Harlequin’s David Ames disobeys court order, fails to give evidence in court. What now for investors?

David Ames - Harlequin's Ponzi King

David Ames – Harlequin’s Ponzi King

TLW Solicitors are here to help on a no-win no-fee basis

contributed by TLW Solicitors

Following recent reports of the Harlequin Properties’ headquarters going up for sale and the company’s chairman David Ames failing to give evidence in court, those who have lost out financially through the scheme are assured that they may still be entitled to compensation.

The Harlequin Property company was set to build 6000 luxury properties in the Caribbean, financed by deposits from UK investors. With only 300 of the properties actually built and the Harlequin Group having gone into liquidation, thousands of investors have been left in debt.

Rip Off Britain

The BBC’s consumer affairs programme Rip Off Britain investigated Harlequin Property for a second time earlier this year, after an initial broadcast in 2010. Although some early investors had been able to claim back their money, the returning of more recent deposits has been ruled out by the company since it entered liquidation.

Around 3000 UK investors are thought to have been involved in the Harlequin investments scheme. Chairman David Ames blamed the problems on the 2008 global recession and claims to have been let down by developers.

Recent evidence suggests the Harlequin case has been flawed from the start, with suggestions that it never owned much of the land it intended to build properties on, and a business model that relied wholly on continued foreign investment. (BFP Editor’s note: It’s called a ‘Ponzi Scheme’. We’ll say it, even if TLW Solicitors won’t.)

Investigations into Harlequin hotels & resorts

Harlequin Property has been subject to an ongoing investigation by the SFO (Serious Fraud Office) since 2013 and two warnings by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). 

A large number of Harlequin Property investments were secured through home re-mortgaging or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) schemes. We are aware that in many cases, financial advisors recommended policies without proper consideration as to the suitability of the investment for the customer.

Regardless of recent developments for the company, TLW would like to assure investors in Harlequin Property that their financial advisor may still be subject to liability claims for negligent financial advice, even if that advisor is no longer trading. As Peter McKenna, TLW Partner and specialist in Financial Mis-Selling explains:

“In recent years many people have invested in high risk unregulated schemes and lost millions of pounds. These high risk, complex investments even though only suitable for very experienced investors were sold to members of the public who had no real investment experience. They were never informed of the risks and the potential to lose their money, only that the investment would generate good returns.

Our advice is that if an investment seems to good to be true, it usually is, so cautious investors may wish to avoid this sort of scheme.”

If you believe you may have received inadequate advice on a Harlequin Property investment and have subsequently lost out financially, TLW Solicitors are here to help on a no-win no-fee basis.

Fill in our enquiry form, email us at info@tlwsolicitors.co.uk or call us free on 0800 169 5925.


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676 responses to “Harlequin’s David Ames disobeys court order, fails to give evidence in court. What now for investors?

  1. Thomas Levy

    I’ve had a brief look at the website for this bunch of ambulance chasers. It does not inspire confidence. There are “partners” in an LLP. I must have missed the change to legislation that allows members to be described in that way.

    I wonder what cunning plan this mob have for recovering money beyond the usual FSCS claim and, perhaps, a pop at professional indemnity insurance for any regulated adviser that was daft (or greedy) enough to recommend Harlequin.

  2. Bieronymus Bosch

    Regardless, it really does not matter Ames is on borrowed time.

    The RL stat demands.
    CLC need paying pretty soon.
    The SFO don’t ask questions they don’t know the answers for.

    So, in summary, if Ames doesn’t go bust very soon the likelihood is he will get nicked and then go bust. Either way he and Harlequin are finished.

    Some will get compensation, cash investors won’t unless they grow a pair and go after the agents.

  3. The leak.The deal.

    Important announcement: Two Rivers Resort

    We are delighted to announce that Dave Ames is ironing out the final details for a deal to recommence development at Two Rivers Resort in Dominican Republic! Under the plans being finalised, construction could begin as soon as late 2015/early 2016, subject to local procedures and necessary arrangements. We will provide more details at the appropriate time.

    The SFO

    We have been contacted by investors who are concerned that they have received a questionnaire from the SFO without having provided their details to the SFO themselves. Harlequin can confirm that we have not handed over our database to the SFO and we, too, would like to know how the SFO acquired information we consider to be confidential.

    A number of supportive investors have asked us if they should complete the questionnaire, but Harlequin can only stress that it is each investor’s own decision to make. However, we are sure the SFO would welcome and benefit from receiving a fair representation of investor experiences.

    In the meantime, Harlequin would like to remind investors that the investigation has been ongoing for around two-and-a-half years (it was in fact Harlequin that contacted the SFO first in 2012, before the investigation began, when we learnt that Messrs Newman and O’Halloran had provided them with a defamatory dossier to instigate an investigation) and the latest questionnaire is very similar to the last one they used in 2013.

    We remain very confident that, in the fullness of time, Harlequin will be vindicated and the accusations will no longer impede the business. Harlequin could have thrown in the towel a long time ago if we did not care about our investors or we had something to hide, but we have remained standing and not only standing but taking significant steps forwards in our restructuring.

    Investors are completing on their investments; our hotels are receiving awards; our occupancy rates are extremely healthy; all this and much more whilst under the shadow of an unjust investigation and facing attacks and malign tactics from ambulance chasers and vested interests. What could we achieve without so many impediments? One day you will find out.



  4. The old lets blame the Irish builder.....

    How about selling your house Ames and giving that back to investors?
    Lying scum bag.

  5. David Ames Lying Fraud Scumbag Robert Maxwell

    What happened to H Hotel? Another lie.

  6. David Ames Lying Fraud Scumbag Robert Maxwell

    “they have received a questionnaire from the SFO without having provided their details to the SFO themselves”

    How on earth is this correct? The SFO put out a questionnaire to be completed on their website. The questionnaire has been passed round by RL and others, to be completed on an ad hoc basis.

    “we, too, would like to know how the SFO acquired information we consider to be confidential”

    Bullshit. They’ve not sent out any questionnaires, you’re making it up to discredit them. Typical thuggery.

    “(it was in fact Harlequin that contacted the SFO first in 2012)”

    So you’ll take the time to contact the SFO regarding your own sturdy business model? I think not.

    “steps forwards in our restructuring”

    Wonder how long this line will be used before it gets old. Restructuring generally means amalgamating a corporate entity; not trying to wriggle out of litigation.

    “Investors are completing on their investments; our hotels are receiving awards; our occupancy rates are extremely healthy; all this and much more whilst under the shadow of an unjust investigation and facing attacks and malign tactics from ambulance chasers and vested interests”

    So the SFO have vested interests? The SFO are ambulance chasers?

    Profits? Revenue? Oh yeah you haven’t got any.

    “unjust investigation”

    You know what’s unjust? Taking money from elderly pensioners without telling them that you’ve been bankrupted twice. Taking director loans out of a company you KNEW was heading to liquidation. Your wife still owes £108k to your “investors”. Taking money to Dubai to buy villas. Buying 2 planes. Bullshitting your “investors” into a trust which does nothing but give you 5 more years; which you’ve now decided to give yourself anyway.

    You know what else is unjust? Having the temerity to blame everyone but yourself. You are the one who caused this mess; sending 15% commission, hiring a dodgy builder, playing the blame game.

    David Ames you are a fraud.

  7. Tipping Scam

    Some of the later reviews on TripAdvisor very interesting. Some highlights…

    “Given the first two points I believe that the management purposefully is trying to steal from its guests.” (wouldn’t be the only ones they’re trying to steal from…)

    “According to numerous staff they do not get their tips. This is fraud!”

    – Crooked Management
    – Tipping Scam
    – Extra charges ”

    “Rates are affordable (however, be careful as they like to add on fees without notice, warning, or appropriate disclosure)”

    “* Overall property condition is run down (boarded up villas and an interesting ride up to the entrance of hotel)”

  8. Anonymous

    @David Ames lying etc etc,
    You are wrong. The SFO have been mailing out the questionnaire. Fact. If they mail it to 6000 investors, which let’s face they have to do to mIntain a balanced approach, how long do you think it will take to process all of those. Years I would say.

  9. Anonymous

    Hardly a “fact”. I’ve yet to receive my questionnaire in the post. Should I do so, maybe your post will have merit.

  10. Ladyboy

    Only people like me, who want Ames head on a plate will fill the SFO questionnaire out, and it will be damaging.

  11. Katoy with STAT DEMANDS

    How will Dave Ames is ironing out the final details for a deal to recommence development at Two Rivers Resort in Dominican Republic!

    With millions of stat demands?

  12. khee gho

    Come Ames how about some proof, of these final details 😉

  13. mai aow thoot

    How about something on your arrest?


    Ay Ames hows the family?

    How long has the curse doing?

    It’s about two and a half years, since it was issued.

    Now, was it worth it?

    I doubt it…. I doubt it very much.

  15. Anonymous

    If this is reappeared then apologies. VPN playing up today.
    @Anonymous 9.35, you have just proved my point. Either the SFO has to mail it to everyone or no one. Being selective only proves what a farce this is. It has been mailed out, that is a “fact” but the premise behind who receives it is indeed baffling.

  16. Anonymous

    TLW solicitors. Experts in PPI, personal injury claims, timeshare mis selling. Yes they look a real proffesional bunch of ambulance chasers. The profile pics look like the Adams family.

  17. Anonymous


  18. King Canute

    I actually laughed at the recent update from the stump. Nobody care anymore, they just want their money back.

    Dave the only person that believes in you, is YOU!

  19. Anonymous

    Says it all when your “update” is basically just a pie-in-the-sky promise about a fictional building project and a rebuke to the SFO lol. Good luck Ames, you’re going to need every bit of it your grubby little dwarf hands can get.

  20. Anonymous

    Sawadee Kap …

  21. Anonymous

    So nice to hear Stumpy say he’s going to start Two Rivers. I wonder why he chose that lie instead of saying he was going to restart H Hotel again? Or finish Merrics? Or restart building at BB again?

    How long before the email campaign starts? “Secure your place at Two Rivers, send cash now! Contact the usual two people who most certainly aren’t in the Caribbean even though I swore in court that Harlequin is entirely run from the Caribbean”

  22. BBaywatch

    over on Trip Adviser it’s now open warfare between disgruntled holiday makers and the Basildon Rapid Rebuttal Squad lead by the fragrant TracyLondon, an investor of total loyalty and limited intelligence. Desperate attempts to shift the negative reviews off the first page on TA!

  23. Beware, this is the true meaning of lipstick on a pig

    Submitted my SFO form this afternoon.

    Thanks for highlighting TripAdvisor again. Another recent addition:

    Though from afar it may appear to be a five-star resort, plan to dig a bit deeper and you will see how flawed it is. They may promote it as all-inclusive, but trust me, they will find ways to recoup their monies in the event you do not use any of their other services (bookings, outings, etc.).

    Terrible interaction with the front-desk personnel, constantly trying to include random and superfluous charges. Be sure not to walk too far back either, because you will be able to tell they ran out of funds, as the cottages become either unused and/or dilapidated (let alone the half-constructed tower hotels).

  24. Anon

    The builder, accountant, Wilkins Kemnedy and the SFO are behind all the negative reviews over on TA .

  25. Anonymous

    -Anon 7:03
    You could use a good squirt of Troll-B-Gone aerosol spray.

  26. Anonymous

    BBaywatch, you really do belong in the gutter. Tracy was giving an honest opinion but because it doesn’t go along with your bile you have to add your own idiotic comments. The only thing desperate on here is you! Compared with the crap you write anyone would be fragrant.

  27. Anonymous

    My most humble apology for being confused for you.
    You deserve better…anon 7:13

  28. Leaky squeaky mole and his bugs

    It must be driving the toxic turd mad not knowing what the SFO are doing and the leaks, yes Dave the leaks.

    When did you last have the bunker, or even your home checked for bugs?

  29. The Wiretap Order

    The police must first obtain a wiretap order before eavesdropping on your phone conversations. This is similar to a warrant. The police must prove to a judge that they have probable cause to believe that tapping your phone lines will help them to solve a serious crime, such as drug trafficking, money laundering

  30. The Final Countdown?

    Or fraud

  31. One in the Eye

    The ‘fragrant’ TracyLondon is a Harlequin investor and gets a large discount on her holiday. It is against TA rules for owners/staff to post reviews and I seem to remember that in the past some of her over-enthusiastic reviews have been removed by TA. Her recent ‘review’ is actually a comment and she cynically gave the resort five stars and says she will be posting another review later.

  32. On in your eye.

    Being an investor does not equate to being an owner. Her “review” wasn’t a review but a put the record straight comment. What do you expect her to do, give it no stars? The fact it’s a comments means anyone with half a brain can see the stars are meaningless in this instance. And how anyone can comment that Tracy is “fragrant” or having ” limited intelligence” shows an ignorance beyond stupid.

  33. I wonder what the in laws think of Ames? Not very much according to the one armed bandits mother.

  34. Mine you her 7 units are but a distant dream 😉

  35. Ames the careers killer

    I can’t wait until the little conman and all his hangers on have to face up to what they have done.

    This will be the biggest scam in recent UK history. All the senior people that worked with Ames to cover up will have to pay the piper.
    Terry, Jew Boy, Regan, Stennings, Wooler, Tailormade, SIPP’s, the list is a large one.

    The one powerful Simon Terry, now a lowly consultant solicitor, what a F***** Laugh.

    The TM @ankers, selling upthe big houses, now knocking on doors selling wills 😉

    I could go on but had my laugh for today 😉

    Just imagine working hard to become a solicitor then been struck off LOL

  36. Ames the careers killer

    ELS, is it true are under investigation ….. again 😉

  37. Well, look what I found

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has launched an investigation into a former partner of a London law firm linked to the disappearance of €11 million (£9.8 million) from the Guernsey-based Stirling Mortimer Global Property fund.

    According to Stirling, which is the Cheltenham-based marketing firm behind the fund, ELS International Lawyers has gained a High Court order freezing the worldwide assets of Joe Ezaz, a former partner of the legal practice, which has offices in London, Portugal and Spain.

    The €120 million (£108 million) Stirling Mortimer Global Property Fund filed a report to the Channel Islands Stock Exchange last week stating two of its sub-funds were yet to be paid cash they were owed from ELS International Lawyers and European Legal Solutions, two law firms which share the same logo and website.

    The closed-ended fund consists of a number of cells, each of which invests in a specific property market on the continent. It uses investors’ capital to buy off-plan property at development sites in areas such as Spain, Cape Verde and Morocco.

    Its stated aim is to buy property via ‘right to purchase’ contracts – tradable contracts which it expects to be able to sell to investors who want to buy completed properties.

    The fund uses investors’ capital to place deposits on the properties, giving them the right to purchase the property in the future.The aim is for the value of the properties to rise as they near completion, with the fund getting a share of the growth.

    To incentivise the property developers to get sales completed, the fund kept hold of a portion of the deposit in the event that the properties did not sell within a given timescale. This was to be paid to investors as a penalty payment if there was no early sale, and the money was held in escrow by the law firm.

    The payments from this – due to both the No 4 Cape Verde Fund and No 5 Spain Fund – totalled nearly €11 million (£9.8 million). Citywire understands an investigation is now underway by the SRA into Ezaz. A staff member at ELS confirmed Ezaz no longer worked at the firm.

    Stirling said that the law firm had agreed it did owe the fund the money via its escrow arrangements, and had also taken action against its former employee. It said: ‘A worldwide freezing order has been obtained by ELS in the UK High Court of Justice against the former ELS partner’s assets.’

    The sub-funds themselves have already been hit by the downturn in the Spanish property market. In the fund’s annual report in June it said that none of the right to purchase contracts had been sold in the current year, and they were ‘no longer easily tradeable.’

    According to its report the Stirling Mortimer Global Property Fund made a loss of €18.7 million in the 12 months to end of June. However, Stirling’s director Tim Clink, said the firm was taking steps to sell the properties, including reducing the purchase price.

    With regards to the legal situation, Clink said: ‘Shareholders are not impacted at the moment, but if we can’t ever reclaim the money it would impact them.’

  38. Well, look what I found

    Yes, I know, before some twit mentions it this one is not recent, but no smoke….

  39. Anon

    What I find bizarre is that the Ames family through their companies owe some 6,000 investors a huge amount of cash, in excess of £ 400 million,

    in some cases Dave and Carol Ames openly admit that monies are due to investors, even going so far as to agree to repay those investors by various agreed dates,

    however when those due dates arrive or shortly before those due dates, Dave and Carol begin to use all manner of spurious objections as to why the monies cannot be repaid leading to additional costs being incurred by the investors.

  40. Harlequin's Founder

    Dave Ames is a British Entrepreneur who has had a range of successful businesses in the UK over the last 30 years.

    A visionary and creator, Dave Ames has designed business models and systems which are unique in their market place. It is this that defines Harlequin Group’s competitive advantage in the market place and provides the impetus for an entrepreneur who is constantly seizing new opportunities, identifying new markets and revolutionising market places.

    He has a unique skill in recognising opportunities and managing economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations into practical account.The Harlequin brand has seen considerable growth over the last three years, supported by the sales mechanism of Harlequin Property and 3,000 independent property brokers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

    His dynamic, forward-thinking approach and drive have led him to create ground-breaking concepts that have evoked a revolution of the investment property and destination resort markets.

  41. ta ta Tracey

    Oh dear, Tracy’s comment has been removed from TA.

  42. The phones Dave, the phones....

    I would use a burner phone Dave, just like the movies. Yours is tapped, that how we know so much. Plus of course your leaky staff.

  43. We do care Dave, you little spiv

    Pathetic Pat Cash going to BB who gives a flying F***

  44. Bankrupt stump

    How’s the Crozier cash coming along Stumpy? 😉

    Third time bankrupt !!

  45. Building blocks

    Looks like DA has managed to shut the old hag up along with the fat thico Paddy.

    Pay back what you nicked from investors Paddy.

    You were found guilty of fraud, just like you rough diamond Old Audrey

  46. Occupancy at Buccament Bay

    With it being so busy, the words of the GB (Great Blagard) he should start paying some back to investors?

    Just saying 😉

  47. But...

    But that would mean being honest, and not being a narcissistic, sociopath.

    They whole family is dysfunctional, I suspect sex abuse has caused it.

  48. Anon

    Apologies should have said “inbreeding”.

  49. Satan's spawn

    Vinny Stennings, is the stumps love child.
    That’s the only reason he keeps them employed.

    Ooops don’t tell the wife 😉

  50. Satan's spawn

    Oh dear, did I mention the one armed bandit child too?
    Wooler, always a bit to young for you…

  51. Hey, does anybody know what happened to the luxurious spa island spa villas and the state of the art spa? When Simon Taylor stood up at the front at Miskin Manor in Wales at Chris Jones presentation several years ago,he said that the wood to be used in the construction of the spa was being steamed.He all so said that Harleqine air would have 10 planes with in a matter of months,has any body seen these ? Ha Ha for that matter has any body seen Simon Taylor so he can tell us where these 10 planes are ?
    By the way that evening,there were some big names at Miskin Manor , getting there image tarnished.

  52. The Final Countdown?

    Or for that matter, whatever happened to the luxury apartments in the Palm Jameirah in Dubai or the Petit Nevis Harelquin Island?

  53. The Final Countdown?

    Palm Jumeirah?

  54. Look it’s clearly the fault of the agents Dave Ames and family did nothing wrong . Dave Ames was MD of an international company and a millionaire in his own right . He is FS A approved for gods sake …… I think it’s a conspiracy to destroy a self made man .
    If Ames was a thief why would the police listen to his complaints ? How come not a single charge has been brought against him ? Why are the solicitors who brought claims against him under investigation?
    Most importantly for me why is he visiting the SFO with his lawyer to bring claims against those people who set out to destroy him?
    Jealousy has destroyed this investment not reality and the fightback has begun .

  55. The End Game

    I don’t see why he shouldn’t seek to impeach Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, for allowing one of his law enforcement agencies to wage such an unjustifiable war against him.

  56. Anonymous

    If the last desperate mai shot by the SFO doesn’t work and no case is brought then indead the crap will hit the fan.the SFO have been brought to book before for having an investigation thrown out.

  57. Anonymous

    It’s funny how everything he touches fails. Including Harlequin. Stigmas and prejudices don’t just appear out of nowhere. Look at the trail of destruction being sewn at Buccament Bay via TripAdvisor (the real reviews where people explain the true situation — “tipping scam”).

    To my knowledge, David Ames was never a “self made” millionaire. Just like his son, playing with other people’s money.

    There is no “unjustifiable” war. The SFO were provided with documentation and are investigating. There has been absolutely no allusion that that investigation will go to trial, nor that David Ames personally is involved. Of course, if you think David Ames is personally being investigated by the SFO, that’s your call.

    Finally, you may want to take your remarks to the thousands of people sitting around, many with debt, many without pensions, and all without returns. They were sold a “no risk” “investment” with “guaranteed mortgages” and high rates of return. Wonder where all of that came from? As sole owner and director of the Caribbean operations, it would be David Ames’ responsibility. If not, the responsibility of his Wife and Son, both directors of the now “in liquidation” HMSSE (to which they still owe £108k and £59k respectively. If they’re self made millionaires, wonder why they don’t pay back these monies?). Also, I don’t see anywhere that any solicitors associated with this are being “investigated”, nor has the ICAEW “complaint” appeared to have bared any fruit.

    Ames is as common as dog shit, and is going to go broke for a third time. All the retards who follow him will wake up with nothing more than last month’s paycheck.

  58. Anonymous

    The SFO have stated categorically that the case or investigation into criminality by Ames’ companies has not ceased, this in the last week.

    Of course I would expect Ames to defend himself, he has afterall nothing to loose, he is facing spending the rest of his life as a guest of HMP,

    And as for being a former millionaire, that will be rather easy to disprove.

    Looking forward to hearing about the guy in the forest in Sri-Lanka running off with the cash.

    Why would Ames and his lawyer bother going to the SFO to make complaints about those who went to the SFO to make the initial complaints against Ames and his companies?

  59. Not yet in Wandering (Oz)

    Yes indead [sic]

  60. I suspected Islamic militant caught on the French train related to Ames?


    The suspected terrorist who attacked passengers on a high-speed train to Paris is “dumbfounded” at being labelled an Islamic militant, his lawyer has said.

    Ms David said her client told her that he had found the Kalashnikov in a park in Brussels where he often slept.

    “A few days later he decided to get on a train that some other homeless people told him would be full of wealthy people travelling from Amsterdam to Paris and he hoped to feed himself by armed robbery,” she said.

    But one of the US men who helped overpower the gunman has disputed the idea that the Moroccan man only intended to rob passengers.

    “It doesn’t take eight magazines to rob a train,” 22-year-old US National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos said.

  61. Is the suspected Islamic militant caught on the French train related to Ames?

    The suspected terrorist who attacked passengers on a high-speed train to Paris is “dumbfounded” at being labelled an Islamic militant, his lawyer has said.

    Ms David said her client told her that he had found the Kalashnikov in a park in Brussels where he often slept.

    “A few days later he decided to get on a train that some other homeless people told him would be full of wealthy people travelling from Amsterdam to Paris and he hoped to feed himself by armed robbery,” she said.

    But one of the US men who helped overpower the gunman has disputed the idea that the Moroccan man only intended to rob passengers.

    “It doesn’t take eight magazines to rob a train,” 22-year-old US National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos said.

  62. Anonymous

    It looks like a weekend serial arsonist is loose in Kingstown, SVG.
    Will BB be next?

  63. Anonymous

    Not unless they’re storing government documents there.

  64. Anonymous

    It would be called – cooking the books…

  65. Can't polish a turd

    Ames is just a cheap spiv, he dad was just the same.
    Mrs ‘shiny new teef’ just an admin assistant with a love for cheap and nasty figurines.

  66. Can't polish a turd

    Forgot, Dave has some ‘badly fitted new teef’ too. I wonder is he still waring those silly beads the tosser.

  67. The apple does not fall far from the tree

    Why is Matt Ames the convicted con merchant still in the nick?

  68. The apple does not fall far from the tree

    Ames lived in a horrible little semi before he started spending our money on himself. Tw@T

  69. Anonymous

    Funny to find out that there are no books to cook…bummer !

  70. Anon

    Hmmmm what if there was a fire at Buccament Bay, wonder what Fire truck would reach the top of the apartment blocks. Funny too that the registry office seems to have been badly damaged in the Fire, can see it now, the reason why further completions can’t take place is because there has been a fire at the registry office, and what about all those pesky court cases, aww shucks the documents have all been destroyed, and the accounting records, company filing records etc yes sorry folks them too. All gone. How sad.

  71. No smoke without fire

    From I-W News:
    It is believed but not confirmed that a significant number of government financial records and other government transactional documents were destroyed. The fire may have put paid to any forensic auditing for fraud that opposition leader Arnhim Eustace has promised voters in the forthcoming election.

    And from C. ben-David (well-known local commentator in SVG):
    Just more evidence of gross incompetence and negligence in SVG. After more than 14 years in power, the Ralph Gonsalves government can’t even manage to put out a few small fires two blocks from the fire hall.
    No wonder SVG is referred to as the Third World’s Third World.
    No wonder this government can’t complete a small international airport 10 years after it was conceived.

  72. No smoke without fire

    Further comment:
    Two major fires in Kingstown in the last 10 days. Firefighting equipment inadequate. At this rate Argyle will not pass its safety check.

  73. Daves Disco

    Time to relax.

  74. Mike Carter

    Nine Days to Armageddon: The End is Nigh!

  75. Daves Disco

    Back in the day I could wear my platforms, down the disco with Carole 😉

  76. Yeah, burn baby burn!

    I wonder if any of the Court cases Harlequin were involved in were conveniently damaged in the fire? Or any other relevant information?

  77. Chocolate Tea Pot

    What’s happening with the CLC settlement ?

    Anyone know ?

  78. johnjickum

    No need to worry ! There’ll be precious little further ” investment ” in Barbados and the other islands involved ! Let’s see if these scammers will now move on to Cuba !

  79. Ashtry on a motorbike

    What’s happening with Ames build plan and finance?

    SFO inquiry ouch!

  80. Anonymous

    Never fear Dave Ames is here ( not for long) 😉

    That pesky double selling, and those bank accounts….

  81. Sycophants

    My SFO report will certainly cause the cancer Ames and Tailormade some real problems.

    Plus a few of the Ames sycophants.

  82. Twitchy Bottom time for someone

    Let’s see what people make of what gets posted on here over the next few days, tut tut GF, Dave will not be a happy little camper.

  83. Anonymous

    Who authorised RL to e mail me trying to encourage me to fill in the SFO questionnaire? What gives you the right Snatchett to solicite my details. Knob off you idiot.

  84. Anonymous

    In case this did not get posted the first time.
    What gave you the right RL to e mail me the SFO questionnaire? What gave you Snatchett to use my e mail address? Just knob off you idiot.

  85. Anonymous

    Who’s the idiot? Snatchett will make millions off people like you. You signed up for their website, just email them and request to be removed from their email update list. It’s a legal obligation for them to comply with such a request:

    Customers have the right to stop their information being used for direct marketing.

    You must make it easy to opt out – eg by sending a ‘STOP’ text to a short number, or using an ‘unsubscribe’ link.


  86. Who's the idiot here then?

    Redressed Harlequin investors re-invest

    Some investors who have received redress over their investment into Harlequin are reinvesting that money back into the scheme, the Serious Fraud Office has warned.

    This has been confirmed by Harlequin, after a spokesman said it has more than 100 investors in the process of completing.

    The spokesman for Harlequin said: “We have seen an increase in enquiries from investors who are interested in using their redress funds to complete on ‘bricks and mortar’ property at one of our successful and award-winning hotels in the Caribbean.

    “These clients are free to invest their money with us, and we welcome clients who share our view that obtaining title on one of our properties provides them with the security of a great long-term investment.”

    source: http://www.ftadviser.com/2015/08/26/investments/redressed-harlequin-investors-re-invest-yaEkuekNukXA6665n3iAUP/article.html

  87. Gone in hard, and dry!

    The SFO seem to be targeting the main agents and zooming in on particular areas.

    I have just done my bit.

    I would not like to be a Tailor failed agent. Even less an ex director of Tailor failed…. fines galore.

    And, well maybe a chat to the SFO 😉

  88. When in doubt, sell it again and again

    Dear Investor,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    You may have heard that some investors have received redress from the FOS or FSCS on account of poor independent financial/mortgage advice they received when originally purchasing their Harlequin overseas property investment. As you know, Harlequin did not provide financial advice, but we support the right of investors to make valid redress claims on this basis (if you require information on your investment to assist with a redress claim, please let us know and we will gladly help).

    Since the redress payments began, we have been contacted by a number of investors who are interested in using their compensation funds (be it for a single property or multiple properties) to obtain title on a “bricks and mortar” Harlequin investment at one of our trading hotels and receive rental returns. The amounts required to swap into completed units are as follows:

    blu, St Lucia: from £20,000 plus closing costs of circa 4-5%
    Buccament Bay Resort: from £40,000 plus closing costs of circa 8%

    Below you will find examples of how you may be able to complete on an operational unit in Buccament Bay Resort or blu, St Lucia.

    Please note: these are illustrations only and are not based on your individual circumstances.

    Option 1.

    Buccament Bay Resort

    Investor A wants to complete on a deluxe 900 sq. ft. cabana. They originally invested £60,000.

    The current price list value for the unit is £455,000. The unit is currently being offered for sale at a price of £250,000.

    £250,000 minus £60,000 leaves a balance of £190,000.

    Investor A makes a partial payment of £40,000, leaving a balance of £150,000 for which Harlequin could provide a developer loan, subject to terms and conditions, at a special discount rate of 5% interest per annum. The cost of the loan would be £7,500 per annum which is deductible from Investor A’s rental income (see below).

    Years 1 & 2:

    10% rental income minus 4% management fee = 6% x £250,000 = £15,000. If you deduct the developer loan interest of £7,500 per annum the return is calculated at £7,500 per annum.

    Year 3 Onwards:

    Rental return is calculated pursuant to the management contract at 50% of the net income attributable to the property. We calculate extremely favourable yields. Please contact the office for further details and calculations.

    Option 2.

    blu, St Lucia

    Investor B wants to complete on a hotel room and has invested £60,000.

    The current price list value for a unit at blu, St Lucia is £275,000. The unit is currently being offered for sale at a price of £175,000.

    £175,000 minus £60,000 leaves a balance of £115,000.

    Investor B makes a partial payment of £20,000, leaving a balance of £95,000 for which Harlequin could provide a developer loan, subject to terms and conditions, at a special discount rate of 5% interest per annum. The cost of the loan would be £4,750 per annum which is deductible from Investor B’s rental income (see below).

    Years 1 & 2:

    10% rental income minus 4% management fee = 6% x £175,000 = £10,500. If you deduct the developer loan interest of £4,750 per annum the return is calculated at £5,750 per annum.

    Year 3 Onwards:

    Rental return is calculated pursuant to the management contract at 50% of the net income attributable to the property. We calculate extremely favourable yields. Please contact the office for further details and calculations.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on either vstenning@harlequinhotelsandresorts.com or by telephone on 01268 242 460.

    Best regards,


  89. The End Game

    They just don’t give up do they!

    Hey, we took money off you years ago, failed to deliver and you got compensated for buying something so cruddy. Now you have a chance to put your compensation money back into an equally cruddy opportunity that looks almost identical to the original pile of crud we duped you into buying.

    Great offer!

  90. Anonymous

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong but my calculations
    for a cabana @ US$200. per night X 365 nights is $73,000 per
    year. 10% of that is US$7,300. Assuming it can be booked
    every night for a year. Duh !!

  91. BBaywatch

    Redressed Harlequin investors re-invest – beggars belief and might even give the IFA’s grounds for appeal I would have thought. Talk about hope over experience, anyone who wants a second dip in this whole rotten mess deserves whatever comes their way.

    And I see that the fragrant TracyLondon is back on TA with a PR puff thinly disguised as a review. I wonder how long that one will last before TA pulls the plug on her again, hopefully permanently.

  92. Anonymous

    Investor A makes a partial payment of £40,000, leaving a balance of £150,000 for which Harlequin could provide a developer loan, subject to terms and conditions, at a special discount rate of 5% interest per annum. The cost of the loan would be £7,500 per annum which is deductible from Investor A’s rental income (see below).

    “It appears that Vinny can’t count. If Investor A takes a mortgage of £150,000.00 the cost of the loan is the £7500 + the principle sum being the
    £ 150,000.00 payable at the end of the mortgage period.

    Where is Ames getting “interest only loans”, and this is what Vinny is referring to “an interest only loan.”

    And at 5%?

    So Harlequin who are under investigation from the SFO and are the subject of warnings from the FSC are now offering another high risk solution to clients and bizarrely appear to be targeting clients who have recieved compensation from the FSC as a result of investment failures in previous Harlequin products.

    Just some info on interest only loans.

    Many homeowners saw the values of their homes increase by as much as four times its price in some markets in a five-year span in the early 2000s. Interest-only loans helped homeowners afford more home and earn more appreciation during this time period. However, interest-only loans have contributed greatly to creating the subsequent housing bubble situation, because many borrowers could not afford the fully indexed rate. Interest-only loans may turn out to be bad financial decisions if housing prices drop, causing those borrowers to carry a mortgage larger than the value of the house, which in turn will make it impossible to refinance the house into a fixed-rate mortgage.”

  93. Anonymous

    – Anon 11:21
    This is Anon 7:57 here: Thanks for confirming that this is
    nothing but voodoo economics……………

  94. Pants On Fire

    I note that Vinny’s email address is @harlequinhotelsandresorts.com. Is that the same company which Harlequin claimed in a widely reported court case is not run from the UK; and which also changed its name just prior to entering in to voluntary liquidation last October?


    He’s told so many lies he can’t remember what he said

  95. Anonymous

    How do you know Tracy is “fragrant”? You don’t even know her you sexist prat. What an idiot you are the flatulant BBaywatch.
    And pants on fire, you obviously don’t understand domain names for e mails do you.

  96. Vinny and his Mummy fixation.

    Those who have met Vinny, the big fat smelly, thick turd, will know he is not very bright. he has no idea the damage he has caused his Dad.

    This needs to go to the SFO.

  97. The case of the missing deposit?

    Please help me here, I have a question.

    I have a cabana, I paid Harlequin, lets say £75,000 deposit. If you ‘sell’ by Cabana will I get my deposit back?

    Or will you, maybe, sell it and just not tell me?

    You see Vinny, maybe I shouldn’t tell you but I can’t pay the balance to you. I was wholly dependent on the guaranteed mortgage.

    I mean Vinny, you wouldn’t maybe change the numbers or not tell me you have double sold my unit – that would be very naughty indeed.

  98. Anonymous

    @7:16am Feeling spiteful today? UK domain names have to be registered to a legal organization registered in England and Wales. Therefore, if someone is using that particular domain, it suggests they are working on behalf of the organization that legally registered it. If they are not, it is fraud.

  99. Anonymous

    Woe be unto them who wish to use their compensation monies on a further investment. The only reason I can imagine is greed. To think honest IFA’s are footing the bill for this scam is deplorable. Vinny’s email is as confusing as it is unrealistic. I won’t even begin to look at the numbers, too early. An important factor, though, is their willingness to “discount” a “brick and mortar” “investment”. Market economics dictate that good investments don’t get “discounted”. Fluctuate maybe, but never discounted.

    I’ll gladly give out free financial advice since Harlequin won’t….

    Don’t give them a penny. You’ll lose it all when they fold.

  100. Silly Vinny

    Your email has been included in my document upload to the SFO, well done Vinny – expect a call.

  101. Anonymous

    I wonder if the bunker will have a fire and impotent documents will be lost?

  102. Anonymous

    Well it won’t matter if the documents are “impotent” lol
    And how does anyone know if “harlequinhotelandresorts.com” is a UK domain e mail address? Could the .com be a clue.

  103. Anonymous

    Do a whois lookup and you’ll see it’s registered to Essex.

  104. Anonymous Bosch

    I thought that they made a declaration that the company was operated from the Caribbean? Or was that a declaration that it wasn’t operated from the Caribbean? Or did they declare both of those?

    Maybe it is run from Mars.

    I hear that they have scooped some prime real estate on the planet Mars and will shortly be given planning permission to start a new resort there. Richard Branson has pledged to take 10,000 tourists a week there by 2017 and so they will clearly need 5* accommodation. Be the first to invest and enjoy off-plan discounts. Vinny (Chief Space Cadet)

  105. BBaywatch

    So in Sept/Oct the pools at BB will be closed and other ‘maintenance’ carried out. Unsuspecting guests who booked during that period are only just finding out about it and do not seem happy with the reassurance that it will not affect their holiday. Of course Harlequin have been bragging for years about how they stay open and are fully booked during the off season while their rivals have to close. Perhaps they are just finding out that maintenance doesn’t happen by itself and can’t be put off forever. Typically though they don’t feel the need to inform anyone who is paying to stay there though – that’s redefining all right!

    However I can’t help but wonder if this ‘maintenance’ might not be connected to soon to happen events in the UK though. One last plunder of investors bank accounts then a skip on a SVG passport before the SFO comes calling and lo and behold BB arises phoenix like in a new guise and unencumbered by debt – with the bonus that they have to pay reduced staff costs during the changeover.

    Will Teflon Dave make another escape, will de Comrade protect him, will the fool Storey be left with nothing but an empty wine box? Watch this space!

  106. Anonymous

    The only space is between the flatulant BBaywatch’s ears. Idiot.

  107. Anon14:08

    It’s flatulent Bob. I would have thought that an old windbag like you should have known that.

  108. Robert Storey

    The anonymous keyboard warrior BBaywatch, hides behind an anonymous ID but likes to name drop others. Take it from me son I am more than happy so stop wasting your time fretting about my well being. There is only one fool on here with your ill informed rantings.

  109. Honor amongst theives

    The SFO are gunning for Ames and the top tier of agents, the TM’s of this world. Rob Shaws fine is the least of his worries. Alistair Burns, is firmly in the frame.
    Rob, took the hit and blamed Burns.

  110. Dead men walking

    Sorry, I forgot to include the likes of Simon Terry and the other arse lickers like Regan, Jew Boy, the list goes on, and on. LOL

  111. A serious few questions

    Why don’t the SFO insist on clarifying certain issues with Harlequin? Why can’t they insist on the following;
    – Double selling?
    – The lies?
    – Where has the money gone?
    – The bank account and contract issues?

    Why don’t they just go in and get proof one way or another?

  112. Anonymous

    What sort of idiot puts up a post under one ID then adds a second part to it under a different ID? Honor (lol) amongst thieves/dead men walking. What a numpty.

  113. BBaywatch

    I know Tracy is fragrant because I’m a bit of a dog and I’ve been sniffing her arse. Howl.

  114. Ames running out of cash?

    He is just trying to get more cash from investors, right under the SFO’s nose.
    Out of interest where have these units come from?

    Not the old, lets renumber them all again 😉

  115. BBaywatch

    woooosh, is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it’s a cultural reference popularized in a well know satirical magazine going waaaaay over the head of a wine box.

    If you must impersonate me do try to not make yourself look any more ridiculous than you already do. Hold on a minute, I don’t think that’s possible.

  116. Tracy

    If you cannot take it don’t give it out you smelly git.

  117. Vinny resells the resells like a Duracell bunny

    Shall we get back on track folks? …

    Redressed Harlequin investors re-invest
    Some investors who have received redress over their investment into Harlequin are reinvesting that money back into the scheme, the Serious Fraud Office has warned.

    This has been confirmed by Harlequin, after a spokesman [that’s Vinny] said it has more than 100 investors in the process of completing.

    You know the rest…

  118. Ambulances go a bit fast

    Dave has made me a millionaire.

    Trust Fees + Redress Fees = happiness.

    I will not have a word said against him.

  119. Was it worth it?

    Ames, he is cursed and his family.
    bad thing happen illnes

  120. The Chairmans deluded leadership

    Dear Investor,

    You may be aware that some investors have received redress from the FOS or FSCS on account of poor independent financial advice they received when originally purchasing their Harlequin overseas property investment. As you know, Harlequin did not provide financial advice, but we support the right of investors to make valid redress claims on this basis (if you require information on your investment to assist with a redress claim, please let us know and we will gladly help).

    Since the redress payments began, we have been contacted by a growing number of investors who are interested in using their compensation funds to secure title to a “bricks and mortar” Harlequin property investment at one of our trading hotels. This is, after all, one of the reasons why you invested in a Harlequin property in the first place. We believe this investment will provide:
    Financial security through owning a real estate asset in a successful hotel;
    Capital growth on that asset;
    Additional income from rental returns.
    Due to the support of our investors, the chairman’s leadership and the team behind him, Harlequin is making excellent progress in its restructuring and plans are in the pipeline to restart development across the board at the earliest opportunity. However, whilst the remaining developments will take time to be realised, right now Harlequin has two successful, award-winning hotels with operational units available for completion.


    To swap your investment into an operational unit, charges begin at £20,000 plus closing costs of circa 4-5% for blu, St Lucia and £40,000 plus closing costs of circa 8% for Buccament Bay Resort.

    Harlequin has always viewed the business as a joint journey with its investors to realise all of our goals together; therefore if you want to discuss your individual circumstances and see how we can help you to achieve financial security with a real estate asset, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  121. Anonymous

    Anyone looking to “invest” using “compensation monies” watch the above video, especially the last minute and a half.

  122. Come on I need cash to pay CLC nominees

    Why would anyone give the incompetent toxic turd another red cent? Ames needs money to pay the ‘Crozier’ bunch next month or face BEING MADE BANKRUPT for the THIRD TIME.

    If you give the little stump anymore money more fool you.

    Harlequin will be liquidated very soon.

  123. Sly old fox

    Not sure how old that letter is but send a copy to the SFO. You can email it via their website.

    A room/villa in a hotel is not considered to be ‘a real estate asset’.

  124. Come on I need cash to pay CLC nominees

    It was dated today & and don’t worry they have a copy.

  125. Anonymous

    It’s simply impossible for Ames to carry on. Even Bob must realize that by now?

  126. How long do we give him?

    How will get him first?
    The OR

    Either way he is stuffed…

  127. How long do we give him?

    Who! dam cell phone

  128. A bit more rope

    Today, the SFO are asking Harlequin Investors to complete a further questionnaire as part of the final stages in our criminal investigation. The online questionnaire can be found here. The deadline to complete the form has been extended to Midnight on Monday 14th September 2015. The SFO is interested in hearing from any Harlequin investor, whether you are a current investor or a previous investor who re-sold or cancelled their Harlequin investment.

  129. Anonymous

    Nothing new here except the deadline has been extended. SFO struggling to get a response from investors? Are the SFO under pressure to either put up or shut up?

  130. How can David Ames sell units that have already been sold and not give the original purchasers their deposits back ?

  131. Anonymous

    Can the farty BBaywatch explain what has happen to the TA post regarding closure of pools in BB? Was the TA post real? Could it have been from a anti HP troll who has been found out? Who would have thought that could happen.

  132. The End Game

    So there it is on the video clip above. The message from the very top is that investors don’t need to worry about finding the 70% mortgage because they are confident they can source the funding at competitive rates and, if not, the income from the resort will more than cover the cost of repayments.

    That constitutes a very real inducement to invest straight out of the Chairman’s mouth and not the agents this time. That sounds awfully like financial advice to me and with no disclaimers or words of caution to accompany it.

    Some investors, hearing guidance like this, could well have invested in confidence and relied upon the claims being made. These claims have simply not turned out to be true and so anyone who invested on the back of this has grounds to claim that they did so based on misleading advice.

    And then to come back and resell these units right under our noses because the original investors were unable to source their own finance really stinks. The man even says on the video that it is really hard for anyone to get finance for a Caribbean property so it is hardly surprising that the original investors can’t complete.

    It all stinks.

  133. The View from Brierley Hill

    Dear All,

    For the attention of investors in the various Harlequin Property investments.

    Legally Privileged & Confidential

    We have seen the Update from Harlequin inviting investors who have received redress to reinvest with Harlequin in Buccament Bay or Blu.

    The Serious Fraud Office refer to this in their update of the 13th August 2015.

    “We understand that investors who have received redress from a compensation scheme might be considering using those funds to re-invest back into a Harlequin property. The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) recommend that investors considering re-investment into the Harlequin scheme seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding. The FCA published a number of warnings about the Harlequin investment scheme which can be found at http:// www . fca . org . uk /news /investments-made-through-harlequin-group “

    The whole scenario is in our opinion bizarre. Why would any investor want to return to Harlequin after the experience they have just had ?

    1 The Serious Fraud Office continue to investigate.

    2 The FCA have warned investors to obtain advice before proceeding.

    3 Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is subject to multi million ECD$ demands for repayment of deposits.

    4 Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited does not have full published accounts.

    5 Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited have the liability for all the “Finance Agreements” which are uniformly in breach.

    6 Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is the claimant in the Wilkins Kennedy litigation and carries the litigation risk.

    7 Investing direct with Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is not covered by the FSCS or any other similar scheme.

    8 There is a multitude of other investments which are covered by the FSCS and are of much lower risk.

    9 Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited has sought to repudiate the contracts of the Cabanas at Buccament who cannot or will not complete. These owners could potentially challenge any completion on “their property”.

    10 So far as we are aware, there is no escrow account arrangements in place to protect investors. The completion letters invited monies to be paid into the client account of ELS Legal LLP, Harlequin’s solicitors.

    Effort – Complete the SFO Questionnaire

    In our view, rather than putting redress at risk, investors should direct their time and effort to completing the SFO questionnaire. The Deadline has been extended to the 14th September 2015.

    Many of our clients have already responded to the questionnaire and we encourage anyone who has not done this, to do so. This is the only way in which the SFO will get the investor picture. The Harlequin approach is to blame everyone else and to appear the victims of the piece. The real victims in this matter are the 6000 or so people who gave £400m+ to Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited. They expected a property, a mortgage and a steady return. Instead, they have near uniformly received nothing.

    Our advice is not to go anywhere near Harlequin. Keep your redress monies and any other monies you have away from this scheme. In our opinion, it would border on the foolish to give more money across to Harlequin. This brings to mind the famous quote by Randall Terry –

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Put simply, our very clear advice is that you should not give another penny piece to Harlequin.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  134. Dave they are all working against you.

    No coincidence that the various parties have decided to share information and work together against Ames.

    SOF – Most are masons
    Chris Corny – is a Mason and has a Masonic ring that swivels round
    Gareth Fatchet – Is a Mason and wears masonic ties.
    Simon Terry – is also a Mason, albeit a low ranking one.

  135. Anonymous

    And don’t forget the fat washer woman and her fat stinky daughter, they are low ranking members of Slimming World but failing.

  136. The End Game

    It’s always a good indicator that the Basildon bunker crew are in crisis when the mysogenesitc filth gets posted on here. With no arguments left or any rational defence they revert to this. Watch any wildlife programme and you can see threatened chimpanzees behaving like this.

  137. Cancer just like cancer

    Please don’t insult chimpanzees. I would liken Harlequin and the Ames family to cancer.

    I hope they all catch it and die a very slow and lingering death.

    Same goes for the con men and women who peddled the product.

  138. Cancer just like cancer

    Also the legal scum that protect him, what sort of men do that?

    Would you let your parents invest in Harlequin? You’re pathetic, you really are, Terry, Regan, and the Jew.

  139. The End Game

    Did anyone invest following advice from Matthew Raymond Legon from Instant Property Investor? His company folded but I notice he is now director of Gnaw Chocolate and so he has assets to go after if anyone invested based on his advice.

  140. All the main agents are F*****

    You only need to look at the SFO questions.

  141. Not just the main agents.

    I must correct you.

    Looking at the emails from my agent, and the report I sent to the SFO, the sales agent, in my case a Tailormade, pawn is just a culpable – the question I suppose, is will he spill the beans on the ex directors of TM to save his skin?
    If he was simply regurgitating the crap from the directors, is that a defense?

  142. Not just the main agents.

    But, who told the main agents? Ames is clearly blaming them. Will they blame him?????

  143. All the main agents and the SFO

    And what about the “great advice” handed out by Rajiv Patel of Pioneer Properties (UK) Ltd who let his company fold. He is now UK sales director for Asia Plantation Capital

  144. Revenge

    @All the main agents and the SFO
    All I can say is fill in the SFO report, mention what happened and sit back

  145. Harlequin used to have regular sales meetings for their agents, Dave Ames and his team coached agents on how to sell this ‘investment’ and instructed agents the best strategies for raising funds. . Before SIPPS, the 100% finance scheme was at the very heart of this ‘investment’, it enabled harlequin to ‘help’ average working class people purchase hotel rooms in caribbean resorts. Dave and Carol later then turned on the very people that financed this project.

    Let’s hope the SFO take appropriate action against the people that knowingly sold this scam.

  146. TM Tossers

    I have sent my form off with copies of the emails from TM agents. Even information (damming) from Alistair R Burns, it’s just all a con and lies.

  147. What goes around, comes around. Remember the letter Alistair?

    I wonder what they will do for a job now? Shaw and Burns have effectively been kicked out of the financial services sector. Both have tried, and fail to sell the big fancy houses.

    I simply love it. Alistair, remember a few years ago I told you, by letter it would all fall around you, do you remember?

    Well, it’s about to get a hell of a lot worse – for both of you.

  148. Anonymous

    I posted on here a couple of years ago that the SIPP/agents were going to be the focus of the SFO investigation but no one wanted to believe it. Well believe it now!

  149. Poor old lapdog

    Yes Bob we remember that. However, the SFO website says Harlequin – you need to believe that!!

    However, I do agree the agents will be investigated because Ames has basically blamed them.

    I wonder if that applies to his own staff, eh Vinny?

  150. Spazo

    Bollocks, come after me I have nothing, it’s the wife’s. Your all just a bunch of moaning nobs, all moan, no action. No wonder you were sold a dream, like the fat washer women getting slim LOL.

    Dave is to clever for you mongs.

  151. The Truth

    The new jigsaw designed by David Ames is due out in November just in time for the Christmas rush.
    Preproduction sales are over 95 million and is a guaranteed winner for DA.
    Look out for further updates.

  152. The Truth

    Information just in on sales of Dave’s jigsaw in China this weekend total over 10 billion. I might head over there but maybe not as I have one reason to stay.

  153. Ames wins Daddy of the year awards

    Looks like Vinny will be in the brown stuff, he sold this crap – will Daddy drop him in it too?
    He was less than helpful with Matt, when he got nicked – never helped him when he could have.

  154. Will Mrs shiney new teef carry the can?

    Ames had nothing to do with running HMSSE, so will he drop his Mrs and Mummies boy in it too?

    What is it with this Mummy fixation? Vinny and Dan 😉

  155. Anonymous

    Some new reviews of BB on TA. Some good, some not so good. Not one mentions the pools being out of action. Could the farty BBaywatch have been conned by a fake review? The review on TA which has been taken down.

  156. Anonymous

    I wonder where the white sand came from that the backhoe is
    distributing in the series of photos at the bottom of the 1st review?
    Was this picture recent or from years ago?

  157. BBaywatch

    That poster (durie from Liverpool) visited BB back in May and made a bit of a mess of their booking which was discussed on TA. They didn’t seem to like some of the comments about Harlequin and were backed up by a certain ‘sportingman’ who said “Well said Durie. You came on here with an open an honest set of comments. I did not read the comment which was deleted or who it was by. Please don’t be deterred in posting your honest experiences of BB, good or bad.”

    So one moment they are ‘honest’ and the next fake reviewers – someone ( and we know who) needs to make their minds up which it is.

  158. Pool Closure at BB

    Direct from Buccament Bay’s very own website:

    “Temporary swimming pool closure
    24 August 2015

    Please be aware that the Resort will be carrying out essential maintenance works on the infinity swimming pools from 21st September – 2nd October, 2015.
    The work will be carried out in stages to ensure that one pool remains open at all times during this period.
    Please be assured that the Resort will take great care to ensure that the works will cause the minimum of inconvenience.”

    Fifty percent discounts are being offered to punters. Although somehow I don’t think Durie will be back.

    Made a fool of yourself again Bob?

  159. Will Mrs shiney new teef carry the can?

    Bob has always made a fool of himself. The other muppets in the bunker will soon see how Ames casts them aside.

  160. September

    Has Vinny sold enough units (again) to cover the wage run AND allow the stump to stay in his house a little longer 😉

    Proceeds of crime.

  161. The SFO

    The agents must be worried, I have names and shamed them with supporting documentation that goes right to the top.

    Tick, tock. In the dock.

  162. Anonymous

    So farty BBaywatch likes to quote old posts on TA. You need to get a life son. However, farty, for clarity and accuracy, something of a concept that does appear to confuse you, “so in sept/October the pools in BB will be closed” Now strictly speaking you are right but, “please be aware that the resort will be carrying out essential maintenance works on the infinity swimming pools from 21st Sept – 2nd Oct, 2015. ”
    Yes strictly speaking that does just creep into Oct.
    “The work will be carried out in stages to ensure that one pool remains open at all times during this period”
    Yes strictly speaking the pools will be closed, but not at the same time.
    So farty yet again bending the truth.
    Just remind us again, have you actually visited BB?

  163. Honest Question

    Say the SFO strikes against the main agents and their minions. Say the SFO don’t have a case against the stump or his inbred family. Does he get to keep BB and the other one?

  164. Bob the Boff

    Who gives a flying F***, Harlequin will be liquidated soon. Ames bankrupt and investors left penniless.

    And you tossers talk about a pool…. pathetic.

  165. Pool Closure at BB

    Oh dear Bob, aka sportingman, you got popped off that thread on TA

    ‘This post was determined to be inappropriate by the TripAdvisor community and has been removed.’


  166. Ames the deluded dwarf

    @Honest Question:

    The SFO site are investigating AMES AND HARLEQUIN.

    The agents will be tarnish as a result of Ames (the cancer)
    Harlequin is finished, it’s running on empty and the crazy sales campaign by the stump shows how desperate they are.

    Who would trust the stump with money they had returned to them because they were UNHAPPY with Ames and Harlquin.

    Dave Ames is simply a wack job, a nutter.

  167. Ames the deluded dwarf

    I include you in the above post Bob, you shriveled up shill pencil dick 😉
    Your TA posts are cringe worthy.

  168. BBaywatch

    In the overall picture the matter of a guest cancelling their holiday and requesting a refund might seem almost insignificant, ‘pathetic’ even. However that guest was a returnee, one who had been supportive of BB in the past on the TA forum, do you think that they will now recommend it to their friends?

    So a customer lost, who will now bad mouth the product, how is that good business? And all because HP thought that they could get away with not telling anyone that they desperately needed to carry out maintenance work. Any competent and well managed company would have taken the business off line until the work was completed but no, HP thought they could wing it and still take some cash in. When this was exposed on TA their action was to get the post taken down and only after that post a belated ‘news’ item on their website which did confirm the complaint made on TA. Time and again, rather than address an issue they try and pretend that it does not exist and blame whoever brings it to public attention.

    This whole sorry saga is symptomatic of the inexperience and incompetence of the management – and yet they insist that investors are standing by ready to put money in! How can that possibly be credible?

    Anyone conversant with the hotel business will take one look and run a mile laughing their heads off. It might only be a small matter but investors look at detail and how invest-able the people involved are… say no more.

    The authorities are taking an active interest in the whole HP business but it does take time, perhaps if investors who happily dived snout first into the trough took a more proactive stance and didn’t just wait for others to pull their chestnuts out of the fire there might have been a beneficial conclusion before now. None of which will help the small businesses, suppliers and the people and nation of SVG who have had this debacle foisted upon them.

  169. Danny Levy

    I will not have a word said against Dave.

    He has made me a millionaire.

  170. Warthogs over Wickford

    If I give him the wool, will he make me one?

  171. Skip the small print

    It seems Harlequin has not bothered to update their travel agents about the lack of swimming pools. Not one of the five websites I checked out revealed that the pools are to be closed for maintenance or the dates. In fact Hayes & Jarvis are happily still flogging the Bamboo restaurant.

    Only one site said the restaurants are open on a rotational basis and only one stated that you can only dine three times a week at Jack’s in high season. None stated that the theatre school is seasonal.

    Will BB still be operational come the end of September? I think they should be told.

  172. Only in the mind of the deluded dwarf.

    Ames is still fighting on because he is mentally ill. The poor old fool actually thinks he has done a great job.

    As for those pathetic hangers on, Regan, Jew boy, pot bellied Dalligan, Mummy fixation Stennings, just hanging around for the next payday, they all know whats around the corner, however, they have no choice but to stay.
    They have been complicit in this whole affair. The SFO will no doubt interview them, and maybe worse!

    Would you throw away a career in law for Ames, they will talk just like the other one, Mr lowly consultant.

    As for informing the travel agents, it’s been done 😉

  173. Harlequin who is that? They are a retailer

    Solicitor ( Consultant according to the law society)
    08450 945 945
    email direct

    Simon joined CWD in 2013 but is no newcomer to the law having been in practice since 1998. He began his career in the Commercial Litigation department of one of the larger firms in the City but in recent years has been working in-house where he held roles including Legal & Compliance Director and Company Secretary for a well-known retailer.

    Simon’s passion is Dispute Resolution and he deals with a wide ranging caseload including defamation, intellectual property, professional negligence, employment and contractual disputes. Whilst always seeking a swift and amicable solution, Simon is equally at home obtaining/defending emergency injunctions where necessary in order to protect his clients’ interests in matters such as civil fraud proceedings.

    Simon also undertakes commercial work for some of his clients and often advises on commercial contracts and brand/reputation management issues.

    Outside of the office, Simon is married with one daughter and attempts to keep fit by cycling. He can occasionally be seen on the golf course, albeit most of the time is spent hunting for balls he has hit out of bounds.

  174. Harlequin who is that? They are a retailer

    Now of course this could be a different Simon John Terry. He never could find his balls 😉

  175. Guests' safety at BB compromised

    The latest TA review says that the rescue boat was out of action and that that there was no water skiing. I wonder who told the reviewer that water skiing was available at BB, especially considering that water skiing and jet skis are prohibited in SVG.

    Green leaky plunge pool.

    ‘No information pack in the rooms, should there be an emergency we wouldn’t have known where to go what to do.’

    Guests are still having to sign bills for an AI. What diddly-racket are those signed receipts going to be used for I wonder? And what’s going on with the deposit scam? Are they using the cash to pay the grocery bill?

  176. Simon say's

    Deposits scam?

    Are you referring to the double even triple selling of units?
    I wonder why Ames doesn’t give the original investor(s ) their deposit back when it’s sold again & again.

    Maybe, ask Simon?

  177. Guests' safety at BB compromised

    @Simon say’s
    No I was referring to guests at BB being asked for a ‘mandatory US$500 security deposit’ even though they have already paid upfront for an AI. It is customary in the hotel industry to ‘take an impression’ of a guest’s credit card; it is certainly not OK to take the money from the account. Outrageous.

  178. Warthogs over Wickford

    Harlequin has hit out at the Serious Fraud Office for acquiring what it considers to be confidential information about its investors. www . ftadviser . com /2015/09/02/regulation/harlequin-hits-out-at-sfo-over-confidential-details-HBhOVLeGMKn2Nj9Wc4xA1O/article.html

    The SFO is conducting a survey of people who invested in Harlequin as it continues its inquiry into the controversial investment scheme.

    A questionnaire has been created which will be used to assist the inquiry and may form the basis of the evidence given at any subsequent criminal trial.

    But Harlequin has raised concerns about the process and questioned how the SFO got details of its investors.

    A spokesman for the hotel and resort company said: “Harlequin has been contacted by a number of investors who are concerned that they have received a questionnaire in the post from the SFO without having provided their details to the SFO themselves.

    “Harlequin can confirm that we have not handed over our database to the SFO and we, too, would like to know how the SFO acquired information we consider to be confidential.”

    The spokesman said Harlequin was now “considering its options”.

    The SFO launched its investigation into Harlequin in 2013, together with Essex Police. It came after the FSA issued a warning to advisers about investing clients money in Sipp products weighted heavily towards Harlequin’s overseas property.

    The spokesman said: “Harlequin remains very confident that, in the fullness of time, Harlequin will be vindicated, and the accusations will no longer impede the business.”

    Right to reply

    A spokesman for the SFO said: “We have a dedicated intelligence unit and sources providing us with information, but cannot go into details on specific cases.”

  179. Poor deluded dwarf is upset.

    Give they are the SFO, getting a database would be easy peasey!
    Good move Stumpy, upset them just a little bit more so they nick you.

  180. The email Dave, it's all in the emails.

    The SFO emailed not sent a letter. Please keep up.
    Furthermore, it lines Ames and the agents up for a nasty shock.

  181. Fools

    What a totally ridiculous claim from Harlequin. The email list is probably compiled from investors who have voluntarily given their contact details after contacting the SFO, the Police and various solicitors etc.

    I wonder if those on Ames’ list of supposed aggrieved investors are the same chumps who are re-investing their compensation monies in yet more Harlequin property?

  182. Anonymous Bosch

    And don’t forget that the SFO has the powers of a law enforcement agency and prosecuting authority and so, if they so wished, they could compel an agent to hand over the contact details of investors without any need to ask Harlequin’s permission.

  183. Dave it's them.

    Look no further than the stressed ex directors of TailorMade ( in liquidation) they have been singing for their supper.

  184. The SFO mailed out the survey FACT

  185. Maybe they did both?

    The SFO emailed me FACT.

  186. This was not ment as a comment that the SFP mailed everyone, just a clarification that they mailed some which is contrary to the earlier post which tried to discredit that fact

  187. Also I received an e mail from RL encouraging me to fill in the survey. Cheeky gits.

  188. Anonymous

    Do men or women or both use the term “cheeky” in the UK?

  189. Anonymous

    Only cheeky if you feel the deluded dwarf is innocent. He is currently running a resort built with your money. The man is a liability and needs to be locked up. I applaud the SFO for taking on this gangster.

  190. The longer the SFO wait .......

    How is the Ames family and the bunker surviving without the stump having a stash of cash? How is he paying for the WK case?

  191. The longer the SFO wait .......

    That would be investor cash, the stump had none prior to investors giving him their to squander with gay abandon.

  192. The View from Brierley Hill


    Action Points

    We strongly encourage clients to complete the questionnaire, so that the SFO has the fullest picture possible of the Harlequin Property investment. Harlequin can hardly complain as the more information the SFO have, the more informed any decision they make will be. Rather than suggest the SFO obtained investor details improperly, Harlequin should encourage all their investors to complete the questionnaire giving the fullest possible picture.

    The questionnaire deadline has been extended to the 14th September 2015. See link for further information.

    www . sfo . gov . uk /our-work/our-cases/case-progress/harlequin-property . aspx

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  193. It's all in the recordings.

    Good point RL, the toxic turd is always crying he is a victim and innocent, so what’s wrong with the SFO getting the information.

    Either way Ames and his whole family are about to have a nasty shock.

    So are you Mr consultant solicitor

  194. The view from CLC

    Pay up Ames or lose your assets.

  195. Crazier - as useful as chocolate

    Yeah right, shes done a great job of getting back how much for clients?
    A big fat zero.

    Made herself a few bob though. Enough to keep her in fake tits and bleach.
    Just another scam aye Audrey.

  196. Crazier - as useful as chocolate tea pot

    Is she still humping Corny in their ‘business meetings’

  197. Ames and his reverse Midas touch.

    Has Little legs tainted ELS Legal? Will they be following the same route as TailorMade ( In liquidation)

    Els Legal LLP
    10-12 Ely Place, London, EC1N 6RY
    Status ACTIVE
    Type Other Company
    Cash £4,611
    Total Assets £1,088,193
    Liabilities £-987,202
    Net Worth £-180,206

  198. Maybe if Ames paid them they would be okay!

  199. Warthogs over Wickford

    I wonder if Richard Spector ever rues the day he met Bernard Wainstein?

  200. 5 stars for being crap

    Things that were lacking were:
    – No bottled beers on the bar (run out)
    – At least 3 menu items not available every night, including burgers one night which really limited the kids options
    – Being told that Fanta was not on the bar, you would have to get it from the coffee shop!
    – Pool towels not being replaced in the room and none available by the pool
    – Sunbeds not having enough umbrellas
    – Bottles of water not replaced in the rooms fridge
    – No napkins for dinner
    – No coffee in the main restaurant instead served in a paper cup from the take away
    – Dirty plastic glasses left around pool area
    – Not having glass in the restaurant for dinner (near pool but seated)
    – Limited numbers of buggies available to move around the resort
    – Plunge pool leaking every day and dirty
    – Staff being very inconsistent with their attention levels
    – Disco music being played in one area intruding on the restaurant experience

  201. FSCS

    This was published by the FSCS on 13th August, the same date that the SFO and FCA posted announcements about the scam:
    fscs org uk/news/2015/august/update-for-customers-with-investments-in-harlequin-hotels-and-resorts-made-via-self-invested-personal-pensions-sipps/

    13th August 2015

    We are continuing to assess and pay claims against failed independent financial advisors (IFAs) for advice to switch to self-invested personal pensions and invest into alternative investments such as Harlequin.

    If you have any queries or would like to make a claim in relation to Harlequin Hotels and Resorts against a failed IFA, please contact the FSCS Customer Services Team on Freephone 0800 678 1100 or 020 7741 4100.

    Customers should also be aware that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) have recently published updates on their websites regarding investments in Harlequin Hotels and Resorts:

  202. Spreads like cancer

    What will be the end toll of the people who Ames has damaged?
    – All investors
    – Agents
    – The builder and accountant
    – The people who work for him
    – His family
    – The small business in SVG
    – God knows what other businesses all over the World.

    How can one man continue like this is totally unbelievable.

    Can nobody stop the little spiv from Essex?

  203. Loose lips sink ships

    Did the SFO use this on the agents? Cough Tailormade.

    Section 2 and legislative tools
    We use a range of investigation tools. Our primary investigation powers are those given to us by the Criminal Justice Act (CJA)1987 when we were established.

    Section 2 investigation powers

    The Serious Fraud Office’s statutory powers are:

    to search property
    to compel persons to answer questions and produce documents
    Section 2 of the CJA 1987 gives the Director or a designated member of staff the power to require a person or entity to provide information to us for the purpose of an investigation. This takes the form of interviewing people, requiring them to produce material, or searching premises.

    We can only use this power if the Director finds reasonable grounds to suspect an offence has been committed involving serious or complex fraud or corruption.

    Written notice is always given when exercising this power. Notices are typically issued to individuals, banks, financial institutions, accountants and other professionals, most of whom will have a duty of confidence to their clients. Issuing them with Section 2 notices obliges them lawfully to give us the information we require.

    Where a person or entity does not comply with a notice, or when someone is interviewed and is found to have given false or misleading information, they can be prosecuted.

    On 14 July 2008, Section 2A of the CJA 1987 came into force enabling the Director to use Section 2 powers at a ‘pre-investigation’ stage in relation to overseas bribery and corruption cases.

  204. Grass.

    Alister Burns, the ex TM director, the one who got off with no fine. He done a deal – no fine – I talk.

    He had the database of clients.
    Rob Burns, well, just got a fine.

    He has the dirt on Ames.

  205. Well pay investors you little runt

    920+ hotel bookings placed in August

    In August alone, Buccament Bay Resort received over 560 bookings, including circa 300 from a promotion our marketing team launched with Travelzoo. In the same period, Harlequin’s second hotel, blu, St Lucia, achieved almost 360 bookings. It was also ranked number one for St Lucia package bookings and number two for St Lucia hotel-only bookings on Expedia!

  206. Anonymous

    Shame most of those people didn’t pay anywhere near the room rates promised. I’d be surprised if the hotels (built with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY) were actually turning any profit at all.

  207. Ex Construction Manager

    From TA….

    I used to be a construction manager on this resort from from May 2009 until Oct 2010 when I decided that enough was enough!

    I had seen too much of lies and deceit from Mr Ames and also from Padraig O’Halloran, as well as false promises about getting paid for carrying out extra working duties!

    Te whole affair was a scam from the outset, and despite my protests to senior persons to blow the cover nobody would do te honourable thing and talk out!

    I feel sorry for all the people who blindly invested in this Ponzi scheme, but it does not take a brain surgeon to work out that you can buy a nice property in St Vincent for less money, and rent it out for more return !!!!

  208. Ex bankrupt about to be bankrupt (third time)

    The toxic stump and Buccament Bay have no future. Only the deluded old fool thinks it has.
    What about the stat demands Dave and the CLC trustees, forgot about them have we?

  209. Ex bankrupt about to be bankrupt (third time)

    Nothing from the deluded fat family from Yorkshire Mr ingrams 😉

  210. Anonymous

    Looks like the retards have finally run out of things to say on the forum.

    They are now goading somebody to get them to comment so there’s something to say.

    Seems like some people are missing somebody from Yorkshire?

  211. Anonymous

    It will be a great day in Christendom when all are exposed for
    whom they really are…………!!!

  212. Dave may pay you Dick, but your wife's still a fat chuba.

    Hi Dick how is life in the little boxy house, OMG the child is soooooo fat.
    Like you, the dogs and the Mrs……

  213. Anonymous

    Dave may pay you etc etc., don’t you think that you need to grow up?

  214. Sean Ghent made me shit my Welsh knickers

    I see the sex pest Mr C Jones is back in SVG, lock up your wives and children as they are likely to get fingered by a short fat Welsh digit.

  215. Dave Ames the man being invistigated for fraud.....

    Lock up your pension and life savings, Daves running out of money and wants to keep his fancy house and properties in Dubai.

  216. Dave Ames the man being invistigated for fraud.....

    Funny how his son is still in jail for fraud. He went bankrupt too, along with Mrs Ames ( who is being investigated by the OR) yes the details have been sent…… deceiving the OR is not a bright thing to do.

    Four bankrupts in one family about to be a few more 😉

  217. Anonymous

    Don’t cry too many tears for Ames when he goes bankrupt, he has plenty stashed away.

    Will buy and sell you with his loose change.

  218. Anonymous

    hmm okay. Can I have my refund then please?

  219. Anonymous

    No because it’s better in Dave’s pocket than yours

  220. Anonymous

    Right. I’m sure 6000 other victims will agree with you on that one. Wonder what the FCA, FSCS, SFO, HMRC and courts will think.

  221. Fed up

    Just got a lovely bill from Guardian with additional charges for their extra legal costs. Wonder how many years it will be before Ames, Guardian etc and some of the introducers face the consequences of their actions.

  222. Anonymous

    Who cares what the SFO think, they have been pissing about for the last 3 years and can’t pin anything on Ames.

    Bunch of incompetent halfwits.

  223. Anonymous

    I care what they think. I have been defrauded and I supplied them with all the information I have, especially the promises about mortgages etc etc etc etc etc.

  224. Anonymous

    Promises were true and based on fact at the time – things changed.

    That’s not a crime.

  225. Anonymous

    Great, so Ames will have absolutely no problem finding financiers to fund the promised mortgages. He’ll share published accounts, both historical and recent, with his “investors”, and will actually issue build plans for the resorts he has sold units in. He’ll issue promised refunds and reinstate loan payments.

    He’ll no doubt have roadshows lined up where his “investors” get to ask him pertinent questions about the “multi-facted restructuring programme”, progress with the resorts, and of course, will have a swathe of able lieutenants giving momentum to all the projects Harlequin are involved with.

    Or… you could get into a slogging match with “ambulance chasers”, issue “updates” with nothing more than idiotic bile, and keep people on a wild goose chase in the hope of holding them off long enough to get away with the crime. You could resell units and steal people’s deposits, steal from your own guests, threaten your oldest customers with damages claims, all whilst blaming everyone from the “global economy” to a dodgy builder for your woes.

    No I think Ames committed fraud and misrepresentation. He’s still doing it today. Lying.

  226. Yawn, thicko Richard is back.

    Come Dickless earn a little pat on the head from Ames. He will really look after you, your ‘re so big tough and scary!

  227. Anonymous

    Well well, that’s a bit of a turn now isn’t it, Mr and Mrs Ames are suing 24 named individuals in the UK for misrepresentation according to court papers filed last week, this follows a failed attempt by the Ames’ to prevent the 24 named individuals from enforcing an order of the court for the return of s substantial amount of money. The Ames’ applied but failed to get an injunction against the 24 named individuals, But are pressing ahead with a claim against them.

  228. In English, please.

    Are you saying that Ames, says they are telling lies to get their money back?
    But, they have contracts! I assume it’s the CLC bunch?

    Ames is trying to simply run them out of money, his usual MO.

    He is such a @unt

  229. Anonymous

    Ames should have paid them and agreed to this month. Now he has decided to claim they lied, a bit like anyone else that crosses him. He hopes they will back down and, or , run out of money.
    He ruined the Irish builder, now he is trying to do the same with investors, no doubt using investor money in the process.

    It’s vile.

  230. Anonymous

    Ames is suing 24 clients, 24 people who gave him money, 24 people who’s contracts were breached, yet it is they who are getting sued.

    Sad really

  231. Anonymous

    Suing them with their own money? Whatever next… maybe he’ll actually build what he promised?

  232. Anonymous

    Anyone got a link to the court papers?

  233. Anonymous

    Yawn thicko etc. etc. what are you talking about.

    You call somebody thick but you appear infantile.

    As for tough and scary – do you think you are still in the playground?

    You are just a moron!

  234. Anonymous

    There is something puzzling about British common law.
    Will the baddies ever be brought to justice…….

  235. So the stump lost a Court case, looks like he’s going bust again 😉

  236. Anonymous

    Are you surprised Ames is fighting the Davis case?

    Think he would bend over and just take in the wrong ‘un?

    Same will go for Project Demand you bunch of mongs

  237. Anonymous

    The claim form lodged with the court says there was a settlement in the Davis case and now Ames is challenging the settlement,

    Speaks volumes

  238. And he lost!
    He’s going to be made bankrupt for the 3rd time.
    I’m lovin it.

  239. Anonymous

    That won’t bankrupt him you clown.

    Not that he intends to pay by the way.

    Notost many cases that matter has he?

  240. Fed up

    It’s disappointing that Mr Ames is incapable of behaving like an adult.

  241. Anonymous

    Plenty of big daft kids on here incapable of behaving like an adult too.

  242. Anonymous

    Would be interesting to see who you are. Judging by your posts, I’d think you’re either scared (an young hotshot IFA who recommended Harlequin perhaps), or someone with very limited real world experience.

    I don’t condemn you. Rather, I wonder what happened to you to make you so militant to people who obviously feel wronged, and are using this blog to vent their anger. Failed business perhaps? You’re too well written to be without work, making the posts even more of a shame. You’d go far if you focused on doing something productive.

  243. Look no further than Goodwood close

    That’s where the Harlequin weirdo lives.

  244. Anonymous

    Look no further….. I think you are suffering with an unhealthy obsession with somebody to the point of it being a medical condition.

    Have you sought medical help?

  245. Look no further than Goodwood close

    That’s were the bully lives with his rented car and boxy little house. Shame you have achieved very little in your life.

    I mean, seriously, that’s nothing to show off about. No wonder you worship Ames lol

  246. Anonymous

    Look no further ……. I see you are back talking to your imaginary friend again!

    It’s funny you think you know who’s posting!

    What’s with your obsession?

    Thought about growing up and acting like an adult?

  247. Anonymous

    Let’s look no further is good at filling the forum full of irrelevance when we need to discuss Harlequin.

    Why don’t you go and play on the swings?

  248. Anonymous

    Yes Dick just think you could have been a success like some of us here who has a laundry empire to be proud of.

  249. Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing some low intelligence people measure success by way of material goods and cash?

  250. Anonymous

    Plenty of high intelligence people do too..

  251. General Custer

    The injunction was a desperate act. Make no mistake to try to stop the enforcement by those means reeks of the last chance saloon.

    However, like all escapologists our Mr Ames is good, very good.

    He will continue to fight and fight and fight. In the end it will simply be too much for him.

  252. Gonville Bromhead

    Those troublesome investors keep coming like bloody Zulus, says Dave Ames.

  253. Daves Liitle Big Horn

    It does seem unfair to compare a twice bankrupt little old man from Essex with military heroes. The only comparison is in regard to him being on his last little legs.

  254. Dave and his Billy Liar disco

  255. when bankrupt...turn to crime

    Can somebody just lock the fraudster up and lose the key….the fact that you can take £400million plus and still be free let alone alive is just disgraceful
    The conman needs to feel pain big time

  256. Reading between the lines

    The runt agreed to pay an amount of money, by a certain date, to a bunch of investors. Happy days!

    However, the nasty little runt (than rhymes with another word ) decided he didn’t want to pay ( even though he agreed to the terms) so, he needed to make up some tall tails – he lost- he has to pay or go bust again 😉

  257. Well done Nikki & Chris

    If the stump is made bankrupt I will contact CLC and go out and get pissed with them!

  258. Anonymous

    Stumpy can’t be “made” bankrupt in the way you’re alluding. An application to the bankruptcy courts has to be submitted, either by the creditor or debtor. If indeed he cannot pay what he owes, then the creditor is well within their rights to get him declared bankrupt (so they get a share of his property).

    Since he’s the sole owner & director of the Caribbean operations, I’m not sure how bankruptcy in the UK would affect those.

  259. Anonymous

    What does he owe? £1.2m? Take a worthless piece of land somewhere as settlement. That should do it.

  260. when bankrupt...turn to crime

    @ anon If he is the sole owner of the properties abroad…then they are assets and as such form part of his assets…but then the Caribbean assets belong to the “investors”

  261. Birds or a feather

    I bet Richard ‘Sphincter’ Spector is worried about his fees.
    Looks to me, like a little nudge would bankrupt him after the last set of ELS accounts.

  262. Birds or a feather

    Is Dave Ames a Jew?

  263. Anonymous

    Ames can’t be a Jew.

    Bob Storey definitely told me that when he was sucking Dave off for his few pennies per month he had a foreskin.

  264. Bye, Bye, big house.

    Pay up stump or lose the house 😉
    Your starting to fail, all down hill Mr cancer.

  265. Anonymous

    I don’t see any removal vans or for sale signs outside Dave’s property.

  266. Anonymous

    I hope the 24 are prepared for a very long very expensive battle.

    You have seen how emotionally attached to BB Ames is.

    It’s nothing compared to the beautiful property that the investors purchased for Dave.

  267. Bye, Bye, big house.

    Won’t be the 24,it will be a really nasty, aggressive, fee based insolvency practitioner.

    Plus HMRC and the OR are already investigating the Mrs.

    Why would there be a sale sign outside you tit. Clearly you know nothing Dicky.

  268. Anonymous

    Bye Bye Big House, oh dear, you bite every time – it’s too easy!

    Very touchy, mustn’t be too confident maybe.

    And to make things more amusing you have the wrong person!

  269. Anonymous

    Put this prediction in the same file as the one that said Shipleys would call the intercompany debt in and collapse the whole group. Insolvency practitioners were going to have a feast then too.

    What happened?

    Remind me please?

  270. Anonymous

    What has that got to do with me or the question?

    Take it you have no answer?

  271. If Dave build an 5* estate

    I do and you will find out soon 😉

  272. Anonymous

    The liquidators were called in for HMSSE, found a series of questionable expenses (Dubai property, Mrs Ames owing £108k, son 1 owing £59k, son 2 owing £32k, distant relative owing £32k in AUS).

    The Ames property won’t be put on the market yet He’d have to be declared bankrupt first, which is what RL and the CPC bunch are trying to do. Even if wriggles out of that, the chances of him running a profitable enterprise are slim.

    In regards the HMRC etc, here are the facts. Ames took £400m from people who couldn’t afford it. He promised mortgages which are not likely forthcoming (although I’m still waiting for the encore), and has been playing charades ever since. He proclaims his innocence. Even if this is successful, he still has to make the resorts work financially, as well as find the extra money to build. Considering he threw £1.4m at 2 planes, £250m on commissions, I think the days of grandiose builds are over.

    What he’s doing now is trying every trick in the book to extract money. He’ll play that game until his claim is through the courts, then retire with his ill-gotten gains. The chances of his victims seeing any of the professional negligence claim are nil. He’ll take it all himself. He doesn’t care. Seen them before, think the world owes them a living.

  273. Don't discount the SFO, just yet.

    The information they have on agents and Ames is damming. They don’t spend so long on investigating nowt!

  274. Girl

    A meeting between ” damaged investors” could prove positive?

  275. Mad as a box of frogs

    Not long now.
    – CLC Trustees
    – HMRC
    – The ‘OR’
    – The SFO
    – No finance
    – Stat demands
    Talk about being deluded 😉
    The Stump is really ill.

  276. Robertl

    Dasa shut up.

  277. Jane

    There is no cheating in any form,all I did was buy a Harlequin property.

  278. Alistair Burns, bankrupt?

    No income,can’t sell his house can’t rent.

    There is a God.

  279. Dipshits

    Nobody will get Daves house, the morons that tried just lined Kraziers pocket they got sweet FA. The will be liable for costs when he comes afet them for misrepresentation – they know all about that working with that fat irish pig. He don’t care about investors, just want to get at DA because he was caught stealing.

    Any how, how’s Audrey doing lol

  280. once a bankrupt...well its in ya blood

    @ dipshits I am sure everything will catch up with all the Ames family…. he may have been smart with his con trickery so far, but he will get banged up eventually….yes he may had led a merry dance and jetted around a bit…but would you want to spend your final years behind bars and leave prison in a box

  281. Funny no mention from the anti HP trolls about the fact WK have been ordered to disclose e mails to HP. Wonder why they tried to block them? Something to hide perhaps?

  282. Anonymous

    Same old same old. “He said she said he said”. We all get it. David Edward Ames, the great visionary and innovative entrepreneur, has been taken for a fool by so many parties. The WK case is just an example of this. How he’ll have his vindication once these pesky emails are out in the public!

    Of course no one will get “DA” house, he’s “done nothing wrong”. He’s simply done his job and has been let down by those around him. David Ames, the world renowned businessman. David Ames, the man of ethics and morals. Never caused financial hardship on anyone, ever!

    If DA really cared about “his investors”, he’d have spent the time giving them updated financials. This, along with no rebuttal of the RL DD, says it all. The man is a fraud and is only lining his own pockets. He’ll steal even from his own mother.

  283. Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

    Or in Dave’s case BANKRUPTCY

  284. Daves Disco

    This was a tricky request, in view of recent events.

  285. Warthogs over Wickford

    Why the inferior Joan Jett version? Seeing as stumpy has “connections” down under, AC/DC would have been much better.

  286. Anonymous

    Anonymous on September 10, 2015 at 7:57 am
    Funny no mention from the anti HP trolls about the fact WK have been ordered to disclose e mails to HP. Wonder why they tried to block them? Something to hide perhaps?

    @ Anonymous this is all so exciting, where is the court order ?? Without that how can we believe a word Ames is saying ??

    Oh I forgot because Ames says it it must be true. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  287. Daves Disco

    @ Warthogs over Wickford
    Better on the eye!

    This is a dedication to the snake of Wickford….

  288. Yes just like the link to the court order that was requested in the Davies case. Just because Crazier says its true it must be. WK have been fighting this for months. The cat will be out of the bag soon.

  289. Childlike Undetected Narcissistic Tendencies

    I was discussing the GV today. We discovered Mr. Ames is a suffering from a new mental illness, effectively redefining mental illness.

    Childlike Undetected Narcissistic Tendencies, or C.U.N.T for short.

  290. Anonymous

    It has Been nearly 20 months since Ames began the action against WK and the constant assurances that a deal was imminent, yet no deal and less then 10 months to go to the trial.

    Some 11 months ago Ames through his lawyers told the world that the CLC claimants had dropped their claim against Mr and Mrs Ames , then last week ELS lodged a claim against the same CLC claimants alleging breaches of a settlement on the grounds of misrepresentation.

    This followed on from a failed bid by ELS and Ames to obtain an injunction preventing the CLC claimants from enforcing the terms of the settlement.

    So it appears that Ames’ legal team lied about the CLC claimants dropping the case last year.

    So we have no reason to believe Ames or his legal team.

    On a slightly different note, can anyone update us on the progress at the H Hotel in Barbados. Work was due to commence in earnest in the first quarter of 2015, we are now entering the final quarter.

  291. Profits At BB?

    Yeah an update on H would be beneficial.

    The only think I can say is that all the lies eventually catch up with you. Director loans? Finance? SFO? FSCS? Resorts running with no profits?

    Last chance saloon.

  292. St George's Dragon

    There was asolutely nothing happening at the H Hotel last time I passed a few days ago. I will try to take and post some photos in the next few days.

  293. Guns of Navarone

    The court cases relating to the Davies group will only harden resolve. Yes, the issuing of misrep proceedings will slow down the inevitable, but that is all it will do. Even if Harlequin win in the WK case, they will still face the same solvency challenges.

    The attention now will switch to what the CLC clients will do. Will they attack the proceedings with full gusto ? Will they fold allowing David Ames to execute a last minute escape ?

    What is sad is that £400m has gone in and we are reduced to squabbling anonymously via a website. No one in their right mind posts in their own name or direct from their own home computer. This is a reflection on the level of paranoia.

    I am theoretically posting from Germany to protect myself. I simply do not trust Harlequin to start a campaign against me for defamation.

    Anyway, whatever happens this saga is set to rumble on. No one will win.

  294. Anonymous

    In the past Ames was able to deal with public knowledge of events through the use of NDA’s. The Davies case breaks the mould, sure ELS will kick up a stink, but it is they and their clients who afterall have created this monster.

    Perhaps Richard Spector will rue the day that Ames’ lawyers claimed that the Davies claimants had dropped their case against the Ames’ then stating in court that the Davies case had engaged in some form of misrep which negated the “Settlement” agreement.

    It was suggested that ELS were representing the Ames’ on a no win no fee basis, perhaps the accounts for ELS might need a little scrutiny, could it be that Richard along with the Ames’ cannot afford to loose the case.

  295. Goulston Street graffito

    “The Juews are not the men that will not be blamed for nothing”,

  296. Warthogs over Wickford

    Close but no cigar

    “The Juwes [sic] are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.”

  297. Goulston Street graffito

    There is a deeper meaning, and this is why Ames gets away so many things.

  298. Goulston Street graffito

    There is a deeper meaning. This is why Ames gets away so many things.

  299. Thomas Levy

    A wonderful theory, but utter rubbish. The JJJ attribution is peculiar to Freemasonry as practised in the USA. The names of the ruffians are unknown in English Masonry.

  300. Get back on track

    Yawn… this Freemason intimation. It’s so boring and cut the Jack Ripper stuff will ya? FFS Women were murdered.
    Why not get back onto the subject of the thread?

  301. FFS – Harlequin have blood on their hands, the Universe will not allow such things to become so unbalanced.

  302. Daves Disco

    This is a special dedication for The Official Reciever, from the one and only

  303. Thomas Levy

    Harlequin update, 11th September 2015

    Dear All,

    Ames case

    We understand some investors are aware of spurious rumours regarding the latest developments in the court case brought by a small number of disgruntled investors against Mr and Mrs Ames since 2013. We therefore thought it best to clarify the situation for our investor base before the misinformation mill hits full flow.

    After reaching a settlement with the investors, Mr and Mrs Ames have now issued a claim to annul the agreement because they believe they were induced into it by false representations. Had Mr and Mrs Ames known at the time that the representations made to them were false, they would not have entered into the agreement.

    We will seek to provide more details at the appropriate time.

    Regulatory Legal threats

    We have sought advice from the leading barrister with whom we have been working to see if Gareth Fatchett has any grounds to bring an action against Harlequin on the terms threatened. The answer, which was included in our recent response to Mr Fatchett, is that he has been relying on poor advice (if any) and he has no prospect of success if he proceeds down that route. R Legal’s response was received in record time and has sadly been one of re-stating their position and denying the clear legal argument put forward. The reluctance to back down where there is no legal basis for pursuing a matter is something we have seen before – and with costly results for R Legal’s clients.

    Harlequin is confident in its position that there is no basis upon which Mr Fatchett can represent to his participants that his advice has even a reasonable prospect of success. We will continue to vigorously defend any spurious attempts to intervene in our Caribbean operations on the basis that there is no chance of him and his small number of followers succeeding. What is also clear is that he is liaising closely with the group referred to above for information.

    Whilst we try to avoid responding to negative PR games as much as possible, we felt we should on this occasion when the usual antagonists are trying to misrepresent the situation in the hope of unnecessarily worrying our investors.



  304. Anonymous

    Certainly you cannot be the same Thomas Levy that posted on
    this thread 18 August 2015. If so you are truly conflicted.

  305. Thomas Levy

    I am he.

    Why do you think I have any conflict whatsoever?

  306. Proof

    Well well well. Proof if you needed any.

    The dwarf isn’t running a business, he’s in it to take people’s savings. No mention of financials from the little one basically says that he’s not doing anything to earn a profit.

    Shame really.

    He’s now playing games to buy time. The last death throes before the authorities move in. He’s had his chance, thinks he’s going to get out by suing everyone. Even if he wins every single case, there will be many more. Even if he wins those, he still has to actually build something to fleece the next level in his ponzi scheme. BB cost £134m, good luck raising even 1/10th of that.

    Now we’re entering the phase where lawyers clean up. RL set out their claim with Project Demand – they put their demands into Harlequin and have funded any potential court action. Harlequin don’t have any grounds to neglect the contractual rights of victims to a refund. Doing so shows their true colours and should be liquidated. Bye Bye Harlequin.

  307. Proof

    Oh, and the tonality of the update certainly has the stench of “cornered animal” all over it, wouldn’t you say? What is it they say, attack is the best form of defence?

  308. Thomas Levy

    There is a certain glorious irony to “Mr and Mrs Ames have now issued a claim to annul the agreement because they believe they were induced into it by false representations. Had Mr and Mrs Ames known at the time that the representations made to them were false, they would not have entered into the agreement.”

    It’s a sentiment shared by many of their victims.

  309. What choices ?

    I am an RL demand client. I want my money back. Nothing more.

    I have no choice but to proceed to court. If I blink Harlequin will simply keep my long ago spent deposit.

    What choice do I have ?

  310. 1000+redress claims

    RL do not care. They have 1000+ redress claims.

    Work it out in fee terms. Maximum £50k payment. 1000 x 50000 is £50m.

    Times that by 15% plus VAT – £9m.

    RL can afford to throw £100k at the winding up petitions. Good PR taking on Harlequin.

    Look at the numbers !

    £1m + on the trust
    £9m on the redress

    £10m fees. So for 1% of the fees, they can send a bomb to Harlequin.

    Give me a good reason why they are not going to proceed ?

  311. Anonymous

    Ames’ lawyers said in October 2014 that this case had been withdrawn,


    So Ames’ lawyers were lying, nothing new there then,

    A desperate family represented by some very unethical lawyers.

  312. So now “aprox 350” redress claims has become 1000+. Lets just think of some number shall we. It’s nowhere near that.

  313. Anonymous

    350 project demand clients, 1000+ redress clients, of which I am one. Redress folks sign their rights to the FSCS. 350 project demand folks want the money from Harlequin. If Harlequin don’t pay up, they’ll be petitioned to liquidate.

  314. Anonymous

    @1000 redress claims – remember that RL aren’t paying for any court action, that’s funded by the clients.

  315. Stumpy is in the shit.

    If RL don’t liquidate Harlequin, CLC Trustees will bankrupt Mr & Mrs Stump.
    Lets hope for both

  316. Lets cut to the chase Stumpy

    You took the money. You don’t want or can’t give it back.
    You are a nasty lying deceitful little cancer. I hope you and your family die.

  317. Smash them

    What is the point of this latest Harlequin update? It looks to me like Mr &Mrs Aimless are trying to create a dispute in order to stop any bankruptcy proceedings against them.

    That would suggest that is his weakness go for it ,’you disgruntled investors’ hit him where it hurts.
    Bankrupt the little runt.

  318. Anonymous

    Funny how in Ames’ update he makes no mention of loosing an injunction preventing the 24 from pursuing him.

    My my, is Ames sweating it out now I wonder? , and what’s all this about Wilkins Kennedy, wasn’t Ames telling us about damning evidence 9 months ago, yet no deal?????

    Ames is now fighting in the UK, not St. Vincent, the UK, He has to win, he has no choice, he looses here, he looses everything, absolutely everything.

    And all those shady property transactions in Dubai with Senka Besiviric will come out.

    Along with lots lots lots lots more.

    Crack on mate, it’s time the world sees you and your family and colleagues for what you are.

  319. The List

    How many others have the Marcus James client list, the list Gareth Fatchett was throwing around like confetti, the one Ames says is “his” confidential client list. The one with nearly 2 thousand names, the one which shows how much everyone was willing to spend?

    The one found on a train. Did Gareth Fatchett leave it on a train. ???

  320. HMP to receive more inmates very soon

    it about time the world fell in on the crooks life and his family
    sure they will see crime was good at the time, but now there is high price to pay….no such thing as a free lunch … unless your are a guest at hmp :-0)

  321. Anonymous

    Funny how the HP trolls have kept very quiet about the WK e mails. Come on Jezza what about a comment? DA mentioned it 9 months ago and WK have been fighting it ever since. Deal will be coming soon.

  322. Anon

    @ Anonymous 1.19 pm, the emails lol, what emails lol, like the progress on H Hotel, like the case against the ” disgruntled ” investors, the same investors that dropped the case last October,

    Or the SFO investigation, the one that Ames says is about to be dropped, remember Manchester 2013, the meeting ???? Where Ames claimed the SFO were dropping the case.

    Go away little boy and play with yourself lol

    I would guess Ames is praying for a deal, because my guess is he will be bankrupt within 12 months lol

  323. “Go away little boy and play with yourself” Ah the informed comment from a frustrated troll. When all else fails try the silly childish approach. Bet your mother would be proud of you.

  324. WK play Ames at his own game.

    They will simply drag things out and wait for Stumpy to go bust = No claim.

  325. Only takes one success

    RL have 350 demand clients.
    RL have 1000+ redress clients.

    Two entirely different client banks. One direct investors, the other SIPP investors.

    RL will invest into taking Harlequin down. Remember, Harlequin generated the SRA complaint. Yes, they used a patsy, but the idea sits at the door of his internal lawyers, Bob PHIG and the Vicar. Now that the SRA have closed their file, RL will seek payback.

    Just to make it really clear, RL have enough money on their client account to pay for the winding up petitions and to lose everyone. Eg, they have nothing at all to lose.

    Alongside this RL have the 1000+ redress claims. That is one hell of a war chest to deploy.

    Remember, in the war of attrition will try and paint a terrible picture for the demand clients – costs, certain defeat etc. However, if those perils are already managed, what have they got to lose ?

    As a side point 350 people is hardly a small group. It is broad based and does not contain any of those people who are considered as disgruntled. They are outside this site and game generally.

    If and when Harlequin blink, then RL will flatly refuse to talk to them.

    By the end of September, winding up petitions will have been issued. Costs of issuing them about $25,000.00. Bargain.

    Harlequin will then need to fight them all off. That involves hard cash, which Harlequin can ill afford.

    Add to this the CLC action, then the time and commitment from Ames will be huge.

    Something will get through.

  326. Anonymous

    @Otos…..do you promise

  327. The Leak

    The GV fears bankruptcy above all else. He just wants the WK money then disappear. He has absolutely no intention of giving it to investors – it’s his.

  328. The Leak

    Dan Abrams has been putting the ‘feelers’ out for a new job, he knows whats coming next. Andy Regan, is mulling over an actual job offer.

  329. Anon

    Carter Lemon Cameron are apparently working behind the scenes with Kennedys lawyers for Willkins Kennedy. If true this is possibly the pincer movement that Ames is fearing most. Carter Lemon Cameron appear to be pressing ahead with their pursuit of Mr and Mrs Ames. Richard Spector of ELS failed to obtain an injunction preventing Carter Lemon Cameron from pursuing Mr and Mrs Ames, Mr and Mrs Ames are now pursuing Carter Lemon Cameron’s clients for false representations, exactly what Carter Lemon Cameron’s clients were aledging against the Ames’.

    Project demand by Regulatory Legal has hit somewhat of an impasse, this is down to a technicality with the Stat demands, that being the contractual figure owing to Regulatory Legals clients cannot clearly be defined as a result of the yet to be determined cross charges by some of the Ames companies.

    This does bring the Regulatory Legal action to a halt and the ensuing threat to the Ames’ from that camp has been negated.

    It may very well be the case that the apparent cooperation between Carter Lemon Cameron and Kennedys will finally deal a fatal blow to the Ames’ family and companies.

    The upcoming UK court actions between the Ames’ and the Carter Lemon Cameron clients will make for some interesting developments, and I expect that the Ames’ and their legal team may very well be shocked by the possible aggressive stance that the Carter Lemon Clients might take.

    It will also be interesting to see if Ames updates us on any further proceedings if any do exist in the Wilkins Kennedy case, Ames informed us of an order he alledges was obtained from the UK courts forcing Wilkins Kennedy to hand over incriminating emails yet Ames failed to publish the order of the court.

    To date I have been unable to obtain a copy of any such order from the UK courts, however as soon as I obtain any public documents from the UK courts pertaining to the Ames’ or their companies I will post them on BFP.

    On a seperate but not entirely unrelated note perhaps, the published accounts for ELS Ames’ UK lawyers make for interesting reading,

  330. Strict caution

    I think you will find its a much bigger pincer movement than you imagine. You need to add the SFO, HMRC and of course the mad Irish man into the mix.

  331. Richards sphincter is twitching

    What will happen to ELS if Little Legs goes bump?

    I’m not a legal man or accountant but it would appear ELS look a little be over exposed.

    I wonder if Little Legs pays them or it’s a no win no fee in regards to the WK?


  332. Anonymous

    Strict Caution, like you would know any facts. You are not party to them, you are a nobody.

  333. Anonymous

    WK has always been NWNF.

  334. Thomas Levy

    Be nice to Mr Spector. Rosh Hashanah starts this evening.

  335. Portia

    Oy vey ! The quality of mercy has definitely been strained…

  336. Only fools

    Anybody who things the various fractions don’t exchange information on Stumpy are as deluded as him.

    I think we could throw in the Official Receiver, to the long list too.

  337. Dubia Property Scam

    Any news on this £10 million issue 😉

  338. Why not ask Buccament Bay ex General Manager

    Looks like he seen the writing on the wall and decided not to work with the deluded one.


  339. Anonymous

    What relevance does the finances of ELS have?

    I couldn’t give a toss, it’s my shot to pieces pension that I think is relevant

  340. Anonymous

    Thought Shipleys were going to bust Harlequin 2 years ago when the intercompany debt gets called in?

    Why didn’t that happen?

    Can Daves disco do a request? Can I have “Dreamer” played for the 24 and the Project Demand last chance saloon idiots

  341. Anonymous

    Perhaps the CPC accounts are of more interest. Will the lemmings be asked for another cash injection?

  342. Anonymous

    Who’s the idiot? Investigated by the SFO and says they stopped their investigation. Sold a product which didn’t have mortgages & finance, now can’t get either because he’s a twice bankrupt little dwarf who’s son is a CONVICTED fraud. That alone would kill your credit rating let alone all the shit that he’s done after the fact.

    Maybe someone should explain to him that you can’t sue your way to success. Many have tried. Don’t see them swilling in profits. Nor is the stump, he’s hanging on with the skin of his little teef.

    Maybe you need a disco, because you’ll have to face the music soon. Either Ames will be hauled in or he’ll go bust. Hopefully both, and maybe much more.

  343. Terry White

    “Anonymous” Sep 13 1:26pm, Please can you give us a synopsis of the current Harlequin financial position? As a pensioner who’s money has been used by your company to build 2 operating businesses, I’d like to know the state of affairs, particularly considering my unit is now 5 years overdue. I’d also like to know where I can submit a refund request. Thank you.

  344. He married the goods he imported

    Terry, why don’t you direct your questions directly to Harlequin? If you are looking for facts then this isn’t the site to be on, this site is just comedy.

    Alternatively you could call Paul Walton, the obese, bald, slum landlord who married an Easyern European anal whore he imported.

    He will make you some lies up as fact.

  345. He married the goods he imported


  346. Anonymous

    So it’s not just cheap wall paper and cheap housing, also cheap whores!

    Paul, I know you mustn’t have much luck with women but to import a cheap busted up anal crack whore and marry her is a worse decision than investing in Harlequin!

  347. Coward

    What a vile cowardly thing to say about someone who stood up to the gormless goblin.
    Without the likes of Paul Walton, Ames would have been allowed to continue scamming people, Shame on you.

  348. Cowardly HP trolls

    Hear, hear.
    Looks like the trolls in the Basildon Bunker haven’t got anything better to do today.

  349. Wasn’t there a comment earlier in this thread about someone sucking DA dick? And your condemnation was where exactly. Two faced anti HP trolls at it again!

  350. Cowardly HP trolls

    I didn’t see it. It is just as disgusting and offensive and I condemn it for its vulgarity.

  351. Paddies droopy willy

    Paddy, did you ever get your manhood working? Imagine after spending all that money on a rug munching lesbo and she dumps you for not being able to get a stiffy on 😉

  352. Nikki nicked the cash

    Re: When do you actually get the original Title deeds
    Postby Fly380 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:55 am

    In my case having used Atlas International and their then lawyers Aroca Sequeir in 2003 – you don’t. The builder misappropriated my money and went bust. (Tecnologia Urbanistica). Still trying but spending a lot on lawyers. I originally – 2012 – was approached by CPC Worldwide of Durham by the boss Nikki Crozier. After being lifted of £27,000 by her I discovered that in another life she was called Audrey Dixon and owned Oasis Properties of Torrevieja. She absconded with over 2 million euros of clients money and is wanted in Spain after she failed to turn up to her court hearing in Vera. I am now being represented by a good company in La Zenia along with quite a few others and we are going for the lawyer as the bank expects us to pay off the builder’s mortgage! Twice as much as the house is worth! It’s going to take a while. The 1st hearing in Torre is delayed as the judge is pregnant. Only in Spain. Couldn’t they find a replacement? Obviously not.

  353. Anonymous

    I have no idea what the last two posts have to do with the fact that Mr and Mrs Ames and their companies have abjectly failed to honour their contracts with their thousands of clients.

    Shortly the Ames’ will face their hour of reckoning, if they win their latest UK claim it may buy them some time but will not solve their problems, of course if they loose, well that’s the end of the matter, they will be made bankrupt, their lawyers ELS will probably follow suit given the precarious state of their accounts,

    So Ames has all to play for.

  354. Anon

    @ Nikki nicked the cash.

    How much did you invest in Harlequin?

  355. Nikki nicked the cash

    Paddy and Crazier work together, both are con merchants. Go figure.

    I invested nothing in Harlequin, far too risky.

  356. Nikki nicked the cash

    I wonder why there are no photographs, not one, of Crazier in the internet.

  357. Walton's wife takes it up the chuff

    All them types like it up the wrong un.

  358. Harlequin Criminal Inspection

    Harlequin is still being investigated by the SFO and Essex Police.

  359. Clapped out old hooker and a clapped out old Bentley

    I don’t think the East European anal whore wife is the only Walton that takes it in the kak pipe.

    Paul’s faggy looking wannabe pop star son looks like he likes to be on the receiving end of a pork sword

  360. Anonymous

    Looks to me like the Harlequin bullies in the bunker have been upset. Picking on children and women is about as tough as they can get.

  361. Anon

    @ Nikki nicked the cash.

    So why are you on here? This thread is about Dave Ames and his companies and their failure to build what they were paid to build.

    Given that you did not invest why come on here, especially in the month that Carter Lemon Cameron and CPC Workdwide gave Ames one hell of a bloody nose.

    Remember the Ames’ have failed in one injunction application to prevent Carter Lemon Caneron from proceeding with bankruptcy petitions . That application was last week and it was thrown out.

  362. Special uncle

    Maybe the reason why Fatchet is so close to Walton is because of his son!

  363. Phew what a scorcher! 25C

    The latest TA reviews aren’t very good either.
    Looks like the AC at BB needs a good service too.

  364. Remind me how much?

    And Ames has out maneuvered them.

    How much will it have cost the lemming in legal fees?

    How much have the received from Ames?

    How much has CLC and Audrey Dixon had in fees?

  365. Audrey Dixon

    Nikki Crozier DOB 21.September 1968.

    WTF that’s the best laugh I’ve had since people believed she was not Audrey Dixon and still keep paying it.

  366. Minus 25C in Bob's hot tub

    @Remind me how much?
    Do tell us then Bob. Seeing as you know all about it.

  367. necrophilia

    I recon Chris is lofting one up Audrey’s arse.

  368. Wind me up x 3

    Winding winding winding.

    That’s 3 windings. October 2015. Game on.

  369. @-25 in de hot tub mon. Not even effing close. When all else fails try a wind up punt. Sad git.

  370. Anonymous

    What sort of sicko would bring into this someone son & more worryingly search for some information online for them – it’s sick.

    All this talk of anal this and anal that is simply twisted – get help.

  371. Sid

    I thought September was going to be Armageddon for HP. Is there a specific date in September we should be looking forward to, or will September roll into Oct…Nov etc etc?

  372. Oh dear. You are obviously new on here. How do you feel about a twisted git, Angela, rejoicing in the death of a loved one? You really are a niave person aren’t you. BFP stands for anything goes. If you are that thin skinned join the WI.

  373. Shuffel off this mortal coil.

    With you as a son, ya mothers better off dead, Bob.

  374. Trying to prove you know Shakespeare or read the Daily Mail? Again you are sooooo wide of the mark you could be called Antony.

  375. The Dim Reaper

    Someone really must have upset the Harlequin camp!
    I just love it.
    Maybe the troll has been told to work for his crumb.

    Toodle pip


  376. Anonymous

    Sid, Carter Lemon Cameron have commenced enforcement proceedings against Mr and Mrs Ames in the UK. Mr and Mrs Ames are fighting Babkruptcy and the loss of their properties.

    Mr and Mrs Ames lost an injunction application last week in the UK courts, they had hoped to obtain an injunction preventing Carter Lemon Cameron from pursuing Mr and Mrs Ames for the enforcement of an agreed debt ” The Agreement”.

    Mr and Mrs Ames have now initiated a law suit against 24 clients of Carter Lemon Cameron, all of whom are investors in Harlequin, accusing them of making false representations which enticed Mr and Mrs Ames into signing an agreement to pay the 24 clients the monies the clients were owed by virtue of their contracts.

    Mr and Mrs Ames have also failed to have the freezing orders against them removed.

    Ames had referred to the 24 clients of Carter Lemon Cameron as “Disgruntled” investors. However it is these “Disgruntled” investors who have finally brought the battle for justice back to the UK where their claims are being dealt with in a manner we expect from the Justice system.

    The Ames’ and their supporters would have you believe that the 24 ” Disgruntled” investors are loosing the battle, yet it is the Ames’ who lost their injunction and their bid to rid themselves of the burden of the freezing orders.

    Why do you think that the Ames’ and or their supporters have reverted to the posting of personal attacks on all those they suspect of colluding to bring down the family and their businesses.

    When Ames issues updates on the progress of litigation it is a sure sign that the Ames’ are on the ropes, we have had numerous updates on the progress of the Wilkins Kennedy case, most of not all is a work of fiction. We have been told a deal is around the corner for two years now, yet with 10 months to go to the trial, there is no sign of a deal.

    September is indeed a very bad month for the Ames’ and their companies, the recent activity on BFP and the latest updates from Ames and his companies is testimony to this.

  377. HMP to receive more inmates very soon... please

    @anon a sensible and factual post that actually relates to the matter at hand..thanks

    I wish the CLC 24 every success they seem to be on course to achieve….will be so funny if they win, obtain recompense and obtain a return for the 24 investors….will certainly be interesting to see who gets the blame for this potential mis-carriage of justice by bob no hope

  378. Jane

    The question has been asked?
    It is total war against against Ames on Friday.

  379. Yeah yeah

    Total war, don’t make me laff you dickwad. Just carry on keeping Crazier in wigs and false titties.

    To call her mutton dressed as lamb is insulting to mutton.

    More like ya can’t polish a turd

  380. Interested Trader

    The Ames’ could have averted this long ago. It will take one successful claim against them to open the floodgates. It seems the present get-out they’re using is inconsistencies in the amounts claimed. Once that is fixed, victims will be queuing for their piece of the carcass.

    The Ames’ should have opened the company up to a more liquid investment structure – giving investors equity and dividends from the profits. Completions on rooms would have meant larger shares of dividends (equity dilution), which would have given everyone an equal footing, and at least something to show for their toil. At present, no-one is better off in any way. Even the “completed” victims have to contend with the woeful management of BB and Blu.

    What we’re seeing now is the work of years’ of legal wrangling. Why Ames has refused to budge from his advantageous position is obvious – he’s scared of losing it all. But lose it all he will, if and when the legal system works. He’ll lose his freedom too.

  381. Warthogs over Wickford

    “Missold, mismanaged, miscast” 3/5

    The latest review on TA.

    By no stretch of the imagination can Buccament Bay be labelled a bad resort. Rooms are amongst the best in the Caribbean. The pool design is eye-catching and the usual caribbean welcome is turned up to ‘max’.

    Where Buccament Bay falls short is in casting. Its a good family-with-younger-children type of place…a sort of low-stress Mark Warner with rum. For our group without younger children, the resort is not to be recommended.
    There’s also a fair degree of mismanagement. The best loungers I’ve ever used are, as the resort expands, already in seriously short supply.
    The bizarre lack of glasses for drinks, disappearing beach towels, and inconsistent room service is puzzling. Serving a rum and coke in a paper water cup really isn’t an acceptable, charming, caribbean quirk…its just plain poor. Its almost like the resort has cashflow problems.

    Some fundamentals also need fixing. The bar is off-putting and very few people spent time there. The entertainment spot is too small. For a very big resort its seriously short on good spaces for relaxing. With plans to double in size, this is only going to get worse. Talking of entertainment the nightly serving of Carpenters tracks didn’t cap a wonderful evening.

    Dining is the typical standard…reasonable food with wildly variable service. Some staff are so good its a shame to see them let down. High on the naughty list is the once-a-week restaurant, Jacks. Self-important for no discernible reason, Jacks is just not worth the effort. And they insist on men wearing long trousers.

    Most evenings were something we were grateful to get over and done with, its that bad. Who thinks cheesy songs, an unwelcoming bar and a few chairs make for a good experience. On yeah…myopic management.

    Our room, towards the back of the resort, was quite a hike to the beach/pool, and twice in 10 days we were treated to the emptying of the septic tank located beside our front door. At 7am. With a noisy pump. Luckily the smell did go by lunchtime.

    This is typical. A decent resort let down by poor management, wrongly sold as a tropical paradise when it should be a family activity hub (in 38 degrees, very odd concept). If the place can decide what it is, cut out the errors, fix the layout and can the self-importance, it would be going in the right direction.

  382. But to a rough Geordie who looks like a man

    See this on TA from Maria A

    7. Re: Merricks Resort – Oh Dear
    18 May 2013, 12:52
    CPC Worldwide is run by a woman who faces many charges in Spain for running away with 2 million plus euros of ex pats money and is now behind this company. Her real name is Audrey Dixon and she now uses the alias Elizabeth Crozier. Check her out online. This company is meant to be retrieving money fro investors in Harlequin and yet is run by a complete scammer. You investors need to know the truth behind this company. Check her out on google. Former owner of Oasis Spanish Properties. If she ever returns to Spain she faces 11 years in prison.

  383. No doubt

    Will never give up and there are a lot of friends in our family.

    So there are problems.

    Sick, I don’t think so. ” You never know. “

  384. No doubt

    Sorry no problems.

  385. Support always

    I want to catch up with those “two” bum lawyers at Harlequin who have peddled lie upon lie supporting Ames. Join us.

  386. Liar, Liar, Liar.

    @Support always
    And how does one do that?
    It’s actually 3:
    Simon Terry (left)
    Dan Abrahams
    Andy Regan

  387. Dave's Disco

    We the ‘recently abused’ have a special message for Little Legs.

  388. I too, can use Google.

    That is irrelevant nothing on his record. Please try harder.

  389. Look what I found!!!

    The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
    Constituted under the Solicitors Act 1974 ___________________________________________________________________________
    DATE OF HEARING: MONDAY 19 JANUARY 2015 at 10.00 a.m.
    COURT 5
    Substantive Hearing (Part Heard)
    No. 11151/2013 RICHARD SPECTOR Solicitor
    Applicant: Jonathan Goodwin
    Before: Mr R Nicholas (Chairman) Mr D Green
    Mr M G Taylor CBE DL

  390. Anonymous

    Not so sure about that. I think it might be far more relevant then the posts about Mr Walton, Mrs Crozier et al.

    Has it ever dawned on anyone why Mrs Crozier, Gareth Fatchett, Regulatory Legal and now the Davies 24 get mentioned in Harlequin dispatches yet Harlequin / Ames and their supporters appear not to have mentioned nor attacked Carter Lemon Caneron. How odd??

  391. Anonymous

    I think the attacks are simpley because Ames is on the ropes.
    I suspect the attackers assume NK works for CLC and therefor it’s an attack on them.
    Walton, well, he brought RL into this because (according to rumour) are both Freemasons

    Good luck to the 24 disgruntled investors, stay strong because Ames will play dirty.

    All in all, it’s just a horrible way for Harlequin and his puppets to act.

  392. Anonymous

    Those Harlequin updates are utter shit. They should be explaining the current state of the business – information like monthly occupancy rates, profit/loss, revenue, expectations within the business. It should detail budgets and build schedules etc. Litigation may form part of the update, but shouldn’t be the sole piece of information.

    All the details Ames is willing to divulge is speculative hearsay about non-existent building projects, coupled with diatribe against individuals. He does realize that RL is more than Gareth Fatchett, right? In short, he has no grip on business at all. Saw the pound signs, now he’s having to pick up the pieces.

    Expect the vitriol to get much worse from the little one. RL’s clients aren’t going anywhere (they have to buy their NWNF contract out for £250/hour if they do).

  393. A cautious move the 24 throw thier hand in.....

    The 24 disgruntled investors have had enough,they want to negotiate with Harlequin because they know they have a very, very weak case.

    No bankruptcy. You heard it hear first folks 😉

  394. A sad fact

    That was Ames plan all along – run them out of money.

    He will somehow of gauged their ‘affordability’ and exploited the weakness. Don’t forget when you invested the agent had information regarding your financial position – this would have no doubt gone to Stumpy.

    The poor blighters will never see a penny, add the legal fees onto the original investment it’s a double hit.

  395. Anonymous

    He’ll run it into the ground anyway. People like him are criminally minded, it’s like gambling, an affliction of the brain. He’d not going to be building, so all the contracts are worthless. Even if he escapes any new litigation, RL, SFO, FSCS, HMRC, he still has the challenge of actually making it a profitable business. He won’t do that. He’ll just sell up, “liquidate” thinking he’s “won”, of course keeping any WK money.

  396. What has Corny achieved?

    Apart from taking effing big fees for himself and Crazier, what now?
    What did they do wrong to allow Ames to take legal action against their 24 clients?

  397. Wake up.

    @ Anonymous
    September 15, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    What WK money? He has to win first. That’s years off and Harlequin won’t last that long.

  398. The Gods must be crazy..........

    Isn’t there something kafkaesque about English law if Ames can
    prevail over the “24” even though a court has already ruled in their favor.

  399. Anonymous

    @Wake Up.

    haha yes.

  400. Crazier & Corney's full pockets

    And how much did it cost clients for abject failure? They really did drop a clanger on this one, not for themselves of course.

    SRA complaint???

  401. Anonymous

    In a sign of absolute desperation Ames and or his supporters speak about the 24 clients of Carter Lemon Cameron as if they were going to loose a “case”????????????????

    Let’s be clear here. Mr and Mrs Ames entered into an agreement “The Agreement” with the 24 clients. Now Mr and Mrs Ames are saying the 24 clients lied to them and as a result the agreement should be annulled.

    It is Mr and Mrs Ames who lost round one of this latest battle not the Carter Lemon Cameron clients.

    Mr and Mrs Ames lost an injunction application in the UK Courts last week which had the injunction been granted would have prevented the 24 Carter Lemon Cameron clients from enforcing the terms of “The Agreement”.

    Yet a week later we have the Ames’ and or their supporters trying to convince us that the Carter Lemon Cameron 24 are throwing in the towel. On the contrary the battle is about to intensify.

  402. Anonymous

    But, if they lied that’s wrong, is it not? How much did this cost to get to this stage?
    Looks to me like they have lost the fight and the money (twice)

  403. The twist

    How much will that cost to ‘intensify’ the battle? How long will that take?
    What if Ames declares himself bankrupt – not like he’s a newcomer to it.

  404. The Gods must be crazy..........

    What was it that they lied about?

  405. Anonymous

    Who said the 24 have thrown in the towel? Remember the last time someone from Harlequin said the case had been “dropped”…

  406. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 9.47, the Ames’ are claiming that the 24 are lying, again this is the Ames’ word on events, and we all know that the Ames’ don’t seem to comprehend what telling the truth means. So why should we believe the Ames’ now.

    As for the costs of the cases for the 24 don’t worry about that, they are being underwritten by a number of parties.

  407. Now who's the liar!!!

    Yeah right!!
    The muppets pay Crazier even more for no results

    ”As for the costs of the cases for the 24 don’t worry about that, they are being underwritten by a number of parties.”

  408. Anonymous

    One of the “24” should start a GoFundMe and I bet a lot of us
    would gladly contribute.

  409. Anonymous

    @ The twist 9.50 am.

    The 24 clients are preparing to apply to have Dave and Carol Ames made bankrupt amongst other things, Dave and Carol Ames unsuccessfully sought to have an injunction granted to prevent this from happening, they failed.

    I rather doubt the Ames’ will go bankrupt voluntarily, anyway aside from that, why would the Ames’ wish to go bankrupt, they are afterall telling us that all is well, indeed exceptional with their 2 award winning 5 star resorts.

    So the money must be rolling in, after all how can the Ames’ be funding all this litigation,

    Now hold that thought for a moment, where are the Ames’ getting all that cash?, the Ames’ are still the subject of a freezing order in the UK. This looks like it will become interesting.

    One last thing, the Ames’ and their legal representative in the UK had hoped that the legal representative in the UK for the 24 would roll over and have his/her tummy tickled. Well it’s no longer representative its representatives.

  410. Now who's the liar!!!

    So why didn’t the number of parties help before, utter tosh. Ames will bankrupt them.

  411. Anonymous

    @ Now who’s the liar,

    I would not be so quick to scoff at the idea that the 24 have some very keen backers with deep pockets.

    There are many out there who want to see this while mess with the Ames’ concluded.

    I am afraid you don’t know what you are talking about here.

    You are also referring to an ongoing case which if the Ames’ and their legal team were to be believed had been dropped last October.

  412. Anonymous

    @ Who’s the liar now!!
    Who said they haven’t? And why would Ames want to make his investors bankrupt ????

    The 24 are afterall investors, or is this just an outright threat to anyone who wishes to enforce the their contractual terms.

    It is investors like the 24 who gave Ames the money, so please take your threats elsewhere and stop being such an ass. Many people including the 24 have had enough of the threats, lies and bully boy tactics from Dave and Carol Ames.

  413. Anonymous

    I’d rather bankrupt myself than give a penny more to the dwarf. Roll on the case, let’s get him put behind bars forever.

  414. Anon

    Richard given that you monitor this forum on an almost constant basis, do you not cringe when you see the sometimes pathetic posts from those who support your “paymaster”, (subject of course to you winning the cases.)

    Or perhaps you are the one posting the pathetic comments, some would claim that the pathetic posts have your grubby paw prints all over them. I very much doubt it given that you would wish to uphold the ethics of your profession and rise above all that.

    Others would say that you have acted in an utterly unethical manner and in a manner that does not befit the position you hold.

    Again who am I to say, I suppose this may all come out one day.

  415. Potate head Paudrie

    Paudrie, given you spend your life on this forum, do you not cringe at being found guilty by an Irish Court?

  416. Potatoe head Paudrie

    * Potatoe 😉

  417. Paudrie and his weight problem.

    So difficult when one is on the phone, I will let the spelling police have some fun.

  418. CLC & RL V's Ames Round one.


    Is your contract worth the paper it is written on ?

    It might be worthwhile turning up your investor contract at clause 12. You will know what your “Target Completion Date” is. The clause is very clear. If after 12 month of the “Target Completion Date” the Seller (Harlequin) has not transferred the property to the investor, the investor is entitled to terminate the contract and require repayment. There is a period of time 30/60/90 days within which the deposit amount has to be repaid. All investor contracts have similar provisions.

    We have demanded repayment for our investor clients. Our total Project Demand group involves 344 investors. Our demands span Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia and Dominican Republic. The bulk of the demands sare close to being out of the 30/60/90 day periods.

    Harlequin via their lawyers (ELS) have responded to the demands. In our opinion, their response tells us that Harlequin have no real intention of repaying anyone.

    The primary argument is that because our clients have not demanded repayment before now, they are now prevented from doing so. If this is correct, then no investor will ever have the ability to require repayment. It will also have the knock on effect of removing much of the creditor liability which sits within the Harlequin companies. £400m of liability removed in one swift movement.

    Our view is that if this is allowed to stand then £400m of investor money has been lost simply because people did not demand repayment earlier. Our opinion is that many people held back from demanding because they attended Harlequin meetings, received their updates which foretold finance, investment and progress. Our clients have lost faith in Harlequin and want their monies returned.

    We do not need to get into the specifics, but the Harlequin argument will be tested across the Caribbean. If Harlequin are right, then this would be a severe blow to investors. If Harlequin are wrong, then they will either repay investors or face the prospect of liquidation.

    “Davies 24”

    We have made a direct offer to the solicitors working for the Davies 24 to provide them assistance and resource in making a strike out application in the new David & Carol Ames proceedings. We await their response as to our suggestion of a united investor approach. After all, their clients want their money back and so do ours.


    To call an investor “disgruntled” because they seek repayment under their contract speaks volumes. If that makes us “disgruntled” solicitors, then so be it.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  419. Anonymous

    Certainly a measured update from RL. I wonder what the legal technicality would be about people demanding their monies returned? Surely the same can be said about Harlequin, their demands for completion have come far too late.

    For those wondering why Harlequin would be so obtuse, think about it from diddy’s shoes for a minute. If he gave even one inch to people, especially those who are the main bracket of Harlequin victims, the whole lot will come tumbling in. He has to remain completely aloof of any proceedings in order to draw it out long enough to stand a chance of a successful liquidation. To think he’s going to build is wishful if not deluded.

    This is the work of a loser my friends. Ames does not have the profits to provide returns. He’s running on fumes, abusing the legal system in order to get money enough to retire. I’m surprised he’s not embroiled in a benefits scam or something. He’s shown how low some people will go in order to steal money. Let’s hope the courts see a brighter perspective.

    Oh and that one guy questioning RL’s “project demand” numbers, it looks like they have 344.

  420. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Read this carefully:
    ”We have made a direct offer to the solicitors working for the Davies 24 to provide them assistance and resource in making a strike out application in the new David & Carol Ames proceedings. We await their response as to our suggestion of a united investor approach. After all, their clients want their money back and so do ours.”

    Am I correct in thinking RL will help on a pro bono to get the thing squashed?
    Surly two united law firms would be the thing of Ames worst nightmares?

    Why would anyone refuse that?

  421. Anonymous

    I suppose if it is a Paudrie who ever that is, who is posting on here and you have proof of it and if it’s not true, what this Paudrie is saying then Ames can sue him for gazillions.

    if you mean the builder, well according to Ames the builder is appealing the whole case, so that story ain’t finished.

    But look Spector is now saying investors have no come back, lol, this is the best yet.

    I doubt Ames will be around for very much longer, it looks like he has his hands full with the Davies 24. The SFO, The FCA, HMRC …………………

    Toodle pip 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  422. Anonymous

    Could this be true?

  423. Anonymous

    “Target completion date” What is a “target”? Something to aim for/at? Different to an actual date I would have thought.

  424. Corney and Fatchet are fraternal brothers

    Corney is a Freemason, Fatchett and Walton are Freemasons. Most of the SFO are ex plod, so no doubt there is a high proportion of them are in the ‘special club’

    Odd this coming out the day AFTER the SFO closed the survey down.

  425. Anonymous

    @ Blue Anonymous
    You are neither clever nor funny…

  426. But you must be honest loverly Laura is worth a sausage?

  427. Anonymous

    So Harlequin are “extremely close” to recommence development on two projects? What happened to them starting on H in Q1 2015? A lie.

    If they don’t have the funds to pay people back, or even run their own resorts to a standard befitting the 5* sticker, I have a very difficult time believing they are in a position to even think about starting on two projects.

    Not much more than hollow rhetoric I’m afraid. Right out of the propagandists’ handbook – drag them onto the next lie. If Harlequin is around in 18 months, it will be a miracle. They’ve spent people’s money and are now unable to deliver their promises.

  428. @black anonymous. Ooh not got the hots for Laura have we? Every time Snatchett writes something on here Laura repeats it. Good job she has a script writer don’t you think.

  429. Smash the cancer

    Will CLC take RL’s offer? They should as it can only benefit their clients to have a cohesive attack on Ames and his disgusting family of cancer cells.

  430. Food for thought.

    Maybe, CLC want all the fees for themselves and object to RL meddling. If the case gets dropped so does CLC fees.

  431. The View from Brierley Hill


    We have posed this very simple question to Daniel Abrams, in house solicitor at Harlequin and Richard Spector of their lawyers ELS.

    “Are there any circumstances in which Harlequin will repay investor deposits ?”

    It will be very telling whether we receive an answer or are simply ignored. We intend to publish any responses received.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  432. Jesus RL your states aim is to put HP out of business and you try and ask little pally questions. I’ve got a little question for you. What will Citizen Laura’s next little work of art contain?

  433. Anonymous

    Wee bit childish here RL.

    It’s not like Harlequin in-house lawyers are going to explain under which circumstances their master will pay out refunds contractually due. It’s their job to defend against that. Why don’t you just knuckle down and get the court proceedings underway?

    The little dwarf can’t run a business to save his life, he’ll do more damage to himself than you ever could. Just stick to the routine, keep poking holes in the business model, alert authorities and help them with their criminal investigations.

  434. HMP to receive more inmates very soon... please

    @ anon Thinks that is a good question RL has asked Harlequin….. and any reputable company would confirm the criteria for the requested refund…but we all know they wont get an answer… but then that is more evidence that the scheme was and is a Ponzi con.

  435. Anonymous

    Any reputable company would have set procedures in place to rectify the issue. Of course, Harlequin doesn’t have that because it’s a scam.

    RL just need to take them to court in the Caribbean and be done with it. Something has to give way soon enough, the FOS FSCS and FCA have all judged negatively towards Harlequin. They won’t raise any capital, won’t be able to deliver the “mortgages” they promised, and are buying time. Their business will slowly erode whether they like it or not.

  436. The thing of Dave's nightmares

    RL have actually put Ames into a real tizzy, just imagine the two law firms sharing information.

    Just imagine if if the two joined forces with WK…….

  437. Ames will not answer the question, albeit a very good one. It will just show that Ames will not / cannot give any money back.

    Then RL can report the fact back ” Mr Ames has refused to answer the question and will not give your money back under any circumstances”

  438. Anonymous

    They are not the only players in town.

    There is immense pressure on Ames.

  439. Paddy says no!

    It’s a well know fact the Irish builder is behind the 24. He controls what goes on, he is in regular contact with them all. The main man.

    Paddy has bankrolled the whole thing, to bring down Harlequin.
    He won’t allow the 24 to go with RL

  440. Warthogs over Wickford

    If Paddy has such deep pockets, why has Harlequin never pursued him for the $13 million it says it’s owed and the $2 million that it won in damages in Ireland over two years ago?

  441. Anonymous

    @Warthogs over Wickford

    Paddy was found guilty by a judge. That’s good enough for me. He basically took money from investors.

    Used the 24 to get back at Ames. If they lose they are in a huge mess.

    Please keep up.

  442. Warthogs over Wickford

    I simply asked why Ames hasn’t gone after the damages. He says he spent £6,137,537 on chasing Paddy to trial. To spend that and then not try to recover it seems insane.

    Paddy says no! states that Paddy is bankrolling the 24. If so, he must be loaded. So why has the Great Visionary not got the investors their cash back from Paddy?

    Do keep up!

  443. Paddy pissed his pampers

    Come on Paddy, we know you bank rolled it, don’t be such a little tinker!

  444. Warthogs over Wickford

    So I ask again: why has Harlequin not done anything to get the cash back?

  445. Anonymous Bosch

    @ anonymous 6.02pm

    No that is completely wrong. He basically didn’t take money from investors, Harelquin gave him investors’ money without bothering to out checks in place to determine he has actually completed the work he was being paid for. Big difference.

    The only way he could have got his hands on investors’ money is if he had been given it. Only a rank amateur developer would have allowed a situation like that to occur and so frankly any loss to the investors is down to the actions of Harlequin and nobody else. Investors gave their money to Harlequin and had a reasonable expectation that this would have been handled with professional care. It wasn’t.

  446. Anonymous Bosch

    * to put checks in place

  447. Anonymous Bosch

    ** he had actually completed

  448. Simple Question

    If Harlequin messed up so badly with £400m, what makes you think they’ll do any better with £30m (if they win the WK case)?

    Anonymous Bosch excellent point. The judge even commented on the lack of contract between the two parties.

  449. The brainwashed 24

    Greetings from IP

    Is Paddy running a training camp brainwashing investors into running suicide missions ? It will not be physical training as Paddy is a lump.

    24 people risk their homes and their livelihoods for a builder and his camp accountant mate. Sad. More sad than Bob or any of the others on this site.

    Let’s get this on and bring it to a close.

  450. Anonymous

    So, Paddy is a conman!

  451. Anonymous

    I’d forgotten about the absence of a contract between Ames and ICE.

    What an absolutely staggering act of negligence by Ames and Carole. They have absolutely no idea about the business of development, have they? Incomprehensibly incompetent. Well, not at deception and fraud. At that they are admirably competent. They’re still going, despite many, including the SFO, knowing they’re a couple of lying, thieving crooks.


    Equity Tax Limited – well worth a look.

    Looks to me as if Ames and Spector are well suited. I do not call Spector his real name anymore. I prefer to refer to him as “the Third Respondent”.

    Look at his accounts. He is piling money into ELS Legal LLP. Why ?

    How is he keeping the ship afloat ?

    That Equity Tax Limited is a nasty business. You could get a trip the SDT for that ! Oh, you did.

  453. Anonymous Bosch

    The investors didn’t sign a contract with an Irish builder. The investors didn’t sign a contract with a WK accountant. They signed a contract with a developer called Harlequin. As such only one legal entity had a duty of care to the investors and they mucked it up big time.

    If they failed to put basic provisions in place such as forming a contract with the builder (!) or actually properly overseeing the stage payments made to the builder then the blame can only be laid at one door.


    I am looking very closely at the ABTA license for Harlequin Travel.

    Say the booking money was being held in a client account of a US attorney. That would afford no protection to visitors.

    Say the visitor travels direct to BB. No ATOL with Harlequin Travel. No protection at all.

  455. Theef I hear you say!

    Paddy ripped off Ames – than makes his a good guy then??
    It makes his a liar and a conman.

  456. Not guilty.

    Spector has not been found guilty of anything. Unlike Paddykins.
    Please keep up.

  457. @the brainwashed 24 you know so little.

  458. Not guilty.

    No accounts have been filed for Equity Tax Ltd, explain how this is a nasty business and well worth a look.

    Better stick to building blocks and tarmac, Paddy.

    Remind me who can’t find work now?

  459. Anonymous

    Something must have happened again that has caused Ames and co to react in the manner in which they reacted last night.

    The Davies 24 must be doing a rather good job of frightening Mr and Mrs Ames at the moment.

    The reaction from those who support the Ames’ is typical and expected.

  460. Enemy at the gate

    I suspect the offer from RL has confused pretty much everyone, Ames, CLC, and investors.

    However, in my mind it makes perfect sense.
    Two law firms sharing intelligence, combining forces on one enemy.

    All it needs is for WK’s legal team to join the program !

    He can’t win, just a matter of time.

  461. Anonymous

    I have my doubts about the case against the builder, he is afterall appealling the case, and I have seen how Ames and his lawyers blatantly lie to serve their own needs.

    One minute Ames and his lawyers will say one thing, the next minute another, in what is now being seen as a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable.

    I also fail to see what relevance yesterday evenings posts had. You have 24 clients of Harlequin, investors, all who paid money over to Harlequin and the Ames’ in good faith, all of whom now hold breached contracts and are entitled to their money back,

    All of whom entered into an agreement with Ames for the return of their money, and now Ames, true to form is challenging this agreement on the grounds that the 24 clients engaged in some form of misrepresentation to get their money, yes, the same 24 clients, “THEIR MONEY” back.

    Monies originally given to Ames on the back of promises of “Guranteed” mortgages and defined completion dates, on the back of misrepresentations by Ames.

  462. Operation Uranus

    How do you know they have not be in contact with each other?

  463. A conversation between RL and WK solicitors would be interesting. Especially as Snatchett has said HP have a very strong case in his opinion.

  464. disparate reviews and brown stuff

    Meanwhile over at Buccament Bay more excrement flows. Good job the swimming pool is closing for essential repairs next week. I wonder if Harlequin has told their guests yet.

    See the latest TA review
    ‘…but danger lurks outside with plunge pool decking – very slippery and the boards dangerously lifting. Beware! Other negatives: limited pool towels often not available before travelling to the pool / beach; too few sun umbrellas at pool / beach meaning unless early you will miss out; chairs and loungers in need of replacement and damaged or broken; damaged shower equipment meaning danger of splinters from shower trays at beach; insufficient drinking glasses at bar areas; too few napkins at lunch / dinner; mosquito issues in evenings around bar / Bay restaurant area (wear long trousers and or plenty of repellent; no ice cream available due to cost controls in HQ for several days (cant have a holiday without ice-cream; toilets blocked / overflowed on 3 successive days (horrible!); Villa services hit and miss (so had to chase items requested constantly); snorkelling equipment broken / damaged and not fit for purpose; decking around pool area sub-standard and needs urgent work to replace or repair: staff need training and although very helpful and supportive often apologising for lack of basic resources.’


  465. True friends stab you in the front.

    I will be giving RL a call Monday morning.

    I have lost all faith in CLC, I get the feeling they want to go to trial – could they just be after more fees?

    I’m at the point where is just not viable to throw more money after bad.

  466. Quick Nikki,
    Help me….
    Say it was a mistake on your part,—an inadvertence,—and done without my knowledge.

  467. Jane

    I can see no good reason why anyone would turn down RL’s offer. That is of course, providing CLC have passed it on?

  468. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Nikki, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind*, hey Nikki, hey Nikki…

    *or, in Horny Corney’s case, perhaps something else…

  469. Anon

    Problems with Project Demand perhaps?

    1. The SDs are, almost certainly, flawed. The “new” style contracts (from c. March 2009 onwards) allow Harlequin to deduct (i.e. retain) its expenses in the event that the contract is terminated by the buyer. H will argue that the quantum specified in the SD is wrong as the expenses have not been quantified. Therefore the SD is invalid. Therefore the court must agree to set the SD aside and H will, I am sure, make an application for costs against the buyer.

    2. I suspect H will also argue that the delay is covered by its definition of force majeure. This is incredibly widely drawn in the “new” contracts. As far as I know, none of the Caribbean jurisdictions in which RL will attempt enforcement has anything resembling the Unfair Contract Terms Act and so there is little scope for the court to say that the term is unenforceable. After all, no one forced any buyer to enter into the contract. It is not H’s fault is they were too lazy/stupid/greedy to get the contract vetted by an independent lawyer before signing.

    3. For some – i.e. those who have contracts for the bits of BB that have actually been built – H will have demanded completion. The buyers can’t complete. H will therefore argue that the buyer is the one in breach of contract and so the deposit is forfeit. Alternatively, they could make counter demands for the full completion monies and threaten bankruptcy proceedings against the affected buyers.

    4. The contracts provide for a dispute resolution mechanism and governing law in the country in which the development is situated. In respect of Merricks, RL have said they will seek enforcement in SVG. On simple forum conveniens grounds, I think any SD issued there will be challenged because is registered as an external company in Barbados and so the papers should be served there.

    5. More generally, H will point out that there has been no attempt to follow the dispute resolution mechanism and therefore the issuing of SDs is an abuse of process. Whether the courts will give this argument much truck is anyone’s guess.

  470. Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición

    Something is going on, I did hear that the information about RL’s offer has not reached their clients.

    I wonder why?

  471. What the 24 don't know.

    They have a spy in the camp.

  472. Anonymous

    A spy or a guardian angel ??

    At least they have a bloody good legal team. And are up for the fight.

    Best of luck guys, keep up the pressure, it will come good.

  473. Robert

    Dave may well know and is being very carefull about starting rebuilding work.

  474. Proof Ames is insane.

    Dear Investor,

    Whilst it is neither our policy nor intention to ever respond to Regulatory Legal’s/Gareth Fatchett’s stunts and jibes at Harlequin, we feel it is necessary to do so when he seeks to damage your investment and, as is often the case, misses the point.

    As expected, prior to Mr Fatchett leaving the office for the entire month of August, he sent his latest threat to Harlequin. We took specialist advice on this threat and wrote to his firm in no uncertain terms. At the time we decided not to write to investors in these terms as we decided it would be unprofessional. Given that he has decided to go on all-out attack again, we feel it would now be in our investors’ interests to report on what has transpired.

    Mr Fatchett has written to us purporting to act for around half the number of clients he has publically claimed to represent. Furthermore, our experience from a recent case tells us that when Mr Fatchett claims to act for someone, it is not always the case that he has the requisite instruction. In that case, an investor was included in an action they did not agree to enter. Please click here to view a redacted statement from the investor concerned. It is therefore not clear to us if Mr Fatchett does in fact act for anything like the amount of clients he claims.

    If you only take one message away from this update, let it be this: Harlequin is on a stronger footing and will continue to gain in strength. If challenged, Harlequin will repel attempts to attack it and defend its asset base to ensure that when the time comes Harlequin and its investors will all be able to move forward together.

    Our letter sent to Regulatory Legal, dated 3rd September

    On 3rd September 2015, Harlequin responded to numerous Regulatory Legal (“R Legal”) letters that threatened winding up proceedings unless their clients’ deposits were returned. Although it perplexed Harlequin that the letters did not contain the normal statutory demands expected with this type of threat and didn’t conform to the procedure typically used by law in certain jurisdictions, Harlequin took the letters extremely seriously and obtained specialist advice before responding.

    Harlequin responded in detail with its strong legal argument and stated that any attempt to follow the right procedure would be scuppered at great expense to R Legal’s clients as the threatened action has little chance of success and is an invalid route (based on advice from longstanding trusted overseas lawyers) given the issues in dispute. The response from Mr Fatchett followed the next day on 4th September with no substance beyond saying he doesn’t agree with us!

    Whilst we do not want to go into detail about our legal argument, there are a number of reasons why proceeding straight to a statutory demand and winding up petition in these disputed matters hasn’t worked for him in the past (in fact in a past matter his firm was ordered to pay costs to Harlequin) and simply will not work now, and we have set these out very clearly to Mr Fatchett. Indeed, Harlequin has been advised that if Mr Fatchett advises his clients to proceed, he is doing so in the knowledge that there is strong likelihood that he will lose and at great expense because the action represents an abuse of the Court process. In the meantime, Mr Fatchett has selectively reported a strand of Harlequin’s legal argument and sought to alarm investors.

    “Davies 24” represented by CLC

    Mr Fatchett has once again shown his true colours by publically offering to fund another law firm’s action against Mr and Mrs Ames personally. Essentially he has offered to fight someone else’s battle, which is strange to say the least. This does not represent a united investor approach but rather a feeble and vindictive attempt to join forces with another law firm in the hope of ruining Mr and Mrs Ames. This once again demonstrates that all of the main Harlequin antagonists are in it together.

    What next?

    Harlequin must protect its position for the sake of the majority of investors and the business; it is the only way to ensure that Harlequin remains strong, has future success for investors, and the risk of its assets being divided between the few that have shouted loudest is removed. We are also incredibly close to a resolution of the Wilkins Kennedy professional negligence claim, which is due to go to trial in June 2016.

    Harlequin fully intends to succeed and repay investors where possible at the right time, but we will not be bullied into anything by Mr Fatchett and his cronies. Mr Fatchett’s interpretation of Harlequin’s position is wrong, his communication of it is wrong, and if he proceeds with the threatened action we believe he will fail. Regrettably, we fully expect this and are geared up in each of the jurisdictions for what we expect to be a long, drawn out fight ahead, confident in the knowledge that Harlequin will ultimately succeed.

    The majority of investors know that Mr Ames works tirelessly for a successful future for Harlequin and its investors. He will continue to use any means necessary to protect what has been developed and what is intended for the future.

    Please keep the faith and don’t join Mr Fatchett’s ego project as you will simply be throwing away good money. Ironically, the same thing he accuses Harlequin investors of doing by completing and owning title to a property in a successful hotel. If you are in a position to complete and want to secure title to an overseas property investment, please contact the office or email Dan or Vinny direct using the details below:

  475. Deluded Dave

    Our letter sent to Regulatory Legal, dated 3rd September

    On 3rd September 2015, Harlequin responded to numerous Regulatory Legal (“R Legal”) letters that threatened winding up proceedings unless their clients’ deposits were returned. Although it perplexed Harlequin that the letters did not contain the normal statutory demands expected with this type of threat and didn’t conform to the procedure typically used by law in certain jurisdictions, Harlequin took the letters extremely seriously and obtained specialist advice before responding.

    Harlequin responded in detail with its strong legal argument and stated that any attempt to follow the right procedure would be scuppered at great expense to R Legal’s clients as the threatened action has little chance of success and is an invalid route (based on advice from longstanding trusted overseas lawyers) given the issues in dispute. The response from Mr Fatchett followed the next day on 4th September with no substance beyond saying he doesn’t agree with us!

    Whilst we do not want to go into detail about our legal argument, there are a number of reasons why proceeding straight to a statutory demand and winding up petition in these disputed matters hasn’t worked for him in the past (in fact in a past matter his firm was ordered to pay costs to Harlequin) and simply will not work now, and we have set these out very clearly to Mr Fatchett. Indeed, Harlequin has been advised that if Mr Fatchett advises his clients to proceed, he is doing so in the knowledge that there is strong likelihood that he will lose and at great expense because the action represents an abuse of the Court process. In the meantime, Mr Fatchett has selectively reported a strand of Harlequin’s legal argument and sought to alarm investors.

    “Davies 24” represented by CLC

    Mr Fatchett has once again shown his true colours by publically offering to fund another law firm’s action against Mr and Mrs Ames personally. Essentially he has offered to fight someone else’s battle, which is strange to say the least. This does not represent a united investor approach but rather a feeble and vindictive attempt to join forces with another law firm in the hope of ruining Mr and Mrs Ames. This once again demonstrates that all of the main Harlequin antagonists are in it together.

    What next?

    Harlequin must protect its position for the sake of the majority of investors and the business; it is the only way to ensure that Harlequin remains strong, has future success for investors, and the risk of its assets being divided between the few that have shouted loudest is removed. We are also incredibly close to a resolution of the Wilkins Kennedy professional negligence claim, which is due to go to trial in June 2016.

    Harlequin fully intends to succeed and repay investors where possible at the right time, but we will not be bullied into anything by Mr Fatchett and his cronies. Mr Fatchett’s interpretation of Harlequin’s position is wrong, his communication of it is wrong, and if he proceeds with the threatened action we believe he will fail. Regrettably, we fully expect this and are geared up in each of the jurisdictions for what we expect to be a long, drawn out fight ahead, confident in the knowledge that Harlequin will ultimately succeed.

    The majority of investors know that Mr Ames works tirelessly for a successful future for Harlequin and its investors. He will continue to use any means necessary to protect what has been developed and what is intended for the future.

    Please keep the faith and don’t join Mr Fatchett’s ego project as you will simply be throwing away good money. Ironically, the same thing he accuses Harlequin investors of doing by completing and owning title to a property in a successful hotel. If you are in a position to complete and want to secure title to an overseas property investment, please contact the office or email Dan or Vinny direct using the details below:

  476. Pity I can't post Stumpies latest crap

    This just proves the man is ill. How can Harlequin be strong it’s pathetic.

  477. Anonymous

    Yeah Dave, we believe the redacted letter…..Not like you and you team have never faked documents before is it?

  478. Is it all about the money?

    Why to CLC want the 24 to go to trial? Is it because the just want to bleed the needy investors dry?

    Or maybe Paddy has his own reasons?

  479. Anonymous

    Why can’t you post the latest redact? I unsubscribed a long time ago so don’t get them any more.

  480. Anonymous

    Don’t think BFP like things with links in.

    I never instructed GF, never will,not part of any action.

    That said neither has my next door neighbor!

  481. Anonymous

    Can someone please post the latest update from Ames

  482. Anonymous

    @ Is it all about the money? on September 19, 2015 at 9:16 am you asked
    Why to CLC want the 24 to go to trial? Is it because the just want to bleed the needy investors dry?

    Or maybe Paddy has his own reasons?

    Mr and Mrs Ames have taken the Davies 24 to court, they have made some serious allegations against a member of their legal team, the Davies 24 and their legal team therefore have a right to defend the allegations and that is normally done by way of a trial.

    Removing the allegations or having them dealt with in a proper manner will also allow the Davies 24 collect the £1.3 million that Mr and Mrs Ames promised to have paid them by the 2nd of September 2015. Well this according to the court documents filed by ELS in the UK courts.

    So I for one can see why the Davies 24 need to go to trial.

    Of course it would be in the Ames’ interest for the Davies 24 not to go to trial and to seek from the Ames’ some sort of a drop hands deal, allowing the Ames’ off the hook on the £1.3 million.

    Incidently the Ames’ have made it quite clear in court in the UK that they were unable to pay the £1.3 million to the Davies 24 in any event.

    So I am wondering how the Ames’ hope to restart their resorts,

    From the court documents Mr and Mrs Ames attempted and FAILED to obtain injunctions to have the Davies 24 restrained from either making the Ames’ bankrupt or issuing enforcement orders against them.

    And given the fact that the Ames’ state that they don’t have the funds to pay the debt owing well I don’t think it’s looking too good for them now is it?

  483. Anonymous

    Why don’t they take up RL’s offer?

  484. Paddies 24

    Simply because the Irish builder runs the show. He controls the 24 muppets, he bank rolled the whole thing. Nothing happens without his say so.

  485. Robert

    Dave,thank you for your kind offer of the position with Harlequin. However I am going in another direction. I wish everybody well.

  486. Anonymous

    What did the diddy one say about it?

  487. Anonymous

    Odd calling the 24 “Muppets” if indeed what you state is correct, because if the builder or anyone else for that matter has bank rolled the 24 and let’s include the “generous” offer from RL here too, then the 24 are very lucky clients indeed.

    Added to this the acknowledgment in the UK courts two weeks ago by Ames’ legal team that the Ames’ had agreed to pay the “muppets” as you call them £1.3 Million by the 2nd September and that the Ames’ applied but failed in their bid to obtain injunctions preventing the 24 from either progressing with bankruptcy or enforcement against the Ames’ and the frank admission from the Ames’ lawyers that the Ames’ did not have the £1.3 million to pay in any event suggests that to call the Davies 24 “Muppets” is rather mistaken.

    Yes the Ames’ are now claiming that because the Davies 24 did not help the Ames’ in their case against Wilkins Kennedy that the deal to pay the Davies 24 the £1.3 million is off.

    So that leads to the next question, was Ames relying on information from the Davies 24 to ensure victory in the Wilkins Kennedy case, Ames has reassured us that this case is his for the taking on nearly every occasion, yet now he and his wife are suing the Davies 24 because it is the Ames’ case that the Davies 24 legal team lied to Ames’ lawyers on the matter of providing the Ames’ with damning information with the Wilkins Kennedy case.

    Let’s not forget folks that the Ames’ lost round one of the latest battle with the “Davies 24” or the muppets as the Ames supporters would have us believe.

  488. Question for the great Muppetier

    Lets say the Muppets have spent say £400-600,000 on legal fees. Let’s just say it gets to Court and then Ames declares himself bankrupt again.

    What is the logic in this action, other to line the pockets of CLC (again)

  489. Question for the great Muppetier

    So, legal costs of potentially over a million. Just imagine if they lose will the ”24” have enough to cover David Ames legal costs?

    Just sayin..

  490. Show me the Court documents

    I don’t believe any of this until somebody has a big enough pair to post the court documents. It could all be rubbish.

  491. Anonymous

    I will answer the questions posed by the “Question for the great Muppetier” below, and I believe we have a very large audience on here.

    @ Question for the great Muppetier on September 19, 2015 at 1:26 pm
    Lets say the Muppets have spent say £400-600,000 on legal fees. Let’s just say it gets to Court and then Ames declares himself bankrupt again.

    What is the logic in this action, other to line the pockets of CLC (again)

    I personally don’t see either Mr or Mrs Ames volunteering to be made bankrupt, don’t forget both Mr and Mrs are involved in the current actions.

    If Mr and Mrs went bankrupt they would lose control of all the businesses and an IP could trace the transfer of funds Worldwide as could the authorities.

    In addition if the Davies 24 had perhaps obtained charges on some of the Ames’ personal assets well then they would be secured in the event that the Ames’ chose the bankruptcy route.

    I say this because a company called CLC Nominees has obtained charges on I believe 5 UK properties owned by the Ames. This is a matter of public record. If this is the same CLC as those representing the Davies 24 then the Davies 24 have security in the event that the Ames’ are made bankrupt.

    Question for the great Muppetier on September 19, 2015 at 1:29 pm
    So, legal costs of potentially over a million. Just imagine if they lose will the ”24” have enough to cover David Ames legal costs?

    Just satin..

    Good question, however I doubt the costs will be anywhere near this, and further more in court documents lawyers for the Ames’ have acknowledged that the Ames’ don’t have the £ 1.3 million to pay the Davies 24 in any event, so where would the Ames’ get the cash to cover their legal costs of a million plus???

    Now if the Davies 24 had been clever they would have obtained a freezing order over the Ames’ personal assets, if this is indeed the case and dependant on the terms of the order how will the Ames’ pay legal costs of £ 1 million + if they loose and again where will they get the cash in the first place.

    If they loose the accounts will remain frozen.

    Now in the court documents that are publically available the Ames’ are aledging wrong doing strangely not on the part of the Davies 24 but on the part of their legal team.

    So it is possible that should the Ames’ be succesful, that the Davies 24 could pursue their legal team for professional negligence, thus claiming for any adverse cost awards and losses resulting out of the litigation with the Ames’.

    The Davies 24 could then pursue the Ames with their replenished fighting fund for the losses incurred as a result of the breaches of contract.

    Much in the same way that the Ames’ are encouraging all those who have obtained redress to reinvest in the Ames’ businesses.

    The Ames’ would wholly agree with my thought process in addition to the fact that it is they who are pursuing their accountants for professional negligence and it is they the Ames’ who have stated on numerous occasions that they will be victorious in their claim and that the resultant damages that flow from the Wilkins Kenndedy case will be enough to put the companies on a sound financial footing.

  492. A large audience on here? You have to be kidding. A couple of dozen if you are lucky.

  493. Whatsthecockup

    So the legal team CLC have cocked up?

    Now things are falling into place, it’s in CLC own interest to drag things out and challenge Ames, because whilst they are fighting for the 24, no action will be taken by the the 24 for CLC cock up.

    I suspect the won’t be charging the clients.

    Interesting what have they cocked up on that’s spooked them so much?

  494. Loss of faith

    I have made an appointment to see Gareth Fatchett next week, CLC won’t admit to their mistakes.

  495. Loss of faith

    I’m sick to death at being talked down by Miss Piggy, the wannabe solicitor.

  496. Anonymous

    To whom it might concern,

    Having looked at the public court documents I have every confidence and belief that the Davies 24 will succeed where everyone else failed to date.

    Why else would RL have offered to take the case on, free of charge, they too must have seen how weak the Ames’ position is.

    And again to point out the Ames’ have already lost the first round in their latest attacks.

    As the public court documents show, the Ames’ agreed to pay the Davies £ 1.3 million by September the 2nd and on the day the money was due to the Davies 24 the Ames’ applied and more importantly failed to get injunctive relief preventing the Davies 24 from enforcing the terms of the “Tomlin” order,

    What is a Tomlin order?

    A Tomlin order is a court order in the English civil justice system under which a court action is stayed, on terms which have been agreed in advance between the parties and which are included in a schedule to the order. As such, it is a form of consent order.

    According to the public court documents the Ames’ signed a “Tomlin Order” on the 20th of October, yet on the 24th of October this is what their lawyers told professional advisor.

    Yes that despite signing a Tomlin order 4 days earlier the Ames’ lawyers lied to Professional Advisor. The case was NOT dropped it transpires.


  497. Time to move on

    Our offer to fund the strike out / summary judgment application would have saved the Davies 24 significant money. However, there choice is to do their own thing. Good luck to them.

    We will re-focus back to our winding up petitions in SVG and our redress claims. Hardly a disaster to save our cash.

    Good luck all.

  498. Anonymous

    When you made the offer to the Davies 24 were you aware of all the facts surrounding the case, and had your application to strike out or for summary judgment failed would you have covered the Davies 24 adverse cost awards.

    In other words were you giving the Davies 24 absolute guarantees of success and complete indemnity against any and all costs?

  499. Anonymous

    I simply fail to see how Mr and Mrs Stump don’t even have £1.3m? The Mrs took out £108k from HMSSE in directors loans, they’ve had £400m from the entire scam and yet don’t have enough to cover costs of someone’s legitimate claim? How can you lose so much money? I thought “Dave” was a “multi millionaire”? That’s what he was telling everyone before he got nicked.

  500. Anonymous

    From the court.

    MR JUSTICE PHILLIPS: But if they gave you all the documents, you still could not pay the £1.3 million?
    MR DAVIDSON: That is true, but if their position is and has been either, ‘We said there were documents and there weren’t’, or, ‘There were documents and you’re not going to have them’.

  501. Anonymous

    How come the Ames family have no money at least the millions they claimed they had??

    I thought Dave Ames told us that Buccament Bay was worth $ 250 million and Blu and what about all the other businesses ?

    Harlequin Travel etc….

    Dave Ames keeps telling us that the business is growing from strength to strength, where is the cash ?

    And this guy wants people to complete on the resorts??

    What if 100 people complete after paying say 250 k

    That’s 2.5 million in the guranteed 10%

    And this guy does not have the £ 1.3 million to pay what he undertook to pay?

    Sorry there is something very very very wrong here.

  502. Anonymous

    The Ames’ fear the Google affect.

    But they can’t be talking about BFP because the Ames camp will lead us to believe that there can be no credence put on anything that appears on BFP.

    Every Ames update tells us that the business is moving from strength to strength, yet in the background there are events taking place that might just put pay to that assertion.

    MR DAVIDSON: It’s only if a bankruptcy petition is presented, with the attendant risk and indeed in the light of the publicity which is there on the Internet, I would invite Your Lordship to accept certainty. The word would go round, ‘Mr and Mrs Ames are now the subject of bankruptcy proceedings’. That’s the only basis on which, on this evidence, I can say to Your Lordship there would the immediate risk of prejudice if an injunction were not granted.

  503. Anonymous

    Let’s look at the hypocrisy of what goes on,

    The Ames’ update us on a regular basis, telling us that the business is going from strength to strength.

    We get regular updates on how the Wilkins Kennedy case is progressing wonderfully in favour of the Ames’ and their companies.

    The Ames’ through their lawyers lied, (and there is no other word to describe it but a lie), about the Davies case when the Ames’ lawyers told professional advisor that the Davies claimants had withdrawn their claim 4 days after the Ames’ signed a Tomlin order.

    We get the Ames’ referrring to the Davies 24 as “Disgruntled” investors.

    The Ames’ want us to believe that all is rosy in the garden, but……………….

    This is the first time that the Ames’ have failed to block or prevent word of an action from getting out there. No NDA on this one.

    The Ames’ sought yet failed to obtain an injunction from the UK courts preventing the Davies 24 from pursuing the Ames via the bankruptcy courts. They were afraid that word would get out should the Davies 24 make a successful application.

    It does seem that the Ames’ were confident that their application would be successful, because it seems that they had not thought about loosing and the court records being publically available as a result.

    Had the Ames’ been successful there is no doubt that we would have had an update from the Ames’ telling us about some sort of court victory against the Davies 24 “the bunch of disgruntled investors”

    But look at what the Ames’ were doing? They were seeking to hide the facts from public view. This is not the act of people who are supremely confident in winning a case.

    Furthermore it begs the question as to what else is going on in the background that may be currently the subject of an NDA.

    The Ames’ actions in the UK courts two weeks ago, and the resultant fall out can be equated to the original Streisand effect.

    We can learn much from the publically available court documents, including but not limited to the fact that the Ames’ claim to have less than
    £1.3 Million.

    We know there are dozens of claims in the courts in SVG against the Ames’ personally, (a Google search of the SVG High Court case listings identifies these), yet not even the Ames’ have updated us on the progress or outcome of those cases.

    We can also see that the Ames’ were or are relying on others to supply them with information, that will, they hope, assist them in the Wilkins Kennedy claim. The same claim that the Ames’ keep assuring us (for over a year now) that victory is theirs.

    So now we are beggining to get a much clearer picture of what is going on, a more balanced picture, but most definitely a very different picture to that being presented by the Ames’ via their regular updates.

    And given that Ames’ lawyers lied to Professional Advisor about the Davies case, how the hell can we now believe anything the Ames’ or their lawyers say?

  504. Anonymous

    Yes hopefully the web is starting to unravel.

    Will be telling to see what happens in any further proceedings. The 24 “disgruntled” are only the ones with cash and gumption enough to actually go after the diddy one in court. There are 5976 others who are willing the same thing.

    I find it frankly hilarious that the Ames’ are so scared of Internet PR. The only reason I write on here is because the goblin has my money and I want it back. Professional Advisor only write about something that people will read, and RL are in it for money. Maybe they’ll play with their food too with Project Demand, but that will be a sideshow compared to the millions they’ll get from the FSCS and SIPPs.

    One can hope that the days for the Ames’ are coming to a close.

  505. Loss of faith

    Thanks for that. So, Corny offered some documents to help Ames in the WK case, then failed to deliver? Is that correct?

    I suspect the Irish builder threw his toys out of the pram about this and stopped him from doing it.

    So, basically Corney has caused the problem for his clients?

  506. Loss of faith

    And now he wants to charge us for his mistake – a win win.
    Why won’t he not, RL get it struck out – he caused it.

  507. Anonymous Coward

    @Loss of faith

    In a nutshell yes. Unsurprisingly Corney denies any and all wrongdoing and his plastic girlfriend conveniently had a fire in her office that destroyed the evidence. The poor sods who are their clients knew nothing about Corney’s machinations but are now being sued for something they didn’t commission.

    It’s no real surprise that the Ames get away with blue murder when even the victims’ lawyers are bent as S-hooks.

  508. Miss Piggy

    The clients have been put in this position by Corny and Augmented Audrey. Unless this had planned from the get go.

    I can see another SRA complaint. Remind me how much did they pay?

  509. The truth is out there

    What’s the real reason for not striking this out?

  510. Split arse Audrey

    History repeats its self, look was Audrey done in Spain. Then teamed up with Paddy- and people still trusted her.

  511. Anon

    More from the court:

    Bringing some balance to the argument.

    MR DAVIDSON: On 1 October, and the representation as we say is quoted, that Mr Corney did not think there would be any objection to providing an early showing of at least some of the available material, and we will argue that that was a representation that documents of the type described existed, and the existence of a bona fide intention that appropriate documents would be supplied to the claimants if a settlement were reached. The last one we say appears in paragraph 18, two days later, and Mr Corney said there’d been a small fire at an office which had damaged cables. That was in answer to a request for information as to whether Mr Corney had received the documents, and we therefore say there was a representation that there’d been a small fire at an office which had damaged cables.
    ​The essence of the misrepresentation case is that it was represented that documents existed and were known to Mr Corney to exist because he had seen them which it was possible to make available if a settlement were reached. One can appreciate the points which are made in correspondence, that when the actual agreement was made what one ends up with is clause 29 with its reference to, ‘…continuing to discuss mutual co-operation, using best endeavours to procure documentation’ and then this rather odd, ‘…in the event that the claimants provide further documentation on a voluntary basis’. But we would certainly be submitting that there can be no doubt that the defendants were entering into the settlement agreement on the basis that there existed documents which Mr Corney had had in his possession, and apparently the claimants had in their possession, the claimants he was acting for.
    ​The other way we seek to get this agreement said to be not enforceable, is that no documentation has been provided and they haven’t been using any endeavours, and with that, and/or the fact that the contents of this agreement which are subject to a confidentiality clause, have evidently leaked in part into the Internet so that there is material going about on the Internet saying that if Mr and Mrs Ames don’t pay today that’s the end of them. There has been somewhere a repudiatory breach of this agreement. Obviously-

  512. Split arse Audrey

    A small fire just happened to damage the documents needed! Please come on that’s weak at best 😉

  513. Split arse Audrey

    What about electronic copies? Photo copies? Get another copy from whoever gave it you in the first place. Put them in the dock!

  514. Split arse Audrey

    Yes, simply ask them to appear in Court.

  515. Anonymous

    No wonder Ames is so confident of a win in the Wilkins Kennedy case, Corney saw the damning emails / documents. So put him in the stand.

    Looks like Ames has Wilkins Kennedy…………….. That is if……………..

    And it’s a big if………….

    That is if Corney indeed had seen any documents. If he hadn’t well…………. He has caused Ames to chase shadows, now Ames will not be happy if that is the case…….. Not one bit happy. No smoking gun…… No iminent deal……..

    Perish the thought. But then why would a solicitor lie?

    And if Fatchett had seen what is in the public arena how could he suggest a strike out…….

  516. Anonymous

    MR JUSTICE PHILLIPS: Well, Mr Corney would be representing, would he, for himself or for his client? Is Mr Corney representing personally or on behalf of his client?
    MR DAVIDSON: It was in, we would submit, that firstly he was representing personally insofar as he made statements about what he had seen and what he personally believed, and secondly that in everything he did he was acting on behalf of his clients, and he says in the letter at page 27 of the exhibit, and the first paragraph under the heading, the allegation of misrepresentation, he says, ‘The allegation of misrepresentation is inconsistent with the wording of the settlement agreement itself’, and then quotes the representation as argued in correspondence and continues, ‘If any such representation had been made, and your clients had relied upon it, one would logically expect the settlement agreement to require that our clients disclose that further documentation to your clients, since it would have been in our clients’ gift to provide that disclosure immediately after settlement’.
    ​I accept it would have been better if the settlement agreement had indeed contained such a requirement, but of course the context was that he had said in his earlier emails, ‘We really can’t get into the nitty gritty of that, we’ve got to get a settlement agreement done and deal with that afterwards’. The letter continues, ‘However, the settlement agreement merely says that our clients are to use best endeavours to procure further documentation, thus making it clear that both parties knew on the date of the settlement agreement that our clients did not in fact hold any such documentation at that time. With respect to him, we would be submitting that that is illogical because it doesn’t deal with the question, ‘documentation further to what?’ It’s further to something and that something must be whatever had been talked about in the period before the settlement agreement was made.

  517. Anonymous

    MR DAVIDSON: Yes. But the way I would put it is this. If one focuses on the best endeavours provision that is extremely helpful in seeing whether the claim which is proposed to be raised now is one which may have substance, which is really what I’m seeking to argue to Your Lordship. We’ll come on to the precise test in a moment. If one focuses on that question of using best endeavours, if the context was that actually there existed at the date of the settlement agreement documents which were not in the hands of Mr Corney or his clients but were in the hands of a third-party who was apparently showing reasonable willingness to enable them to be made available and supplied to Mr Spector so that they could be used by the claimants in the Wilkins Kennedy action, then one would expect that the best endeavours would have been exerted after 20 October, and that they would have produced at least a few documents, no matter how mean anybody was being and how far they were trying to sail as close to the wind as they possibly could in terms of compliance with the agreement.
    ​What one does not expect is to end up, as we do at the moment, on page 46 with the statement at the bottom, ‘It is correct that our clients are required to use best endeavours to procure documentation that may assist the claimants in the WK litigation, it’s not correct that our clients are required under the terms of the settlement agreement to provide a report to you on every step they have taken’. The attitude seems to me that there is nothing going to be forthcoming. We get no information about what has been done and in point three they then say that they can advise that, ‘…due to events that have taken place since the date of the settlement agreement, we do not have any expectation that our clients will receive any further such documents’. And they then refer to steps taken on 6 May 2015. That leaves a gap of six and a half months in which we are not told what endeavours have been used, we’re not told of any endeavours having been used and certainly there has been no result, and there are three possibilities. One is that actually no endeavours were used at all. The second possibility is that there were no documents to be produced by best endeavours because all this was a teasing misrepresentation as to the existence of documents.
    MR JUSTICE PHILLIPS: Well it would be a fraudulent misrepresentation by a solicitor.
    MR DAVIDSON: Well, if what Mr Spector says is right, it started off with a solicitor saying, ‘I am reading out a document to you and it says…’ and saying the next day, ‘Actually I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t have the document. I was telling you what somebody else had told me and it is reasonable to say, as lies go, that is one of the smaller lies anyone in litigation practice has ever heard, but it would still be a remarkable and fraudulent misrepresentation because if one says, ‘I’m reading out a document to you’, and one has not got it, it’s actually plainly dishonest. It, the whole of this case, I don’t shrink from saying it, the whole of this case in the wider sense, all the proceedings there have been, including the Irish proceedings, is a very ugly case in terms of the allegations which are flying around.

  518. Anonymous

    The allegations being made by Mr Soector against Mr Corney are absolutely huge……

    “The second possibility is that there were no documents to be produced by best endeavours because all this was a teasing misrepresentation as to the existence of documents.
    MR JUSTICE PHILLIPS: Well it would be a fraudulent misrepresentation by a solicitor.”

    Has Spector informed the SRA.

    It looks to me like a fight to the death
    And how can Corney represent his clients in this action unless of course what Spector says is a whole heap of lies.

    Or is Corney representing them?

    This could be the defining case for Ames, one way or the other.

  519. Warthogs over Wickford

    If the 24 have any sense, they’ll use another firm to deal with the defence. Corney is hopelessly conflicted.

    The next question is whether Corney and Audrey will cooperate with the defence – and, if they do, will they tell the truth?

  520. Robert

    Cooperation and contact from any friends is not required.

  521. Anonymous

    I for one, and I’m sure I’m not alone, have totally lost all sense of
    what is going in the the past week or two. Could it possibly be that
    at best two para-legals are acting as proxies for opposing camps?
    Bottom line is that money was stolen/taken under false pretenses.
    My heartfelt best to the much maligned “24”

  522. Who is the biggest liar?

    This is my understanding of it:

    Paddy gave documents to Audrey to smash Ames.
    Corney used these documents as bait. I will give you some really juicy documents that will help you win the WK case Dave me old mate, but only if you settle with my clients.

    Paddy gets wind of it and has a hissy fit. Possibly said you can’t have MY documents this causes Corney a bit problem.

    Corney, claim a small fire….

    Is that correct?

  523. Anonymous

    How could documents that would smash Ames in the CLC case assist Ames in the WK case ???????

    And if the builder gave Audrey, who ever she is, documents, then how come she does not have them now?

  524. Anonymous

    That of course is the same Audrey who now sells concrete blocks for Paddy.

  525. Hilarious distractions but what if said documents exist to the highest bidder.Ames can’t raise the cash to buy them

  526. Anonymous

    If the documents do not exist then it looks like Ames will have huge problems with the WK case.

    If Nikki Crozier obtained the documents then all Ames has to do is issue a third party disclosure order against her or a x examination order.

    It is that simple.

  527. What if the documents could win the 70 million Ames is so sure of . Happy days for everyone , except W.K

  528. If the pay offs are exposed the SFO will walk away .bad bad news for paddy and the bent accountant))) . Watch this space

  529. Anonymous

    If Corney is lying, ouch. Then Ames looses. Ouch ouch

  530. We are convinced the documents exist , we have had all of Fatchetts documents under an order from the court . We will get the others soon . Screw the 24 they are extras in an act of contrition … To small to be of interest . Make no mistake those documents will save us .We will get them .

  531. Anonymous

    Says it all, screw the investors, yup just about sums up the Ames attitude to investors.

    “Screw the investors”

  532. Mere pawns in the game , . The muppets don’t realise how they are getting played . They believe paddy and the bent accountant are onside but we know the truth and many a private deal has stitched up bigger …. Eh paddy care to comment?

  533. Anonymous

    Cool. So Ames wants documents and someone called “Team Ames strike back” blows his load on his keyboard thinking that it’s going to solve Harlequin’s problems.

    Even if Ames “wins” the WK “case”, he still has to build all the resorts he promised and make them pay returns. If past (or present) performance is any indicator, I’d say the odds are stacked firmly against the little one.

  534. Anonymous

    I think a point everyone misses here is the fact that the Ames’ took and failed in their application to obtain an injunction.

    Thus failing to convince the Judge of the merits of their application. This indeed is very telling.

    It must also be noted that the Ames’ lost even though the other parties were not represented. Similar to a football team turning up to a game with no opposition yet failing to score.

    Does not say much for the quality of Ames’ legal team.

    And as has been pointed out, if there are no documents, no smoking gun, well could it be curtains for Ames. ????

    I bet the forgers will be hard at work, it’s not like they haven’t been at work before.

  535. Anonymous

    Also, no matter what happens, is said or done, the simple fact remains that Ames took £440m+. He’s had the money, spent it and now has 2 operating hotels. No financials have been published and no-one knows how well these assets are performing.

    If that’s all he achieved with nearly half a billion, I think £30m from the WK “case” will likely build a few more cabanas at BB… of course, before Ames is the subject of yet another round of litigation.

    The guy is a walking disaster zone. Seems to like litigation more than doing what people paid him for. Merely a smokescreen me thinks. If he could do better, he would have.

  536. Anonymous

    An open question to the “Team Ames”…exactly what are these documents
    supposed to prove?

  537. Anonymous

    @ Team Ames strike back,
    You say the following,

    “we know the truth and many a private deal has stitched up bigger”,

    So if you know the truth tell us.

    Simple just tell us.

    And why has Dave Ames not made the public court documents available to all his investors? Why not ? Is he not afterall supposed to be fighting to recoup investors funds ?

  538. The Crazier 24 are quite content to bankrupt DA therefor screwing other investors. Snatchett is quite content to bankrupt DA therefor screwing other investors. So yes screw them. And befor anyone discounts deals being done by Snatchett and Paddy don’t forget the little meeting in the desert that took place a couple of years ago amongst much coffee drinking and dancing girls!

  539. The small fire (cough)

    The fact of the matter is Corney tried to do a deal with the Devil and failed.

    He has exposed his clients and now want them to pay for his F@&* up.
    The 24 face the prospect of yet more legal fees, for what?

    Put Corney and Audrey on the stand, under oath.

  540. Paddy, you thought you could trust Corney, more fool you.
    As for Audrey, really, you should know better that to trust a tranny.

    Mind you forgot your ring toting soldier girl was a rug muncher!

  541. We will put Nikki Crozier on the stand and did she change her name from Audrey Dixon.

    We will put Corney on the stand and ask how involved is he with the Irish builder.

  542. Anonymous

    Will this happen before or after you do what you were paid to?

  543. It matters not; once on the stand they will be discredited.

  544. Anonymous

    I meant my contract. The one that’s almost 4 years out of date.

  545. Then Newman and Paddy on the stand…. can’t wait.

  546. Transcript Please

    I would like a copy of the transcript of the injunction hearing.

    Can you send one to gareth.fatchett@regulatorylegal.co.uk

  547. Anonymous

    All this talk of Trannys and rug munchers is all interesting, as is the idea that everyone including the Queen should be made to take the stand to help Dave Ames.

    I think I speak for the majority out there when I say that I am looking toward to the day when Dave and Carol Ames are made take the stand or more importantly when they are both in the dock.

  548. No it’s Corny and Audry that will be in the dock. It’s wrong that investors should pay for thier mistake.

    To blame a small fire is laughable. That’s like blaming your sister for being done for fraud!

    By wanting to defend, this is just a gamble. Let me explain; if they defend it, they get paid but the process will take years.

    By this time Corney & Audrey hope Ames is taken down by RL or the SFO, so their double dealing is not exposed.

    The Irishman is in constant contact with them and the 24. He runs the show.

    We are sick of them.

  549. Anonymous

    Why didn’t your mother just get an abortion like the doctor ordered?

  550. Why don’t you dress your age, plastic tits. And whilst your at it get a new wig.

  551. Anonymous

    That’s no way to talk to a 21 year old. And they’re not plastic, they’re silicon.

  552. Paddies Pecker

    Is it still flaccid ?

  553. 24

    No worries here.

  554. The only silly con I know about is the one Ames pulled on 6000 people ..?BUT then again he was perfectly charming when he came to the palace with his friend to get an OBE

  555. Nuc Ames

    Ames on TV shortly.
    Holidays abroad.
    BROkEN promises again.

  556. Anonymous

    Is the program CrimeStoppers or Watchdog by any chance? Perhaps Rogue Traders?

  557. Nuc Ames

    Desperate times had to act against Ames.

  558. Warthogs over Wickford

    Which channel is that on?

  559. Anonymous

    It will all come out in the wash.

  560. Anonymous

    It would appear that BFP have a new block on. Don’t write a certain name of a washer woman it gets blocked. Or so it would seem.

  561. SFO investigation continues

    The SFO would like to thank all the investors who completed the questionnaire. The online questionnaire is no longer available. Investors who would still like to complete a questionnaire should email the SFO at HLMquestionnaire@sfo.gsi.gov.uk with their contact details.

  562. Rent a car

    The same thing applies if you mention a certain fat person from the North of England, who lives in a little boxy newbuild house. A ‘keep up with the Jones type’ The sort who pretend to be a director and have money.
    Fur coat and no knickers.

    That child is getting sooooooo fat, as for the wife lol

  563. Rent a car

    And claims to be an investor and a big mate of Ames.

    Dicky Dickless Ing ham

  564. We are fully aware of the Irishman’s involvement with the 24, this will be their biggest mistake – he has been found guilty, by a Court or fraud
    It further proves, there has been a conspiracy to mount a vicious attack on Harlequin and the Ames family.

  565. Jane

    Fresh start needed. I’m very confident in the future away from bullies like Ames.

  566. Anonymous

    And the Irish builder BULLY – I’ve had enough of him. He just wants revenge does not give two hoots about us.

  567. Anonymous

    And his side kick Miss Piggy (Silicone implants) Audrey Dixon

  568. A serious question

    Why can’t some or all of the 24 just go for making Ames bankrupt?
    Seems like a logical move.
    Or has this misrepresentation claim put the kibosh on that?

    If so that is a huge mistake by CLC or a dirty trick by Ames to scupper the deal he agreed to.

  569. Paddy picked a pocket or two...

    It’s quite a story coming forth in Caribbean and Irish courts. Harlequin Property CEO David Ames is alleging that Padcraig O’Halloran, Managing Director of the ICE Group, diverted “significant sums” of project funds to O’Halloran’s girlfriend. Diamonds, chartered jets, a home at Sandy Lane, Barbados – apparently nothing was too good for Suzanne Floyd, or so say the court documents.

    Sorry folks, but I love it when the Gulfstream crowd self-destructs via over-spending, over-indulging or that old standby, a femme fatale.

    A former employee of Mr O’Halloran’s, Trisha Young, said in an affidavit the “key motive behind the siphoning off of funds was to continue to enable his beloved girlfriend Suzanne Floyd to live her lavish lifestyle”.


    Mr Ames’s companies – Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd – have brought their proceedings arising from their engaging two companies of Mr O’Halloran’s – ICE Group (SVG) Ltd and Cellate Caribbean (SVG) Ltd – in 2008 to complete the construction of a multimillion-dollar development in Buccament Bay in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mr Ames claims more than $52 million was provided to ICE and Cellate but Mr O’Halloran diverted and misappropriated significant sums.

  570. Warthogs over Wickford

    @Paddy picked a pocket or two…

    The best you can do is to rehash a story that is five years old. Stunning.

    Why not also mention that Young is a fraudster, wanted for theft form at least two different companies and aided and abetted Ames in using forged documents in his litigation against Paddy.

    Why not explain why Harlequin hasn’t pursued recovery of the judgment in Ireland? Why not explain why, five years after initiating proceedings against Paddy and his girfriend in St Vincent and Barbados nothing has happened – no trial, nada. Just some weird limbo.

    Why not explain where over £400m of monies taken by Ames has gone? Why not explain why Stumpy and the Hag couldn’t scrape together a measly £1.3m to pay to the 24?

    No idea? Or are you just another shill from the Basildon Bunker?

  571. Paddys case is under appeal In Ireland hence DA cannot chase the money. Do keep up you muppet. Now who’s the shill.

  572. Warthogs over Wickford

    Of course he can chase the money. Just because there’s an appeal doesn’t mean he can’t enforce the original judgement.

    And why no progress in the Caribbean? That has nothing to do with any appeal in Ireland.

    Do keep up, shill.

  573. Anonymous

    I find it amusing how the Ames camp lay the blame for the failure of Harlequin at Paddy. A convenience.

    Now, maybe the shill would like to explain where £440m of people’s savings went. We know where £6m has gone…

  574. Anonymous

    Rent a Car, oh look who’s returned the mentally ill washer woman the blob of lard with a morbidly obese daughter and husband

    Yes it’s the Brough(ten)tonnes

  575. Oh dear. Am I being out shilled here? Yep I guess so. Has it occurred to you that the case about paddy isn’t about the money, it’s the bigger picture of WK? Hence the spurious argument that it has cost £6m to get £1.3m back. You are just like a Warthog, out of date and replaced. Drone over Wickford would show you are up with the times.

  576. Anonymous

    Brough(ten)tonnes of lard needs to find a new wind up I think, she’s tried winding Ing ham up with this crap almost daily for 3 years

  577. Goodwood Grove

    Yes and it works too. 😉
    If I gave Ames close to £200k and lived here in a boxy little house trying my best to keep up with the Jones’s I would be soooooo bitter and twisted too.

    I’ve had my money back have you 😉

  578. Goodwood Grove

    I actually think the best wind up is you gave him the money- priceless. Furthermore, it was cash and you have no hope of ever seeing again.

    I’m a happy. House paid for money in the bank – are you?

  579. Warthogs over Wickford

    Well @The view from Muswell Hill it’s cost £6m to get back nothing. Nada. Not a sausage.

    Has Harlequin won its action against WK? No. Will it? Who knows. But I doubt very much that their insurers wouldn’t have settled by now if they weren’t very confident of publicly wiping the floor with Stumpy next summer.

  580. Anonymous

    Goodwood, Brough(ten)tonnes you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with somebody you clearly know nothing about apart from in your imagination.

    You need to grow up, you are an embarrassment.

  581. Anonymous

    Must be easily contented if owning a scruffy semi detached house in Ashton and scrubbing laundry makes you happy?

  582. Anonymous

    If I’m ever feeling down on my luck I always count my blessings that I don’t live in a scruffy semi, scrub other people’s dirty laundry, weigh 25 stone and when my family walk down the street people laugh and point.

    There’s always somebody worse off.

  583. Goodwood Grove

    Well we know someone who is close to £200k worse off LOL

  584. Anonymous

    Goodwood, who is £200k worse off and how would you know?

    Why would you get pleasure of somebody lost money?

    Sad view on life, you must have issues.

  585. Why would HP be so keen to get the WK e mails? Why would WK be so keen not to let them be released? This will never go to trial. The credibility of a top 10 accountancy firm is at stake. Settlement will be offered, heads will role.

  586. Anonymous

    Must be a slow day in the laundry industry.

    Could be doing something useful like attending Slimming World?

  587. Now this will be intresting

    Harlequin will be calling Mrs Crozier, Mr Corny and Mr O’ Halloran along with the poncy accountant to the stand.

  588. Anonymous

    @The view from Muswell Hill

    Sorry I took some time to reply. I was looking at my contract and documentation. I can confirm that no where does it state that Harlequin intend to sue their accountants in order to either A) obtain mortgages B) build their promised units. With this in mind, I’d like an explanation as to how you think that spending £6m of other people’s money on litigation, for zero return, has been a worthwhile investment?

    Oh and I can’t be a shill because I don’t represent anyone except myself. I have been wronged and quite honestly are bored of this whole episode now. I’m waiting for the FSCS and RL, once they get my money back I couldn’t give a PHIG what happens to Harlequin. I have more respect for serial killers, at least they admit their crimes.

  589. Ames can't pay take it away!!

    MR JUSTICE PHILLIPS: But if they gave you all the documents, you still could not pay the £1.3 million?
    MR DAVIDSON: That is true, but if their position is and has been either, ‘We said there were documents and there weren’t’, or, ‘There were documents and you’re not going to have them’.

  590. Ames can't pay take it away!!
  591. Got what you deserve Dick

    I would be a washer woman all day long, rather than have invested £200k that I could ill afford to lose with a stumpy little crook.

  592. New York

    I should not be on this site, as I am suffering from total memory lose.

  593. View from SVG

    On the subject of the Ing ham, rather than some fat morons talking rubbish on here, I have a more relevant question.

    I think Ing ham is into Ames for a lot more money than £200k.

    According to my contacts here he has taken title of a property at BB on the 4 September.

    Very interesting, I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of? How was this funded?

  594. Anonymous

    Maybe he paid for it for all you know!

  595. Anonymous

    He paid for it?

  596. Anonymous

    I’m sure he will have paid for it like the others that have completed.

  597. Anonymous

    Wonder if he took on a guaranteed mortgage? Oh wait…

  598. Anonymous

    If you believe that I know of a bridge in Buccama, Layou, SVG for sale…

  599. Got what you deserve Dick

    I hope he did complete because when its all liquidated, the fat turd will have lost even more 😉

    However, it’s just Walter Mitty at it again…..

  600. Got what you deserve Dick

    Better stick to your boxy little new build Dickie

  601. Anonymous

    Harlequin can call anyone they want to the stand, it seems like that is all they do.

    And what is the latest round of litigation about, let me think, oh yes, 24 investors sued Dave and Carol Ames in the UK because they paid monies for units that were never built. They asked for their money back as they were entitled to this under their contracts.

    The Ames’ refused so the 24 investors began a legal battle in the UK. The Davies 24, claimed breach of contract and misrepresentation against the Ames’.

    This culminated in Dave and Carol Ames agreeing to pay them £ 1.3 million. The agreement, an agreement entered into by Dave and Carol Ames on the 20th of October 2014.

    The agreement was that Dave and Carol Ames would pay the Davies 24 by the 2nd of September 2015 the £1.3 million.

    So the Ames’ basically said nothing for 10 months and 13 days.
    Then on the day the Ames’ were due to pay over the cash as agreed, instead of paying over the cash, cash owed to the Davies 24 by virtue of the broken contracts, the misrepresentations, the breaches, cash that the Ames’ acknowleged they owed, and cash they agreed to pay. The Ames’ applied to the courts for an injunction that would have prevented the Davies 24 from enforcing the debt against Mr and Mrs Ames.

    The Ames’ failed to obtain their injunctions, so what they did next is hypocritical. They commenced an action against the Davies 24 for breaches of what they said was an agreement to pay the Davies 24 £1.3 million they also commenced proceedings against them for misrepresentation.

    What the Ames’ are alleging is that the Davies 24 agreed to do their best to help provide the Ames’ with “incriminating documents”, the Ames’ would refer to these, as documents which could assist the Ames’ in their companies claim against Wilkins Kennedy, these incriminating documents would have given victory to the Ames’ companies according to the Ames’.

    These documents have never been forthcoming, the Ames’ are claiming that Carter Lemon Cameron said they had documents, and furthermore that the Davies 24 did not try hard enough to get “incriminating documents” ok the Ames’ don’t use the word incriminating, but let’s call a spade a spade what use would the quarterly Wilkins Kennedy newsletter be to the Ames’.

    And then the Ames’ lawyers acknowledge that even if the Davies 24 had managed to provide information to the Ames’ the Ames’ would not be in a position to pay the monies they agreed to pay the Davies 24.

    So we have the Ames’ now facing a double whammy, if they loose the claim battle, the Davies 24 will in all probability commence bankruptcy proceedings against the Ames’ and without the “incriminating documents” they look to be in serious trouble with the Wilkins Kennedy claim.

    Oh of course the Ames’ do have a trump card in their claim should all else fail, the Ames’ claim that the Tomlin Order signed has been annulled because the Ames’ claim that un identified members of the Davies 24 posted references to the Tomlin Order and or Agreements here on BFP.

    That’s a rather bizarre claim given that the Ames’ first breached the Tomlin Order / Agreement on the 24th of October 2014, just 4 days after the agreement had been signed, and then again on the 2nd of September by making a failed injunction application in open court allowing the world at large access to all that is being referred to now on BFP.

    Another interesting point is that whilst the claim is against the Davies 24 the allegations seem to be made against the solicitors acting for the Davies 24 and their back room team.

    Is this a deliberate ploy by the Ames’ even Stevie Wonder could see that the Davies 24 solicitors are hopelessly conflicted. The allegations that could be made against one of the solicitors a Chris Corney, partner in the firm Carter Lemon Cameron is for “Fraudulent Misrepresentation’ according to the Judge if Ames’ lawyers are to be believed.

    On the other hand if Ames’ lawyers are lying about Mr Corney then that’s the claim out the window and its curtains for the Ames’ and possibly for their solicitor Mr Spector.

    So this is really a fight for survival between two solicitors.

    The Davies 24 spurned the advances of Mr Fatchett who offered to take a strike out claim on behalf of the Davies 24 pro bono, allthough one can see why such an action had it failed would not suit Mr Corney.

    Why would two officers of the court go head to head in what afterall is potentially a 50/50 call.

    As long as Mr Corney can control his side of the board, then he could strike a potential drop hands deal. I’m not suggesting he would but it is an option open to him, other options could include a debt deferral arrangement contingent on the Ames’ companies being succesful in the Wilkins Kennedy litigation. But would or could the Davies 24 trust any freshly negotiated deal with the Ames’, and how strong really is the Ames’ case against Wilkins Kennedy given the claim against the Davies 24.

    Mr Corney is fighting not only for his clients the Davies 24 but now for his own future career aswell thanks to the allegations being made by his peer, Mr Spector.

    Mr Spector is fighting not only for his clients survival but his own and his companies aswell, if for example Mr Spector has taken the Davies case on, on a no win no fee basis, well looking at his accounts I am not sure he can suffer a loss of this magnitude.

    The claim against the Davies 24 and the allegations against their solicitors is I believe a rather cunning strategy employed by the Ames’ and their legal team.

    The Ames’ would benefit enormously from a drop hands deal, the threat of bankruptcy being removed ( for now ) and the Davies 24 could retreat to lick their wounds but safe in the knowledge that they no longer have the issue of further costs to contend with. With the possibility of perhaps recouping something should the Ames’ companies be successful in the Wilkins Kennedy litigation.

    All this of course is based on Mr Corney’s ability to convince his clients that they owe him a duty of care to protect him too from the allegations being made by his peer Mr Spector.

  602. Anonymous

    Of course there is one other option available to Mr Corney and that is an immediate strike out of the claim on the grounds that the allegations made by Mr Spector are wholly unfounded, a mere fabrication to allow his clients the Ames’ avoid bankruptcy given the Ames’ lawyers startling admission that the Ames’ do not have the funds to honor the acknowleged debt in any event. Mr Corney could claim that the Ames’ claim is vexatious.

    And if Mr Corney can prove this well it is finally curtains for Mr and Mrs.

    Interesting times ahead.

  603. Anonymous

    A question from a Yank………English law seems to have no position
    on who has been cheated, conned, connived , mis-represented,etc
    etc, bla, bla bla the perks seem to have more protections than the
    taken for everything……………..

  604. Anonymous

    that should have read perps………..

  605. Anonymous

    Got what you deserve, how many times do you post the same thing?

    Week after week, month after month, repeat after repeat.

    Is it all part of the mental condition?

  606. Anonymous

    Ames was basically playing with stuff he didn’t understand. Now he’s embroiled in constant litigation. Wonder when he’ll apply for legal aid…

  607. Corneys mistake?

    It’s simple.
    He offered something he could not deliver and got caught out. There will be much back tracking, like the small electrical fire etc.
    Put them all on the stand under oath and get to the bottom of this.

    However, clients should not pay him.

  608. Corneys mistake?

    If the information was coming from a vexatious individual that was certainly a poor call from Corney and the clients – surly they knew that?

  609. All of them on the stand

    Imagine the following:

    And for the record were you Audrey Dixon prior to Crozier?
    Mr O’ Halloran were you found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation?
    Mr Newman have you ever been involved with Harlequin? Or reported them to the authorities?

  610. All of them on the stand

    It will happen and would prove a conspiracy.

  611. Anonymous

    And for the record were you Audrey Dixon prior to Crozier?
    – don’t care
    Mr O’ Halloran were you found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation?
    – the judge found in favour of the other party. I have appealed
    Mr Newman have you ever been involved with Harlequin? Or reported them to the authorities?
    – yes and yes. The SFO are still investigating.

    Proves nothing. Even if there was a “conspiracy”, the whole thing would not have worked. The resorts aren’t bringing in any profit.

    The entire basis of the model was the 5* resorts would attract the high rolling customers, who’ll plop down $500+ a night on a room. This will translate into people raising a “virtual mortgage” which would mean they don’t have to pay anything more towards their 70% balance.

    Now we see people getting massively reduced deals, writing fake reviews, the resort in tatters and constant litigation from the turd. The entire organization stinks and just shows what crooks the management are.

    It’s all a giant diversion. The lawyers are rubbing their hands, they’ve already had £6m, are in line to pick up £5m if WK case is the “inevitable success” Ames claims. Fatchett had £1m and is getting paid daily by the FSCS. I find it funny how Ames can’t see he’s the biggest loser in all of this. After all, it’s his liberty on the line.

  612. BBaywatch

    “It will happen and would prove a conspiracy.” – paranoia, much?

    The only conspiracy is likely to be conspiracy to defraud. I wonder how many of the ‘persons of interest’ the SFO will haul in along with the Ames?

  613. Anonymous

    @ All of them on the stand on September 23, 2015 at 8:57 am

    I take it you either have not seen or read the Particulars of Claim in the Ames’ case against the Davies 24.

    No where in their current claim are the Ames’ claiming that a conspiracy has occured, so trying to prove a conspiracy has taken place with relevance to the current proceedings is totally irrelevant.

    Imagine the following:

    “Yes Imagine the answers that might be forthcoming in a trial that according to Ames’ lawyers could be 12-18 months away.

    And for the record were you Audrey Dixon prior to Crozier?

    Crozier Answer; No I wasn’t .

    Barrister for the Davies 24; Interjection this is irrelevant.

    Judge; Sustained.

    Mr O’ Halloran were you found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation?

    O’ Halloran Answer; Yes I was…………..
    But as can be seen by this latest Judgment “The Appeal” that finding was overturned, if it pleases the court I can hand up to the Judge the findings of the court of appeal. The judge might find it interesting.

    Mr Newman have you ever been involved with Harlequin? Or reported them to the authorities?

    Newman Answer; Yes to both questions, if it pleases the court I have here a bundle of documents, of reports I have made to the SFO.

    Ames’ Barrister; Objection Judge, as you are aware my clients Mr and Mrs Ames are currently on remand awaiting their criminal trial, any information which Mr Newman wishes to present to the court will be prejudicial to my clients defence, my clients would also like to like to make personal submissions to the court once the video link has been reinstated with HMP Belmarsh and HMP Bronzefield. May I also inform the court that Mrs Ames has been moved to the medical unit as a result of entering her second week of a hunger strike.

    Judge; Why is she on hunger strike.

    Ames’ Barrister; She claims her incarceration is as a result of a conspiracy theory.

    Judge; I see, but please understand this is a seperate case, the issue of the conspiracy can be raised as part of Mrs Ames defence in her up coming criminal trial if she so chooses, the matter before me today is an entirely different matter and revolves around the allegations of Fraudulent Misrepresentation made by Mr O Halloran.

    Ames’ Barrister;
    Interjection Judge, it is the Fraudulent Misrepresentation made by Mr Corney and the Davies 24.

    Judge; Of course, my apologies, it’s just with the Ames’ having made a case that some 7000 investors have engaged in Fraudulent Misrepresentation………

    Ames’ Barrister; interjection Judge 5850 ……….

    Judge; Ok 5850 ……….

  614. If Monty Python done legal work...

    I don’t believe for one moment Mr Corny & Co would want to be put on the stand. Just imagine:

    Please explain who had the ‘documents’ Mr Corny.

    Mr Corny.
    Emmm Ermmm, well the Irish builder went mad at me cos it would
    get his bum chum in trouble… so erm errr, we sort of had a small fire, well so I’m told. That damaged the only copy in the whole wide world.
    But, this fire was so small we never called the fire brigade, it was only one document. I don’t remember where the fire was, but we really did have one somewhere.

    Is there an electronic copy of the ‘documents’ or a photo copy?

    Mr Corny,
    Well I don’t know I, was told about the document, over the phone, but I think the person had a handkerchief over the phone… the sounded very muffled.
    It felt like I was a star in a spy movie, a bit like James Bond.

    Who did it sound like Mr Corny?

    Mr Corney.
    Well it, did sound a bit like Nikki when I’m using the ball gag, sort of masculine and cursed a lot, I was shocked.

    To be continued…..

  615. Anonymous

    Q. Mr. Corney how much did Mr and Mrs offer you for any damaging documents against Wilkins Kennedy.

    A. Ah umm well err not sure what you mean.

    Q. It’s a simple Question Mr Corney, how much?

    A. Ah I’m well see I wasnt offered any money it was eer um ahh well it was my clients….

    Q. So Mr Corney how much were your clients offered?

    A. Ah um err well it was £ 250 thousand pounds.

    Q. How much ?

    A. £ 250 thousand pounds.

    Q. So who told you Mr Ames was going to win the Wilkins Kennedy case?

    A. He did. Well his lawyer Mr Spector.

    Q. And you believed him.

    A. Yes I did actually.

    Q. Were you looking to proceed with a contempt hearing against the Ames pair a few weeks before the agreement was signed.

    A. Have no idea what you are talking about.

    Q. Please answer the question Mr Corney.

    A. I did I have no idea what you are talking about, can’t remember, so much has happened, can’t we just forget all this, look when Dave wins all the money from Wilkins Kennedy can’t he throw us a few crumbs please. I need to get those pesky clients off my back, can’t we do something, please please, please help me here. I did not press the Ames too hard, you can see that, I did not push the contempt of the Tomlij order, like I told Mr Spector so many times I had the Davies 24 eating out of my hand. I have tried everything to get them to back off. I swear so please why are you trying to destroy my career, what have I done. I did everything to help the Ames. So did my girl friend Mrs Dix…… Sorry Mrs Crozier.

  616. Anonymous

    And here we have it folks…. the “Harlequin” model! Roll up, roll up, they’re at it again like a pair of Gypsy wives. To think people actually trusted you.

  617. If Monty Python done legal work...

    Spontaneous documentary combustion, that’s what happened.

  618. Amazing that FartyWatch has made no comment regarding latest 5* reviews on TA for BB. Just remind us again how many times have you visited the resort?

  619. Anonymous

    Also how odd that our old friend (?) farty BBaywatch of London was a regular contributor on TA up until May 2011 and since, nothing. Has he been replaced by Bequia P of London who has taken old Fartys mantle? So come on BBaywatch why have you not posted anything on TA but are so obsessed with selective quotations from TA? What do you think about the latest 5* reviews? Cat got your tongue?

  620. Her majesty is most distressed it would appear that a certain husband of a certain lady has appointed himself with CLC .A certain lawyer should be hoping all of his insurances are up to date ………

  621. Anonymous

    Talking to yourself again Muswell Hill? Maybe you’d like to regale us with stories of your washer lady fetish?

  622. Jezza N

    With friends like Jeremy, who needs enemies ?

    Difference is that Jeremy is ruined already. No way back.

    On the other hand, who will believe “the Third Respondent” against Chris ?

    What a mess this has become. Too much meddling eh Jez ?

  623. Anonymous

    What does it matter how many good or bad TA reviews are posted ? No investor is getting a return on their BB investment. There are no financials shared that say if the resort is making a profit or not. It’s just a big secret . Fact is, rates are at least 50%?less than a year or two ago.

  624. Cancer, just like cancer

    Mr Ames, please tell me how you were able to get £250,000 especially as you claim you have no money.

    How many people could you have paid back with that investor cash?

    Little runt. Karma is just round the corner.

  625. Cancer, just like cancer

    Is the Mrs still pill popping? I rest my case.

  626. Anonymous

    The resorts can’t be making a profit. All the sh*t I read about tipping scams and cost-cutting screams “no money”. Even look at the pictures. Which 5* resort puts worn-out parasols and ragged beds out on the fake beach? They’ve spent the £400m on glossy brochures and now are now betting on a speculative gamble to try and save themselves. No victim will see a penny of any WK settlement (if indeed it does come good). It’s funny how Ames has said its an “inevitable victory” yet is in need of a precious document to seal his already watertight case. Perhaps he’s not as confident as he likes to boast. Corruption and greed are endemic in that family.

  627. Family of scum

    Funny how Stump thought it a good idea to offer £250,000 for documents that would help in this “inevitable victory”

    Will Corny be able to beat this latest dirty trick ?

  628. On the stand with them

    Imagine when O’ Halloran and Crazier are put on the stand 😉
    Corny is finished, Els have run rings round him.
    His clients are going to complain to the SRA, not pretty.

  629. Anonymous

    ELS and Ames were not expecting the latest twist 😉😉😉😉😉

    Spector is wondering what is going on.

    Mr and Mrs want to cut a deal with a certain bunch of claimants who appear to have much deeper pockets then originallly thought.

  630. Yawn, Yawn.

    Now we all know that’s not true. Paddy has lost control of his group. He is looking for more people to fight his fight – the problem is he is a liar. Never been the same since he lost his rug muncher.

  631. Yawn, Yawn.

    Deeper pockets Mmmmmmm, add the fees to the already OTT ones, and the claim will be in a negative by now – even if they win.

    However, with the spy in the camp we know what’s going on, always have.

  632. Anonymous

    So how does it feel to be a failure? The resorts are non existent and the best you can do is say you have a mole in a camp. No financial updates for the resorts? No? Thought not. Doing a day’s work is evidently too much to ask.

  633. Anonymous

    When did Paddy last work 😉

  634. Anonymous

    What did Crazier do for work prior to CLC, we know, but do the muppets?
    All will be reviled on the stand.

  635. Mack the knife

    Can you trust him Paddkins?

  636. Anonymous

    I don’t know, nor do I care. I care about the contract I signed, which is now in breach, and is not going to be recommenced any time soon. The utter disregard for the victims of this crime is abhorrent.

  637. Anonymous Bosch

    @ Anonymous 10:56 am

    You are so right. Harlequin doesn’t even offer a veneer of pretence that they are fighting to do the right thing for their investors. They and their supporters proudly crow that they have found some devious legal loophole which will enable them to evade their obligation to do the honourable thing.

    If Harlequin ever thought they could become an investable prospect ever again it just shows how out of touch with reality they are.

  638. The boy stood on the burning deck

    Bob I think you meant revealed.
    Let’s face it Bob you and the Bunker trolls are already truly reviled. Was it a Freudian slip on your part I wonder? Maybe it was illiteracy or were you too lazy to use a spell checker?

    You try vainly to defend the indefensible by filling this thread with nonsensical drivel.

  639. The legal loophole

    With respect, Corny should not have promised the Crown Jewels if he did not have the key to the vault. If he had been a little more professional, he could have struck a watertight deal. Now the clients are paying the price of his greed.

  640. Anon

    With respect, Ames should have paid what he owes the investors for breaking a legally binding contract. Greed will be his downfall.

  641. It is a great pity Mr Ames could not even pay the money .his lawyer clearly states he doesn’t have it …..in short there is not much more to say except I hope his loyal and erstwhile employees manage to get their salaries this month after all they work so hard ….
    Maybe those people at crowdfunding could be of assistance

  642. Anonymous


    Thank you for at least a cordial response. You’re right, he should not have promised what he could not provide. A somewhat ironic statement given the circumstances.

    It does,however, nothing but provide veneer to the real problem – Ames hasn’t the money to continue building, a sure sign that the model has failed. This is what makes people angry. Suing WK for £30m is not going to do anything to help the 3000+ people (after SIPPs) who are still to see returns.
    How many of those had taken on debt?

  643. Sid

    All we keep hearing is that once Ames hits the jackpot by winning the WK case all will be good with the world. But the fact that WK are prepared to fight suggests that they also believe they can win, and if they do I expect they will look to recoup significant costs. What happens in the event that WK are successful, does that spell the end for HP? It seems to be an all-or-nothing situation to me.

  644. It's two years off no matter what?

    Regarding WK
    Win or lose, I would imagine after appeals it’s going to be a few years?
    Can Harlequin last that long?
    WK certainly can…..

  645. With Ames failing health..

    He won’t live that long. 🙂

  646. You seem to forget why the build program at BB ground to a halt and the resort was 2 years late in opening. Paddy was on the fiddle with his WK mates. That being opened on time would provide the revenue stream to begin building the other resorts. WK will settle out of court. They have too much to lose.

  647. Anonymous

    We heard this in the 10 page statement from Ames. at the time of the court. In light of all the other mistruths told, I would only be content if Harlequin backed it up with figures…

    “would provide the revenue stream”

    A revenue stream they already have, and yet haven’t made that work. Why doesn’t Harlequin publish revenue figures for its investors? No one knows how feasible the current resorts are. By all accounts, they’re not making the wild amounts claimed by Ames and IFA’s at point of sale. Further, it’s profit they would need to build the resorts, not revenue. Of course there would be completion monies, but you can’t run a resort on a loss!

  648. News From the Scrubs

    The Prodigal Son [aka Matt Ames] will be rejoining the clan in the not too distant future.
    Look out for yourselves!

  649. A family of scum

    Great future that lad, divorced, homeless, convicted fraudster, bankrupt, and banned from being a director for 12 years.

    His other family members will be joining him soon 🙂

  650. Anonymous

    tokesentinel co uk Port-Vale-sued-Harlequin-Property-125k-loan/story-15244552-detail/story html

    The papers also reveal Harlequin paid £5,000 towards the players’ Christmas party, but is not seeking that back.

  651. It’s very good news that Matthew is coming home , he will be able to repay the money he owes to his mum so the wages are safe for another month , (without having to do crowdfunding )

  652. Ames little problem

    I think suing people give Dave ‘wood’ , his Mrs certainly does not!!!

  653. Dave gets a 'chubbie'

    Bring on the dancing girls, remember Dave?

  654. Eh I do believe its impossible to have profit without revenue. Or perhaps you have some new accountancy model? Anyway how do you know that DA did not have investors lined up until Paddy dipped his fingers in the till, Newman got gobby, Walton bought Snatchett on board whose only aim in life is to make money and bankrupt HP?

  655. It's a group attack

    With CLC, Paddy, Newman, Crazier and Freemasons Walton and Fatchett all conspiring, together, to bring Harlequin down any wonder Dave has a few problems?

  656. It's a group attack

    Bully boy tactics.

  657. Why do you always write 2 consecative posts under the same ID? Is you life full of after thoughts

  658. Aff a Laff Dave

    As we already know, Dave Ames seems unable to present Affidavits that do not conflict the truth.

    Funny that…

    Oh yes and let us remind ourselves that it wasn’t that long ago that bully boy Dave engaged big fat libel lawyers Carter Ruck to shut down any of his detractors.

    All down the pan now, because guess what? Dave owes Carter F*** quite a lot of money. And Dave didn’t pay his bill.

  659. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 5:43 Yes you’re right. I was alluding to margin.

    I’d be one who’d enjoy seeing any underwriters’ proposals / letters of intent for providing “virtual” mortgages. I think there’s more chance of pigs flying. Imagine it… so Mr Ames, have you ever been bankrupt before? “SLANDER!!!!!”. Mr Ames, we understand your son is currently serving time for fraud? “SLANDER!!!!!”. Mr Ames, are we to understand that your current businesses have been trading at a loss? “SLANDER!!!”.

    Paddy and friends wouldn’t be able to bring it down if it was making money. But it’s no. It’s relying on completion money to pay the staff & utility bills.

  660. loon bob

    Bob, why not try consecutive?

  661. libel

    @Anonymous 6:12
    Are you a bit late the party?

    Ames has been bankrupt twice before. We are all wishing he’ll go down for a third time. And prison too.

    I take it you are aware of the Serious Fraud Office and Essex Police investigations?

  662. But you don’t know if its making money so you cannot make assumptions. Quite frankly if DA can get away without posting accounts I don’t blame him. The doom mongers would read into them what they wanted to read.

  663. Anonymous


    Ames has 2 businesses running in the Caribbean irrespective of any investigation. I was stipulating the unlikely nature of their turning a profit.


    Sure I agree, you can do anything with statistics. However, we all know he took £400m, has almost none left (his own admission from the RL meetings). I read into that irresponsibility. I was specifically referring to the profit from the current operations. As an “investor”, I feel obliged to know.

    I know what I see, and it screams neglect. I’m surprised BB has remained open this long without serious issue being raise (food poisoning, employee strike, negative reputation, etc). Here’s what we do know:

    Ames himself admitted BB (in those minutes from RL) to be running at a small loss if not break even. Blu was slightly better. In Ames world, this probably means a comprehensive burn rate.

    That Ames Jnr x2, Mrs Ames and Nicola Kheller took £59k, £32k, £108k and £32k in director loans from HMSSE. None of which have been paid back.

    Mr & Mrs Ames’ lawyer agreeing with the judge that the pair cannot afford £1.3m to pay the “digruntled” 24.

    Tho two £1.4m planes mysteriously now operating under another company (were they given away?).

    £10m on Dubai property.

    Completion monies used in “ordinary course of business”.

    None of this would have been proliferated if the resorts were turning the type of profits Ames was forecasting at sale.

    The only conclusion I take is that the resorts are not pulling profits, Harlequin is focused on getting people to “complete” because it’s a “capital investment”. You don’t need profit when your overheads are covered by others.

  664. So close

    CLC obviously got Ames to mess himself, however, the work was sloppy allowing him to get another year or so.
    The poor blighters thought they were home and dry.

    Corny should pay for his mistakes

    There will be only one victory – Spector or Corny??