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Barbados Borrows Millions From Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – How Much Will Be Siphoned Off By Corruption?

Barbados Has No Law To Prevent Government Officials From Awarding Contracts To Family Or Themselves!

Here we go again, folks. Like the BLP Arthur/Mottley Government before it, the DLP David Thompson Government of Barbados is tapping into international loans and money to finance projects when there are no rules about how the money gets spent – and no rules prohibiting the awarding of contracts to companies owned by government officials or their immediate family members.

Now that they have achieved power and hold the country’s cheque book in their hands, David Thompson and the DLP government refuse to implement standards that will prevent them from using their office for personal profit.

So who will be doing the “consulting” and the “studies” that go along with this big loan?

Don’t ask… because Barbados doesn’t have any transparency laws either!

Same old, same old…

Barbados Gets US$5 million IDB Loan for Standards System

Bridgetown — July 27, 2008 — Barbados’ national standards system will undergo a modernisation process to the tune of US$7.29 million.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce, George Hutson and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Representative, Anneke Jessen, signed a loan agreement during a ceremony in the Ministry’s conference room, Reef Road, St Michael.

Government is providing US$2.29 million while the IDB will foot US$5 million.

Describing the venture as a priority for Government, Mr. Hutson said the project would strengthen Barbados’ National Standards Systems, upgrades to BNSI’s administrative areas, as well as its physical and technological infrastructure.

In addition, the Minister of Trade said globalisation and trade liberalisation have heightened the need for countries to maintain high standards.

“Changing international conditions, deepening regional integration, and the need to improve the competitiveness of local goods and services have underlined the importance of maximising quality and efficiency in the application and administration of national standards.

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