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Donville Inniss ignores his own sex-industry profits to chastize Jamaica Gleaner

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at Orgasm.com

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at Orgasm.com

Minister of Industry and International Business has convenient memory lapse

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss was part of the lucrative online sex business for years. He profited from websites where desperate pregnant women and teenagers performed sex acts for money.

Inniss also profited from websites showing humans committing sex acts with animals.

You know we couldn’t say this if it wasn’t true folks. Our WordPress hosting company would take us down faster than a rum disappears at Oistens on a Friday night.

DLP Democratic Labour Party government member Donville Inniss has a long and sullied history of internet sex profiteering. Mia Mottley first brought this up years ago, but the Nation and the other Barbados news media protected Inniss by ignoring the big story and only writing about the ‘Naked News‘ website in a humorous manner. The Bajan news media made no mention of dozens of disgusting porn websites that formed part of the Inniss online porn empire at the time.

The only Bajan journalist who has ever seriously questioned Minister Inniss about his online sex business is Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter.

You can find a list of BFP’s Donville Inniss online sex articles here: Questions about Minister’s porn business profiteering

Now Inniss has launched a “scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial” where the Gleaner supported the Nation staffers charged with child porn.

At the same time Barbados Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite reminded folks that ‘Not everyone involved in transactional sex is doing it willingly‘. That’s true: many of the men and women at the Inniss sex websites are quite desperate. It’s a wonder that Minister Brathwaite can sit in the same room with online sex profiteer Donville Inniss.

You should read The Gleaner articles at their website, but because so many news articles are taken down or changed we have to reprint the whole thing here:

‘Mind Your Own Business And Look At Rot In Jamaica’ – Bajan Minister Blasts Gleaner For ‘Political Undertones’

Gleaner, November 19, 2013

A BARBADOS government minister has launched a scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial, telling the newspaper to take its nose out of Bajan affairs and concentrate on the “rot going on in Jamaica”.

The fiery reaction stemmed from the editorial, published this past Sunday, on the controversial arrest and charge of three employees of The Nation newspaper in Barbados for publishing a story and photograph of two 14-year-olds having sex at school.

Bajan Minister of Industry and International Business Donville Inniss described the editorial as shameful.

Said Inniss, it is “one of the nastiest pieces of editorial work which I have seen in any media house in the Caribbean”. Continue reading


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Barbados Prime Minister and Attorney General confirm vote buying during 2013 election

Adriel Brathwaite Barbados

“Attorney General Adriel Dermont Brathwaite said it was distressing that some Barbadians were selling their votes.”

Two Political Parties have the money to buy votes

Newly-sworn-in Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite confirmed Friday to the news media that “some” Bajans sold their votes during the recent general election.

A different way of putting it would be that “some” political parties bribed voters with cash – for it is surely true that unless there were ready buyers, there wouldn’t be any sellers of votes.

So let’s cut the B.S. by our Attorney General and tell it like it is: members of the political class bought the votes of willing sellers during the February 21, 2013 election.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart also said he was concerned about reports (as in more than one) about people buying votes. The CBC said about PM Stuart: “…throughout the day he has heard stories of people exchanging money for votes. The Prime Minister said this is an ugly practice which digs at the roots of democratic structures.”

The first question of many is…

Who sold? Who bought? Who are the ‘Some’ mentioned by the Attorney General?

Missing in all the news and commentary about vote buying is the name of the person arrested Thursday for photographing their marked ballot in the voting booth. BFP covered the election day story as Cash for votes scandal in Barbados election: BLP, DLP… or both? but no details have appeared in the oldstream news media since then. Strange… or maybe not so strange.

What constituency did this arrest happen in? Did the arrested voter mark their ballot for a DLP or BLP candidate? How many other instances of vote buying/selling is Attorney General Brathwaite aware of? After all… he spoke in the plural. Continue reading


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Barbados Election Results 2013

barbados wave flag

2:14am DLP – Democratic Labour Party retains government

DLP – 16 seats    BLP – 14 seats  * Recounts possible in some areas

Independent candidates a washout. Voters return the DLP/BLP single party government to office. More to come!

VERY CLOSE ELECTION – One contest decided by 10 votes!

We’ve already said that it doesn’t really matter who wins this election because with only two corrupt political parties to choose between: Bajans have already lost.

Obviously memories of the BLP’s legendary corruption under Owen Arthur are still in the public consciousness – while the realisation of DLP corruption has not quite sunk in.

We know where this election takes us…  Nowhere

Results by Constituency (Compiled February 22, 2013 at 2:30pm Bridgetown)

St. Peter

BLP – Owen Arthur WINNER (3665 votes)   DLP – Haynesley Benn (1982 votes)   NBKA – Lynroy Scantlebury (72 votes)

St. Michael South

DLP – Freundel Stuart WINNER (2524 votes)    BLP – Noel Lynch  (1385 votes)  PDC – Alex Mitchell (9 votes) Continue reading


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Cash for votes scandal in Barbados election: BLP, DLP… or both?

Barbados Election Corruption

Voter arrested for photographing ballot – only one caught of many!

Did the voter support the DLP or BLP candidate?

by Passin Thru

Why photograph your ballot? To prove your vote so you can receive payment!

Police made an arrest today after a voter was seen about noon using a cell phone to photograph their marked ballot while voting. This arrest absolutely proves that the rumours of the past three elections are true: people are being paid for their votes. But this was only voter arrested and obviously this was not the only person bribed to vote. How much were they paid? Who paid them? How many other voters were paid for their vote?

The practice of paying for votes strikes right at the heart of our democracy. This person should be jailed for the full six months penalty and all inquiries should be made with the party and candidate supported by the arrested voter. The voter’s jail sentence should be doubled if he or she doesn’t tell the name of the person who paid them for their vote.

The results in that constituency  should be nullified and a new election should be held.

Biscuits and Tinned Beef

In ‘de good ol day’ candidates would drive through the village handing out tinned beef, biscuits and rum. The corruption is a little more sophisticated these days with voters required to document their vote via cell phone camera. That was the rumour and now we know it is for truth.

Was the voter putting his mark on the DLP or BLP? Bajans deserve to know!

Arrested for photographing ballot

One person is in police custody following an incident in a polling booth where the individual reportedly took a cell phone picture of the ballot after it was marked with an x for one of the candidates contesting the 2013 general election.

The incident occurred after allegations surfaced that some individuals were paying Barbadians for their vote in the 2013 election.

CBC understands that the incident occurred just after midday and that the individual is likely to be charged with breaching the requirement of secrecy in an election.

Legal officials have told CBC that the penalty for such an offence on summary conviction is six months in jail.

… thanks to the CBC for the news story and the photo!

Also see CBC’s Cash for Votes


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Two cheques prove it doesn’t matter if DLP or BLP win Barbados election

"Campaign Donation" deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur's personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

“Campaign Donation” deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

During the 2007-2008 election campaign, then Opposition Leader David Thompson produced a cancelled $75,000 cheque proving that Owen Arthur deposited a ‘campaign donation’ into Arthur’s personal bank account.

In other words, at best Prime Minister Owen Arthur stole $75,000 from his own party’s political donations, and at worst that the $75,000 was a straight bribe to the Prime Minister – disguised as a ‘campaign donation’ that was never intended to make it into the BLP’s bank account.

David Thompson jumped all over this, and ran the DLP election campaign on promises of personal and party integrity, and to implement ITAL: Integrity Legislation, Transparency and Accountability Legislation. Thompson promised Freedom of Information within 90 days and Conflicts of Interest Rules immediately.

David Thompson and the DLP lied.

Then we had the CLICO mess where it was learned that Thompson had performed all manner of unethical acts when he was CLICO’s lawyer. After being elected the corruption continued with Thompson and the DLP using the CLICO business jet for free and money-laundering for his old friend Leroy Parris.

At the time of the big collapse, David Thompson issued a phoney invoice from his law firm to CLICO – without the knowledge of Thompson’s law partners. His friend Leroy Parris approved the cheque $3.3 million dollar cheque to the Thompson law office – but that cheque went straight back to Parris through David Thompson on January 16, 2009! That’s right folks… while David Thompson was the Prime Minister of Barbados and within days of the CLICO collapse.

Clico Parris Theft

(click photo for larger)

It’s called theft. Stealing. Money Laundering… and Prime Minister David Thompson did it!

Owen Arthur and the BLP are thieves. David Thompson, Freundel Stuart and the DLP are thieves.

Two cheques – two corrupt political parties.

So tell it true, folks: does it really matter if either the BLP or the DLP form the next government?

I think not.


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Election 2013: Rape and abuse of a post-independent Barbados



“For the very first time in my life, I approach an election faced with the choice of supporting neither party.

I could not bring myself to vote for any of the above.”

From the February issue of Ping Yark (download for free here)

by Dalrymple

It is with much trepidation and cynicism that one awaits the outcome of the recently called election. On the one hand we have a visionless indecisive ditherer and on the other hand we have a political brigand and highwayman willing to rape and abuse the country in the interest of his friends, relatives and the ever-increasing number of yard fowls. How could a post-independent Barbados in the 21st century find itself in such a situation? How could we have ended up in such circumstances; between a rock and a hard place? How we have frittered away the legacy of Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow and the great builders of our country, a country built on transparency, decency, integrity, accountability and good governance?

One despairs of the future of an unsuspecting populace that is swept along on a tide of emotion while allowing the rape and abuse of my country. For the very first time in my life, I approach an election faced with the choice of supporting neither party. I could not bring myself to vote for any of the above. I now strongly feel that we should start a movement to take back our country from the emerging class of professional political elites who are only interested in their personal aggrandisement or in the enrichment of their friends and relatives and their party cronies. In all of this the masses and the their interests ark of adequate housing forgotten or ignored. Continue reading


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Marva Cossy: your vote doesn’t count for anything (But would she vote independent?)

“I don’t intent to vote.” 

Marva Cossy Barbados

Vote for whom… Vote for what?

by Marva Cossy of Caribbean Marvel blog

Voters in Barbados will choose a government on Thursday, February 21 but I don’t intent to vote.   I said so months ago and my friends behaved as if I was committing treason.

To vote or not to vote is a right I have to exercise, but when I made my declaration, my friend instantly shifted their heated debate about the performance and potential of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) – to the value of an ‘X’.  Six or seven of them against one, me! Unity was achieved as they tried to sell me the importance of vote.

They eloquently painted the road to enfranchisement taken by working class Barbadians; verbally re-enacting the 1940s struggle with as much drama as if they were present. They were delighted that I matched them with equal passion on the historical issues as well as the significance of having the right to vote. But they were disappointed that I was (and I am) resolute about my position not to vote.

I was accused of selling out those Barbadians of yesteryear who fought to gain that right to vote for themselves and future generations; I was chided for wasting the money tax payers spent on my 20 plus years of education; some of their ‘friendly’ criticisms are too harsh for public ears.

“I am unmoved. What difference will my voting make? That is the question, I’ve asked myself countless times and I’ve searched my soul for an honest opinion. I’ve examined the parties and see no philosophical divide; no major difference in programmes; no vigour, all status quo.”

…continue reading this article at CaribbeanMarvel: Vote for whom… Vote for what?


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Independent Politicians in 21st Century Barbadian Society

“Independent candidates are the beginning of the next wave of political development in modern Barbados.”

A Role for Independent Politicians

The author prefers to remain anonymous

The political landscape of post-independence Barbados has been, and continues to be defined by an unhealthy rigidity perpetuated by the two-party system. In the midst of the General Election of 2013, this model of governance stands outdated and ineffective to the needs of a modern Barbados. The reality of this election is that the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour party no longer enjoy an overwhelming vote of confidence by Barbadians.  Record levels of dissatisfaction with both major political parties have been noted and continue to increase rapidly throughout this election cycle.  The choice in the frankest of terms to the average voter is the choice for the lesser of two evils.

Modern Governance and Democracy ought not to and can no longer hinge upon the choice of a lesser evil. 

In a country replete with a cadre of intellectual, capable and hardworking individuals the choice must be a choice of, and combination of visionaries that reflect what is genuinely best for national development.  When almost half of Barbados reject both the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party and would vote for an independent candidate if given the opportunity, it is evident that Barbadians are dissatisfied with the limited options available.

The distrust, reluctance and unease with which the average Barbadians view politicians of both major political parties prevent our best minds and hands from entering into this aspect of national development. This cannot be acceptable. The reality of a small island developing state such as Barbados is that we need all hands on decks and we cannot afford this suboptimal use of our resources. The reality is that we need a collection of voices to make Barbados work for every Barbadian. The simple reality is that Independent voices are needed to address the magnitude of the challenges facing us. Continue reading


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Nation – Cadres Poll: When you know both devils

Mia thought they were in love... while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

Mia thought they were in love… but Owen was ready to give her a shove!

Note shows Arthur tried to get Stuart to take Mia Mottley off his hands

Sunday’s Nation / Cadres Poll shows 39% of respondents wanting Freundel Stuart to return as Prime Minister, with Owen Arthur trailing slightly at 36%. (Nation article here)

There was no poll option for Mia Mottley as Prime Minister: just like in real life. Also just like real life about 30% of the respondents won’t say or are voting independent. As our own Barbados Free Press poll showed last October, Bajans have had it with the two old parties but need good people to stand as independents during the election. (See BFP’s 38% of Barbados voters would vote for an Independent)

Click note for large

Click note for large

In the middle of the weekend poll results we also had the revelation that Owen Arthur tried to get Freundel Stuart and the DEMS to take Mia Mottley. As proof of the offer, Stuart produced a note he said Arthur sent to him. And once again Bajans are reminded that politicians flow between the two major parties because there is no real difference between the two. It’s all about which gang you hang with, not that the two gangs are really different at all. (See Barbados Today’s Arthur’s note)

Bajans know both of the offered choices: BLP/Owen Arthur or DLP/Freundel Stuart, so it’s not about a devil you know and one you don’t. We’re all too familiar with both devils and the two devils are the same. There is no difference, not a whiff of real difference, between the Dems and the Bees or their leaders.

Get this straight folks…

It doesn’t matter if the DLP or the BLP are elected because the end result of a DLP or a BLP government will be the same for Barbados and Bajans.

That’s why you must vote independent if you have the chance on Thursday: vote for anybody just so long as they are not DEE or BEE.

Note photo courtesy of Barbados Today


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Barbados Tourism stats alarming. New government had better act right now with real changes

Barbados German Tourists

by Adrian Loveridge

As we have now crossed the halfway stage of the winter tourism season, it is looking increasingly doubtful that any predictions of a strong performance in this sector will become a reality.

The January long stay visitor arrivals figures are especially alarming.

An overall fall of 8.2 per cent across all markets, but significantly concerning are the numbers from Canada, which saw a 18.4 per cent fall when compared with the same month in 2012.

The USA was down 11.1 per cent, the UK down 2.4 per cent and Trinidad down a staggering 40.6 per cent.

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

Whoever assumes the office of Government later this week will finally have to take a long and hard look at current marketing strategies. Even if this is deemed an imperative, there is very little likelihood that any measures implemented at this late stage will make an iota of difference before April 15th.

So the next challenge is the eight long softer summer months.

After five years in power the outgoing administration had seemingly abandoned any attempt to fulfill their previously stated 2008 manifesto objective: to restructure the Barbados Tourism Authority.
This despite an overwhelming mandate to effect change – yet surprisingly it’s popped up again in the 2013 manifesto.

According to the Barbados Tourism Authority’s own website its declared mission statement is;  ‘The Barbados Tourism Authority’s functions are to promote, assist and facilitate the efficient development of tourism; to design and implement suitable marketing strategies for the effective promotion of the tourism industry’.

I think the question has to be asked: Are these goals being successfully achieved in the most cost-effective and productive ways? Clearly there are challenges but every other regional destination is also experiencing the same difficulties. Continue reading


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DLP has ‘No Holds Barred’ discussion with Muslims: ignores Islamic abuse of women, intolerance of other religions etc.

Barbados Election Stuart Inniss

Fair trade: Muslims’ didn’t mention Donville Inniss sex business, PM Stuart didn’t mention Koranic instruction to beat wives

by Jason

What is a politician to do when a mosque community asks to meet and hold discussions? Obviously the Muslims are part of the general electorate so the politician attends and hopes to grab a few votes while keeping the foot out of the mouth.

That’s usually not so difficult with other religious groups, but with the Muslims the politicians have to tread carefully: because many of the Islamic religious texts, laws, social customs and teachings are in total opposition to a free and democratic society like ours.

There is also a risk that the general population will see the politician as either abandoning the values of our society and becoming a ‘useful idiot’ for the Islamists (those who want to see Islamic rule worldwide).

“The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) headed by leader Prime Minister Freundel Stuart engaged in an almost 45 minutes no holds barred discussion with the Muslim community at their Mosque at Kensington New Road, St. Michael today, touching on topics of education, energy, the Palestinian situation and same sex marriage.”

from the Nation article DLP team meets Muslim community

So Freundel Stuart, Donville Inniss, Patrick Todd, Michael Carrington and Richard Sealy attended the Kensington New Road Mosque.

Apparently, Minister Inniss did not bring his pet goat or hand out any ‘Orgasm.com’ trial memberships.

Nothing was said about the verses in the Koran that instruct husbands to discipline their wives by beating them. No mention was made about the unacceptable values being taught to the young people in the Islamic schools on the island such as that women are less reliable as witnesses in court than men, and that rape prevention is primarily the responsibility of women through the clothes they wear.

The Prime Minister said nice things about Muslims and assured the Islamic community that the DLP will not be implementing gay marriage or changing the law prohibiting anal sex. In return, the Islamic community didn’t mention Orgasm.com or Kinkfarm.com and will probably throw a few votes to the DLP candidates.

The ladies and gentlemen of the Barbados news media wrote positive articles about the visit and nobody mentioned that ‘diversity‘ only flows one way with the Muslim community and that the Koran says that Muslims who leave the religion should be murdered.

Altogether a fairly successful visit for the Prime Minister and his DLP team!

Missing in action during Mosque visit: Inniss pet goat

Missing in action during Mosque visit: Inniss pet goat

Continue reading


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Tsunami building? Taan Abed just might win Christ Church West

taan abed Barbados

When Taan Abed announced his candidacy as an independent, Barbados Free Press said…

“Barbados Free Press is declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.”

… from BFP’s Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.

We covered the rise and fall of Taan Abed as a DLP candidate who did well, but not well enough in 2008 to unseat the incumbent Dr. William Duguid in Christ Church West. With Duguid’s announcement last year that he would not seek reelection many assumed that Abed would not only continue as the DLP candidate in Christ Church West, but that he would handily win against any new BLP replacement for Duguid.

Those expectations collapsed when the DLP Executive overruled the riding membership, fired Taan Abed and anointed lawyer Verla DePeiza as the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. The riding association was furious as Abed had just won the nomination over DePeiza – with Abed slaughtering the upstart 86 votes to 5!

Now we have seen with our own eyes that the DePeiza campaign is short of workers and volunteers – with help being bused in by the DLP brass who are more than a little embarrassed at what is happening. That undemocratic heavy hand by the DLP executive backfired.

Folks… we’ll have more on this developing situation, but some very well known people are talking that Taan Abed just might do it.

This should be interesting!

Taan Abed website

Taan Abed Facebook


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Candidates for New Barbados Kingdom Alliance forced out of election “victimisation coming from DLP, BLP”

lynroy scantlebury Barbados

No-show NBKA candidates need more courage, more doing and less talk

Last August the founder of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance (NBKA), Lynroy Scantlebury (photo above), said his new political party would be running at least 10 candidates in the election that was then expected in November. The longer the election was held off, the more candidates the NBKA would run…

… or so Mr. Scantlebury said. Lately he was saying that the NBKA would run 15 or 17 candidates.

With deposit day come and gone, we now know how many NBKA candidates are running: One, that being Lynroy Scantlebury himself in St. Peter.

Mr. Scantlebury was recently quoted in the Barbados Advocate saying that the other candidates backed off due to “tremendous levels of victimisation coming from both parties”. That’s what he said last December too in Barbados Today’s New Party Cries foul.

That could have happened I suppose and it probably did – but just how much credibility can Scantlebury and his “party” have left after their aborted election run? Not much no matter how much “victimisation” came their way. If you want to see a real “victim” of politics, one only has to look as far as Taan Abed – the former DLP candidate who is running as an independent in Christ Church West.

Taan Abed declared his candidacy last August, and with 38% of Bajans willing to vote independent Taan has a real chance to win his seat. That would be something to shake up the old guard!

Mr. Scantlebury and his candidates need more courage, more doing and less talk.

(Photo courtesy of Barbados Today)


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Barbados election called for February 21, 2013: Integrity legislation, Freedom of Information, Conflicts of Interest rules all dead dead dead

barbados wave flag

BLP, DLP: all the same!

Barbadians are going to the polls on February 21, 2013, and as most folks realise, it doesn’t make a lick ‘o difference which party you vote for.

Both parties’ platforms are indistinguishable from each other whether the subject is economics, social programmes, the environment, tourism, offshore banking or any other issue. It just doesn’t matter who you vote for: nothing depends upon it. Barbados will not be one wit better off under either party.

If David Thompson was alive today, he would be facing serious questions about his involvement with CLICO and Leroy Parris. Thompson might even be facing a lawsuit or a criminal investigation about the time when he was CLICO’s lawyer. But Thompson conveniently died and that took care of that.

Owen Arthur? Well, where do we start? All the corruption under the Arthur regime still happened. His depositing election funds into his personal bank account happened. The VECO contract for the prison happened: awarded without tender to a company that never built a prison. When the Alaska Veco scandal broke showing that the company bribed politicians all over the world, the Attorney General Dale Marshall met with company officials for ten minutes and announced, “Not here. Nothing like that happened in Barbados.”

Sure. We believe Dale Marshall… and we’ve got some Florida swampland to sell you too: just like CLICO bought with your hard-earned retirement savings.

What is to be done? Easy… VOTE INDEPENDENT

How to stop this nonsense? That’s easy folks. Go to the DLP and BLP rallies. Sing the songs, chant the chants and don’t do anything different: because you KNOW what happens to those who break the party ranks.

BUT THEN… On February 21st, go to the poll and vote for anyone but the DLP or BLP. Let’s punish them. Let’s remove their legitimacy because of their long record of corruption, lies and profiteering.

Whatever you do folks: on the day, VOTE INDEPENDENT!


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BLP fires up the base with the same old, same old…

Mia Mottley shows off her new body: almost a babe!

Mia Mottley shows off her new body: almost a babe! (according to BFP’s Cliverton!)

10,000 Brave Weather to hear Barbados Labour Party at Heroes Square: BLP need new thrust

by Ian Bourne, The Bajan Reporter

So despite a last-minute cancellation verging on a dictatorial tactic, the Barbados Labour Party took the victimisation and capitalised on it to boost numbers. A check with Police sources indicate attendance that night at Heroes Square from as low as 8,000 or at a peak of 10,000 people! A true meeting, this session drew not just Bees and their supporters but Dems and neutrals – it was a chance to lay out a coup de grace strategy if chosen over the current Freundel Stuart regime…

Instead the public was treated to much of what it has heard since the January 2010 By-Election, with a few exceptions which are listed further on… Kerrie Symmonds used words like “contumacious” or “megalomaniac” now really; are ten-dollar words gonna pull the voters who are undecided and did not spend a long time at school? Now when I use large vocabulary, via Internet I have the option to link the phrase or word in question to various definitions – truly, would the audience be hefting dictionaries with them? Or have such devices in their phones or tablets? Why be on their phone or tablet when they can hear what’s the next move?

It also seems the majority of the Party members are trying to mimic the speech mannerisms of Owen Arthur (Arthur has a tendency with his St Peter drawl to stretch “Man” and punctuate every sentence like exclamation – now so too were most of the men that evening apart from trying to say face it and fix it in different ways, if it is the trademark of him who’s selected as Opposition Leader, then the posse need to create their own catchphrases), they need to leave that for Owen and develop their own clever clichés! There were good speakers that night, but let’s look at the more mediocre of the crew first…

… continue reading this article at Ian Bourne’s The Bajan Reporter


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Barbados: DLP and BLP both tainted by mess, corruption

One cheque for TT$5 million to Patrick Manning’s PNM (Trinidad). Your Barbados tax dollars ended up covering CL Financial Group’s political donations.

Here a BLP cheque, there a DLP cheque

by BFP reader ‘Look’

Both the DLP involving David Thompson and the BLP involving Owen Arthur are tainted by mountains of mess – but the BLP mess mountains are more immense. Prime Minister Stuart and the DLP cannot hide the recent S&P downgrade or CLICO. Barbados before the 2008 general election was handed three S&P downgrades. Arthur and the BLP cannot hide this. Barbados during a better economic climate was handed three S&P downgrades. This occurred during the BLP government administration with Arthur at the helm. The BLP before 2008 was not financially sound. Three S&P downgrades proves this.

“The Nigerian Water Heater Project is yet another embarrassing BLP mess mountain.”

“Campaign Donation” deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

The Al Barrack mess mountain originated during the days of Arthur and the BLP. They know this and can’t hide it – or the $75,000 campaign cheque that Arthur invited into his personal banking account. VECO is another BLP mess mountain and embarrassing. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave the VECO Corporation (Alaska) a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and the prison project extended millions over budget. The Nigerian Water Heater Project is yet another BLP mess mountain and embarrassing. Arthur invested 2.4 million in a water heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million was lost and or unaccounted for. Seems to me Arthur and the BLP is responsible for a lot of mess-ups, want to publicly advertise any and all errors linked to the DLP but hide and or over look their own. (Hint: That’s not working!) Continue reading


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Barbados election doesn’t matter when the two parties are the same

DLP & BLP politicians at work

by Perdy

There is no difference between the two parties in my opinion. Both parties take it in turn to dupe the public into believing they are better than the other; yet when either wind office, they carry out the same or similar agenda as the the other party next.

Prior to the 2008 election,we were told by one party how corrupt the other party was, displaying so-called evidence. Four years later this claim is still being banded about. If one party has evidence to prove the other lied steal or borrowed, which may be against the law, it should proceed to bring a case against the other in a court of law and have those responsible prosecuted.

Four years later, with no action being taken, brings me to conclude there is no truth or, those critical are just as guilty as those they are criticizing.

If there are no laws currently on the statue books to use to prosecute, why not? Again 4 years have passed where those laws should have been implemented so as to halt or prevent a repeat of it happening again.

“The truth of the matter is: There is no difference between the 2 parties. The party is in power is as guilty as that out of power. If one witnessed a crime or is aware of a crime committed; refuses to take action to prosecute or to take preventative action, he is as guilty as the guy who has committed the crime.”

I would like to see good governance; transparency, integrity, especially those who are holding the public purse. There is temptation in many organizations and ‘Humans’ are weak. Some kind of legislation should be on the statue books so as to deter those who weak. The law should be applied equally to all who break the law.

It is high time now. We should be pressuring those who are in office or are thinking of running for office, that if they break the law, they will be harshly dealt with. No mercy should be shown to corrupt politicians.

Barbados has no anti-corruption laws. Neither party has put Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information laws in place although each party has promised to do this many times. This brings me to conclude that neither party can claim to be credible when it comes to being honest with the public.

There is no difference between the two parties.

Submitted by BFP reader Purdy. BFP’s Robert corrected a few spelling mistakes and added some connective sentences. Purdy’s original can be viewed here.


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How good are the BLP at repackaging a corrupt and greedy team?

In January 2008, Bajan voters kicked Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the corrupt BLP gang out of government.

Now Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party are offering the same old team to Bajan voters. How good are the BLP at repackaging their corrupt, greedy leadership? How good?

Well, if the BLP was a horror movie called The Shining, they could package it just like this…


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