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Barbados Advocate Lies To Bajans – Deceitfully Portrays Paid Advertisement As Independent Journalism By Foreign Affairs Magazine!!!

You Can’t Get Much More Like Propaganda Than This, Folks!

The Government of Barbados – Barbados Tourism Authority took out a paid advertisement in the prestigious magazine, Foreign Affairs Journal, published by the Council on Foreign Relations. The feature piece on Barbados quite clearly states that it is a purchased advertisement, a “sponsored publication” – yet the second largest circulation newspaper in Barbados tells Bajans that this glowing article in a widely-respected upscale magazine is just regular journalism.

Foreign Affairs readers are well aware that this “feature” article on Barbados was purchased because it says so on every page in the article – but Bajans aren’t being told the truth by their trusted news media. Instead, Bajans are told that our economic prospects are bright because one of the most respected international journals says so!

In fact, Foreign Affairs Journal hasn’t mentioned the word “Barbados” in any article for over seven years – since a 2001 article on tax havens. So our government bought an article, and now it is being held up to the citizens as hope, progress and an independent outside indicator that Barbados has a bright economic future.

What rubbish. What lies. What government propaganda by a newspaper.

It seems that the paid feature in Foreign Affairs Journal had less to do with attracting upscale investors to Barbados than making the voters feel good about the Thompson Government’s performance and leadership.

Last April, Barbados contracted with Strategic Media services to run an underground campaign to create a “brand” out of our nation. That is all well and good – but it is unethical and deceitful for the government and the news media to hold up a government advertising campaign as “independent journalism”.

What rubbish. What lies. What government propaganda by a newspaper…

Here is the (pdf) paid article Foreign Affairs Journal: Barbados: A New Approach To Excellence

Here is the global media company that is running the advertising campaign: Strategic Media

Here is the article as published in the Barbados Advocate. Read it, then read the Foreign Affairs paid advertisement and tell us if you feel deceived and abused by the Barbados Advocate…

Barbados featured as an economic success

Web Posted – Tue Jul 15 2008

THE success story that Barbados is, has been given prominence in Foreign Affairs Journal, one of the prestigious American bi-monthly magazines.

The country which is noted for its economic and political stability, enabling infrastructure, its high living standards and one of the leading actors pushing for greater Caribbean integration, is featured in the publication under the banner “Barbados – A New Approach to Excellence”.

The human resource element, the attractiveness of the country as a tourist destination, and opportunities for the discerning investor, form the core of the assessment outlined by the magazine.

Tourism Minister, Richard Sealy speaks at length about the island’s tourism industry and how nationals in key markets where the majority of visitors to Barbados originate, can add to the growth of the tourism numbers in Barbados.

The magazine also highlights the opportunities Barbados offers investors. Continue reading


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