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Vacation Choices: Murderous Mexico or Beautiful Barbados?

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Mexico Has More Kidnappings Than Iraq or Columbia!

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico – where last week eleven tortured, then decapitated bodies were found in a tourist area. That’s not even counting the four decapitated bodies found in Tijuana earlier this week.

The country’s highest police official was murdered in May and the drug wars have claimed over 2.700 dead this year alone.

So take that Cancun vacation if you want…

… or, you might want to book a nice little hotel in Barbados where you will find that the hotel security staff are not issued machine guns like in Mexico.

Your choice, Mr. and Mrs. American or Canadian tourist…

Will that be murderous Mexico… Drug war terror spreads in Mexico as bodies are dumped in tourist areas

or beautiful, friendly Barbados… Barbados: The best of the West Indies


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Hurricane Gustav Heads For New Orleans – Floodwalls Repaired With Newspaper Stuffed Into Joints

Floodwalls Repaired With Newspapers In Place Of Rubber Joint!

With Hurricane Gustav bearing down upon Louisiana, New Orleans residents must be wondering if the floodwalls will hold this time around. After all, it takes only a few good sized holes to compromise the entire protective wall system.

Only three months ago New Orleans residents were shocked to learn that a contractor hired by the US Army Corps of Engineers had “repaired” the walls by stuffing the joints with newspaper that was concealed under a coating of rubber sealant!

After some bureaucratic nonsense, the Army said they had repaired all the joints to specifications, but New Orleans residents are asking themselves “If this was allowed during the repair work, what else is there that we don’t know about?”

I hope that New Orleans is lucky enough to avoid a major hit by Hurricane Gustav, because by some of the news reports, luck is all the citizens can depend on.

You can read the original investigative story and watch a video at (link here)

The US Army says the problem has been fixed in this story.


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Typical Justice In Barbados: Sandy Lane Maid Bribed To Not Testify About Sexual Assault By Millionaire

Pay Off A Victim, Then Thumb Your Nose At The Police & The Courts

The practice of paying off victims and witnesses to not testify in criminal matters is well established in Barbados, with the courts long giving their tacit approval.

Aside from the fact that this totally undermines public respect in our justice system and for the rule of law, it results in a class-based justice system where those who can afford to buy their way out of criminal charges are allowed to do so.

One justice system for the rich criminals, and another for everyone else.

Cynics may cry that is the way it works in New York or London where the rich can hire the best lawyers while the ordinary man goes begging if charged criminally – and that may be true in part.

But go to New York or London and try paying off a rape or robbery victim to not testify in a criminal matter where an arrest has been made and charges are before the court… Just try it openly and see what happens!

In civilized jurisdictions the courts know that if the practice is allowed openly or often enough in secret, it becomes a malignant cancer aimed right at the heart of the entire justice system. Good judges understand that. To preserve the authority of these justice systems, it is not unknown for witnesses who have “changed their mind” to be put in jail for failing to testify.

This also protects persons who might be falsely accused of a crime as an act of revenge or harassment – or in an attempt by a “victim” to profit from the accusation.

Undermining A Woman’s Right To Refuse Sex

When women who have been sexually assaulted or raped are paid off to “drop the charges” as happens in Barbados all the time, it makes it all the more difficult for women to testify in court against their attackers.

Yes, there are many reasons why civilised jurisdictions do not allow victims and witnesses to take money to not testify in criminal matters.

But in Barbados, the judges continue to permit this undermining of the public’s trust in the police, prosecutors and the courts.

It helps the Barbados elites keep ordinary folks in their place when it is widely known that those with money are able to buy off the justice system, even when charged criminally.

Sandy Lane Sex Assault – Big Names, Big Money

Six years later, the civil lawsuits are still flying over millionaire hedge-fund manager David Morrison’s assault of a maid in room 306 of the Sandy Lane Hotel. He was arrested by Barbados Police, but the charges were dropped when the maid was paid off: with the full knowledge of the Barbados court.

Keltruth Blog has the whole disgusting story: Sex, Money and Sandy Lane – The Money Manager and the Maid


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Harvard Law School’s Global Voices Translates I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney Articles For Major Worldwide Audience

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Barbados Police Human Rights Issues On World Stage

Global Voices has translated their article about the strange death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney while in company of Barbados police officers into Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese and a host of other languages.

The article, which includes references and links to stories by Barbados Free Press and other Bajan blogs, continues to focus international attention on the lack of accountability and professionalism shown by many officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Harvard Law School and Global Voices seem to have chosen to make I’Akobi’s death into a major and long-running feature story.

Our story Suspicious Death Brings World Attention Upon Royal Barbados Police Force was picked up by Global Voices and other websites around the world.

There is an active movement in Barbados to get to the bottom of the death of this young man. Many prominent citizens and a Member of Parliament have declared that the truth must be proven to the public by an independent inquiry – and that the police cannot and should not be investigating themselves.

A friend of I’Akobi’s family tells Barbados Free Press that unless the government acts responsibly, we can expect to see Bajan ex-pats being photographed and interviewed by major news media in front of the United Nations building as they call for an international inquiry into I’Akobi’s death.

If the Barbados government and police think that calls for an inquiry into the death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney will just fade away, they are very mistaken.


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Barbados Government Expropriates Private Land… Then Doesn’t Pay The Owners!!! Canadian Government Gets Involved

Will The Corruption Never Cease?

My friends, I am almost without words this morning. I am in such despair over yet another incident that highlights the apparent inability of successive Barbados politicians to conduct themselves like honest professionals who care about and adhere to the rule of law.

If the Government of Barbados expropriates your land, you should at least be paid for it!

Never mind the arguments about how land expropriation (called “compulsory acquisition” in Barbados) should be justified or allowed… you should at least be paid a fair price for your land if the government takes it!

But that’s not the way it works in Barbados.

In Barbados, a Government Minister will vote to expropriate your land… and in a few months you will find he has built a fine house on it for his mistress! (Yes, Gline Clarke, we be takin ’bout YOU!)

In Barbados, the big-ups in government have no integrity rules against their profiting from their position or insider knowledge. Combine the legal ability of government officials to misuse their offices for personal profit with their ability to expropriate land without any real protection for the landowner… and you have the high-risk disaster that is all too often faced by foreign and domestic owners of real estate on this island.

The latest horror story of expropriated lands not paid for by government can be found at Keltruth Blog, along with a letter from the Government of Canada indicating the sleezey actions of Barbados government officials involved in the Kingsland Estates dispute.

Keltruth Blog: Barbados Government expropiates Kingsland land but does not pay!


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Mikko Lost In Barbados – Please Bring Him Home!

For the latest on Mikko, check out

Please Bring Mikko Home

As of Tuesday afternoon, around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon our Golden Retreiver has gone missing from our home in Locust Hall St. George. He Answers to the name of Mikko.   Mikko is literally a part of our family and we are totally lost without him. Our last dog only recently passed away due to kidney failure and we cannot stand the thought of not having Mikko come home. He has never gone missing for this period of time and isn’t wearing his collar.

He is not a dangerous dog, but is probably now very hungry and very thirsty by now. He is approximately 4 Years old and answers to the name “Mikko” [pronounce like me-kho].  An handsome reward is being offered for his safe return or for accurate tips leading to his whereabouts.

If you know anything please contact Luke, Mark or Adam on 256-8000, 256-8007, or 256-8001 respectively. Alternatively you can dial us on 435-6699.

If you spot him, please feel free to call the above numbers or email us where you last saw him at . We consider him a part of our family and any tips you have about his whereabouts are sincerely appreciated!


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Cable & Wireless Makes 91 Million Dollar Profit – Barbados Consumers Still Pay $4.00 Monthly Charge Per Cell Phone

Why Is This Man Smiling?

Why Is This Man Smiling?

Barbadians are being portrayed as over 90 percent literate, but we must ask ourselves if this literacy entwined our behaviour regarding how we are raped by certain multi national monopolies whose only language are Profits, Assets, Dividends and Price Increases. In the last budget speech, Barbadians were fed a rough diet of taxes that are choking us, yet we keep our mouth shut and digest the said diet of bitter pills.

Once before we use to look at homes with electricity, with telephones and with a car as luxuries, but these things are now a necessity. We thought that with the implementation of cell phones was for the wealthy, but we now find that it is a precious instrument for communication. Unfortunately, the PM acknowledged that over 290,000 mobile phones are in operation, thus the excellent reason (in his opinion) to relieve us of $4.00 per month. Owners of cell phones will grease the Consolidated Funds with healthy net revenue of $13.9 million per year.

Cable and Wireless made BDS$659.71 NET PROFIT for every man, women and child on Barbados for financial year ending March 2008.

Are we as a people really analyzed how these monopolies rape economies? Are our leaders really looking at the bottom line especially when these companies have the audacity to let us know that they enjoy a $91 million after tax profit? This is the area where I am angry, fed-up and sick of the raping of our people by companies and our leaders. I am stating that the budget could have embraced monopolies who surpassed a certain profit margin to be taxed accordingly. Would C&W be affected by releasing some of these profits to the consumer?

If as stated by the PM that all these cell phones are in operational, that mean the service provider will be receiving approximately $20 to $40 per month per consumer multiply by 290,000, but alas!, the budget by passed them and imposed the harsh penalty on the consumer. I am saying that Cable & Wireless have been raping us for years and now seeing fit to remove certain costs that should never been imposed in this first place.

This is the time for an open telecommunication market where we will be able to enjoy far better rates. We deserve better Barbados, let’s start putting pressure on these money grabbing entities.

By the way, C&W is now a lean machine due to the downgrading of staff and electronic answering services. What say you Technician?

Written by BFP Reader Tell Me Why.

The phrase in red was suggested by another reader.

Further Reading

Nation News: $91m To C & W In 2007/2008


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