Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Admits Paying Huge Bribes To Caribbean Government Officials & Their Middlemen


Photo: From left: President of 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos, Minister of Public Works and Transport Gline Clarke, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll

Danos Explains How Bridge & Flyover Kickbacks And Bribes Work

If you want to know why our flyover and highway work costs so much, you need do nothing more than listen to Jonathan Danos – the President of the company that was awarded the flyover contract by the Barbados Government without a competitive bidding process.

Mr. Danos is involved in a very messy court battle with his old employer, Britain’s Mabey and Johnson Limited bridge builders. In recently filed court documents, Mr. Danos explains how he paid huge bribes to politicians’ middlemen so that the respective governments would award the contracts to Mabey and Johnson Limited.

On behalf of Mabey and Johnson Limited, Mr. Danos says he paid secret commissions of 8.5%, 17% and 15% to middlemen in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Panama, respectively. According to Danos, this is standard operating procedure in his business when dealing with small governments.

For instance, if a Caribbean government wants to build a series of bridges that should cost say, 100 million dollars, the price is raised by the amount of the bribe. In our example of an 8.5% bribe, the project price would be raised to 108.5 million dollars. The government would borrow or use tax revenues to pay Danos 108.5 million dollars. Danos would build the bridges but would pay the extra 8.5 million dollars to various middleman companies for “consulting” or other non-existent services.

Guess Who Owns The Middleman Companies?

Ha! You guessed it… the politicians who awarded the bridge contract to Danos in the first place own the “consulting” companies.

What a great scam. The politicians who awarded the bridge contract pocket 8.5 million dollars in their offshore bank accounts and the poor sucker taxpayers are stuck paying for the politicians’ bribes as well as the over-priced bridges.

Now remember, folks… this not our speculation. This is Jonathan Danos admitting under oath in court that he paid these “secret commission” bribes for bridge projects in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Panama. In Jamaica the bribe amounted to almost US$ 4 million dollars.

And what about the famously over-budget flyover and highway project in Barbados?


How Much Did Jonathan Danos Pay In Bribes For Our Barbados Flyovers?

When the Owen Arthur government awarded the flyover project to Danos’ company, 3S Structural Steel Solutions, it did so without putting the project out for bidding. Owen Arthur and the gang simply awarded the contract then valued at BDS$120 million to Jonathan Danos.

Gosh… Owen Arthur must have taken a shine to Danos for some reason – especially considering that Danos’ company was brand new formed in 2005 and had never built anything at all, let alone flyovers and highways.

But for some reason the government awarded the contract to Jonathan Danos. Of course, the project has since skyrocketed from $120 million to $360 million or so.

Ten Percent Of $360 Million Is…

We at Barbados Free Press have been trying to guess what percentage of the flyover project costs are being diverted by Jonathan Danos to offshore companies owned or controlled by Barbados Government members and officials. We think that 17 percent kickback as Danos provided in the Dominican Republic scam would be way too much for a large project like the Barbados flyovers, while 8.5 percent like he paid to a Jamaican middleman might be a little low.

How about 10 percent? That would be a $36 million dollar kickback paid to Barbados politicians and government officials. As Danos explains in his sworn court documents, his method of doing business would be to pay middlemen and their companies for non-existent services – with the monies going to the government officials who awarded him the contract without public tender.

So how about it, Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Minister of Public Works and Transport Gline Clarke, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll… where should we be looking for your offshore bank accounts and “consulting” companies? New York? London? Nigeria?

No wonder that Prime Minister Owen Arthur recently said, “I’m motivated in a special way by the determination never to see the DLP hold the reins of office in this country.”

Indeed! Arthur and his gang are desperate to win because if the DLP forms the next government, there will be hell to pay when they start auditing the BLP projects and following the money trails.

From The Guardian Unlimited…

Court battle over secret export commissions claims

· Company accused of circumventing bribery law
· Ex-manager denies kickbacks and fraud

David Leigh and Rob Evans
Wednesday January 2, 2008
The Guardian

One of the richest families in Britain is being accused in a courtroom battle of circumventing anti-bribery laws.

The Mabey family firm, whose worldwide empire is based on exports of steel bridges, is accused by its former sales manager of misconduct in sales to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

The former manager, Jonathan Danos, says that large secret payments of “commissions” to middlemen were artificially split to make them look smaller, and thus avoid official scrutiny.

In all three countries, there was no competitive bidding for contracts, profits were alleged by him to be exceptionally high, and the money had to be borrowed from commercial banks, adding to the heavy debts of poor countries.

Many of Mabey’s sales are backed by the British taxpayer. The loans were guaranteed by the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD), which is part of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

While Danos is making accusations against the company, he himself is being sued by the firm for allegedly pocketing hundreds of thousands of pounds for himself in corrupt kickbacks on the deals.

Mabey got a freezing order preventing the sale of Danos’s luxury home in Notting Hill, west London, last year and went to court. The high court said in a preliminary hearing there was “strong prima facie evidence” of fraud by him.

But Danos, who was awarded the MBE in 2000 for services to British exports, has denied all the claims, and retaliated by filing a detailed account of the devices he alleges were used by the firm to get around anti-bribery laws passed by the British government.

Excessive commissions are a common means of passing on bribes. As a result, British and US authorities generally frown on payments above 5%.

Danos claims that he was ordered to divide an 8.5% commission to be passed to a Jamaican businessman, Deryk Gibson, into two parts – a commission of 5%, and another 3.5% for non-existent “local services”. He was also ordered, he alleged, to similarly split a 17% commission for a deal in the Dominican Republic, where the agent is named as a local businessman, Gilberto Pagan. In a third set of deals, in Panama, commissions were paid at 15%, he alleged, to a bank account in the Bahamas allegedly controlled by another agent, Rogelio Dumanoir.

The Jamaica allegations will be particularly dismaying for the ECGD. Its advisory council conducted a special review of the £17m Jamaica guarantee in 2003, under pressure from anti-corruption campaigners, and concluded: “There is no great cause for concern.”

The then trade minister, Richard Caborn, said at the time: “I am pleased … This work will benefit the people of Kingston and rural areas”.

A Mabey director, Richard Glover, later unsuccessfully tried to persuade the ECGD that the firm should be allowed to keep its agents’ identities secret.

He wrote in 2005: “Exporters should be free to pay legitimate commissions to their agents without the burden of the obligation to provide ECGD with details that are often confidential and commercially sensitive.”

In his court filings, Danos paints in rarely seen detail a picture of a company that regularly paid huge sums to confidential agents to make sales around the world, although he does not directly accuse them of bribery. He says the firm’s founder, Bevil Mabey, who is 90, “established close relationships with high-level officials … and even in some cases vice-presidents and presidents”.

But when Britain passed an anti-bribery law in 2001, the founder’s son, David Mabey, changed the company’s procedures. Danos says he was told the “artificial split” in commission was “as a result of a need to comply with” the law, the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001. US lawyers gave advice, Danos claimed, that commissions above 5% would also lead to suspicions by the US authorities of “bribery or inducements”.

The Mabey companies have previously been accused by anti-corruption campaigners of overcharging for sales of bridges and flyovers in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

They are still also under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office over allegations of kickbacks paid to the Saddam regime in the oil-for-food scandal. The UN Volcker report alleged that Mabey paid $202,000 (about £102,000) in return for a $3.6m Iraqi contract. The company says there is no truth in the allegations.

The Mabey family is estimated to be worth £310m. The most recent accounts show family members drew out £7m in personal dividends in the last year. The company regularly donates to the Conservative party.

A spokesman for Mabey said: “This case is about an alleged fraud on the company. We take the strongest possible action against employees and former employees who breach our policy or the law.

“This case is not about allegations of bribery and corruption. However, we have not, do not and will not pay or authorise the payment of bribes or any other form of unlawful inducement. We have a comprehensive anti-corruption policy with procedures which are vigorously enforced.”

Mabey is negotiating with Danos in private to try to settle the case before it comes to court.

Anti-corruption campaigner Sue Hawley, of the Corner House group, said last night: “Mabey has consistently been accused of sharp practices, and untransparent contract procedures.

“If companies can evade scrutiny of their commission payments by hiding them away as ‘local services’, this would blow a very large hole in the ECGD’s anti-corruption processes.”

Read the original story at the Guardian Unlimited (link here)

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36 responses to “Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Admits Paying Huge Bribes To Caribbean Government Officials & Their Middlemen

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Were any sort of due dilligence checks made on 3S and its various registered companies?

    Was Mr. Danos still employed by Mabey and Johnson when he formed 3S (Barbados) SRL or Structural Steel Solutions Inc?

    VECO had been under FBI investigation since at least 1991, why did the Government opt for a company that had no previous experience building prisons and that was facing criminal prosecution?

    Did the Government instigate any due diligence checks on VECO or Commonwealth Construction, its then wholly owned subsidiary?


    BFP Comments

    Good morning Adrian! If the government did any “due diligence” it was to ensure that everybody had the correct bank accounts set up to facilitate the transfer of, “consulting fees”. 🙂

  2. Adrian Loveridge


    Perhaps one of our legal luminaries could tell us, is being ordered to act corruptly a legimate legal defence?

    3S (Barbados) SRL was registered with CAIPO (#495) on 4th November 2005.
    When did Mr. Danos begin to negotiate with the Barbadian Government and when did he leave the employment of Mabey and Johnson?

    Does anyone really think the awarding of this
    MOU, as apparently it isn’t a contract (what figure would it have to reach to be a contract – over $400 million?), is prudent fiscal management?

    Another five years of this transparency and accountability?

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Ho hum. Very interesting indeed.

    And this is not published by a blog, aka BFP. It is published by the English Guardian.

    Will MIA want to shut that down as well?

    Maybe his former employer, in defense that the bribes were not its own orders, could investigate the contract in Barbados.

    If such ‘commissions’ were paid in the Barbados contract too, then it would indicate a ‘Danos’ modus operandi and absolve the former employer, no? That is, if he himself continued such actions after leaving their employ and in of his own volition, then it could be argued that when in their employ he also acted of his own volition and not under instruction, no?

    So, we look forward to their investigation of our own ‘arrangements’ in Barbados!

    Ho, ho!

  4. robert*

    what is clyde mascoll’s e-mail address so we can shower him with comments, and also the email address for ezra alleyne, he hides .


    BFP editor’s note. This is not BFP’s Robert making the above comment.

  5. Sargeant

    Could there be a connection with the early call of the election and this report? The tag line of the original story is Jan.2/08 but in civil cases there is discovery and the information could well have been available to interested parties. I wonder if the Nation will pick up this story since it originates from a British newspaper and not the blogs….. but I am not holding my breath.


    BFP Comments

    This story was first broken by Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press. The Nation News and all other Barbados media sat on the story for a couple of weeks until we put out a printed edition and embarrassed them into covering the story. See the links at the end of the story, especially “TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS: Barbados Media Hides 3S Fraud Scandal From Bajan Citizens

  6. Sargeant

    I wanted to add in my previous post supporting the early election call that the lawyers for Mabey will surely put Mr. Danos and 3S activities in Barbados under scrutiny.

  7. X

    Ask Robert Le Hunte ( BNB is the financier of the project and is the entity that disburses the funds for the project. They must have records of all payment made, the payments that don’t have invoices to support them would be the bribes.


    BFP Comments,

    Nope, you’re wrong X. There will be invoices from offshore companies for “engineering consulting” or “environmental testing” or some such work that was never done. That’s how it works!

  8. Sargeant

    BFP I was aware of BU’s and your role in bringing this issue to the public’s attention, however I should have brought some clarity to my previous post as I was referring to Mr. Danos’ statement of the payment of “consultation fees” in his affidavit. This is the first direct admission that I have seen so far by a party to these activities. Previously we were dealing with allegations and although we may have opinions on the veracity of same at the end of the day without direct evidence they are still allegations.

  9. read my lips

    Owen Arthur and gang CANNOT afford to lose this election. The corruption and trail of stealing is very very serious. The election is a foregone conclusion just like Russia, Pakistan and Kenya. The fix is in. The one party state is already in place,

    Where is the voice of our opposition?

  10. Andrew

    Read My Lips

    We know he can’t afford to lose this election.

    That is why in Bay Gardens Oistins last night,
    thousands pledged to vote them out.

  11. read my lips

    getting votes out to the poll is step #1

    step # 2–very diligent scrutineers to watch every move from the empty boxes until the time of calculating each and every ballot—There should be no police control without a scrutineer from each party at all times.

    step#3–exit polls to determine exact number of voters and for those who will tell that they voted for the DLP, their full names, addresses and phone numbers. This latter protection will help prove a manipulation or corruption in calculating votes

    step #4 International observers from the EU and/or OECD to report irregularities immediately to these bodies including those complicit in the manipulation, bribery, obstruction, bullying etc. This would include 5-10 notaries on call to take immediate affidavits as needed with lots of copies for all parties.

    Someone might as well get on the last step now so these independent observers are in place in 10 days.

    The stakes to Barbadians are too great to leave this until the final day. I still have great doubts that this can be a fair and independent electoral process.

  12. frankology

    Nope, you’re wrong X. There will be invoices from offshore companies for “engineering consulting” or “environmental testing” or some such work that was never done. That’s how it works!
    So should we suspect that the engineering firm Hillis-Carnes who said in 2006 that Barbados’ limestone is fractured and decaying, yet, another report was submitted in 2007 saying that Barbados’ limestone can accommodate flyovers.

    Before we delve into the alleged bribes as stated by Danos regarding Mabey and the Jamaica deal, we must also check the financier of Barbados’ BOLT arrangement and its connections.

    We must also ask, Where is the DLP’s voice in this matter? Where is David’s voice in this matter?


    BFP Comments

    We must suspect every contractor and sub-contractor for every government project undertaken during the BLP’s reign.

    You’ve got it right about the DLP. Where the opposition was on a host of matters is a huge question.

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  14. Anonymous

    Do you remember that BFP promised to bring a money laundering story? Don’t you think we should remind them that it is long over due?


    BFP remarks,

    We’ve already answered that query and have published several stories on money laundering.

    But as a special treat, we’ll try to get a special story posted of how a Minister of Government shoved his way to the front of a bank line and as a result everybody knows his business.

  15. reality check

    there is a simple equation to the silence of the DLP on how they will deal with the economic damage done to Barbados.

    The Trinis own the BNB and service the BLP BOLT Projects. They know everything that is going on. They are complicit.

    David Thompson needs campaign support from his Clico friends and the Trinis.

    It is not in David Thompsons or Barbados financial interest to lift the carpet and look at the dirt underneath.

    If they exposed the area beneath the carpet, the complete house will undoubtedly be condemned and have to be burned down.

    Is Barbados ready for a Jamaica or Guyana devaluation?

    The recent analogy to this election being a race to see who gets control over the mortuary is unfortuneatly not a bad one.


    BFP Comments

    Hey, no problem reality check…. we’re sure that TOMORROW the DLP will publish full disclosure of candidates’ assets as David Thompson promised. You wait and see!

  16. Bush tea

    You continue to amaze me. Here we are with the confirmation from Danos that all we said about the Highway project scam is true, and you are fully focused on the role of the DLP?!?

    These are the people who offered themselves last election and were REJECTED by us the people of Barbados in favor of ‘going with Owen..’

    You are otherwise logical, reasonable and ‘followable’, but this fetish you seem to have with the DLP is suspicious.

    Why blame Thompson when we voted AGAINST him having this responsibility? Personally, I though that Thompson was mad or sick when he brought Mascoll into the party and pushed him so quickly, but now I again question his sanity in seeking to take up the role of PM after the damage that has been done by the BLP in the last 10 years.

    Mark these words.

    It is already too late to recover progress in Barbados in the short or medium term. Who ever takes up residence at Illaro will preside over the ‘guyanaization’ of Barbados.

    Stop passing the blame….
    We, the PEOPLE of Barbados are the ones to blame. We allowed ourselves to be ‘had’ by this Government. How can it be the DLP’s fault that we rejected them at the last poll?

    What you want the ‘rejects’ to do? Pass integrity laws? publish their personal business in the newspapers – when you or I won’t even give our names? we doing them some favor?
    They said they will do it…. enough already?!? besides, what left for them to thief?

    ….enough with that ‘DLP deserves to loose’ nonsense. We’re lucky that they are even willing to take up the stupid responsibility of government at this time.


    BFP Replies…

    You say “you are fully focused on the role of the DLP?!?”

    What nonsense! What a stupid statement. Have a look at the content of this blog from day one to now and then give your silly head a shake.

    You think the DLP deserves a free ride? What have they done to deserve your loyalty? How have they been such an effective opposition?

    The DLP are so sure they are the only game in town that they aren’t even going to bother living up to their promised candidates’ declaration of assets. IF they win, their “new broom” will become old rather quickly.

  17. Anonymous

    There has to be a way to prevent this type of contract, but I do not personally see how only integrity legislation by way of declaration of assets will do it. Better checks and balances, transparency laws.

    I say burn down the house, and build it back without the tiefs, no more BOLT, with checks and balances, with hard earned/well-spent tax dollars, judicious use, and some old fashined blood, sweat and tears.


    BFP Says…

    You are correct that only a declaration of assets will do nothing on its own. Without supporting laws it will be a symbolic exercise only. We need effective integrity laws, conflict of interest standards, freedom of information legislation and a willingness to make individuals accountable for their behaviour. The DLP’s “declaration of assets” is only a tiny step, and more and more it looks like we won’t even see that from them.

  18. Sentinel

    Got an email from a young family member in UK who has directed another 19 persons to read this story about Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos on this website. The case in the UK is being followed closely by some Bajans who are wondering what we are doing linking up with Danos.
    It’s time we get to the bottom of this story from the Barbados end as it seems that we are becoming a laughing stock.

  19. John

    read my lips
    January 2, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Someone might as well get on the last step now so these independent observers are in place in 10 days.

    I think Patrick Porter wrote the UN months ago about sending observers. No one probably has followed up. Wonder if they will.

  20. Bush tea

    …well excuse me BFP. I forgot that this is your Blog and you must therefore be right.

    After shaking my ‘silly little head’ I noted that I was not referring to “the content of the Blog from day 1…’ (which I have always admired)… I was talking about your comments and position on this thread.

    In any case I do not want to argue with you since you are both defendant and jury, but this business of ascribing motives to persons is generally a bad sign….(they aren’t even going to bother to live up to their promises…) of how the ‘ascribers’ would behave themselves.

    secondly, my head is quite big….

  21. Jerome Hinds

    BFP Replies…

    You say “you are fully focused on the role of the DLP?!?”

    What nonsense! What a stupid statement. Have a look at the content of this blog from day one to now and then give your silly head a shake.

    You think the DLP deserves a free ride? What have they done to deserve your loyalty? How have they been such an effective opposition?

    The DLP are so sure they are the only game in town that they aren’t even going to bother living up to their promised candidates’ declaration of assets. IF they win, their “new broom” will become old rather quickly.


    For a good article on Integrity Legislation……get near to David Thompson’s scheduled press conference for today , 3rd January, 2008 .

    You going to jump with GLEE !!!!!

  22. frankology

    I am totally confused with some of these partisan commenters. WIV states he is not a member of the DLP, the Hinds state that they are not members or officials, but yet, confirmation of press conferences, statements and any public relation information are posted on blogs within seconds of planning. Stop fooling readers people, it look that you know of schedule plans even before the candidates that contesting the elections.

    On another note, I said that insurgents can be based on the same party that is crying foul. Look at the so-called “cutting of wires” as stated by David. The police differs on this statement and I am putting to you that it would have been suicidal for an individual to sabotage something like that around mobs of DLP surporters. Further yet, close to the stage. The elections based on “time for a change” is in your favour. Allow the voters to make a decision, but please, stop using empathy for victory.

  23. robbing owen and his40 thieves is finely caught selling out barbados i know the day would have come, walk like a duck, quack like a duck, is a duck a drunking duck [ remember i am talking food[

  24. Wishing in Vain

    frankology your apparent problem is that you are blp operative but you have encountered stiff head winds and the wind of change is blowing a gale and you do not know what to say or how to say what you want to say.
    You and your party will not hijack our DEMOCRACY nor will you hijack our freedom of speech or our freedom of expression.

    As much as you and your gang would love to see our island in DICTATORSHIP state we will not allow you to railroad us into that sad state of affairs.

  25. frankology

    frankology your apparent problem is that you are blp operative but you have encountered stiff head winds and the wind of change is blowing a gale and you do not know what to say or how to say what you want to say.
    When are we going to hear a response from David regarding the latest episode of Danos and the Flyover fraud claim? Is there a possible link with the Trinidadian Connection and the Opposition? How come the take-over cost of Rayside has not been made public? Remember when McAl took over Brydens, the public knew the cost price. Will David give up legal representation of Clico’s affairs or will his proposed Integrity Legislation be tailored to incorporate “Conflict of Interest” and “Moonlighting”?

    If someone keep implying about a person’s affiliation, you ignore that person if he insists that his feelings are correct. I will just get on with my views.

  26. Chase

    Does anyone know about the health of Patrick Porter?
    Since that stunt he pulled we have not seen hide or hair of him.
    Just wondering if he is ok.

  27. frankology

    From the mouth of our Prime Minister in-waiting.

    He said that the first thing if his party wins the election, is to look into the Hardwood issue and he will not allow $2.million to be stolen. Mr Thompson, why are you shunning the millions in the Highway project, the million in the prisons and the millions in the Judiciary centre? Is this due to your client’s affiliation?

    These are the fundamental questions that must be answered. But the public should realise that the leading DLP commenters hide from blogs when the Opposition leader’s name is mentioned.

    As stated before, two terms should be mandatory for any Government, and I prefer the Democratic Labour Party forming the next Government. A position of my ilk will show you what a true neutrality writer is all about.

    Owen and company, you had your time, the people experienced your management and are willing to test a new manager. The people are speaking, listen and take your exit gracefully.

    Now to the Manager-in-waiting. Your task will net be easy, when you was the navigator, you criticise the way the driver was driving, you say the driver cannot drive. You will be behind the wheel from the 16th, you will be controlling the brakes and the gas, you will be nervous and might push the wrong pedal. We know you need a change to show that you can drive, we will give you that chance, but you got to listen and try not to be difficult, you will have to negotiate some dangerous corners so reduce your anger, think before giving more gas and you will find negotiating that much easier. The five year road will be long and treacherous and you must have a deputy that can drive, not to drive you mad. You must have helpers if you have a flat, these helpers are called ministers who you allocate job description, let them operate, but ensure that our taxpayer dollars are protected. Befriend your opposers and entice them with trust, respect and probably, you will inherit new blood in your camp. Speak to your friends and foes in the same tongue, everyone will be looking up to you as a leader. Please do not disappoint us, this is our country and we must forget partisan politics after the 16th and work together to make this country a better place.

    Foiled up, and by the same token the public will ask you to pack your backs and leave.

  28. as an observer of politics over the years I have witness the same procedure everytime, EVERY POLITICIAN IS FOR HIMSELF. Every parliament representative will appear to be helpful but eventually EVERYONE of them fill their baskets first.

  29. cherry2enpowered



    its time to rumble

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  34. Straight talk

    The Leader of the Opposition has just revealed the date of the first Memorandum of Understanding with 3S (Barbados) Ltd.

    It was she stated on the 5th September 2005.

    Strange as it may seem 3S Barbados) according to CAIPO did not exist before 4th November 2005.

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  36. Anonymous

    In court round up in the UK the Danos person won his court case being totally cleared. His previous employer Mabey & Johnson is now under major investigation by the UK Fraud Office but Danos was totally and uterly cleared.