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George Waldron – from Black Rock, Barbados to Guyana in the 1920’s or 1930’s

Black Rock Barbados History

I would love to hear from the Waldrons of Black Rock

I am an avid reader of the Barbados Free Press and am very happy that I can get to access your news online.

My reason for sending this email is to request some information about some long lost relatives that I would love to connect with in Barbados.

My great grandfather, now deceased, came to Guyana many years ago. His name was George Waldron and was from Black Rock. He came to Guyana sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s and never returned to Barbados.

I would like to connect with the old and the young folks of the Waldron family. I am a Guyanese citizen and presently living in Guyana.



Photo courtesy of’s The Tramways of Bridgetown Barbados


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Report: All mail for Barbados cut open in Guyana

Barbados Postal Service

Guyana Post Office investigating, contacting Barbados Postal Service

What’s the story, folks? Any other incidents?

by Cynthia Nelson

On December 31, 2013, I had a visit from the postman. This is a rare occurrence in Barbados, since he usually just drops my mail in my mailbox and continues along. Today he ensured that he saw me.

He gave me my mail, two pieces of which were Christmas cards from Guyana. He then told me that instead of putting them in the mailbox as usual, he wanted me to receive them in person so that he could let me know that the mail was cut open and re-taped in Guyana. The mailman said he did not know why, but all of the mail that came from Guyana had been cut open and then taped up again.

When I examined my mail carefully, both envelopes from Guyana, which had nothing but Christmas cards in them, had been cut open and then taped up.

There was a Guyana Post Office stamp on the cut and taped part of the envelopes. Apart from the ends that were cut open, the envelopes looked scruffy, like they had seen better days. They were torn in other places and worn.

In addition, there was a stamp by the Barbados Post Office which stated that the envelopes were taped when they were received in Barbados.

What on earth is going on?! Who is opening people’s personal mail in Guyana? What are they looking for? This is a violation of privacy!

If it is indeed the fact that all of the mail which came from Guyana had been cut open and then taped, then this points to either official snooping or large scale mail fraud. This is upsetting. Those who are thieving and smuggling and corrupt are not being targeted, but they are violating the mail of ordinary people. If it is the latter then GPO has a serious problem.

This letter also appeared in the Stabroek News

The Guyana Post Office Corporation has replied and says they are looking into the matter.


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Demerara Gold – Ingrid Griffith’s one woman show on in New York City, June 23, 2013, 3pm

Ingrid Griffith is the opening act for Debra Erhardt’s, solo-show, Jamaica Farewell at the Soho Playhouse.

Soho Playhouse

15 Vandam St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Phone:+1 212-691-1555

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Cocaine shipped in timber, produce from Guyana to… Barbados?

Guyana: Drugs in agricultural exports “destroying the national interest and livelihood”

Narcotics concealed in agricultural and wood products shipments from Guyana are so prevalent that the country’s Agriculture Minister recently called the problem a “living nightmare.”

Barbados imports hundreds of tonnes of Guyanese products each year, and the recent series of articles in the Guyanese news media has us thinking about what else is arriving on our shores in addition to plantains and lumber. The above photo is of cocaine discovered in Jamaica that was concealed in a shipment of lumber from Guyana. In that case authorities believe that Customs or shipping officials were working with the drug gangs.

It’s not impossible to smuggle large quantities of drugs without the cooperation of crooked officials, but something tells me that as in the Jamaican cocaine shipment, no criminal organisation smuggles half a million dollars worth of narcotics by leaving things to chance.

You want to stop large drug shipments into Barbados?

Look at the homes, vehicles and other assets of Customs and other officials and see if they are reasonable for the level of salary and length of employment.

If a certain Port of Barbados official drives a BMW, is that reasonable?

Hey… we’re just asking!

Further Reading

Demerara Waves: Drugs in agri-exports a “living nightmare” – Minister Persaud


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Will Hartley Henry create a revolution in Guyanese politics?

Barbados PM’s advisor Hartley Henry caught in “clandestine meeting” with Guyanese Opposition parties.

We find it fascinating to follow the activities of the chief political advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados. According to an article in the Guyana Chronicle online, Hartley Henry met with members of two opposition parties in Guyana – obviously discussing how to unite the opposition for the next election. Continue reading


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Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld Called “White Trash” – Senior Advisor to Barbados Prime Minister Publishes Articles on Same Racist Website!


Why Does Prime Minister Thompson’s most senior advisor publish articles at a website that calls Terry Schwarzfeld “White Trash”?

Early this year, readers from Barbados Free Press voted to remove the sidebar links to the Barbados Underground blog because that blog had become a racist hotbed – and also because they published reader comments containing threats of violence against named individuals. Some other Barbados blogs also removed their links to Barbados Underground for the same reason.

Barbados Underground’s editor (David) allows and facilitates the most vile racist discussions and articles – even to the point of allowing posts that call murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “White trash”. Other posts call for blacks to remain racially pure and to not have children with other races or lighter skinned persons of African heritage. Some posts encourage violence against whites, Chinese, Guyanese of Indian descent, and other non-Blacks – including mixed-race Bajans whose skin is not sufficiently dark enough for Barbados Underground’s commenters.

A visit to Barbados Underground will show that this disgusting racist dialogue is not restricted to readers’ comments, but actually appears in some of their published articles. For instance, a recently published article called The Fear of The Growing Ethnic Factor, Real or Imagined? stated “Bajans must understand that Hindu immigrants, with their high fertility rates, and their dislike of miscegenation with the Negro, have already destroyed the social cohesion of two Caribbean territories–Guyana and Trinidad. Now they are invading Barbados.”

All of which makes us wonder why Hartley Henry, who is Prime Minister David Thompson’s most senior advisor, continues to publish articles at Barbados Underground. It’s not as if Mr. Henry is unfamilar with the racist dialogue or the threats of violence that are published at Barbados Underground as these subjects have been major topics of discussion for the past year. Some of the racist comments have even appeared in response to Mr. Henry’s articles and in articles about him and other DLP insiders.

Barbados Underground Racist

Two days ago, Hartley Henry published an article exclusively at Barbados Underground that was the fulfillment of earlier threats he made to ruin an editor of the Nation News (photo above). We covered that story and the content of Henry’s article on Barbados Underground in two of our earlier posts. (See BFP’s articles Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist and Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson)

It is not our intent to rehash that story here.

We simply desire an answer as to why Mr. Hartley Henry – who very much represents the Barbados government and Prime Minister David Thompson – would publish exclusive political articles on a website that condones, facilitates and publishes content that is both racist and threatens violence to named individuals and members of certain races and religions.

Here are some samples from the many hundreds of disgusting writings at Barbados Underground where the senior advisor to our Prime Minister publishes his articles…

Barbados Racism A1

I guess the writer of that last comment isn’t too worried about prospective tourists discovering Barbados Underground blog through Google and other search engines. Obviously, Harley Henry doesn’t worry about it too much either.

That’s just a start folks. Here are a few more samples of writings posted at Barbados Underground… Continue reading


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Barbados Business Could Face Immigration Backlash Throughout Caribbean

Dear Barbados Free Press:

I will just state for the record that my job involves extensive travel throughout the Eastern Caribbean and I have been in the same job for over 11 years. Let me also state that I am for managed migration, however, I must admit that I have a soft spot for my Caribbean brothers and sisters having made genuine friends in all the EC countries that I visited, so much so I have the choice to stay at a friend’s home as opposed to a hotel when I visit my neighbours. Similarly I entertain at least 8 of my EC mates or their family every year for a week at a time.

Prime Minister Thompson’s announcement of am amnesty for all Undocumented CARICOM Nationals (I do not subscribe to the view that a human should ever be referred to as ILLEGAL) has not gone down well in any of the Caribbean countries I have visited since May 15th. Bajans have come in for a tongue lashing from all walks of the EC’s society – e.g. the taxi driver, the home helper, the call in programs, the politicians, the business people and others. I have found myself on the receiving end more often than not and I am beginning to sense that a dislike for Bajans like me and you is rapidly brewing and it genuinely concerns me.

In a nutshell I am hearing from OUTSIDE OF BARBADOS that the backlash is rooted in the following –

1. The amnesty sets unrealistic requirements. A radio call in host in St. Lucia noted that PM Thomson’s conditions (I suspect with time spent in Barbados) would disqualify more than 90% of Undocumented Immigrants here in Barbados. Therefore it is being suggested that PM Thompson’s amnesty was never intended to facilitate the Undocumented Immigrant to regularize his/ her stay in Barbados, rather it is believed by the wider Caribbean that it is more so intended to justify the mass deportation of Undocumented CARICOM Nationals come January 1, 2010.

2.    Barbados and Bajans encouraged many of these same very Undocumented Immigrants to come to Barbados to work over the last 16 years. As a result some of Guyana’s and St, Vincent’s most talented artisans left their home for greener pastures in our then booming construction sector; additionally others were readily employed by our middle and upper classes as maids and gardeners. How often you were at a cocktail party in the late 90s and the work ethic or roti making skills of the Guyanese maid was being praised? Others came to our shores as plantation workers while others were recruited as sex workers. However, now that the party is over these Undocumented guest of ours are expected to drop everything – including chattel and family and jump on the next plane home.

3.    The politicians, especially the PMs of St. Vincent and Guyana, are stirring up the flames of anti-Bajan sentiment in their respective countries. I have little doubt that such a move is meant to distract from their impoverished economies, respectively.

4.    A middle class Grenadian business man reminded me in no uncertain terms that Barbados depends on her CARICOM neighbours for almost 60% of our exports. And how we are ungrateful “sycophants”. And if we don’t watch it our exports were going to suffer. He and others were of the opinion that we should go easy on our CARICOM brothers/ sisters because our manufacturing sector could not survive without CARICOM.

5.    A St. Lucian taxi driver reminded me that CO Williams Construction, SAGICOR and Almond Resorts St. Lucia were Barbadian companies who were making lots of money in St. Lucia while there were no St. Lucian companies of note that were allowed to exist in Barbados. Again he thought that PM Thompson was undermining and taking for granted the good bilateral relationship that existed between St. Lucia and Barbados for years by announcing “such a callous immigration policy”.

6.    The Caribbean media have reported the Gestapo like raids on undocumented immigrants quoting individuals who stated that they were awoken in the middle of the night by Sergeant PC Brooms and a very caustic immigration officer not caring what was to happen to their belongings once they were escorted off the premises.

7.    Many are accusing us as being short sighted pointing out that in the early half of the 20th century Bajans travelled without restrictions throughout the Caribbean in search of gainful employment.


If we don’t bring a more realistic and human face to dealing with our Undocumented CARICOM neighbours Barbados could face a serious irreversible and potentially economically crippling backlash.

I would be first to admit that I have a vested interest in Barbados being perceived as being a kinder and gentler nation. My livelihood in intricately connected to doing business with our Eastern Caribbean neighbours, however, I must point out that if I fail to meet my targets over 30 Bajans could be on the bread line adding to the drain on our social security services. While my failure will in turn affect over 100 persons (including immediate family members), however, with my limited knowledge I can see our recently announced immigration policy resulting in:

1.    Possibly 1000s of Bajan manufacturing jobs being threatened
2.    A reduced number of CARICOM nationals choosing Barbados as their holiday/ shopping destination
3.    Reduced opportunity for our professionals – e.g. accountants, quantity surveyors, engineers, lawyers, pilots – getting jobs in the Eastern Caribbean
4.    Reduced business opportunities for our companies and businesses in the Eastern Caribbean. Right now the Williams group of companies have recently completed a water desalination plant in St. Kitts.
5.    Reduced number of CARICOM nationals travelling to Barbados for Crop Over/ Jazz Festival/ Cricket/ etc.
6.    Reduced number of EC Governments paying for their nationals to come to Barbados for medical test and care
7.    Reduced number of EC countries coming to our rescue in the face of a national disaster/ crisis – e.g. hurricane, tsunami, social disturbance (Prison riots)
8.    Our fishermen may be increasingly harassed if they ventured into the territorial waters of our increasingly unfriendly CARICOM neighbours.
9.    We may no longer be a hub for air transport into the EC.
10.    Our nominees for UN/ OAS/ FAO/ PAHO/ CCJ and other appointments may no longer be guaranteed the support of the EC
11.    UWI Cave Hill may see less and less EC nationals entering its doors.
12.    Our regional companies – Goddards and Cave Shepherds – may find it increasingly difficult to do business in the EC

I was once told for every action one should always be prepared for an equal and opposite reaction. I do think that most Bajans supporting PM Thompson’s immigration policy are unaware of the possible consequences of the reactions by our EC neighbours who rightly or wrongly feel hurt that a CARICOM brother/ sister in Barbados would devise a policy that on the surface, at least, seems inhumane and unjust.

A Very Concerned Bajan


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Barbados Continues Immigration Raids, Deportations Of Guyanese – Media Report Of $100 Per Head Reward For Deported Guyanese

“Now I have lost everything, a whole house full of appliances, clothes and so much more. I miss work because I could afford to do so much, now to come back home and just leave that, it’s hard…”

… Guyanese deported from Barbados speaks to Stabroek News: Deportee from Barbados has lost hope in her homeland

Barbados Immigration Paying $100 A Head Reward For Information?

Barbados Immigration authorities are offering BDS$100 per head reward for information leading to the deportation of illegal Guyanese on the island – this according to Stabroek News of Guyana. News reports also say that the Guyanese government is documenting the treatment of deportees by Bajan authorities through interviews, media reports and follow-up visits by the Guyanese Consul in Barbados.

Who Ends Up With The Deportee’s Larger Possessions?

Where are the deportees' autos?

Where are the deportees' autos?

One of the articles we read tells the story of an illegal Guyanese woman whose home was raided in the middle of the night by Barbados authorities. She, her family and friends were packed off in custody with no time to secure her larger possessions which included major appliances such as a fridge and cooker.

Who ends up with the deportee’s major possessions? What happened to the tens thousands of dollars of autos, clothes, appliances and tools that were owned by the Guyanese who have already been deported from Barbados?

Deportees’ possessions – Spoils of the hunt for Barbados Immigration Officials?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

What have Barbados authorities been doing to protect the deportees’ possessions? Have any Immigration authorities been seen with new stoves lately?

The question is not as flippant as it might seem because if it turns out that Bajan Immigration authorities have ignored the issue of deportee’s property (or worse), it will reflect very badly upon our country.

Yes, we at Barbados Free Press believe that Barbados has the right and the duty to control immigration and to take steps to remove persons who are in the country illegally – HOWEVER – we must not forget that, illegal or not, these folks are just ordinary people who deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and even kindness by Bajan authorities. Anything less will make Barbados a brutal nation in the eyes of the world.


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Guyana Consul in Barbados Norman Faria “Immersed In Barbados National Politics, Reckless, Making a bad situation worse…. Lacks understanding of his diplomatic role”

“Guyana Honorary Consul to Barbados, Mr. Norman Faria’s attacks on the Caribbean Congress of Labour’s (CCL) for its advice to undocumented immigrants in Barbados to regularize their status as offered under Barbados’ recent immigration policy, demonstrates once again the refusal to acknowledge there are significant differences between free movements of skills under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) and illegal immigrants.

…It should be said that the fact that I am Guyanese does not mean I will join those crusading against the principles governing the CSME, a country’s right to its sovereignty and the rule of law…

The Guyana Consulate in Barbados is the representative of the Government and people of Guyana. Recent statements made by Mr. Faria in the SN favourably comparing the relationship with the Government of former Prime Minster Owen Arthur against current Prime Minister David Thompson is reckless and making a bad situation worse. This immersion in Barbados national politics while performing diplomatic duties on behalf of the Guyana Government indicates that Mr. Faria lacks an understanding of his role.

This is the type of behaviour that pit countries against countries and people against people and more so can contribute to the prejudice against Guyanese living in, or visiting, Barbados. It would have served this nation best interest had Mr. Faria used the time to educate and advise Guyanese in Barbados as to their rights and how they need to pursue same…”


“…The fact that some Guyanese felt, and were lead to believe, that the Free Movement of Skill meant they were not obligated to CSME’s guidelines and Barbados’ laws is an indictment on Guyana’s representative in Barbados…”

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) in a letter appearing in the Kaieteur News: Guyana’s migration has the characteristics of a humanitarian crisis.

When Does A Diplomat Step Over The Line Into Political Activism Against The Host Government?

Norman Faria - Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government
Norman Faria – Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government

At Barbados Free Press we have followed the antics of Guyana Consul Norman Faria with increasing confusion as to his message and role. Is Mr. Faria a diplomat? A newspaper columnist? A political activist against the Government of Barbados? All of the above?

Does Faria believe that Barbados has no right to control immigration according to its own laws and international agreements and laws?

The Government of Guyana should remind Mr. Faria that he is ceasing to be effective as a diplomat. If he wishes to continue engaging in Barbados political debate, perhaps he should resign as Consul.

As to why there is so much fuss over the Barbados Prime Minister’s announcement of impending mass deportations (for that is the truth of the matter), we have said before and say again…

The main problem with Barbados now enforcing the rule of law when it comes to immigration is that we don’t generally enforce the rule of law anywhere in our society. The Guyanese recognize this fact and are incensed that they have been singled out due to the numbers of illegal Guyanese immigrants in Barbados.


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Who Pays For The Stolen Runway Lights In Guyana?

Back in August, Barbados loaned our portable runway lights to Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The permanent lights at Cheddi Jagan had failed and the country had no money to repair or replace them because the crooks in the government had left the place bankrupt.

Those portable runway lights are emergency equipment kept at our own Grantley Adams International Airport “just in case”. There are probably even some rules requiring emergency runway lights be available…

… But being the decent folks we Bajans are, we loaned the lights to Guyana.

Now we hear that runway lights have been stolen from Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport – and although no one is saying that the missing lights are the ones on loan from Barbados, one has to wonder if the thieves would have taken the broken lights that didn’t work – or the working-just-fine Bajan lights.


Sometimes it seems as if no good deed goes unpunished.

Read the full story at Guyana Free Press Airport Lights Stolen


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Guyana Free Press Hits Hard

“We na affiliated wid de bajans dem”

About We

We (two of us) have been long time Guyanese readers of the Barbados Free Press, and we always wished they had one for our home country.   So we decided ..why not do it ourselves?  It looks easy enough, right ? Right.

Good Luck To Our Friends From Guyana!

Guyana Free Press is a new blog, but is wasting no time in targeting the corrupt underbelly of their beautiful, but thoroughly corrupt country.

First, they predict that Judge Gordon Gilhuys who shot a police officer with an unregistered firearm will soon be happily sitting in court again, and do up a wonderful little cartoon of the (cough) learned Judge…

This man, a Jugde, a supposed upholder of the law opens fire with an unlicensed firearm on a policeman and walks away without even a night in jail.  On top of it, he refused to hand over de blasted gun.

A few weeks after the incident we saw Gilhuys teking a drink with de boys them at a certain rum shop in Waterloo Street. (We kicked ourselves that day, for not having the camera in the car).  Right then we came to the realisation that this matter will be covered up, and people will be paid off.  Corruption reigns supreme in Guyana from cabinet to the courts to the traffic police jamming yuh for a raise.

… from Guyana Free Press article Another big one gets off. Gilhuys to return to the bench ????

And then they published an article on the resignation of Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Alle and her accusations of corruption. (link here)

Yup… Guyana Free Press is our kind of people!

And, of course, they are “na affiliated wid de bajans dem”


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BFP Staff In Recovery Mode – Where’s The ASA? Cliverton Announces Regrets

“I Will Never Drink Again” says our Clive

After missing in action for more than a week, BFP’s bad boy Cliverton came home to find that he is single again. Frankly I can’t blame either Clive or his girlfriend because everybody knew they were wrong from the start, but they could have chosen a classier and less-public method of breaking up.

When the rest of us discovered a few months ago that Clive had told his new girlfriend about his role at BFP we were upset. More than upset. But as Shona so correctly pointed out, it is almost impossible to keep something like that from someone you live with, and also dishonest. We calmed down and just had to trust that whatever happened between them would not jeopardise BFP. 

Then We Learned That She Had Clive’s Password

On July 25th, we were stunned to see that Cliverton’s girlfriend accessed the blog and posted an article Where Did Cliverton Sleep Last Night?  Before the rest of us realised what had happened, some very rough four letter words were also posted in the comments section using Clive’s official BFP online identity. All passwords were changed within a few hours, but Cliverton was not seen for a week.

We at BFP decided that we owe an explanation to our readers and also an apology for some of the very rough language that was posted by “someone” using a BFP password. There are some other family ties between Clive’s girlfriend and one of the other BFP crew so we are not worried about someone getting carried away and blowing the whole show, but… it was a bit scary for a time.

How Much Longer Can BFP Go On Without Our Identities Being Discovered?  

Sometimes we forget ourselves and the fact that there are many who would like to see Barbados Free Press and the other Bajan blogs taken down tomorrow. Even Guyana Consul Norman Faria is echoing Mia Mottley’s position that free speech in Barbados should be stopped. (See Barbados Underground’s article Guyana Consul Norman Faria Forced To Do Damage Control)

Nice position for Emancipation Day, Mr. Faria!

We don’t understand why we and the other heavy-duty Bajan blogs have been able to continue operating anonymously. Frankly when we first started we thought we would last all of three months.

As our long time readers know, it is not that “they” haven’t tried on many occasions to discover our names. In the case of the BLP government, we thank the Lord that they weren’t any more competent at finding us than they were at running a country. 

Could it be that many of those who have been tasked to find us are actually protecting us? Stranger things have happened on this island.


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Guyana Implements Breathalizer Law – Barbados Government Continues To Ignore Drunken Slaughter Every Weekend

Government Of Guyana Acts Responsibly Against Drunk Driving

Successive Barbados Governments have failed to implement breathalizer laws that would target the growing slaughter on our roads. We lose more people to drunk driving than we do to murder, but when it came to protecting us from drunken drivers, the idiots of the Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley BLP Government never went further than talking about “maybe, if, someday”.

At least with the BLP Government, we knew that our drooling, word-slurring Prime Minister never implemented anti-drunk driving laws because he didn’t want to get nicked himself!

Thompson DLP Government Continues The BLP Policy Of Doing Nothing To Stop Drunk Driving

After almost seven months in office, the Thompson DLP Government has done nothing to address the serious problem that our country lacks enforceable, modern drunk-driving laws.

Think about that folks – in practically every civilized jurisdiction in the world when there has been an accident and the police suspect the driver might have had even one beer, the driver has to blow into a breathalizer machine to prove how much alcohol is in his or her body. We know that some people can drink lots and not “look” like they are drunk, but they shouldn’t be driving. The breathalizer provides scientific evidence so there is no doubt.

Barbados Free Press has been calling for breathaliser laws and equipment for the police for two and a half years now. In those two and a half years we have seen some horrible accidents and even mass accidents – but our law enforcement officers have no way of testing to see how much those drivers had been drinking.

The first job of government is to protect the citizens, and successive BLP and DLP governments have failed to protect the citizens when it comes to drunken driving.

Prime Minister Thompson… time to act, Sir. If your government can’t implement breathalizer laws during the first year of your term, that will pretty well say everything about your priorities and leadership.

Further Reading

Stabroek News: Guyana Passes Drunk-Driving Legislation


November 22, 2007 – Five Year Sentence For Dangerous Driver – But Still No Breathalyzer Law

October 30, 2007 – More Road Deaths Than Murders: Yet Barbados Still Does Not Have Breathalyzer Laws Or Technology

August 15, 2007 – Minister of Transport Gline Clarke Finally “Talking” About Driver Breathaliser Tests – As First Suggested By By Barbados Free Press Over A Year Ago

July 25, 2006 – Barbados Government To Ban Cell Phones While Driving


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