Pat Hoyos: Plasma gasification will bring economic and environmental disaster to Barbados

“The Government of Barbados has given up all of the country’s future rights to determine its waste to energy management to an unknown company, whose plan is to build a plant using highly dangerous technology that has failed in every attempt made so far to turn garbage into electricity.”

Welcome to Corruption Unlimited

“Barbados has given up all future rights to an Unknown Company…”

Oh yes my childrens… Gather ’round and I’ll spin you a tale of how each Barbados government for the last 30 years has promised to implement integrity legislation and conflict of interest standards, but never did. Never will without serious international pressure.

Owen Arthur promised integrity legislation, but never delivered. Then, on a politician’s salary, PM Owen Arthur donated US$150,000 in after tax dollars to a cricket charity! What a great man!

Then “Goin’ wid Owen” was caught putting campaign donations from corporations into his personal bank account!

No charges though because Barbados doesn’t care about corruption.

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO's Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO’s Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

Then the next Prime Minister, David Thompson, through his law firm money laundered $3.3 Million Dollars for his friend Leroy Parris.

And David Thompson and the DLP promised Integrity Legislation.

But they never delivered.

Now Freundel Stuart says “Trust me, trust your government” about the garbage-to-electricity plant.

And Bajans are not allowed to know if any politicians have shares in the companies that will benefit from the Barbados Government contract. 

So… to all the Bajan politicians who aren’t standing up and demanding that the people be allowed to know who is profiting from government contracts… (Censored)

Take it away, Pat Hoyos…

THE HOYOS FILE: Tipping Cahill deal into the dumpster

YOU KNOW THAT A POLICY is dead on arrival when the usually accommodative local chamber of commerce breaks its silence to say so. That, to me, was the big game changer last week. 

The threat posed by the Cahill energy plan is so potentially damaging to this country that the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to its credit, did not wait for its critique to wind its way through interminable meetings of the umbrella private sector organisation.

Instead, president Tracey Shuffler let it be known clearly and without equivocation where the chamber stood in a simple speech at the chamber’s final monthly luncheon before the summer break.

There may be a waste to energy solution which could suit Barbados’ needs in terms of cost, and environmental compatibility, she said, and she was confident that the same rigour with which the Town and Country Planning Office had used to review wind farming projects, for example, would be applied to the Cahill Energy waste to energy project.

Then she drove in the knife, adding that “I am presently fully assured that from the reviews we have seen, it may well be roundly rejected if some significant changes are not made”.

… read the entire article at The Nation: THE HOYOS FILE: Tipping Cahill deal into the dumpster


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5 responses to “Pat Hoyos: Plasma gasification will bring economic and environmental disaster to Barbados

  1. de castro

    Surely paradise with so much beautiful sunshine cool breezes and 😈powerful
    seas would look to the Sun Sea and Wind as a source of renewable energy.What about a “recycling” programmes. Subsidy for solar installations….etc etc
    Hey its 2015 where fossil fuel is destroying our planet and renewables
    a possible alternative. Subsidy for renewables way forward with massive
    recycling programmes to compliment it.

    Short term fix for long term gain is “stupidity”
    Same remedy for different issues does not produce similar results.

    Waste disposal is a big issue for lil paradise…..hope it is complimented with
    recycling…….its very complex a “readability” study necessary.

    Hope its not another “white elephant” !
    Or corruption corruption

  2. de castro

    Feasibility study eccessity….

  3. Violet C Beckles

    It already started. we wil have to see how it ends.

  4. Party Animal

    I really think that this Gasification Plant Issue is to take peoples mind off the current economic crisis we are in, people are so taken up with this Hoax of a Plan we forget the deep financial trouble Barbados is facing and the corruption behind it all. Clever move by Government to take our minds off the above crisis.
    To think we cannot find two Billion Dollars ( Bds ) to keep us afloat, where the Hell are we going to find an extra Two Billion Dollars per annum to give some Unknown person/Company to laugh at us for the next thirty years, while we suck salt. Why should we be fooled into something that has been proven to be useless other parts of the World and now we become the Guinea Pig of the largest mistake, well knowing it is not feasible before we start.
    Why must we ( Barbadians ) fall into the hands of the biggest crooks of the World, What magnet, we don’t know about attract these folks to our shores, is it because they know this is where the find the biggest crooks like themselves ?
    Our minds have also been taken off the other Fiasco, The $ 700 million Dollar Andrews ???????? what ever, what it sounds like, that this New Plant should be able to run for at least one month out of a year.
    We have not been able to produce Ten Thousand Tons Sugar this year, I would like to know what it cost to produce one ton of Sugar. Subsidizing the Sugar Industry over the last several years at Sixty Million Dollars a year, plus the cost of the Running of Portvale, I recon it cost Barbados Six Million Dollars plus the Factory Cost per Ton of Sugar, are we still getting ten cents a pound on the open Market ? I would love some answers.

  5. lucchase

    Bunch of Muppets and Lawers posing as engineers and business men. Only a Muppet would think waste gasification on such a tiny island with such abundant sunshine and near constant wind could he a good idea. Where is the evidence?
    Bajans need to demand more. And don’t be bought.