Calls For Corruption Investigation in Panama – Corrupt Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Involved

Our friends over at have the full story of how deposed Barbados flyover contractor Jonathan Danos was involved in paying millions of dollars in bribes to Panamanian politicians.

But will the Thompson Barbados Government really take action against corrupt government officials involved with Jonathan Danos in the flyover project?

The smart money says that Prime Minister Thompson will put the interests of the DLP ahead of the interests of Barbados – and go easy on BLP members because he doesn’t want to start a war. – Mabey Bridge Scandal Continues to Grow

BFP: Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Admits Paying Huge Bribes To Caribbean Government Officials & Their Middlemen


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4 responses to “Calls For Corruption Investigation in Panama – Corrupt Barbados Flyover Contractor Jonathan Danos Involved

  1. reality check

    accountability and justice have never really been in the Barbadian vocabulary other than in books of fiction, fairy tales and The Nation Newspaper.

    The theft is probably so massive and pervasive and these are Thompy’s political brethren , that nothing will happen.

  2. Fool me once

    We need someone looksee at what Danos did here. Otherwise we tarred with de same brush. Same as Veco with it’s CEO bribing every politician in sight.

    Maybe a fresh start be forgive and forget but only if no more. Truth and reconciliation worked in south africa but only because it was made public.

    If we don’t learn from past we just repeat same thing all over. If Dems now look the other way and see no evil they giving message to all it be deja vue all over again.

    BFP once you posted a model ITAL checklist. Why not publish it again for open discussion to help the committee that Thompy launched but takin a long time to get started. No time to lose before Dems and their cronies think they be alright to get away with it.

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Hi BFP,

    After reading the story in the link above……..then you would know Owen Arthur and his BLP cronies date with destiny is not too far off !

    This is the same VECO the BLP honest Gov’t carried out ” Due Diligence ” on then joined them in bed for the Dodds Prison , BNOC Oil Terminal and the ABC highway project !

  4. Anonymous

    In court round up in the UK the Danos person won his court case being totally cleared. His previous employer Mabey & Johnson is now under major investigation by the UK Fraud Office but Danos was totally and uterly cleared.