Website Links – Barbados Political Parties, Candidates

PEP – People’s Empowerment Party

No Barbados PEP websites known to us.

BLP – Barbados Labour Party

Offical Party Website – BLP

Official BLP Blog

Elizabeth Thompson MP – Environment Minister – St. James South Constituency Office Website

Dr. William Duguid MP – Christ Church West – Website

Senator Lynette Eastmond – St. Philip West – Website

Joseph “Joe” Edghill MP – Christ Church West Central – Website

DLP – Democratic Labour Party

Official Party Website – DLP

Ronald Dacosta Jones MP – Christ Church East Central Constituency

Denis Lowe – Charter For Change – former DLP candidate

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This page features every website that we are aware of that is operated by a Barbados political party, elected representative or candidate. Please email or leave a comment to inform us of additional websites that should be included in this list.

We will be rotating the party on the top of the list every three months – cycling through all the parties in alphabetical order.

Our email: barbadosfreepress (at)

9 responses to “Website Links – Barbados Political Parties, Candidates

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  3. DLP

    Visit and Patrick Todd tells you what to do with the Barbados Labour Party.

  4. Hi, please add our link to your related links for the caribbean islands. thanks. Jamaica Guide –

  5. Jerome Hinds

    April 17th, 2007 at 11:46 am

    Looking for ideas on website development. What would the people of Barbados want to see on my new project?

    Please share your input.


    Nate a.k.a Mia Mottley,

    You getting very desperate with your ads…what happening your ” p***** ” stocks getting low / or gone…?

    This BFP site is a serious site !

    Not a recruitment centre for ” Girls ”

    Try a building opposite Hill’s supermarket in Roebuck Street…!

  6. the politicians and government can do better at having better designed websites tho, i have not seen one website from any representative or by de govt that is appealing and will make u wanna go back.

    just my lil dish

  7. Hi
    This is pep’s blog website, very interesting articles, please feel free to make comments.

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