Dr. Karl Watson of Barbados National Trust “SHOCKED” by Sandals environmental damage

“In the short and medium run, tourism is really the only engine for our continued prosperity and economic growth. So, we welcome the Sandals development, however, I must say that having come down here this morning, I am a bit taken aback and shocked.


Quite a number of mature trees have been felled and then I also see development on the way in the sea where a type of breakwater is being constructed, and I wonder whether the environmental impact assessment that aught to have been done for this project was really based soundly and on correct assessment, and whether the long term effects of both this type of deforestation, denuding of forest cover, exposure of the sandy layer, topsoil etc, or the creation of an artificial offshore reef; whether the future results of these developments have been thoroughly assessed.”



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15 responses to “Dr. Karl Watson of Barbados National Trust “SHOCKED” by Sandals environmental damage

  1. De castro

    “Rape” in Paradise ! Senseless distrustion of the environment will have long term “side effects” consequences…..maybe a tsunami can save Barbados from this barbaric destruction of their paradise…..under the pretext “development”?😈

    Shameful disgracefully so.!

  2. yatinkiteasy

    Lets face it, Sandals were given Carte Blance as far as their redevelopment of the property they bought…but how can that possibly include the ocean and public beach in front of the property?. Have the Coastal Conservation folks given approval to what they are doing? …or Town and Country Planning?

  3. Violet C Beckles

    some one needs to care the other crooks at the National Trust did not, and the DBLP sold out the Country,,,

  4. The man sounds like a quack and he even goes on to admit that he’s clueless.
    We have those loony environmentalist here too.

  5. De castro

    Absolutely hilarious laughter…..😀😀

    Control freaks and eco freaks do exist but they are mostly “extremists”
    with giant egos.
    However if sandals ignores any regulations or protocol breach am sure
    law suits by clever/corrupt lawyers will soon follow.

    Most titles in carribean are not worth a dime….the wealthy usually buy
    titles for a pittance. Lord DR HON etc
    Am AKA Kamtan lord of Cherin.
    With internet anonimity its fun.

    Seriously hope that long term damage to the environment is not “a price worth paying” …
    We have those lunatics here in UK EU also…..some chain themselves to trees etcetc funny to watch their removal by law enforcers.
    Just love the bajans laid back attitude….passiveness.
    Que Sera sera

  6. Slave child

    Breakwaters and artificial reefs have a proven record on the west coast of removing sand from down-current properties. They obstruct the natural ebb and flow and can devastate existing beaches and businesses.

    This is serious business and Dr. Watson’s concerns should not be dismissed out of hand with taunts of ‘tree hugger’

    Thank god we have some ‘tree huggers’ left in this place, for the unbridled capitalists who don’t care about the environment have walled off the West Coast and have again made Bajans slaves to foreign interests.

  7. De castro

    Slave child
    My apologies as it was never my intention to offend genuine environmentalists. There are extremes is most issues. OTT (over the top)
    If your claims are correct let’s hope Sandals are sued for damages to the environment…..bet there is an out of court settlement.
    Corruption…not to mention “plea bargaining” where money can buy lesser sentences.
    Not all capitalist are evil ….take your pick…choice is the bajans elected to decide.

  8. Environmentalist concerns?

    How many years has Dr Watson lived in Barbados, if not the majority of all of his life?

    By now, nothing the Barbados government, its corporate sponsors or facilitators, would do or fail to do, should cause Dr Watson to be shocked!

    He has seen it all, many times over, including his milquetoast governance position he held at The Barbados National Trust where he lamented Barbados was becoming a City State ( no green spaces, urban sprawl, quality of life etc. )

    Not enough outrage, piss and vinegar.and organizing.

  9. D Oracle.

    They lied to us! Really? No shit? Well, well, well…….what else is new?

  10. de castro

    Where are the organised peaceful protests…for public enquiry or environmentalists protests. Was public consulted on planning permission.

    Unless there is openness or transparency politically “distrust” will reign
    over Paradise. Rewards heavenly.
    Que sera

  11. time for action

    I have a better idea than peaceful protests. Let’s take over the beach at sandals and disassemble the breakwater using their construction machines.

  12. Being in Barbados for June 2015 I loved not seeing US Fast Food logos, signs, and litter. I appreciated the seemingly conscious effort to keep Barbados’ unigue culture. There is a fine line between welcoming in corporations that bring tourism, making local jobs and boosting the economy or making environmental regulations and zoning laws so restrictive the resorts don’t feel investing in Barbados is a good risk. The problem comes when you try to do both at the same time without a clear unified vision of the future. With an itemized, understandably written plan the spontaneous questions that arise in every negotiation will not be decided on a “Well, maybe just this time.” state of affairs. Make some decisions now to stop letting the Tourist Industry bowl you down. Choose the aspects of the Uniquely Bajan way of life you value. Then make the decisions with those values in mind. With your Anniversary of 50 years of Independence on the horizon why not dedicate the next year to discussing the valus you are willing to compromise for tourism and profits vs. those on which you must stay firm.

  13. How is it possible for a hotel to SECRETLY chop down so many large trees????

  14. And secretly build a large breakwater???

  15. De castro

    Certainly more question than answers for the political class (asses)
    HeeHaw !