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Barbados National Trust Votes To Leave Nelson’s Statue Where It Is

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 23, 2008, Prime Minister Thompson spoke at the the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Barbados National Trust.

The PM took some surprising positions, speaking favourably about the 2003 Amended Physical Development Plan passed by the previous Arthur/Mottley BLP Government. (!) This is especially interesting because Mr. Thompson as then-leader of the Opposition walked out during the discussion and subsequent vote concerning the plan.

Perhaps now that the corrupt piggies in the DLP have control of the development, they have persuaded the Prime Minister that the plan is excellent if the DLP instead of the BLP are now able to profit from it.

Of course, Barbados has no laws against a government official – elected or appointed – profiting on the side from their office. That was in the Ministerial Code that David Thompson promised to adopt from the day he was sworn in, but failed to do so when an internal rebellion in the party forced him to put aside the idea of integrity, transparency and accountability legislation. (ITAL)

Richard Goddard – We Need A Dozen More Like Him

Also at the meeting, our old friend Richard Goddard upset or pleased more than a few folks when he proposed four resolutions, including that Admiral Nelson’s Statue should remain right where it is. That proposal was approved by a majority of those present.

You can read a first hand account of the meeting (with photo) at Keltruth Blog’s Barbados National Trust Discusses Controversial Issues After PM Thompson Speaks


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Wall Street Journal Covers Corrupt VECO – But Misses Barbados Connection

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent little summary piece of how VECO Corporation bribed politicians in Alaska as a normal part of doing business. (WSJ article here)

Where the WSJ article fails, is that it doesn’t mention the fact that VECO had a 10-year relationship with many BLP politicians in Barbados – where it built the oil terminal and the new Barbados prison.

Jim Carlton wrote the WSJ article. Perhaps someone should send him an email telling him to turn his thoughts to Barbados. Here we don’t have any crooked politicians. That must be true because former Attorney General Dale Marshall “investigated” the VECO bribery charges in Alaska for about 15 minutes and then announced that VECO had been on the up and up with Barbados so there was no need for a more formal inquiry.

Thanks, Dale!

Here is Jim Carlton’s contact info…  jim.carlton@wsj.com


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