Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

So Mia Mottley is calling for justice for BLP supporters. Why didn’t she call for justice for me, when I was editor of the Advocate and was being persecuted almost on a daily basis by the BLP?

The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.

… Reudon Eversley writing at Barbados Underground Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them

We Need A Truth And Reconciliation Movement In Barbados

Former PM Owen Arthur

Former PM Owen Arthur

There is a tape recording that has been talked about in hushed tones for the past three years, and is now making the rounds in the Barbados legal community.

I have not heard the tape personally, but for reasons I will not go into here I sincerely believe that it exists, and that it will surface on the internet before long.

The tape recording is of a drunken, raging former Prime Minister Owen Arthur calling a citizen at home sometime in the wee hours of the morning. The language is ripe, the threats are real – and the hatred is palpable.

Former editor of the Barbados Advocate Reudon Eversley is correct when he says that Barbados was on the brink of a dictatorship during the Owen Arthur / Mia Mottley Government. The BLP cowed the press, corrupted the courts by appointing a former Government Minister and political hack as Chief Justice – and generally did whatever they wanted to without so much as a second thought about decency and the rule of law. They used the police as their private enforcers – and the police went along with it.

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

These same BLP thugs threatened to murder Adrian Loveridge, rape his wife and burn down his hotel. After the threats, there were two arsons at Loveridge’s hotel – along with a break-in and a ladder up against his bedroom window as a little message.

The police know who the suspects are, but refused and still refuse to charge anyone.

Death threats were also made against an old lady who is involved in a lawsuit where the Chief Justice, former PM Arthur and many BLP big-ups are defendants. More death threats were made against bloggers including Ian Bourne.

These threats of murder, rape and arson against a foreign investor and respected community member are all a matter of public record. What a great lesson for other foreign investors coming to Barbados!

The Secretary of the Barbados Labour Party, William Duguid, confirmed publicly that at least some of the threats were made using his computer located at the Parliament Building!

And speaking of threats, BLP Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has herself declared that blogs and talk radio should be censored.

Again, all of the above is a matter of public record – and we pray that the Owen Arthur tape-recording soon becomes public as well.

There Is A Lesson In Reudon Eversley’s Article – But Not The One That He Intended

Reudon Eversley and so many folks were oppressed, threatened and harassed by corrupted members of the BLP government – and it will be a long time before their sense of righteous anger fades.

Peter Simmons

Peter Simmons

And because some of those corrupted people are still entrenched in positions of power and authority, the abuses continue even now. Think of the UWI professor John Knox who was told by former Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons that he would be fired from his job if he continued to be a witness in a trial. Knox continued and he was fired… and the cowardly lapdog Barbados news media still says nothing about that. (Or about the Ronja Juman trial.)

So the abuses are still happening, but now under the new DLP Government.

Reudon Eversley thinks that the problem was with the quality of the people who were in the former BLP government.

He is dead wrong.

When Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and all the BLP gang entered politics so long ago, they were not evil. They may have wanted a dollar or two in their pockets, but they had in mind that they would be able to do some good for their fellow citizens and their country.

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

What happened to corrupt them? Simple… Barbados had no anti-corruption laws, so there were no controls at all. Then they consolidated their power by appointing a corrupt political hack to be in charge of “justice” and the courts. They controlled the news media with government advertising contracts and threats – carrot and stick – and the Barbados news media did as they were told.

Under the BLP, rule of law became whatever the ruling elites wanted it to be. There was (and is) no law prohibiting government officials from awarding contracts to companies owned by themselves or their families.

Who could resist such power? You? Me? David Thompson?

The situation is repeating itself under the current DLP government. With no laws put in place to prevent corruption, it is only a matter of time before the good people associated with the current government yield to temptation.

It is already happening and the Barbados news media remains silent after switching loyalties to the DLP.

Meet the new boss… same as the old boss…


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39 responses to “Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

  1. ?? again

    Anyone who has know Eversley will tell you he is one of the most obnoxious persons you can meet, his bad attitude was honoured in a well deserved grubbing at BCC in at Sherbourne 1977.. Yes Reudon we remember it well. he is never one to fit in because his way is the only way…. But now he seems to want vengance.. what a poor soul.

  2. Tony Hall

    Whether he was obnoxious or not his livelihood as a journalist was threatened because he did not tow the line. This is Barbados, not Guyana.More stuff is going to come out showing what an incorrigible rogue the former Prime Minister was.

  3. Whatever

    Well we have read Eversley’s innuendo. Why hold back the evidence he claims to have? Reminds me of a famous IMF “letter”!

    BTW, John Knox was never a UWI professor (and don’t give me any crap about using the term in the American sense!)

  4. Worms

    What a can of worms
    this little island is, huh?

  5. Adrian Hinds

    July 29, 2008 at 12:46 pm
    What a can of worms
    this little island is, huh?
    Duh real slimy in trute. 😀

  6. Thewhiterabbit

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and here I go, rushing in. I have absolutely no proof to offer of what I am about to write, but I did hear it from folks that I consider to be highly reliable. A number of public servants (I omit the actual titles and positions to protect the sources), whose credibility I have no reason to question, discussed with me in great detail telephone calls received in the wee early hours of the morning (the Gestapo hours). The said telephone calls were from one former prime minister who sounded as if he were highly inebriated when making the calls. Said telephone calls were couched in language considered to be that of yardfowls running in the street. Said telephone calls carried threats to employment, property, and body, if the recipients did not desist from certain union related activities focused on one segment of public service critical to the future of the nation (again, exact positions omitted here because, yes, I remain a bit fearful, mostly for those directly involved). I was told this story by the actual recipients of the calls, not by third parties. Sorry, no tapes, no real verification, but as removed and insulated as thewhiterabbit is from the dirt of politics, the message reached even down to me. This information was transmitted to me nearly seven years ago, long before there was really any reason to be overly suspicious of the PM in question. Where there is smoke there is usually some fire. This posting is offered simply to imply that there is some element of verification, or at least duplication, to the main point of the story above.

    The BFP position that the sort of behaviour discussed above is damaging is entirely correct. We will be a long time recovering from the ill effects of the sort of abuse of power displayed by the former administration. The real worry is that before we recover the former administration will be back in power with no real checks and balances imposed. ITAL is a good beginning, but even those laws will be of little use if there are not serious mechanisms of checks and balances imposed at the level of the constitution. The BFP article above details exactly how the former administration effected its dictatorship. What elements of ITAL would really stop the potential abuse? The cure must go deeper than mere ITAL.

  7. rot at the top

    Mia Mottley has always been a – what is the female term for bully- how about bullygirl?

    No one voted her in as leader of the BLP – she and her folks threw tantrums and yelled down everyone involved. Now she is promising feasting at the trough for all her supporters as soon as BLP gets back into power. And so she now wants everyone to be nice and forget all the corruption that went before that she was in on. What a shameful situation.

    BLP supporters all must put this right now early on and insist on a leadership review and a public statement of how they are going to prevent more of this disgusting behaviour.

    This is not meant to let the Dems gloat. 6 months into their reign they are well on their way down the same path and the worst of it is because they have the power they can do something about it.

  8. ru4real

    She probably doesn’t fancy you either.

  9. Question for Whatever

    Hey Whatever, Who’s on First?

    Nice try to change the subject. Since you know so much about John Knoxe tell us this: did he used to teach courses UWI and now not?

    Doan matter if the man mops the floors or is president. He got threatened and stood up for his principles so he got door slam in his face. Good for him and ratout on Simmons for doing what he did.

    Then again this is how the Arthur-Simmons-Mia gang ran the country so no one surprised.

    Wanna bet there are others with the same kinda story?

  10. try and bring forward the alleged tape nuh man

  11. Jason

    Why didn’t the new government adopt conflict of interest rules on the day they took office like they promised?

    Money. Money and more money.

  12. 451.56

    “Why didn’t the new government adopt conflict of interest rules
    on the day they took office like they promised?”
    he axes…

    because they were too goddam shocked at the state of the Treasury!

    A bare concrete floor in a Treasury
    is not a pretty sight for any new Government!

    They’re still in therapy regarding that traumatic incident.
    YOU’re still in therapy(indirectly) except you don’t know it
    (that’s why we all got the Budget we did)

    It’ll be awhile before we find our feet touching the sand again,
    then maybe we can tiptoe in deep water,
    and eventually maybe even stand properly.

    There’s a lot more going on than you know..
    than you even want to know..


    BFP says,

    what nonsense… “the government didn’t adopt integrity rules because the treasury was out of money”


  13. ru4real

    And if you believe that you’ll believe anything.

  14. Mathilde

    absolute power corrupts absolutely eh? Lawd

  15. reality check

    “Whatever” ( good valley girl handle! )

    the drunken early morning threatening phone calls are well documented by the likes of Richard Goddard, Jane Goddard and many others.

    Mugabe has often been used as a comparison but the sad reality was that the institutions of government were very much being abused and going in the same direction as Zimbawe.

    The new government may be in shock but unless they pursue the gang of thieves actively including asking the US for assistance, they are very much part of the problem and cover up. There will be no accountability and day of reckoning.

    Thes people must NEVER regain power!

  16. Thomas Gresham

    Here is a four point plan to make things better from now:

    1. Disclosure of assets of those making executive decisions with tax payers money – it could be to a third party rather than the public. It is never too late to start.
    2. Boards and CEO’s of agencies spending government money must be chosen for their competency first and to help this an independent senior appointments commission should be established, or maybe this could be a role of the independent members of the senate.
    3. Having the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by the leader of the opposition was a good step, but this did not work for Thompson. He will know why and should try to remove the obstacles of this working effectively. No single step would say more clearly that this government is about better governance rather than “my turn now”. The minutes of PAC meetings should be public with few exceptions. Major contracts should also be disclosed by PAC.
    4. Corrupt policies depend in part on people feeing too ignorant or disbelieving to question. I find this stuff about the Treasury bare or unemployment is really much higher unbelievable as an economist, but if people doubt the data, this is bad and we should establish a clearly independent National Statistics Office – this could be part of the central bank or have an international board of statistics luminaries – with a mandate to make access to national statistics, census results, and all public sector information, easy for all.

  17. Barbados the beautiful

    Why don’t we see Prime Minister Thompson announcing what he did not or could not do when he was on PAC while BLP in power? Either he is part of the mess or he was a dupe. Either way now is the time for an honest leader looking out for the country (if he is) to set the record straight.

    Why don’t we see Prime Minister Thompson telling us what state the finances were in when he arrived? Any fool knows that is the way for us to know where things are and what he has to work with and we might be willing to understand and accept the sacrifices that need to be made to fix things up otherwise it is a cover up for his good buddies the BLP gang.

    Why don’t we see Prime Minister Thompson ruling his own party properly and saying no more of the old way?

  18. Reudon Eversley

    “Evil as hell, the lot of them” …… just wish to make it clear, for the record, that those were not my words. that is how one illustrious Bajan blogger summed up everything I had to say.

  19. pig with a monkey face

    Believe half of what you see
    and none of what you here

    Pig with a monkey face

  20. Thomas Gresham

    One of Owen’s political mistakes was to say that the DLP should never return to power. It struck ordinary Bajans as the height of arrogance, an over-familiarity of power and did not appeal to the Bajan sense of fairness.

    I therefore find it interesting to here some people say on this blog that “these people [former BLP ministers] should never return to power”.

    It would be far better for everyone if this government and its die-hard supporters focused on getting the job done, governing well, setting good standards and benchmarks and developing the nation. That will ensure their re-election.

    There will be DLP hacks who think this is what they are doing, but the more neutral, who have no problem voting for Thompson or Mottley want to see Barbados develop irrespective of who is in power, who want to see sensible economic policies and good governance would rate the first six months of this government as a grade “D”.

    “D” for deflationary economic measures at a time of economic slowdow and one that deflates the economy by pushing up administrative taxes at a time of inflation. “D” on the absence of integrity legislation and “D” for a move away form competency to political favours at critical economic boards. The good news for the government is that they have time on their side. But not limitless time. The surest way of keeping the past, the past, is to focus on the future.

  21. Georgie Porgie

    They also score “E” for healthcare

  22. Pat

    Thomas Gresham:

    How could you, as an economist, doubt the Treasury is bare? Were you not aware that 3 years ago, OSA borrowed money to pay the interest due on other loans? Were you not aware that he said not two years ago, that he has to sell land to pay Barbados’ debts? This was widely discussed on the Barbados Forum. As an economist do you need someone to explain these tactics/actions? Why did you not see the writing on the wall?

    Why did David Thompson not see the writing on the wall? Why is he and his party now acting surprised? I, for one, am not.

  23. reality check

    “I therefore find it interesting to here some people say on this blog that “these people [former BLP ministers] should never return to power”

    What part of extreme abuse of power and stealing the country blind, do you think constitutes the right to run again and represent the people?

  24. J

    So tell me reality check, do you really want the DLP to remain in power for ever?

    And if they do how do you plan to stop them from becoming corrupt?

    They are human you know. Not angels.

    “The heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all things. Who can know it?”

  25. reality check

    new people in both parties and maybe new party

    the rest are damaged goods beyond redemption

  26. J

    Eric Lewis has a song some years ago about a womon “who musse mistake him for Santa Claus” and woke him from his sleep to ask for bling. In that song Eric let us know that he unplugged his phone and went back to sleep.

    That is the best way to handle harrassing 3 a.m phone calls, wheher they are from an ex-lover or a drunken Prime Minister. Do not hang up the phone so that they can call you again and again. Do not waste your time taping the call. Unplug the damn phone and go back to sleep. People like that just want attention. Your task is to deny them that attention.

    And 9 chances out of 10, if the PM was drunk enough; like most drunks he probably won’t remember whom he called or what he called about when he wakes in the morning.


  27. Tell me Why

    Reudon, is this a ploy to divert the serious problems that are affecting the country? Is this a combine effort to hide the true economic position as outlined by the Governor of the Central Bank? Reudon you said your problems started in the late 1990’s, how come you never disclosed these problems before or should I say during the election campaign?. I am having a sneaky feeling that this is just a blind to hide the country’s problems and please make sure that you state the facts on your next debate.

    The way I see it, we are taking the country deeper as a propaganda country. I would be extremely weary to employ anyone in a sensitive position who fails to admonish the “W’s in professional ethics.

    Even if the PM or the CBC Board was looking for a GM which you have a feeling that prior to the election would have been a cool sailing into that position, your mouthing have destroyed the chance you might have. If you talk about one PM, don’t you feel you will speak about another PM if things don’t go your way? Think hard and fast my friend.

  28. Tell me Why

    “I therefore find it interesting to here some people say on this blog that “these people [former BLP ministers] should never return to power”
    Within five years, do you feel Arthur et al will be interested in running again? What you will see is a new breed of politicians emitting from the corridors of higher learning. By then we will have a clearer position of our economic position and the people will make that vital decision to return the Dees or Bees to governed this fair land of ours. Release the anger from your hearts because your criticism of any government will be shown negatively in the outside world who are just waiting to see us on a decline…..our CSME comrades will get the last laugh.

  29. Reudon Eversley

    In response to Tell me why, let me it clear to you that I have no interest in any position at CBC, be it general manager, news director or whatever. I keep hearing this rumour but I wish to make it clear that I have been there and done that already. It is of absolutely no interest to me at this stage of my life.

    I already have a job — it was not provided by the new Government of Barbados — and I am very comfortable and happy and enjoy the opportunities which this job has provided. I am blessed. Whenever doors were shut in my face, others opened up with better opportunities.

    If you had attended DLP meetings during the election campaign where I spoke on the platform, you would have heard me make mention of my experience at the Advocate and subsequent trials under the BLP regime. A meeting at Thornbury Hill is a good example. Obviously, you were not around so you would not hear.

    Finally, FYI, I have retired from journalism. Writing the column for the Nation is just a weekly pastime. Having served as Director of News and Current Affairs at CANA and subsequently as Editor of the Advocate, I reached the peak of the profession . So I have moved on, made room for others, and am very happy with my post-journalistic life.

    And I am particularly delighted that Owen Arthur’s season has come to an end and that I played an active part in bringing this about and that he, today, as Freundel Stuart so aptly described him in the House of Assembly during the recent Budget debate, is “a naked man, stripped down to the skin, of all of the arrogance and all of the hubris that the people of Barbados had to endure particularly over the last ten years”.

    Let it serve as a lesson to others. Night always runs until day catches. Peace be unto you. Nuff said.

  30. Thomas Gresham

    Tell Me Why,

    I am very disturbed about the economic conditions in the country. The deterioration the Governor spoke about will not just have impact on the dollars and cents in peoples pockets, but rising unemployment will test our stability and confidence and stress our social fabric. Back of the envelope calculations suggest unemployment will rise by 2000 to 3000 over the next 12 months.

    I hope the government understands the seriousness of the issues and is busy planning an appropriate response, that will in large measure reverse the macro-effects of the budget. I hope so, but I have not seen any indications of that so far. They seem “frozen in the headlights”.

    The government has been talking very sensibly about productivity and education which are critical issues, and if this moves beyond talk, will determine where we are in 5-10 years time. But as yet proposed new initiatives in this area are not a substitute for an effective response to the current slowdown.

  31. Wunna like dah nuh

    Ruedon Eversley, may I also suggest that you retire from writing the column in the Nation newspaper. The content of the column is really not in keeping with what one would expect from someone who has reached the “peak of their profession”.

  32. WildyCoyte.

    Talk wunna talk wunna can’t do he nothing,he rich as a king and wunna still poor like dirt so whether he’s evil or not he’s laughing all the way to the “Offshore Bank” or “Banks”..right,bajans are so gullible.

  33. Buggularizing Buggular

    Wait til Xmas comin..
    I got real houses to brek!

    Wunnuh gyne beg de blp to return to de good/bad old days.

    Allhow wunnuh in deep shirt
    no matter how wunnuh turn
    no matter who in power.

  34. Bimbro

    July 30, 2008 at 3:29 am
    So tell me reality check, do you really want the DLP to remain in power for ever?

    And if they do how do you plan to stop them from becoming corrupt?

    They are human you know. Not angels.

    “The heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all things. Who can know it?”


    You’ve certainly, got that right, ‘J’!!

  35. Avatar Girl

    I like J’s comment…


    Why you entertaining these drunken fools? If they show up on your doorstep, well, that’s another matter! Let the dogs get ’em!


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