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Canadian CIBC-Owned FirstCaribbean International Bank Indicted In 100 Money-Laundering Act Charges! Barbados News Media Hides The Story

Cowardly Nation News Pees Self Thinking About Reporting This Story

Cowardly Nation News Pees Self Thinking About Reporting This Story

Lapdog Barbados News Media Covers-Up For First Caribbean

FirstCaribbean International Bank, headquartered in Barbados, has been indicted in Belize in over 100 money laundering charges that happened between 2001 and 2005.

The bank is over 90% owned by the Canadian bank, the CIBC.

This story has been on the international news for almost two weeks, but the Barbados news media doesn’t think that the story of a Barbados-based bank indicted for over 100 counts of money-laundering is news!

Cowards! Bought-and-paid-for cowards!

Keltruth Blog broke the story in the blogs, and they have all the links and background at… Keltruth Blog: FirstCanadian Bank indicted under money-laundering laws


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Barbados Government Minister Chris Sinckler Working Hard For Us All In Switzerland – BUT…

Sinckler At The World Trade Organisation In Geneva

Minister Of Foreign Trade Chris Sinckler

Minister Of Foreign Trade Chris Sinckler

Minister of Foreign Trade Chris Sinckler is over in Switzerland fighting for Barbados as the WTO considers changes in tariffs. (CBC article here)

While Minister Sinckler’s work with tariffs doesn’t have the exciting cache of announcing a new hotel project or some other flashy government initiative, it is this important work in the trenches that very much impacts our economy on a long term basis.

The idea of working in Switzerland sounds exciting to the uninitiated, but the glitz of travel soon fades into the reality of life on the road. Chris might be doing a little sightseeing in Switzerland, but for the mostpart we bet that he will have started to miss home by now.

The World Trade Organisation & World Agencies Know We Lack Integrity Legislation

Minister Sinckler is trying to convince WTO major members that Barbados and other small and vulnerable economies should be given a break when compared to larger nations. That is all good and necessary for small countries like Barbados, but increasingly, larger countries and world agencies are becoming far less tolerant of government corruption than they were even five years ago.

Barbados does not have Integrity Legislation or effective oversight of government spending, and while the WTO and the larger nations are willing to help us out, they want to know that their support and concessions will go to the citizens of Barbados and not end up lining the pockets of the government’s members and friends.

How much easier and more effective could Minister Sinckler’s efforts be if he could say that Barbados had taken a firm stand against corruption in government.

Instead, Minister Sinckler can only tell his fellow Trade Ministers that the Thompson government was elected on a platform of integrity initiatives – but then failed to adopt even a single measure once it achieved power and held the keys to the treasury.


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Barbados Opposition Leader Mia Mottley Asks For Justice – But Did The BLP Give Justice To DLP Supporters?

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Leader of the Opposition
Political Leader, Barbados Labour Party

Earlier this week, Prime Minister, the Honourable David Thompson indicated that all new contracts to CEOs of statutory corporations in his Government would be bound by a clause to resign within 3 months of a change of Government.

We oppose this policy as self-defeating. This is a backward step particularly given the Prime Minister’s comments on January 20th, 2008 at Kensington Oval. On that occasion, he declared that there would be no night of long knives and that the country should rise above partisan politics and should unite.

Firstly, this move reduces the pool of competent Barbadians who will come forward and be willing to serve as there is no security for them given the flexibility our system affords for the calling of a General Election.

Secondly, there is the risk of labeling persons who are appointed for their competence and qualifications as automatically supporting the Political Party in Government who appointed them.

Thirdly, this is a dangerous precedent that achieves nothing more than the polarization of politics in Barbados in a way that has not been part of our culture and in a way that will have consequences that will reinforce political tribalism. In this instance, Barbados and Barbadians will be the loser. Continue reading


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