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A BFP reader requested a re-print of one of our header cartoons and that developed into this page where sooner or later you’ll see some of your old favourites. We’ll add a few every week in no particular order.

In the case of headers and cartoons that don’t fit this page size, we’ll put up a thumbnail that will take you to the full-sized cartoon.


David Simmons Virgin Chief Justice Barbados

David Simmons - The Virgin Chief Justice of Barbados

Above: Former Attorney General and lifelong politician SIR David Simmons needed to lose his political baggage to become Barbados Chief Justice. Yup… he needed to become Like a Virgin so he could follow his new love (the courts) without his old lover (politics) interfering.

Above: September 25, 2008 – Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is upset that Prime Minister David Thompson accused the BLP of stashing stolen money in offshore bank accounts… but she isn’t fool enough to sue Thompson!

Above: December 9, 2007 – Keltruth Blog receives a PhotoShop programme for Christmas! (link here)

Above: October 29, 2007 – Owen Arthur and David Thompson both promise integrity legislation. (link here)

Above: May 2, 2007 – Owen Arthur Blows 1.5 million on a Cricket World Cup closing ceremony in the dark… but he’s doing ok! (link here)

Above: April 29, 2007 – After the disaster that was Cricket World Cup, then-Tourism Minister Noel Lynch chooses a better site for next time! (link here)

Above: June 12, 2008 Header – DLP MPs declare their views about ITAL!

Above: October 31, 2007 – then-Attorney General Dale Marshall forgets to pass law making the new Dodds Prison, an official prison. (link here)

30 responses to “Cartoons!

  1. nasia

    I think whats going on today over there

  2. Michael

    I think Nasia, what we will see is nothing but an increase in unemployment as is already evident and a Prime Minister who continues to lie to the people of Barbados and then be ratted out by the Governor of the Central Bank (God bless her heart) and you can expect an election to be called in 2010 where the DLP will be washed out of office like they were never there, however what will be left is a spade of increased debt and evidence of economic recklessness.

    Have a good day 🙂

  3. souljagirl

    i think d t is a fool

  4. malik

    david thompson go back to combermere and learn how to lie better casue all u makin the bajans realise is that dlp mean david lyin party

  5. Avatar Gurl

    Well if DLP mean David Lying Party…

    The BLP must mean Big-A$$ Lying Party!

    They’re both the same, man. Come On!

  6. Avatar Gurl

    Oh, sorry about that last comment…I meant it, but maybe the language was a bit over the top… 😦

  7. all of you are ugly when i saw this only my grama was laughing

  8. please!

    Has anyone noticed that all the ‘comments’ do NOTHING? Just read the stuff and keep quiet please!


    BOY U.. Dah david thompson really had me fooled yuh !! but de truth comin out , he in nuh betta dan de drunk , thiefin fella before he.. But now that he can actually afford a bottle a mount gay , he game slippin bigtime .

  10. levi

    u know it is interestin how you all sit around and cast around blame u allow yurselves to be sucked into the absurdities of campignes around election time and then when all the ‘glamour’ of elections have passed and you are left with people who cant tell adam from eve you want to complain you guys put them there so get over it and deal with it. whining can’t do a damn thing now. the only thing left to do now is w8 for the next election and this time listen and analyze wat your’e politicians are sayin so u can make the best decision. that simple.

  11. Cartoons are hillarious. Way to go!

  12. mrz nukz

    diz is so funny
    wat s t bwt????????
    i reli dnt gt t

  13. brownlionz

    this page afforded me some good laughs…humor is good .i just HOPE dat next year dis same time i could view politics in general with the same extreme light heartedness that i do now

  14. Anonymous

    calling on the christian communities in Barbados to a new way to celebrate the birth of Christ.A day to study the teachings of Jesus and make new commitments to honour the life of Jesus by following the commitments made.Instead of exchanging gifts donate to the poor ,the orphans both in your communities and in tne Caribbean.Let us put Haiti as a priority for this year.

  15. Anonymous

    well well well look what they did to the DLP i think the blp shoud be like the dlp

  16. they should not be makin jokes of the prime minister it is disrespecful

  17. jenel17

    what a waste this is crap people just crap jenel17 is out peace

  18. who publish this rubbish post and very idiot cartoons ……..don’t do like this any more …!!

  19. Anonymous

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG what the hell i like the pigs

  20. Anonymous

    this is so foolish it is so funny LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL so funny

  21. Sarah Daniels

    Let’s have a Truth & Declaration Act (TDA).
    ALL POLITICIALS to fIle this with a special Commission set up under TDA.

    IF THEY are unwilling or unable to do so for whatever reason then there be an ASSUMPTION OF MONEY LAUNDERING.

    You will see what will happen. Mass exodus/immigration of the volchers and politicians.

  22. anonymous 244

    i dont think anybody should talk about anybody because you’re not in their shoes. you don’t know how hard their life is. you don’t know what they go though everyday.

  23. 141

    yah uuu….. R an iihdiot

  24. lollollollollollolollolllollolllollollol

  25. David Nasan

    In the cartoon, attorney General General should be saying I AM A FOOL! PLEASE CORRECT IT.

  26. 80

    I finally got my copy of Arthur Christmas, but I wish it was cooler so I could watch it 😦 Waiting for winter again…


    Reads like a WANTED POSTER.

  28. Who is responsible for auditing this government? We need to put the pressure on that organization.

  29. Mohammed Burton

    Mars has the power corruptions to it, thoughts are real things and the come back to that nation. ENERGY

  30. Mohammed Burton

    Mars has the power to draw corruptions to it, thoughts are real things and the come back to that nation. ENERGY

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