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The Astonishing Worldwide Reach And Influence Of Barbados Blogs

3.5 Million WordPress Blogs – 3 Barbados Blogs Have Top 100 Posts Today!

Out of over 3.5 million WordPress blogs and several hundred million WordPress articles online today, July 9, 2008, three Barbados blogs have articles in the WordPress Top 100 Most Popular Posts. Two Barbados blogs are also in the WordPress Top 100 Most Popular Blogs.

That is worldwide, my friends!

It is all the more astonishing when one considers that we are only a small island nation of 300,000 people or so and that over 150,000 new WordPress articles are published every day – adding to those hundreds of millions of articles already online.

Early this morning 3 Barbados blogs had four spots in the WP Top 100 most popular articles!

Number 38 was Islandista’s article about R&B singer/actress Mya Who Does Mya Think She Is?

Number 51 was Barbados Underground’s article Prime Minister David Thompson Grabs Centre Stage Delivering His First Budget

Number 67 was the Barbados Free Press article Barbados Budget 2008 – Government Cancels Contract With Corrupt Flyover Builder Jonathan Danos & 3S

BFP’s Car Rental Article Is The #1 WordPress Business News Article In The World

The  #1 WordPress “Business News” article this morning was BFP’s Barbados Car Rental Agency “New Driving Permit Fee Will Be Devastating” authored by Adrian Loveridge. This does not even include the number of people who read the article at Barbados Underground where it was also published.

Out of 3.5 Million WordPress Blogs… Barbados Free Press & Barbados Underground are in the Top 100 Most Popular Blogs Worldwide!

Yes folks, that’s right… out of 3.5 million WordPress blogs online, this morning Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground were the #33 and #90 most popular blogs worldwide.

This is undoubtedly due to the worldwide interest in the new Barbados budget by diaspora, governments and the international financial and investment communities.

As Prime Minister Thompson says in these excerpts from his Budget speech…

“Barbados has long been the second home, holiday destination, tax domicile and investment location of a significant number of high net worth individuals…”

“We need, as a matter of urgency, to restore the relationship between us and the tens of thousands of Barbadians living overseas. My administration views the diaspora as an integral part of the economic, social and cultural development of Barbados and is determined to create a comprehensive strategy for engaging them…”

“Remittances from overseas Barbadians have grown from $64 million in 1992 when the policy started to $263 million in 2006. Their investment has created jobs, new housing, as well as business. Many of these contributions also come from Barbadians who may never return to Barbados permanently…” (Quotes from Prime Minister Thompson’s July 2008 Budget Speech)

Dear Prime Minister Thompson,

Believe us on this, Prime Minister Thompson… The eyes of foreign investors, governments, NGOs and the Bajan diaspora are upon Barbados every day through Barbados blogs. These people are already “engaged” by Barbados citizens participating in a free marketplace of ideas and ideals.

And the important thing for you and your government to remember, Mr. Prime Minister… is that without a foundation of real and effective ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation and Standards – foreign investors, governments, NGOs and especially our own diaspora will be reluctant to provide the economic help this country is going to need in the coming tough times.

ITAL, Mr. Prime Minister. ITAL and nothing less.


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Trip Advisor.Com Clients Upset At $100 Barbados Visitor Driver Permit Fee

Last Week Alone 24 Million People Planned Travel At Trip Advisor.com… And Now The Discussion Is About The Increased Barbados Car Rental Costs

It is a small world out there, friends – and when people plan their vacations and business trips online there is not much that remains hidden. This morning travelers at Trip Advisor.com are discussing the increase in car rental costs in Barbados due to the government’s massive one thousand percent increase in the price of a Visitor’s Driver Permit. There is no doubt that this discussion is also happening at other travel websites and forums.

IF the government wishes to reconsider the increase, it had better do so quickly. IF the PM reconsiders and lowers the increase, he had better get his tourism staff on it right away to mitigate the damage being done to our travel industry as the word spreads on the internet. Give it a few more days and the travel sections of the major newspapers around the world will be picking up the story.


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