Black and White Sea Egg Poachers have different court outcomes in Barbados

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submitted by Steve See the Egg

Black and White Sea Egg Poachers

Recently two Sea poachers were apprehended somewhere between Martin’s Bay and Glenburnie in St. John. One Eric Mayers, known to most of us as “Grease”, and Anthony Standard, known to most as “TC” though breaking the law, which banned the poaching of sea eggs due to a scarcity of the delicacy for the past 10 years or so.

The two faced the court where they both pled guilty, but Eric was hit with a fine of BDS$5000 forthwith or 13 months in jail. As he could not come up with the fine he’ll have to serve 13 months in prison. This was indeed the second time Eric was caught or escaped being caught.

Anthony on the other hand was caught for the first time and was given a suspended sentence of one years’ probation no jail time, fine.

It should be noted that Mr. Anthony Standard is a white man and like in the Judicial Systems in place in the USA, Canada and many other racist societies, blacks are treated differently in the courts of Barbados. This is a double standard.

It should be noted that two brothers Edgar and Stephen Barrow who were also caught poaching Sea Eggs for the first time like some other first time Poachers were fined BDS$1000.

Why wasn’t Anthony Standard fined?

Is it because “Blacks don’t matter”?


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3 responses to “Black and White Sea Egg Poachers have different court outcomes in Barbados

  1. D Oracle.

    Bunch of pheup.

  2. Victor

    I know exactly where they poachers were operating near Glenburnie. The idiots claim to espouse the idea that sea eggs are for all of we, a gift from the sea. They cannot think past the idea of WHY there is a season, don’t care really just thinking how to make money, not planning for the future. When I put this to them their answer was that the government could just re-plant the reefs as was done before.
    Returning Bajans are often to blame offering huge sums to local fishermen, tempting them at a time when fishing is so hard because of the moss just because they want to throw their cash around and have some caviar.
    Then they can go back to wherever and boast about it after their holiday. Stop just fining the fishermen, fine the buyers for enticing them with holiday cash to destroy the local environment

  3. barbados was racist and bias for ages, its also some kind of class separation, but some bajans love to put things under the rug, and hope that god will change things, god wont change things until people make an effort to demand change. I think the society in barbados is to become too complacent, its like if its not happening to me, why rock the boat.