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United States Embassy Says Barbados Banks Laundering Drug Money!

Keltruth Blog Transforms From Boring To BLAST!

We don’t know what has happened to our friends at Keltruth Blog, but they have transformed their image from “stuck on a single issue boring” to a hard-hitting Barbados political and social blog that presents well-researched, take-no-prisoners articles on a wide range of interesting topics.

In the last week alone, Keltruth Blog stories have covered…

Skin cancer dangers for people with dark complexions

Barbados lawyer Gittens Clyde Turney threatening a witness in a Barbados court.

What is organized crime costing the taxpayers of Barbados?

Black liberation theology (The theology of Barack Obama’s former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright)

Money Laundering techniques used by the corrupt.

How some of the Barbados lawyers and politicians robbed a blind old lady of her land.

An ancient tablet in Jerusalem ignites debate on Messiah and Resurrection.

New Keltruth Series Slams Barbados Police, Banks & Government

A few days ago, Keltruth Blog posted a story of how the Royal Barbados Police Force are slacking in drug enforcement – with drug charges down by 91% in the past 3 years! Keltruth’s source was the US Government that released enforcement statistics the Barbados Police refused to release to the public! (HA HA HA!)

Keltruth says that the response to that article was “Tremendous” and we believe them because we linked to the post and sent over a thousand of our readers yesterday morning alone.

Today, Keltruth delivers another broadside against Barbados corruption and institutional incompetence with the news that the United States Embassy in Barbados says that Barbados banks are laundering drug money!

Apparently, diplomats are not supposed to say such things about their host country, or at least be a little more gentle, but maybe the United States is getting a little cranky with the ineffectiveness of our police and the lack of financial crimes investigations.

Read it for yourself in the Keltruth article: US Government – Barbados Banks Can’t Stop Drug Dealers’ Money Laundering!

Whatever is happening over at Keltruth… keep it up. We love it!

Judging by the many thousands of Barbados Free Press readers who have followed story links to Keltruth Blog in the last few weeks alone, it can truly be said that Barbados now has three hard-hitting major blogs. (Barbados Underground, Keltruth Blog, Barbados Free Press)

When the dozens of smaller blogs are added into the equation it is obvious that our island has developed an extremely active and vibrant blogging community that is having real impact in many areas of society. Certainly the two major political parties wouldn’t even have mentioned the words “Integrity Legislation” without the efforts of Barbados bloggers.

Already Barbados Free Press alone far exceeds the online daily readership of the two newspapers with websites: Nation News and Barbados Advocate. Who knows where this will all be in another two years?

Free Speech Rules!

And to tempt us all, Keltruth Blog posted this little teaser about an article not-yet-published…

Coming: Shocking Scandal involving Bank with Barbados HQ.

… coming article at Keltruth Blog


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