacted us last August for an interview about the hurricane, I can’t recall them ever linking back to one of our BFP stories…

Corrupt VECO Corporation Bribed Politicians As Standard Operational Policy

Keltruth’s story What is Organized Crime Costing You? talks about the cost of the new Barbados Prison built by the corrupt VECO Corporation and how taxes are impacted by the outrageous cost overruns that are so typical in Barbados government projects. Also typical is the the reluctance of both the new DLP and old BLP governments to make any inquiries concerning the stink of corruption that surrounds the VECO new jail project.

The Keltruth article also talks about how the Government of Barbados in 2002 formally classified fraud as “a victimless crime”  !!!!

Obviously, CNN finds that little tidbit of Barbados Government policy to be as fascinating as we do.

Congratulations to Keltruth Blog. We’d love to know what your secret CNN formula is. If you feel like sharing, please email us!


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