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Rule Of Law Dead In Barbados: Government Allows Certain Companies To Ignore Laws

Corporate Anarchy & Political Connections Trump Rule Of Law In Barbados

It has been a while since we dropped in on Keltruth Blog to look at the ongoing legal battles surrounding the US$ 1 Billion dollars of prime Barbados property known as “Kingsland”. We’re not even sure how many lawsuits are going on in Barbados, Canada and Britain – but we know why they are happening…

It is a dispute over prime Barbados land valued at over one Billion US$ Dollars. As they say… When it starts with a “B” that is real money.

The list of people involved in the case reads like a “who’s who” of Barbados royalty – and includes the current Prime Minister David Thompson, past PM Owen Arthur, Chief Justice SIR David Simmons and a host of lawyers and courtiers to the island’s rich and powerful.

The issues and the legal battles seem complex to the ordinary person…

But every so often a simple truth pops out of the Kingsland lawsuit and causes us to say “Yes, we see what is happening.”

Last month the “simple truth” was the fact that Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons was tape recorded during a phone call where he relayed threats to harm one of the opposing lawyers, and also to fire a University of the West Indies professor if that person continued to be a witness in the case. (See BFP’s Justice In Barbados – Shut Up Or Else! Court Witness Fired From University Of West Indies Professorship. Brother Of Chief Justice Simmons Delivered The Threat)

Just as the brother of the Chief Justice threatened, the University Professor was fired – so it is obvious that Peter Simmons, his brother Chief Justice David Simmons and other big-ups will do anything to get out of this Kingsland lawsuit.

This month we have the elites pulling more dirty stunts as they use their governmental powers to crush opponents in a civil lawsuit

Not so long ago, the Chief Justice was overheard saying, “piss on them”. (He really was overheard saying that and he really does talk like that sometimes, you know! Justice Simmons probably should be more circumspect when in a public venue – bon-homme and music flowing or not.)

Whether the Chief Justice or one of his co-defendants did the deed, Keltruth Blog reports more strange happenings surrounding the billion-dollar lawsuit called Kingsland…

Barbados Government Corporate Records “Disappear”

Keltruth Blog reports…

“The Company‚Äôs Act, besides requiring a Company to provide figures to each shareholder, also requires that 21 days before the Annual General Meeting, a copy of the financials must be lodged with the Corporate Registry. Consequently, members of the Knox family went to the Corporate Registry. The Assistant Registrar, Mr. Blackman, was most helpful but neither he nor the Registrar, Ms. Heather Clarke could find the Kingsland Estates Ltd. file! In Barbados, sensitive documents are often elusive to the private citizen.

“In Barbados, sensitive documents are often elusive to the private citizen.”

Oh yes… how many people have heard that folks went to the corporate registry or the land registry looking for a file and “It can’t be found”… yet a few weeks later when a connected person needs to purchase some land or change a directorship for a corporation, the file is located in a few seconds…

Welcome to Barbados!

Some Barbados Companies Aren’t Required To Keep Financial Records!

Keltruth Blog also reports that two front companies involved in the lawsuits – Kingsland Estates Limited and Classic Investments Limited – don’t bother with the laws of Barbados when it comes to keeping financial records or disclosing the records to shareholders or filing them with the government.

Of course, no charges have ever been laid against these companies even though they have gone years without complying with the law.

How interesting that companies associated with the CHIEF JUSTICE OF BARBADOS don’t bother to comply with our laws! Oh well… it is not like these companies fear the courts!

One Law For Them… And Another Law For Us

My friends, we all know that there is one law for the elites and one law for the rest of us on our small island. The justice system, the police, the news media and the courts are often nothing more than tools of the elites.

Sometimes naive foreign investors realise all too late how the system is stacked against them in Barbados. “Everyting be fine” as long as everything is fine, but when there is trouble the little people and foreigners want justice – well, that is another story!

Mostly these injustices are reserved for Bajans – who know when to keep their mouths shut and their eyes closed. But increasingly, foreigners are coming to realise that justice in Barbados is a crap-shoot.

In Barbados, the outcome of any lawsuit is more often than not dependent upon those involved, rather than justice and rule of law.

If you can take it. If you want to know about justice in Barbados….

Head on over to Keltruth Blog where the court documents are published. You sure won’t find the case mentioned in the Barbados news media!

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