Barbados Free Press takes a holiday

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Dear Friends,

Robert headed out on a job over and away a month ago. My current work and new little one are taking all my time.

I know it hasn’t been the same ’bout hey since Marcus passed on. We miss him, all of us do.

We’re not doing justice to this place so we’ve stopped the comments on older articles.

BFP’s 5,962 posts remain as a memorial to Marcus and the old days when Bajans made our corrupt politicians promise ITAL: Integrity Legislation, Transparency and Accountability Laws. The BLP and DLP politicians lied. Much like the old fable of the turtle and the scorpion – it is their nature.

Barbados will never have ITAL. If it didn’t happen in the past nine years, it won’t happen in the next nine years. The place is too corrupt, and anyway, very little remains to be stolen by the political class. Bad times are coming fast and you had better believe that for the sake of your loved ones. You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

We’ll be back here and there, but it will take a while.

May the Lord bless you and yours.



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24 responses to “Barbados Free Press takes a holiday

  1. Mary S Marson.

    Very sad that you are stopping as your articles have been invaluable to keep us overseas Bajans in touch with what’s what.My condolences for the loss of your colleague Marcus.RIP.
    Hoping you will be back soon.
    MSM Madrid, España.

  2. Has this site shut down? Good is all I can say. There is a fine line between having a site where people can post anonymously and one where personal attacks, posting of personal details and the mocking of personal events is not remotely moderated. With press freedom comes responsibility, something that BFP has sadly fallen down on. I hope for your sake Cliveton that your new little one never sees your passing mocked by an anonymous coward.

  3. Wuhloss!

    Thank you BFP. Hope you will be back soon.

    Only you pushed for ITAL and we almost made it. too bad Thompson lied and was mixed up in the CLICO fraud himself. You are right, we’ll never have integrity laws now. Getting out of this place as soon as possible.

  4. Wuhloss!

    Anonymous must be a politician. Is it Donville Inniss? or Pornville?

  5. Violet C Beckles

    Sorry to see you off , people can still go to naked departure on the internet or facebook to keep up on crimes in Barbados. Come back soon, the more info we get from all sides makes it better to make up our minds.

  6. Anonymous

    Have all “comments” been stopped re: the Harlequin Saga?

  7. Hot Tub

    September 26, 2015 at 1:23 pm
    Anonymous must be a politician. Is it Donville Inniss? or Pornville?

    Nah! It’s Brit Bob Storey aka Chief Shill for Harlequin and forever the hypocrite.

  8. Anonymous - Reasons Unknown

    So sorry to see you go, BFP.

    You had bigger balls than most of the biggest players on the net. You looked the litigious bullies in the eyes and made a big difference to the world.

    I will miss you, and wish you all lots of love and peace. You are the good guys.

    Farewell my friends, and thank you.

  9. johnjickum

    Without your relentless pursuit, there’ll never be “Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation (ITAL) ” or a Freedom of Information Act in Barbados. Bribery, corruption, political malfeasance, and outright thievery, will continue ad infinitum ad nauseam ! Is there any wonder that crime continues to skyrocket ? What a pity ! It’s been a blast ! Hope you’ll continue to fight the good fight !

  10. Anonymous

    Shane don’t go; don’t go…

  11. Wily Coyote

    Sorry that BFP has had to take a break, we understand though that it’s very time consuming running a blog. Hope to see you return ASAP, good informative and exchange blogs are hard to find.

  12. Anonymous

    Looking forward to your return.

  13. The poster “hot tub” typifies what has become the problem with BFP. No subject, no content, does not add anything to any debate and allowed to post under multiple IDs. Good riddance to a useless contributor of dross.

  14. Anonymous

    Will miss you God bless

  15. chug tiime

    Thanks Cliverton, Robert and BFP. I miss Marcus too.

    Hope to see you back soon.

  16. Thanks to BFP

    On the contrary ‘deleted’, Barbados Free Press is an exemplary blog that won’t stand for nonsense and bully boy tactics. It is fearless in exposing crooks, scams, bribery and corruption as well as encouraging and discussing the good and positive things we know and love about the Caribbean.

    It is a fine example of outstanding and outspoken journalism.
    Good luck to you BFP and have good rest. Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes. And we hope you return soon.

  17. Yes rejoicing in the death of a loved one is a shining light in the free press. Justify that if you can.

  18. Anonymous

    Oh dear, poor old Paul Walton having to beg for copies of e mails now on the RL site.

  19. Dave stole my pension

    And hot tub Bob still moaning about his mum.

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks for everything guys – really gonna miss BFP !

  21. Leigh Bourne

    Thanks for everything guys – BFP certainly made ‘them’ take notice and a difference – enjoy your rest – see you again soon hopefully !

  22. Anonymous

    One good thing about this site being “down” is that farty BBaywatch is not stalking Tracylondon on TA any more!