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  1. clip

    I’ll start by making the observation that many friends and family members lost their job in the last few months and there isn’t any work out there anywhere. I don’t see things improving next year. Rumblings everywhere. Could get nasty indeed!

  2. GlenWick

    @clip. I am afraid that things will not get nay better even with a change of government. It is destined to be this way.

  3. Green Monkey

    Hi BFP, I just now finished making a post here in Open Discussion and after hitting the post comment button, it disappeared. I didn’t get the usual message that it was being held for moderation. It should be of some interests to aviation buffs. I hope you can find it and make it available.


  4. Green Monkey

    Taking another stab at ;posting the missing post referred to above. On the night of June 27th, 1980 an Italian DC-9 airliner belonging to the Italian airline Itavia mysteriously disappeared from radar and was subsequently found to have exploded in mid air while flying over the Mediterranean sea. There was much speculation at the time as to whether a bomb had been placed on board, but after the wreckage was recovered it was determined the plane had been hit by an air to air missile. A former Italian president, Francesco Cossiga, did at one point before he died say that the aircraft had been shot down by a French air force fighter, but no further details were ever provided by any of the authorities or French or Italian political leaders as to how or why a French air force pilot made such a presumably tragic mistake as to fire on a passenger carrying, civilian airliner.

    Only now, some 30 years later, with the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in Libya, documents have apparently come to light from which it is possible to reconstruct what might actually have happened that night which lead a French fighter pilot to fire an air to air missile into a civilian DC-9, destroying the aircraft and killing the 81passengers and crew. Apparently a pair of French fighter pilots were secretly tasked by the French government with assassinating Gaddafi by shooting down his plane as it was flying over the Mediterranean Sea on a flight carrying him home to Libya from Europe. One of the French pilots goofed up big time, and instead of shooting down Gaddafi’s Tupolev, mistakenly fired an air to air missile at Itavia Flt 870, believing it was Gaddafi’s aircraft. Gaddafi had apparently been tipped off about the plot by someone in Italian intelligence and had his aircraft diverted to a different destination and consequently was not where the French fighters were looking for it, but the unfortunate DC-9 was.

    Further details of the plot’s twists and turns, and how a tragic concatenation of circumstances lead to the loss of at least 81 innocent lives here:

  5. Green Monkey

    Looks like growing resistance by a common corn pest to Monsanto’s widely used genetically modified Bt corn could also be an additional factor contributing to the damage caused to the US corn crop by this years drought.

    Drought and SuperBugs Devastate U.S. Corn Crop

    In yet another instance of “unintended consequences,” a recent study has determined that this year’s drought damage to corn crops is even worse because of Bt corn, and failure to rotate crops.


    Bt corn is a type of GMO and the subject of the recent investigation into the rootworm outbreak. One effect of the pest’s presence is that it prevents corn roots from absorbing water, especially serious given this year’s drought. Pest experts suggest that the primary reason for the rootworm-infested crops is that rootworms have become resistant to the Bt protein, resulting in strong and larger rootworm populations.

    But not only are corn plants unable to absorb water, the plants become unstable and can easily topple over. Sandager said, “Strong wind came up and it just tipped the corn plants over like a big old tree.”


    The toll on crops isn’t the only casualty. Pete Riley of GM Freeze said in a 2011 article that biotech companies are not liable for the failure of the crops, so farmers have no recall when infestations are economically damaging. As they certainly are now in the worst U.S. drought in decades. Riley added, “Strategies to prevent pests becoming resistant are either not being correctly implemented, are failing, or are suffering from a combination of both. The result is more pesticide use rather than less. Throwing more GM at the problem may work in the short term, but the history of artificial pest control in agriculture has repeatedly shown the pests will win over the longer term.

    “The sooner we switch to agroecological farming techniques, such as avoidance of monocultures, long rotations and the use of natural predators to control pests, the better.”

  6. Nan

    Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Hidden Secret on Human Rights Abuse Expose

    With foreign investments in Barbados disappearing at an alarming rate due to a justice system’s slow to dispense justice. One must ask if the Government of Barbados intentionally hoodwink the US State Department during 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights DEMOCRACY, and LABOR Report release May 24, 2012 into believing all was well with its citizens on this tiny Caribbean nation.

    Barbadians who are too black, too poor or unknown family name are not being accorded equal and fair justice in a timely manor. Current Barbadian constitution provides a persons charged with criminal offenses be given a fair public hearing without unnecessary delay by an independent, impartial court or a speedy trial by jury.

    As the constitution prohibits arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, the government has mislead the US State department into believing it generally respected these rights in practice, when in fact there are between 100 and 200 persons in pretrial detention at various times during the year. While the length of pretrial detention may vary from one case to another; there are confirmed reports of extended periods of pretrial detention and human rights abuse committed by Attorney General Adriel Dermont Braithwaite and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Charles Leacock and Police Commission Darwin Dottin.

    In the case of Earl Victor, a young man with a poor family just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time during a robbery is being held by Barbadian corrupt police department since May of 2008 without bail and has yet to be charged with a crime. At each court appearance, the Chief prosecutor Leacock and his deputies will threaten this indigent young man with a life sentenced for refusing to plead guilty for a crime he did not commit.

    It is very important to note, criminal defendants do have the right to consult with an attorney in a timely manner; the government has failed to provide free legal aid to Mr. Victor for his defense. In addition, although the constitution mandates defendant be allowed to confront and question witnesses and present evidence on his own behalf, in addition access to government-held evidence relevant to their case, and the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty with the right to appeal his detention, the governmNent of Barbados and it’s corrupt and racist court systems have ignored Mr. Victor’s rights.

    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Chief Justice Marston Gibson have deliberately ignored this on-going serious human rights abuse, triggered by blatant criminal case fabrication against underprivileged citizens by corrupt officials within the Barbados Police Force.

  7. Green Monkey

    Are you one of those types that likes to walk around yakking away on a cell phone plastered to your ear? You might want to take note of this.

    Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use
    Anthony Gucciardi
    Activist Post

    How long have you been using your cellphone? Using a mobile device for any length of time is damaging to some degree, but new research is shedding light on just how significant of an influence extended cellphone use has on the brain.

    In a newly-released study conducted at the Örebro Hospita in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cellphone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. Interestingly, the tumor development was found on the side of the head in which the cellphone was most used.

    It’s important to understand that cellphone use has gone up significantly since 10 years ago, meaning that more recent results may show an even higher risk. Statistically, the average person in Britain and many other developed nations will soon have about 2 cellphones each. With the increased number of cellphones on the citizens of the world comes something known as ‘second-hand cellphone use’. Just as with smoking, sitting in a bus, airplane, or train will expose you to upwards of several hundred cellphones at one time.

    Another key factor is that 10 years ago far less young children were using cellphones –a select few having them as ‘emergency’ contact devices. Now, it’s not uncommon to see children under 10 chatting or texting on their cellphone throughout the day.

    It is a well known fact that developing children are more affected by cellphone radiation, with behavioral disorders known to develop from cellphone use at an early age. It is also known that cellphone radiation is actually changing the brain in ways that are not currently understood.

    In other words, the large-scale global use of cellphones is essentially a massive biological experiment. The true long-term effects will only be absolutely known when they occur. Following the research, this will likely be a historical spike in brain tumor development and damage.

  8. Roger

    How Corrupt Bajan Cops duped American Customs and Boarder Patrol Agents:

    A man wanted for questioning in a 2006 murder in his home country of Barbados was detained by American authorities as he attempted to enter the United States at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials reported.

    Earl Victor, 34, a citizen of Barbados, presented an Ontario driver’s license and claimed his passport was at his St. Catharine’s home. He was referred to secondary inspection.

    There, authorities learned Victor was the subject of an Interpol lookout issued July of 2006 which was fabricated by corrupt Barbadian cops indicating he was wanted for questioning in a July 2006 murder in Barbados.

    Authorities in the Caribbean nation also duped American officials into believing that Victor has several criminal convictions there, including assault, and may be involved in drug smuggling which was a complete lie to US lawenforcment officials by the Barbadian cops.

    They further advised that Victor was wanted in Barbados on a warrant for robbery, which was fabricated by the dirty and racist cops. He previously was held in their custody but fled to Canada to escape the corrupt justice system in Barbados.

    As US citizens We will request for the Department of Home land security, US Customs and Border Enforcement to conduct and an objective investigation in the deceptive conduct of officials from Royal Barbados Police Force and to charge them criminally pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001 makes it a crime for any one to intentionally lie and provide false information to federal government agents during an investigation.

  9. Green Monkey

    “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how. Boris Bazhanov’s Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary, 1992

    Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Version)

    UNCOUNTED shares well documented stories about the spine-chilling disregard for the right to vote in America. In Florida, computer programmer Clint Curtis is directed by his boss to create software that will “flip” votes from one candidate to another. In Utah, County Clerk Bruce Funk is locked out of his office for raising questions about security flaws in electronic voting machines. Californian Steve Heller gets convicted of a felony after he leaks secret documents detailing illegal activities committed by a major voting machine company. And Tennessee entrepreneur, Athan Gibbs, finds verifiable voting a hard sell in America and dies before his dream of honest elections can be realized.

    Video at link, 1hr 20min:

  10. Green Monkey

    Looks like CNN can’t quite decide if it is in the public relations business or the journalism business.

    Report: why didn’t CNNi air its own ‘iRevolution’ documentary?
    By Glenn Greenwald

    Today I reported on the refusal of CNN International (CNNi) to broadcast an award-winning documentary, “iRevolution”, that was produced in early 2011 as the Arab Spring engulfed the region and which was highly critical of the regime in Bahrain. The documentary, featuring CNN’s on-air correspondent Amber Lyon, viscerally documented the brutality and violence the regime was using against its own citizens who were peacefully protesting for democracy. Commenting on why the documentary did not air on CNNi, CNN’s spokesman cited “purely editorial reasons”.

    Even so, the network’s relationships with governments must bear closer examination. CNNi has aggressively pursued a business strategy of extensive, multifaceted financial arrangements between the network and several of the most repressive regimes around the world which the network purports to cover. Its financial dealings with Bahrain are deep and longstanding.

    CNNi’s pursuit of and reliance on revenue from Middle East regimes increased significantly after the 2008 financial crisis, which caused the network to suffer significant losses in corporate sponsorships. It thus pursued all-new, journalistically dubious ways to earn revenue from governments around the world. Bahrain has been one of the most aggressive government exploiters of the opportunities presented by CNNi.


    At the same time as CNN was covering the regime, Bahrain was an aggressive participant in CNN’s various “sponsorship” opportunities, with official agencies of the regime often boasting of how their extensive involvement with CNN was improving the nation’s image around the world. Beyond that, there are multiple examples of CNN International producing plainly propagandistic coverage of the regime, often without any minimal disclosure of the vested interests of its sources.

  11. Green Monkey

    On 9/11 Doubts Were Immediate
    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    The TV news anchors compared the disintegration of the towers to controlled demolition. There were numerous reports of explosions throughout the towers from the base or sub-basements to the top. (Once the government put out the story of terrorist attack, references to controlled demolition and explosions disappeared from the print and TV media.) This made sense to me. Someone had blown up the buildings. It was completely obvious that the towers had not fallen down from asymmetrical structural damage. They had blown up.

    The images of the airliners hitting the towers and the towers blowing up were replayed time and again. Airliners hit the top portions of the towers, and not long afterward the towers blew up. I turned off the TV wondering how it was that cameras had been ready to catch such an unusual phenomenon as an airplane flying into a skyscraper.

    I don‟t remember the time line, but it wasn‟t long before the story was in place that Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda gang had attacked the US. A passport had been found in the rubble. Another airliner had flown into the Pentagon, and a fourth airliner had crashed or been shot down. Four airliners had been hijacked, meaning airport security had failed four times on the same morning. Terrorists had successfully assaulted America.

    When I heard these reports, I wondered. How could a tiny undamaged passport be found in the rubble of two skyscrapers, each more than 100 stories tall, when bodies, office furniture and computers could not be found? How could airport security fail so totally that four airliners could be hijacked within the same hour? How could authorities know so conclusively and almost immediately the names of the perpetrators who pulled off such a successful attack on the world‟s only superpower, when the authorities had no idea that such an attack was planned or even possible?

  12. GlenWick

    @Green Monkey Maybe it was an inside job.

  13. GlenWick

    @Green Monkey Building 7 came down and there was no fire or direct impact with a plane. There were reports of explosives going off in the building. Look on youtube for a guy called barry jennings. He was one of the witness to the explosions. He is dead now.

  14. Green Monkey

    I am aware whereof you speak. And certainly there are many others as well (see below for one more example). The big question is, will there be enough of us worldwide willing to take the “red pill” and wake up to the true nature of our present reality while there might be still time for us to avert the dystopian, 1984-like future that is looming into view. I am not optimistic.

    US Newspaper Columnist Sydney Schanberg, while musing about how easily the Johnson Administration and the Pentagon had used a fake Gulf of Tonkin attack on a US destroyer to bring the US population onside and gain popular support for the USA’s full scale military involvement in the Vietnam war wrote: “We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.”

    The only thing I would add, is to say, “It isn’t only Americans. Mr Schanberg.”

    President of Italy’s Supreme Court to Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court

    Ferdinando Imposimato is the honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, and former Senior Investigative Judge, Italy.

    Imposimato presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and ultimate assassination of President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, other political assassinations and kidnapping cases and several cases against the Mafia. He is a former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations.

    Imposimato is also a former legal consultant to the United Nations regarding institution of laws to control drug trafficking.

    This week, Judge Imposimato stated publicly in writing that 9/11 was just like the “strategy of tension” carried out in Italy.

    Specifically, the former Italian Prime Minister, Italian judges, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

    As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this)(Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred).
    (more embedded links in original)

  15. 174

    Significant wealth was created in the 90s and the new millenium via newly incorporated “conduit ” companies that did significant business with government. These companies were owned by those close to those in the highest political offices. if you wanted to do business with government you had to deal with these companies. Ofcourse anyone and yes any attorneys given government work over the years have done very well. Some on the verge of bankrupcy quickly recover and create considerable wealth with a change of government. Lets not forget those in senior civil service positions being paid big sums to get certain “permissions”. Now while it is wrong to receive is it not also wrong to pay? One thing is for sure. Those not prepared to pay have to wait many years to hopefully get exactly what those who pay large sums get in weeks. Barbados is an amazing place to live and work but make no mistake corruption is no secret and the system does not help.Good luck implementing IL

  16. judyjudy

    Anyone know the criteria for a non Bajan relocating from the UK to Barbados for retirement ? No reply from Immigration Dept despite numerous emails

  17. Green Monkey

    Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel ises an iphone to provide a perfect example of how easy it is to propagandize and brainwash a human being.

  18. Green Monkey

    Press Confrence on the Threat of CSIRO’s GM Wheat
    CSIRO = Commonwealth Scientific International Research Organization – an Australian government body for scientific research

  19. Green Monkey

    Why Are We Being Kept in the Dark Over GMOs?


    But why are you being kept in the dark about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the fight against Proposition 37? Despite the massive amount of research linking genetically modified foods to environmental and human dangers, giant corporations are shelling out millions and millions of dollars to ensure that GMOs are not labeled in the food market. Why are Americans and others being kept in the dark?

    While studies continue to highlight the very serious impact of GMOs on both the human body and the environment alike, a few major countries still do not require the labeling of GMOs. Countries like China, Russia, Australia, France, Spain, and others all require GMOs to be labeled, while Canada and the U.S. are slow to follow. Biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences — as well as government organizations such as the FDA — have such a significant impact on what really goes on in America that they may actually be the reason Americans are still kept in the dark.

    “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the F.D.A.’s job” – Philip Angell, Monsanto’s director of corporate communications. “Playing God in the Garden” New York Times Magazine.

    Does that make you a bit concerned about the integrity of our food safety system? There are many important factors to consider with genetically engineered foods, which are increasingly overtaking the food supply. These are living, synthetic organisms that can reproduce and proliferate; they can mutate and migrate. How can a small group of chemical companies be trusted to control and monopolize our foods and restructure the world’s food system?

    Well, it seems that no individual within government or alphabet government agency is doing the required work to ensure GMOs are safe; they are simply putting safety responsibility on each other. The FDA has not conducted a single independent test of any genetically engineered product. The agency simply accepts the testing completed and provided by the biotechnology corporations like Monsanto.

  20. Anonymous

    I do not know what anyone else thinks but the WI cricket captain ,Darren Sammy looks so out of place in the picture in today’s paper.

  21. rastaman

    Sir Hilary Beckles must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel when he can accept donations from WHITE folks seeing that he previously had no use for them.But money talks, doesn’t it?????

  22. Green Monkey

    The Corporate Takeover of Science and the Destruction of Freedom
    September 18, 2012 by kristalklear

    When rich companies with politically-connected lobbyists fund their own research and distort outcomes for their own ends, we are in serious trouble. Due to the corporate takeover of science, our choices, rights and freedoms are currently in the process of being destroyed.

    In a genuine ‘age of reason,’ science would assist in providing clear answers to issues, and the public would be able to engage in open, honest debate over the rights and wrongs of policies. Instead, corporate interests have used their junk science, lobbyists, presence within the heart of governments and PR machines to muddy the waters and sometimes engage in fear-mongering so that public debate has too often become distorted and campaigns of deliberate misinformation have become commonplace.

    ‘Scientific’ debate is now often played out in full public glare and acrimony has become the norm, particularly when someone’s huge profits are threatened. Corporate greed leads to debate being stifled whereby scientists and various groups who do not support particular corporate stances are made to look like they are the ones who are pushing dogma based on self-interest and not the other war around.

    No wonder, therefore, that the public is sometimes left feeling confused. Even when the weight of credible scientific evidence is overwhelming, powerful companies and interest groups are highly skilled in creating ambiguity and controversy through their spin machines. Think back to how the tobacco companies set out to fool the public for decades. Of course, having access to huge funds helps.

  23. Green Monkey

    From the Natural News web site: …..since soy and corn derivatives are so ubiquitous in packaged food, the Grocery Manufacturers of America has estimated that as much as 80 percent of processed food on US shelves contains GM ingredients. This includes breakfast cereals and other products labeled “natural” or “all natural.”

    Now, bearing in mind that the bulk of our processed foodstuffs on our local grocery store shelves comes from the US or Canada (which apparently has an equally lax approach as the US when it comes to requiring testing for harmful effects before unleashing GM containing food products on the consuming public), see this:

    French Study Finds Tumors and Organ Damage in Rats Fed Monsanto Corn

    Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn or exposed to the company’s popular Roundup herbicide developed tumors and suffered severe organ damage, according to a French study released on Wednesday.

    The study could have a big impact on the battle over a California ballot proposal that would require groceries containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled as such. Monsanto has already donated $7.1 million to the campaign to defeat the proposal, known as Proposition 37.

    The study, published in a reputable American journal, links varying levels of both the Roundup herbicide and the transgenes in Monsanto’s patented NK603 corn to mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage.

    The rats were either fed the NK603 corn alone, corn treated with agricultural levels of Roundup, or given water treated with Roundup at low levels commonly found in contaminated drinking water and used in agriculture in the United States. In each group, there were two to three more deaths compared to control groups, and the rats on the Monsanto diet died more quickly.

    Gilles-Eric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen who lead the research team, told reporters on Wednesday that the rats’ diet reflected the kind of exposure that humans who eat genetically engineered food should expect.

  24. Green Monkey

    Experts discuss the findings of the Roundup/GM cancer trial
    (This is in regards to post above French Study Finds Tumors and Organ Damage in Rats Fed Monsanto Corn Sep 20 @ 6:02am)

  25. GlenWick

    WHO ARE WE ?

  26. GlenWick


  27. GlenWick

    Racism Is Still With Us. A black man cannot be a racist because he does not have to power or the money to be a racist.

  28. Green Monkey

    GMO Researchers Attacked, Evidence Denied, and a Population at Risk

    In the early 1990s, Dr. Pusztai was awarded a $3 million grant by the UK government to design the system for safety-testing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). His team included more than 20 scientists working at three facilities, including the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, the top nutritional research lab in the UK, and his employer for the previous 35 years. The results of Pusztai’s work were supposed to become the required testing protocols for all of Europe. But when he fed supposedly harmless GM potatoes to rats, things didn’t go as planned.

    Within just 10 days, the animals developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. Moreover, the cause was almost certainly side effects from the process of genetic engineering itself. In other words, the GM foods on the market, which are created from the same process, might have similar affects on humans.

    With permission from his director, Pusztai was interviewed on TV and expressed his concerns about GM foods. He became a hero at his institute – for two days. Then came the phone calls from the pro-GMO prime minister’s office to the institute’s director. The next morning, Pusztai was fired. He was silenced with threats of a lawsuit, his team was dismantled, and the protocols never implemented. His institute, the biotech industry, and the UK government, together launched a smear campaign to destroy Pusztai’s reputation.

    Arpad Pusztai, saw his career runied by big government and big agri-business because he told the truth about GM food. Eventually, an invitation to speak before Parliament lifted his gag order and his research was published in the prestigious Lancet. No similar in-depth studies have yet tested the GM foods eaten every day by Americans.

  29. Green Monkey

    GMOs and Genetic Roulette

    We all know what happens when it becomes known that a Chinese food producer or food processor has adulterated their product with contaminants for the sake of increased profits. The problem gets lots of exposure in the mainstream media along with commentaries in the media and on blogs offering up widespread condemnation of the Chinese manufacturers and their entire system of government for allowing such an inexcusable breach of health regulations or food processing protocols.

    Will be interesting to see what happens now that French scientists have confirmed that one of Monsanto’s widely promoted (over the last 10 years) and widely eaten, genetically modified corn varieties (which US FDA regulators allowed to come on the market without any long term animal feeding trials) has now shown in such trials conducted by independent scientists evidence of being a significant cancer promoter. (See my posts and links above if this is news to you.)

  30. Green Monkey

    Systemic Destabilization as “A Strategy of Tension”: 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

    By Peter Dale Scott

    From an American standpoint, it is easy to see clearly how Italian history was systematically destabilized in the second half of the 20th century, by a series of what I call structural deep events. I have defined these as “events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, or 9/11, which violate the … social structure, have a major impact on … society, repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, and in many cases proceed from an unknown dark force.”2

    The examples in Italy, well known to Italians, include the Piazza Fontana bombing of 1969, the Piazza della Loggia bombing of 1974, and the Bologna railway bombing of 1980.

    These bombings, in which over one hundred civilians were killed and many more wounded, were attributed at the time to marginal left-wing elements of society. However, thanks chiefly to a series of investigations and judicial proceedings, it is now clearly established that the bombings were the work of right-wing elements in collusion with Italian military intelligence, as part of an on-going “strategy of tension” to discredit the Italian left, encourage support for a corrupt status quo, and perhaps move beyond democracy altogether.3 As one of the conspirators, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, later stated, “The December 1969 explosion was supposed to be the detonator which would have convinced the political and military authorities to declare a state of emergency.”4

    Vinciguerra also revealed that he and others had also been members of a paramilitary “stay-behind” network originally organized at the end of World War II by the CIA and NATO as “Operation Gladio.”


    The original purpose of Gladio was to consolidate resistance in the event of a Soviet takeover. But many of the senior Italians involved in the bombings implicated the CIA and NATO in them as well:


    Has a Strategy of Tension Been Exercised in America?

    Gladio connections to sustained false-flag violence, again involving NATO and the CIA, were subsequently established in other countries, notably Belgium and Turkey.12 I wish to propose that America, as well as Europe, has also suffered from a similar series of false-flag structural deep events, including bombings, that have, in conformity with the same strategy of tension, systematically moved America into its current condition, a state of emergency.

  31. GlenWick

    Deut:33:29: Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.

  32. rastaman

    @GlenWick: Well said

  33. Green Monkey

    CNN Insider: CNN is A Hoax

    If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the American media act as presstitutes for rich and powerful Americans.

    But it turns out that the American media will turn “tricks” for foreign johns as well …

    Specifically, three time Emmy award winning reporter Amber Lyon was until very recently a respected CNN reporter:

    Lyon was fired from CNN after she refused to stop reporting on her first-hand experience of the systematic torture and murder of peaceful protesters by the government of Bahrain.

    Lyon’s special report on Bahrain was scheduled to run on both CNN’s U.S. and international networks, but was pulled after only a limited showing due to pressure from the Bahrainis and their lobbyists.

  34. Eva

    As a relative of Earl Victor living abroad in Huston Texas I wish to thank the Barbados Free Press (BFP) for it’s professional and objective reporting on the Earl Victor Story.

    Since BFP reporting the abuse of authority by Charles Leacock and others at the Royal Barbados Police Force weeks ago, all charges have now been dropped against Mr. Victor.

    One week ago Saturday, Mr. Victor’s mother Myra received a call from a high ranking official at Dodd prisons notifying her all charges have been drop against her son. The official told Mrs. Victor, they were just waiting for a court date so Earl can appear before a magistrate to sign his release order.

    What seem so strange about this on-going miscarriage of justice of this your man and his family, is that a crooked lawyer know as Maryellen Gordon of passage road has been attempting to shake down Mr. Victor and his mother for money.

    Mr. Gordon went to Dodds prison, and told Earl Victor, “Now Mr. Leacock has dropped the charges against; you must pay us $5000.00 if you want to go home alive”. For the record, Mrs. Victor and her family never hire Mr. Gordon as an attorney. Why is this unscrupulous lawyer trying to extort money from a poor family on behalf of Charles Leacock when their son was detained for 4 years without due process of law?

    We will appreciate the BFP look into this story.

    Thank you very much for all your help.

  35. rastaman

    WOW!!!! $ 2.4 million for an overpass.Must be an awful lot of kickback involved in that amount

  36. Green Monkey

    Even background television exposure will ‘zombify’ your children, study finds

    The first ever national study to investigate the effects of background television exposure, or being in the same room as a blaring television without necessarily watching it, has found that young children are affected quite dramatically by this inadvertent media vulnerability. According to researchers from the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), children on average are now exposed to more than five hours a day of television, which is basically turning their brains into mush.


    So why is background television exposure, which accounts for about 80 percent of overall exposure, such a big deal? According to the research, the background noise emitted from a television set can thwart the proper development of children’s brains, and distract them to the point that they are unable to focus during conversations, or properly interact with other human beings. For many children, excessive background television exposure can also severely limit proper cognitive development and formative speech patterns.

    “This is a clear warning signal to parents that if they are not watching TV, they ought to turn it off,” says Dr. Victor Strasburger, a pediatrician from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque who has previously studied media exposure among children, but who was not involved in the new study. “[It is also] a reminder that parents should be avoiding screen time in infants under two.”

    More at:

  37. Green Monkey

    BBC brass are today being accused of aiding in the cover up of child molestation by a recently deceased and much celebrated BBC personality, former DJ Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG LLD.

    From The Daily Mail:
    A cesspit: BBC Chairman’s damning verdict on Savile abuse scandal and the cover-up by TV bosses

    The Jimmy Savile scandal was branded a ‘cesspit’ yesterday by the BBC’s own chairman.

    Lord Patten admitted that heads could roll if corporation bosses were found to have acted improperly.

    He said he feared that the television and radio star may have been helped in his sordid sexual exploitation of teenage girls by other BBC employees.

    Yesterday the former Tory MP asked director-general George Entwistle to review the corporation’s guidelines on child protection following what he called the ‘appalling’ allegations of sexual abuse against Savile.

    He also said an independent inquiry at the BBC, supervised by an outside figure, should be started as swiftly as possible following a police investigation into Savile’s activities.

    Former patients at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire and another in Leeds yesterday claimed they had been assaulted during visits by Savile in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Teenagers in wheelchairs and others recovering from cancer were among those said to have fallen victim to the DJ.

    One claimed nurses told young patients to pretend to be asleep whenever the star visited their wards.

    Read more:

  38. How brave are the Taliban. They hunt down and shoot an unarmed 14 year old girl on her way home from school. With bravery like that, they’ll all deserve 1500 virgins each. How brave they are. .

  39. Green Monkey

    The US is Now a Gestapo Police State says Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Ronald Reagan administration and a former Wall Street Journal editor).

  40. Green Monkey

    In light of the rather dire consequences that could follow should any person be designated a terrorist or a terrorist supporter by a US government official or agency (as outlined by Roberts in the video just above), the following article should be a real eye opener for those who think there is no way that they would ever be designated a terrorist or a terrorist supporter under the laws of the USA.

    Latest definition of a terrorist by some US federal and state politicians now includes those who conduct undercover investigations and expose wanton animal cruelty at corporately owned, “Big Ag” factory farms or slaughter houses. Presumably anyone belonging to or paying dues or contributions to a humane society or animal protection organisation which conducts such an investigation could earn that individual the label of “terrorism supporter”.

    U.S. Congressmen Compare Undercover Investigators to Arsonists and Terrorists

    Three members of the U.S. Congress have sent a letter to the USDA urging the department to take action against “the onslaught of attacks” by animal welfare groups who have conducted undercover investigations of factory farms.

    In a blog post about the letter, one member of Congress equated the recent investigation of Central Valley Meat Co. in California to arson, and called it “economic terrorism.”

    A nonprofit animal protection group called Compassion Over Killing released undercover video footage that documented shocking cruelty at that California slaughterhouse. The footage shows workers unsuccessfully shooting cows in the head and then walking away as they writhe in pain, and workers suffocating cows by standing on their faces.


    This week, the Center for Constitutional Rights is in court arguing that a 2006 law called the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is so broad that it wraps up a wide range of conduct as terrorism, including investigations, if they hurt the profits of animal industries. Opponents of the law say that this has had a chilling effect on lawful, non-violent activism. The government has dismissed the concerns, and said the fears are overblown.

    Yet according to FBI files I have published on GreenIsTheNewRedDOTcom, the FBI has explicitly considered prosecuting undercover investigators as terrorists as far back as 2003. The documents show FBI agents were considering the charges because activists allegedly “illegally entered buildings owned by [redacted] Farm… and videotaped conditions of animals.”


    As Mark Bittman wrote in opposition to these Ag Gag bills last year: “Videotaping at factory farms wouldn’t be necessary if the industry were properly regulated. But it isn’t.”

    The media smear campaigns by Big Ag groups and politicians are intended to sidetrack the public from that key point: the industry is not regulated. It has insituttionalized practices that most consumers, when educated, find appalling. The multi-billion dollar industry that is animal agriculture is dependent on secrecy, and dependent on politicians bending to its interests.

    Perhaps this is the most damning exposé to result from these investigations. The documentation of animal welfare abuses has unintentionally shined a spotlight on politicians so beholden to corporate interests, so stuffed full of their talking points, that they believe “extremists” are not those who engage in unspeakable animal abuse, but those who non-violently expose it.

  41. Green Monkey

    Another post directly related to my last two posts above relating to the arbitrary abrogation of rights US citizens assumed were guaranteed by their constitution..

    How the NDAA Directly Threatens Average Americans, and How You Can Take Action Now,

    By former CNN reporter and documentary maker Amber Lyon

    Journalists rarely take a vocal stand against legislation in order to remain objective, but sometimes new laws are such an egregious assault on our basic rights to democracy and freedom that we have a duty to speak up.

    This is the case with the National Defense Authorization Act, a relatively new law that gives the U.S. military the power to detain anyone without trial indefinitely, further criminalizing dissent and investigative journalism in the United States.

    What does the NDAA do?”

    The NDAA gives the federal government the power to behave like dictators and arrest any American citizen, or anyone for that matter, without warrant and indefinitely detain them in offshore prisons without charge and keep them there until “the end of hostilities.”

    The American Civil Liberties Union, calls the law a “catastrophic blow to civil liberties”.


    We are all ‘terrorists’

    Another disturbing aspect of the NDAA is that it allows the government to imprison anyone suspected of or even associated with ‘terrorism’. This power is open to wide interpretation under the law and can and will be abused.

    Who in the heck is a terrorist anymore? We’ve witnessed the U.S. government and Military-industrial complex mold the term ‘terrorist’ to their subjective and financial goals too many times to trust any use of that word. Even Nobel Peace Prize-winner Nelson Mandela was once considered a terrorist by governments worldwide and put on U.S. terrorist watch lists.

    As Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges told Democracy Now, the term ‘terrorist’ is too loose so what the NDAA is really doing is setting up a legal mechanism to criminalize dissent.

  42. Green Monkey

    Amazon customer learns the hard way the downside of storing reading material on Amazon’s kindle. You aren’t buying books to read on kindle, you are only renting them. On Amazon’s whim they can delete everything from your kindle without any warning and without providing you, the customer, with any reasonable explanation or opportunity to resolve whatever supposed problem arose that made Amazon decide to wipe the material from the kindle in the first place. .

    Outlawed by Amazon DRM

    A couple of days a go, my friend Linn sent me an e-mail, being very frustrated: Amazon just closed her account and wiped her Kindle. Without notice. Without explanation. This is DRM at it’s worst.

    Linn travels a lot and therefore has, or should I say had, a lot of books on her Kindle, purchased from Amazon. Suddenly, her Kindle was wiped and her account was closed. Being convinced that something wrong had happened, she sent an e-mail to Amazon, asking for help. This was the answer:

    Dear Linn [last name],

    My name is Michael Murphy and I represent Executive Customer Relations within One of our mandates is to address the most acute account and order problems, and in this capacity your account and orders have been brought to my attention.

    We have found your account is directly related to another which has been previously closed for abuse of our policies. As such, your account has been closed and any open orders have been cancelled.

    Per our Conditions of Use which state in part: and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at their sole discretion.

    Please know that any attempt to open a new account will meet with the same action.

    You may direct any questions to me at

    Thank you for your attention to this email.


    Michael Murphy
    Executive Customer Relations

    This answer was very confusing. Which account was he talking about? She had never had any other accounts at Amazon.

    So, she replied to Murphy’s e-mail:

    Continued at:

  43. rastaman

    Well,well,well I must be dreaming. A lawyer in Barbados specifically Mr Hal Gollop is concerned about MORALITY in connection with the Nation newspaper report about the BWA building. Is this the same Hal Gollop who is representing Mr Leroy Parris of CLICO ? Does Mr Gollop think that this is morality when 35000 policy holders have had their lives wrecked by this man while he continues to live the high life???

  44. X

    I can’t believe that John King is a Scientologist! That’s a crazy cult.

  45. Vanity’s photo (#7) has been chosen as a finalist in the MQI contest!

    The finalists are featured on McEnearney’s website, for the next week. Guests can vote for their favorite photo up to December 24th – results of the contest (Mini iPad up for grabs) will be announced shortly thereafter. Have a look at “Mrs Rudolph” and select her pic (#7) in the online competition!

    Vote for Vee, LOL!

  46. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Cutting back on artificial light.

    Around the world, towns and cities are looking at the cost of artificial light. Barbados is not, as usual. Full moonlight, and the whole island is blazing with artificial sky light, spoiling the very idea of the beauty of tropical night, and sending thousands, millions of dollars, uselessly, down the drain. Check Google. ‘ Cutting back on city artificial light’.

    In Barbados we can afford to blow energy light into the night sky. We have plenty of gas and oil, and all the money we need to light up the whole place, and import all the food we want. That is what we would have ourselves believe.

    A check with Google on the cutback on night light will show millions being saved monthly in Canada, the UK, The USA, Singapore and other countries. But might it provoke a like response here in Barbados ?,…. we doubt that. We’re not interested in global warming or the Earth CO2 level. That is for the big rich countries to do. We’re happier destroying the night with light, convinced crime is curtailed in this way, which according to reports from various police stations in the USA, it actually is not.

    Then all you need these days, is a solar powered flash flight. The one we have has a battery that has lasted 14 years, and is solar recharged when it needs, during the day.

    Barbados will just muddle on, never very serious about anything except ‘We Culture’, certainly not serious about growing its own food, or curtailing wastage of excessive light. And so Barbados goes, and God help that it may. But things are getting a lot more than tight, everywhere, and we’re still living in grass- hopper- land, and shedding millions of dollars on our night skies —- to block the moon and the stars.

  47. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Damage to the Earth System

    If one, using Google, checks Worldairtraffic0-24h.wmv he will see all the world air traffic over a 24 hour period. Each one of those transcontinental flights is consuming more than one hundred tons of fuel up in the high atmosphere. Remember, that is just the air traffic,….Just the air traffic.
    If we add the ocean shipping, and all the rest of the traffic in use on road systems, farming, and in motor sport, right across the world, and still insist that humans have nothing to do with global warming or the rise in CO2, one has to admit we must be much stupider than we are supposed to be.
    The problem, really, is not that we won’t do anything about this damage to the Earth system. The problem is that we can’t.
    Colin Leslie Beadon.



  49. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Captive. We need to get up to date. Much worse is going on in Africa today, between Africans. This morning I got the horrifying clip of square yards of horribly burned bodies in the Catholic/ Islamic strife. I’m trying to find a way to place it all on Barbados free press with the written document. It needs spreading throughout the West Indies, like what was going on during apathad in South Africa was spread through the WI. But these people and their burning alive, is……. today, today, today.

  50. Rastaman

    Interesting !!!

  51. LOOK

    Barbados at moment is chaotic, just a total mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there [Barbados], the United Nations said so. Violet Beckles, though, proved it. Alike Al Barack and VECO and CLICO, the Violet Beckes fire started with Owen Arthur and the BLP. They know this, can’t hide it. Should have been resolved before that woman’s demise [Violet Beckles] and without difficulty. Someone said “the largest industry in Barbados is not tourism, it’s theft”. Agree. This has happened, MASSIVE LAND THEFT AND FRAUD repeatly because of a nonchalant judicial system; it’s still THIRD WORLD.

    Violet according to Maria Bradshaw of the Nation News (12-13-09) showed the Sunday Sun title deed to the 240 acres of land in St. Peter stating that her aunt Beatrice Henry bought and bequeathed all to her. The deed according to Ms. Bradshaw said show that Beatrice Henry purchased the land, 240 acres at Six Men in St. Peter October 10, 1926 for 10,000 pounds. The deed document was signed by then Register of the Supreme Court, H. Williams, in the presence of Hugh Banfield and E.D. Mottley. All land and plantations that Beatrice owned was surrendered to Violet. Violet owned everything thatbelonged to Beatrice; all, however was WITHHELD. She was allowed No piece or remnant of what she inherited from Beatrice Henry. Violet Beckles fought for her land because it was rightfully hers, now her heirs. What belonged to Violet Beckles now belong to her heirs.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humilated by the recent S&P downgrade. “We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He, Arthur said also that the S&P report must be taken seriously. Violet Beckles also has been humilated by massive land theft and fraud. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    David Thompson knew that Owen Arthur was not an honest man and knew that he himself was not an honest man, but he (Thompson) did successfully impede the Owen Arthur regrime of fourteen years and based on documentation presented by Plantation Deeds made effort to investigate the validity of Violet Beckles’ case. Thompson mudded Owen Arthur’s face with that 75,000 campaign cheque and would have replicated the same feat concerning Violet Beckles, Sherene Mongroo, etc. This mess, Violet Beckles also Sherene Mongroo, Al Barrack, CLICO and VECO handicaps the return of Owen Arthur. Maybe.



  53. Green Monkey


    British royal and political Establishment with its global significance peers over the cliff.

    The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

    It is starting to get silly now and the arrest and questioning of major political and Establishment figures must take place in at least the next few weeks if the police investigation is to retain any public confidence.

    The evidence for a massive paedophile ring infesting the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and mounting by the week. The implications of the full truth being revealed can hardly be overstated – the devastating discrediting of the major political parties and the end of the monarchy.

    It would bring about a total public re-evaluation of everything they have believed about the country they live in and the forces that dictate its laws, direction and methods of operation. The same is true for much of the rest of the world because what I am about to describe is happening in every country – not least in the United States.

    The revelations about record-breaking paedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile have exposed the former BBC ‘star entertainer’ as a purveyor of sheer evil on a scale that would challenge any imagination. Here are the cold and shocking numbers according to the police – and these are not even nearly the whole story:

    450 people of both sexes have made complaints about Savile involving 28 police areas throughout the country and among them are 34 alleged rapes. The abuse spanned a period of 54 years between 1955 and 2009 when Savile was 82. The abuses happened to 23 children and young people on BBC premises, at 14 hospitals and at least one hospice. More than 70 per cent of his victims were under 18 and one was as young as eight.


    Spindler added – ludicrously – that Savile used his celebrity to ‘hide in plain sight’. Oh, no, no, no, mate. That will not do. Savile got away with it for 54 years because he was protected by the highest levels of the paedophile-Satanist-controlled British Establishment for whom he was procuring children.

    Lest we forget: Disc jockey Jimmy Savile was a very close friend of the royal family including Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s until he died aged 84 in 2011. Savile was also a close friend of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who ran one of the most paedophile-infiltrated administrations of modern times – yes and with all the competition, too.

  54. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Green Monk. They’ll probably vote pedophilia into accepted law, shortly, like they have done Gay marriage and all the other such abnormalities that were once frowned upon. We are watching the downfall of Western civilization, left right and center, a downfall caused by the inability of lawmakers to get anything done, as though the Western human race has lost its cause, its will, and its energy.
    Perhaps, El Quida and Sharia law, makes some sense out of the runaway freedoms of Western Democracy. Perhaps this is the reason so many young people are drawn to its cleaner simpler way of life, its return to an older order, less exorbitant, far less frivolous, less energy consuming, less nature depleting, less Earth destroying. Yet it is under Sharia, the women and girl children will suffer ; and those who don’t agree with it.

  55. Colin Leslie Beadon

    A new use for DNA.
    We’ve been recently allowed into the new realms of science by the BBC.
    DNA has been discovered to be ably used like computer chips. In other words, a way has been discovered how to store information on DNA like you would on a computer chip.
    Since DNA is so much smaller than any computer chip, this has aroused a great deal of interest world wide in the halls of science. I remember the first chattering finding of the three legged Minute that put an end to the glowing bulbous power consuming radio valve , and cut the size of radios, transmitters,computers, and so much else, down to less than one /8th.
    Now, recently, that scale has been diminished where soon, we’ll need a microscope to work on any electronic, including those in cars; and less than a pen, will be a camera, recorder, and diagnostic monitor of your own health in your top pocket .
    What else will our DNA be used for,begs the question? Who will be allowed to manage it. Have we opened Pandora’s box.

  56. Government writing bonce checks
    After the government refuse to pay supplies onetime, they then write checks with no money to pay they bills and blame the suppliers for being behind in deliver.

  57. Green Monkey

    Why has this massive story of global importance been removed from the Daily Mail Website?

    Friday, 01 February 2013 10:55

    It exposes a Problem-Reaction-Solution of a chemical attack in Syria that would be blamed on President Assad to justify military action against him and his regime.

    Visitors to this website know that this is happening all the time and 9/11 was the most famous example, but here was a British national newspaper publishing the story.

    Now it has gone. Do you think you could explain why Daily Mail? If there was a denial as there would have to be why is that not simply printed with the original story?

    (Image capture of the original story as it appeared on the Daily Mail web site goes here)

    This image of the article was captured by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton who read the story and thought that it may well disappear given the content. She was right.

  58. Colin Leslie Beadon

    I’m disturbed that the recent attack on a British tourist couple, where they were both repeatedly stabbed, the wife in the spleen among other places; this happened at a gated apartment in Speightstown, has not been reported locally. Barbados citizens have a right to know about this, for their own preservation. Everyone else seems to know, as I got word from the USA on email.

  59. Calypsolover

    CLB Note This stabbing did not occur at a gated apartment in Speightstown it happened at a house without much security backing on to the ocean and a route behind the house over rocks gave access to the terrace of the house. However now the incident is published in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail the story has been published in Barbados without giving full details. The police say that the offender is 6 foot and slim and has not been apprehended which is worrying since it appears he is psychopath to behave with such violence causing two innocent visitors severe injuries and stealing their money. Then to make matters worse the victims were robbed of their remaining funds when in QEH…..

  60. mark fenty

    @ Colin
    Colin, this recent attack on the British couple, wasn`t an uncommon accurance in Barbados, I`m afraid to say. It has been accuring as far back as the 1970s when I was a kid. I grew up just behind District A Police Station, and witness throughout those years the many tourist who were victims of violent crime in Barbados, giving their many statements to police. I recalled quite vividly as a young lad, this very attractive blonde hair British female, who was raped repeatedly all night by three vagabonds from across Bush Hall Yard Gap.

  61. mark fenty

    @ Colin
    I also remembered the Son of one of the Police officer who had died, victmizing the tourist on one of the popular beaches in Barbados. And everytime he was arrested, he mother would come to the station and speak to the Inspector, who obviously was a friend of hers. And he would be released to the mother to do it all over and over again. In essence the lower ranking police wanted to charge this guy, but their hands were essentially tied. That`s Bajan justice for ya friend, and whether you like it or not is was true.

  62. Annoymous218

    I have been a long standing supporter of the DLP and now i think i have had ENOUGH. Enough of the lies. Enough of the deception tired of all the promises that were made since 1994. But i am not going to dwell on the past. I want one thing done from the DLP Candidates, ESPECIALLY Chris Sinclair to GIVE BARBADIANS THE TRUTH. Tell the in is YOU that plan to privatize the Sanitation Service, National Housing and the Transport Board not to mention the rest that you have on you “list of change”. Let them know that it is YOU that wants these changes and not the BLP. I am not going to stand and watch a party that was built on morals and integrity for you and Frundel Stuart to come in and ruin its name. Tell the people the TRUTH and stop lying to get votes. My allegiance will ALWAYS lie with the Democratic Labour Party, but I am not going to let you ruin a legacy for the benefit of votes built on LIES.

  63. Deep Throat

    @Barbados Free Press,

    Stay Alert ! The rumours I am hearing are startling, much grievance in Cabinet choices and some worrying things. Next couple weeks very dicey.

  64. Rastaman

    @deep throat: What else did you expect from Fumble?

  65. Colin Leslie Beadon

    ‘ Self Induced Hysteria .’
    Travels of a bullet

    Hendricks, having lost the girlfriend he had all his life, decided he would write a story about a bullet, and how it would be found later, in his own heart.
    The gun would be a Glock, 9 MM, or maybe a Berretta, like the one his father had been given by a visiting Italian fellow police officer in Trinidad. Both those guns used 9MM bullets, so Hendricks would allow the story to evolve as to which gun he might use as he wrote. Perhaps, since he liked Lugars, he might switch yet again.

    The bullet is manufactured of course, and he would write that he had it engraved ‘Sin ti, que hari yo ? ( without you, what shall I do?)” so the police would know from papers found on his writing desk– the bullet was ( sort of ) engraved with his touch from the start.

    The missile starts its travels from a factory in Mississipy, and becomes owned by various people who place it in one gun or another. Once it was in the chamber of a Glock carried by a woman police officer. But her gun got stolen in Lafayette as she moaned and writhed in the back of a paddy wagon, allowing the big police driver to ‘hang out of her’ (an expression Hendricks leaned in Liverpool when he was at sea ).

    The police woman’s stolen Glock became quickly sold to a gun collector who placed the bullet in the clip of a long barreled Lugar he proudly displayed on his collection stand in Bakersfield California.
    Later, the Lugar, was swapped with the bullet still in the clip, to a yachtsman in a marina in Miami about to set sail for the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.
    The yachtsman got ownership by exchanging his Ingram M10 bought in Maracaibo, for the Lugar, ‘ A weapon he thought not quite so offensive.

    He was quite right of course. The first port he entered in the Caribbean, would have taken an Ingram M10 off him, and he would have been lucky to see it again. But an old worn Lugar with just one bullet in the clip, was another yarn.
    Hendricks found the story appeared to be writing itself quite well, with little assistance from him. In its progression Hendricks had been taken back years spent in Venezuela, where guns reminded him of several close friends (and not a few acquaintances,) and the loss of their lives in devious unexpected ways from bullets fired from such weapons.

    These memories clouded Hendricks in his ambitions to write such a story, and made him wake at night, alone, his girlfriend long gone— and him sweating from bad dreams.

    It would not have troubled him so much if he had lived in Timbuktu, Newhaven, or Dar Es Salaam. But he lived not in Port Elizabeth– South Africa, but in Port Elizabeth– Bequia, and now that a yachtsman had that engraved bullet in a Lugar and would obviously visit such a popular Grenadian port —-made the hair stand up on the back of Hendrick’s neck, and gave him extraordinarily cold feet,…. So he stopped further writing of this story.
    THE END By Colin Leslie Beadon

    Maybe it is out of respect, or maybe people just don’t care anymore, but something strange needs to be talked about regarding Sir Branford’s passing and arrangements.
    After a man worked so hard for his country and suffered so much, its almost like he’s going out not with a bang but a whimper. Yes, they were elections, but that was more than two weeks ago. So why did it take almost a whole month to bury this man and to give him a proper state funeral lying in state in Parliament. If nobody else, he deserved this. You telling me the B’dos government does not have provisions to quickly put in place for a state funeral? Its disgusting.
    Everything was so hush hush, and then BAM, suddenly they announce his funeral with one day lead time. I mean a lot of people wanted to prepare to pay their respects.
    And Lord knows Colleen Taitt is coming across like a shrew. For all that Sir Branford achieved, his obit seemed to be stripped of everything but Colleen’s army of step children and step grandchildren’s names for this 5-year marriage. How is it that the man has a son the splitting image of himself and he is not mentioned just because he is an outside child? How come his handicapped other son is completely left out as well, but all Colleen’s children are paraded like they have a claim to fame, by this few year marriage. It is pawdling and awful how all the man’s friends are just lumped together as ‘friends too numerous to mention”.
    Something wrong wrong. Golden has friends much closer than any of Colleen’s children or grandchildren. Not a single politician’s name is mentioned, nothing about the DLP, actually if it were not for his three children by first wife, everybody else would basically be Colleen’s family.
    My condolences to all those unmentioned friends who stood by Taitt through thick and thin, you know who you are. My condolences to his two outside sons, the law says, outside children have equal rights as ones in the marriage, and that they can claim their father’s name. Well, I hope they come forward and do that. I hope they get part his estate as well, whether or not Colleen likes it.
    Its sad that some women are so damn selfish, they would rob a man of his life’s work even in death. What goes around comes around and I say this to everyone who tries to shut out flesh and blood to install their brood. Ii hope some of his friends get together and take out a full page add in his honor, and write an obit the way it really should be written.
    R.I.P. Branford

  67. Green Monkey

    Microsoft becomes autocrats’ best friend: It enables China to spy on and censor its citizens using Skype

    In most of the world Skype is used to make it easier for people to communicate with each other. But in China, it has another purpose: To spy on Chinese citizens, gather information about their political beliefs, and censor what they can say to one another. And Microsoft so far has refused to do anything about it.

    All that came to light thanks to research done by Jeffrey Knockel, a computer-science graduate student at the University of New Mexico, who has cracked the encryption that Skype uses to hide what information it’s gathering from Chinese citizens, reports Bloomberg Business Week.

    Unlike throughout the rest of the world, people in China must use a special version of Skype, called TOM-Skype, which is a joint venture between Microsoft and Tom Online, a Chinese wireless Internet company. TOM-Skype has almost 96 million users.

    Knockel’s research covers Skype being used for chats, not voice calls. TOM-Skype servers send keyword lists to every Skype user’s machine. Skype then monitors every message sent and received by that machine, and scans them for words in the keyword list. When it finds one, it sends the entire message in which the word is contained to TOM-Skype servers. And it sends much more than just the message. It also sends “the account’s username, time and date of transmission, and whether the message was sent or received by the user,” according to Bloomberg. Sometimes, the message is also blocked from being sent. The keyword list is constantly updated.

    Knockel wasn’t able to find out what happened to the information after it’s sent to the servers. But you can be sure it’s then sent along to spy agencies and police departments.

    This isn’t the first time TOM-Skype has made the news, or that Microsoft has come under fire for how Skype is being used worldwide. Back in January, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and dozens of privacy groups asked Microsoft to release a Transparency Report which would detail exactly what kind of Skype information is being sent to third parties, including governments.

    The letter said in part:

    Many of its users rely on Skype for secure communications-whether they are activists operating in countries governed by authoritarian regimes, journalists communicating with sensitive sources, or users who wish to talk privately in confidence with business associates, family, or friends.

    It is unfortunate that these users, and those who advise them on best security practices, work in the face of persistently unclear and confusing statements about the confidentiality of Skype conversations, and in particular the access that governments and other third parties have to Skype user data and communications.

    Microsoft never released a transparency report.

  68. With the way things are going in Barbados, tourist or travelers to this island, would be advised to leave everything make of gold behind, and not buy anything made of that metal here in this island.

  69. The question: Will Francis be able to put right what has been going on in the Catholic Faith since the Dark ages? We must wish him luck, as he has his work cut out for him, and, he is from our side of the world, this time.

  70. I shall reserve the right to hold my good feelings about Xi Jinping, hoping he will dictate to his countrymen over the slaughter of Elephants, Rhino, Tigers, shark , due to the demented and inchoate demand of his people for body and bone parts they consider emblems of high esteem.

  71. What is the use of the United Nations if it allows politics to get in its way in the saving of lives in Syria ? And so the slaughter goes on, and on !

  72. We hope Barbados will take notice:
    This is a crime report against tourists visiting Trinidad and Tobago. The report has gone world wide.

  73. Green Monkey

    Whole Foods Market GMO Labeling Announcement Reverberating Through Industry

    I am at Expo West in Anaheim, the annual pilgrimage of more than 60,000 members of the natural foods industry. In a surprise announcement yesterday, Whole Foods Market said that by 2018 they would require labeling of genetically engineered foods sold in their store for products that were not either organic or verified by the Non-GMO Project. The statement was met with huge cheers from the filled auditorium, and soon resounded around the world with coverage in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS News, etc.

    This significant breakthrough puts on notice all food companies who still use GMOs. Those who sell to health conscious shoppers are sure to make plans to remove GMOs. But the momentum against GMOs is so widespread now, we are already hearing stories of mainstream conventional brands taking steps to replace GMO ingredients.

    And not a moment too soon. According to USA Today, “Products that get a ‘Non-GMO’ verification label see sales spike between 15 percent and 30 percent, said A.C. Gallo, president of Whole Foods.” We saw this same dynamic in Europe just before the non-GMO avalanche kicked GMO ingredients out of the continent. Iceland Frozen Foods was the first chain to announce they had eliminated GMOs in late 1998. Their sales shot up, everyone took notice, media coverage then alerted even more consumers about GMO risks, and by April of 1999 the rest of the European food industry followed suit.


    At a presentation by the Non-GMO Project yesterday, one retailer asked if educating consumers about the dangers of GMOs might hurt sales of GMO-laden products in the same store. I then shared a comment I heard just last week about one natural food store manager that attributed recent record sales to the popularity of non-GMO products, particularly due to more and more physicians in their area prescribing non-GMO diets.

    Consumer rejection of GMOs is being reflected in the demand for mandatory labeling, which is already enjoyed by 3 billion people in 62 other countries. Groups in 37 states have efforts underway to pass state labeling bills, and Washington state’s ballot initiative—to be voted on by citizens in November—has a huge chance of success. In particular, the state’s salmon, apple, and wheat industries are all at risk of contamination by future GMO introductions, and therefore industry leaders have become champions of labeling and segregation to protect their markets.

  74. Green Monk. All this about GMO labeling, etc, only makes it more imperative we grow as much of our own food in our gardens, half drums, plant pots, old bathtubs, swimming pools, anywhere we can get anything to grow. And raise as much of our own live stock as we possibly can, fed on locally produced agriculture. GMO’s are going to find their way weedling in one way or another, into everything we import.

  75. The Server we have had for eleven years, ‘Sunbeach’ has, after problems for a number of weeks, apparently gone ‘through’ ( bankrupt). So nice of them not to tell anybody, and jam all our email traffic. This is the highly business minded progress of the new world, and to hell with the proletariat who pay for everything.

  76. Duppy Lizard

    This is a totally different topic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Democracy and squatters rights,,,,,,

    As I ponder the world and its inhabitants and the countries that have various views about their form of government,something stands out so obvious,,,,,Where are hundreds and thousands that risk their lives,Die in their efforts to get to China,Russia,India,Pakistan,North Korea,Cuba,Venezuela,Asia,South America etc., etc., etc., WHERE ARE THEY??????????????????? I would like all those Leftist,Muslim Factionist,Local Idiotist,Marxist,Che Guervarist,Hugo Chavistas etc., etc.,etc.,Reflect on this…………….Oh how many have died in their attempt to get to that hated place U.S.A?????????????????????

    SQUATTERS………… I wonder if I stop paying my Land Tax and tell the Govt that I been here more than 30 years if they can tek it back?????????????????

  77. A short entertaining look into all the sciences.

    The book is now on the net: All you need is : Ashorthistoryofnearly everything.pdf By Bill Bryson. You can read the whole book ( like I have a number of times in book form) or just chose any chapter you want. Have a go starting at page 335, in the section ‘ Life Itself’. ‘Good -Bye To All That.’
    We humans don’t fully appreciate how extraordinary easily life, all life, on Earth could be wiped out like it has in the past several times, by one of the millions of asteroids that pass the track of Earth on a daily basis. And here we are worrying about global warming and rising sea levels, GMO foods, the Idiot in North Korea.

    The book is the very best book I have ever read dealing across the board with science. Bryson writes in a most amusing and gripping way. If a young person cannot find a facit in science to take a grip on him in that book, then let him or her stick to sports,… though even in sports there is so much science these days too.

  78. Don’t you dare throw away and waste old cucumbers.
    Chose an old cucumber that has gone a little soft. Slice it along its length several times. Lay each slice, seed and all, just below soil level.You don’t need to water at this point, since the slices have all the water and nourishment the seeds need . Within just two days, you’ll have more young cucumber plants than you could wish for. So don’t dare throw away and waste, old cucumbers.

  79. Rosie

    Really like ‘bfp’, told my son in the UK and he likes it too. I need some help please, do you know anyone that has ever visited Barbados, even a VFR,(visiting friends and relatives) that you could direct them to this fb page to fill out a 14 question no-typing survey, I’m a student at UWI, studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, this important judging by the changes I’m seeing and reading about on this island, and the results of this survey as a Research Methods course will be quite indepth, I need it like today, let me know, here’s the link:

  80. Rastaman

    After looking at the picture of the home economists on the front page of today’s Advocate 2014-04-09 ,is it an wonder that over 50 percent of secondary school students in Barbados are overweight or obese

  81. Green Monkey

    The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming
    By Dr. Vandana Shiva

    Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed,

    “Monsanto is an agricultural company.

    We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world \produce more while conserving more.”

    “Producing more, Conserving more, Improving farmers lives.”

    These are the promises Monsanto India’s website makes, alongside pictures of smiling, prosperous farmers from the state of Maharashtra. This is a desperate attempt by Monsanto and its PR machinery to delink the epidemic of farmers’ suicides in India from the company’s growing control over cotton seed supply — 95 per cent of India’s cotton seed is now controlled by Monsanto.

    Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers.

    Monsanto’s concentrated control over the seed sector in India as well as across the world is very worrying. This is what connects farmers’ suicides in India to Monsanto vs Percy Schmeiser in Canada, to Monsanto vs Bowman in the US, and to farmers in Brazil suing Monsanto for $2.2 billion for unfair collection of royalty.

    Through patents on seed, Monsanto has become the “Life Lord” of our planet, collecting rents for life’s renewal from farmers, the original breeders.

    Patents on seed are illegitimate because putting a toxic gene into a plant cell is not “creating” or “inventing” a plant. These are seeds of deception — the deception that Monsanto is the creator of seeds and life; the deception that while Monsanto sues farmers and traps them in debt, it pretends to be working for farmers’ welfare, and the deception that GMOs feed the world. GMOs are failing to control pests and weeds, and have instead led to the emergence of superpests and superweeds.


    Monsanto’s talk of “technology” tries to hide its real objectives of ownership and control over seed where genetic engineering is just a means to control seed and the food system through patents and intellectual property rights.

    A Monsanto representative admitted that they were “the patient’s diagnostician, and physician all in one” in writing the patents on life-forms, from micro-organisms to plants, in the TRIPS’ agreement of WTO. Stopping farmers from saving seeds and exercising their seed sovereignty was the main objective. Monsanto is now extending its patents to conventionally bred seed, as in the case of broccoli and capsicum, or the low gluten wheat it had pirated from India which we challenged as a biopiracy case in the European Patent office.

  82. Hoooray. Around where we living, we’re starting to see local grown vegetables in increasing numbers by small farmers. Every single village should be surrounded by such small allotments, but that might never come about.

  83. Great. At Last. ‘Who will Save Caribbean Aviation’. Page 15, Sunday Advocate. At last the beans have been truly spilled by David Jessop. Of course, it will be ignored, much to the detriment of everything the Islands could stand for, if they had just one good airline, well operated and un-financed by governments and taxpayers, which has been the long, far- to- many- years long, story in the West Indies. Read about the astounding success of the Panamanian airline Copa, and wonder, like so many of us have wondered for years, why we can’t have an airline like that too ???

  84. Analyzer

    I used to buy Hazel’s mango chutney from Super Center but I haven’t seen it for about a year or more so I had to buy one imported from England that wasn’t as tasty. I bought some other kind that doesn’t look too appetizing. Anybody know what happened to the Hazel’s mango chutney?

  85. Rastaman

    Well,well,the Rev Dr John Holder does not see anything wrong with being a Christian and a member of the lodge. But he is not a member himself.How can he make that determination if he does not know what goes on. How can you worship the devil and love Christ at the same time.?

  86. Rastaman

    And surely Rev Holmes Williams should know because he was a banker himself.

  87. Rastaman

    Sunday Sun of May 5th 2013.
    PALIG inaugurates Barbados office:
    General Manager of the Barbados operation ,Mr Keith King .Is this the same Keith King who was Manager of BAICO? .Surely this cannot be!!! How ironic that I have been waiting three (3 ) years to get back my money from BAICO which the said Mr King personally told me was safe and just hold on awhile, and is now in this new job at PALIG. It is wonderful that my God is an awesome God and I leave you Mr King in His hands.


  88. GreenMonkey

    Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?

    In a recent book Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds, a former translator for the FBI, describes how the Pentagon, CIA and State Department maintained intimate ties to al-Qaeda militants as late as 2001. Her memoir, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, published last year, charged senior government officials with negligence, corruption and collaboration with al Qaeda in illegal arms smuggling and drugs trafficking in Central Asia.

    In interviews with this author in early March, Edmonds claimed that Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s deputy at the time, had innumerable, regular meetings at the U.S. embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, with U.S. military and intelligence officials between 1997 and 2001, as part of an operation known as ‘Gladio B’. Al-Zawahiri, she charged, as well as various members of the bin Laden family and other mujahideen, were transported on NATO planes to various parts of Central Asia and the Balkans to participate in Pentagon-backed destabilisation operations.

    According to two Sunday Times journalists speaking on condition of anonymity, this and related revelations had been confirmed by senior Pentagon and MI6 officials as part of a four-part investigative series that were supposed to run in 2008. The Sunday Times journalists described how the story was inexplicably dropped under the pressure of undisclosed “interest groups”, which, they suggest, were associated with the U.S. State Department.

    Continued at;

  89. GreenMonkey

    There’s been a sea change in US opinion on the (Israeli/Palestinian) conflict
    by Pamela Olson on May 21, 2013 4

    Pamela Olson’s book tour for Fast Times in Palestine took her all over the US, including to California, Oklahoma, Washington, Colorado, and many major cities on the east coast. She wrote this blogpost describing her reception.

    I resolved at the beginning not to sugarcoat anything or promote false equivalencies. In presentations and interviews, I was clear about the Wall stealing land, the horrors of “administrative detention,” and many other injustices. If people asked tough questions that required speaking about racism, oppression, and American support of a de facto apartheid situation, I answered forthrightly. (For an example, you can view my talk at the Palestine Center in DC here.)

    I braced myself every time, waiting for the backlash.

    To my shock, it never came.

  90. This is A URL CLIP ABOUT industrial HEMP, grown and used in several modern countries, Canada, England, Australia, India,China, etc. The product is now being sold in health food stores here in Trinidad, Tobago, and Barbados. There are over 40,000 uses for hemp use, human and animal foods, ethanol, car bodies, car upholstery, clothing, shoes, as a health food, long lasting matting, added to cement blocks as an insulator, roofing, etc, et al. On top of this, we could get three crops a year out of a field in the West Indies, and it is a natural soil conditioner and pest chaser, and most beneficial as an inter-crop among other vegetables. Barbados is losing out. We already have most of the infrastructure as used by sugar cane. This is indistrial Hemp, not, not, not, the hemp of hopheads.

  91. Two days waiting moderation. Have I written something persona non grata ?

  92. Analyzer

    With the announcement of new roads, what about Rendezvous Hill and that entire stretch right done to where Golf Club Road comes onto it? It needs sidewalks for the people. Also, what about Dayrell’s Road towards the Garrison Heritage Area, desperately in need of sidewalks. I made these two requests ages ago. These are heavy travelled areas by vehicles and pedestrians. Maria Agard, I haven’t heard a peep from you since elections. So all these new roads are for the urban areas, what about the densely populated areas around the city?

  93. Rastaman

    Wonder how much is in it for the Minister with the road works project because we know that he does not give work for FREE..

  94. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Motorola walkie talkie. Join the club. After nearly two years with a Facebook page, I have just been blocked and lost contact with friends, family photos, so many scripts, so many messages, so many ‘likes’ so much music and clips, etc, etc, our local weather club, etc. So much for the digital world. We would be much safer and better off, back to letters on a computer not connected to the net, just to a printer, and envelopes, and a job for good postmen like we most certainly have in Barbados, possibly the best postal service in the world. And, it always was,

  95. Colin Leslie Beadon

    The Earth is really starting to suffer with air pollution and extreme weather. We, on BFP , argued so much about whether this was the result mainly of human inducement, To a few of us, myself one, it was so obvious that we humans were mainly responsible, and that we would experience more and more serious problems unless we though seriously about curbing the fast-expanding human population.
    It is one thing to find ways to attempt to reduce carbon footprint in our personal lives, and I’m sure there are those of us who have done some of this. Yet the human population demand for energy and its use, is zooming exponentially with the population. So that any measure we take, is soon buried by the extraordinary growth of the demand. Besides, how do you enforce any real form of control across any nation in the world, when we cannot prevent the most simple religious conflicts that add so much to the pollution, the misery, and the further demand on all resources ?
    In my own mind, I cannot see the human race on anything less than an ever – accelerating switchback ride that ends in a very sudden brick wall. This is what nature dictates when it meets with runaway systems, and what ever we may think by our religious persuasions, we are very much a part of nature. If you doubt this, see how long you can survive without breathing, or without water or food, just like any animal.

  96. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Colin Leslie Beadon
    At last, a country, Brazil, has understood where all its money is draining away to. Sport is supposed to keep us healthy. Instead, it has become a huge business and we all get fat watching it, instead of taking part. And sports people run off to the bank, laughing at how stupid we are.
    Like · · Share · 4 minutes ago ·

  97. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Trinidad way of life.
    Hopefully, maybe, Trinidad has a chance. She has survived two attempted armed overthrows, both violent, nobody has ever been told how many people actually lost their lives, and Port of Spain was trashed twice. We remember so well.
    But unlike the problem Grenada had, nobody was really jailed like they were in Grenada for a good long number of years. In Trinidad, one or two of the culprits quite quickly became Government ministers. So Trinidad tends to deserve what it gets, and the only reason it can take what it gets is because it has the wealth to cover over the aftermath festers, conveniently, and everybody forgets the dread that happened, as they wave their flag in the air at carnival times.
    Maybe we should not, in better run and operated Islands and countries, look down on what we perceive as such wasteful attempted marches of progress that end in periods of mayhem. It is one way of keeping the population down minimally, and keeping the workers busy rebuilding what was burned down and trashed. After all, in Trinidad and her offshore, the oil and gas wells are still flowing, and shots ringing out day and night have become as common as the singing of the mockingbirds and the sounds of car wrecks on the highways. Is all this because ‘We like it that way’ or because Trinidad politics has always been inimical to any form of what could be considered,…. good governance ?
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  98. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Couple years ago I asked those on BFP what was the meaning of Essi Quam Videri. And somebody on BFP was good enough to tell me the meaning. ‘To be, rather than seem. ‘
    This is seeming strange, since I had come across the sentence in a book on science, and it had intrigued me. But then just today, I found it was actually the motto of my Beadon Family name . ‘ Essi Quam Videri ‘.

  99. Colin Leslie Beadon

    The Destruction of Earth, with every stride we take. .
    World population growth and the success of Mankind in his business drive and demand for timber, industrial materials of all kinds, energy, and worst of all,…. unlimited business growth, is destroying the Earth.
    This will create more and more poverty, until it becomes extreme; and it does not matter what college or University you attended if you do not know how to grow your own food, or have space to do that in.
    Most people on Earth , make no contribution to the actual well being of natural Life. Some few make millions playing Golf, Tennis, football or racing cars. None of these such things add actual benefit to Nature in any way, but they promote huge demands on the daily energy supply besides adding to pollution, to move people to and fro, to and fro.
    Stadiums cost Millions to build, and millions more to maintain. Science is forever trying to make us live forever, by one means or another, so that populations expand even faster with those too old to work.
    We shall never defeat poverty, because it grows exponentially with our demand and lust for a life style far beyond any reasonable Earthly demand.
    There are those of us who deeply profess love of God, but that is not the same as, while we live,…… love of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is all we can really be quite sure about, and yet we destroy her left and right with every stride we take.

  100. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Falling Prey to ‘Cheap.’
    Having, for the last couple years, fallen prey to using Chinese computer parts like mother boards, hard drives, and power cells because they are so much cheaper, your corespondent has sadly risen from the malady of continual trips back and forth to his computer store and most helpful technico, Chinese, is not the way to go, in the short or long ru… Bite down hard on your stones, and get a proper PCU, un-stuffed with parts from China,… And ‘done wid dat’.

  101. GreenMonkey

    The Monsanto menace takes over

    Thursday, 25 July 2013 21:47

    Monsanto’s claims of global benevolence now look more like a naked power grab, says an excellent and well-informed article with the critical bent that’s becoming increasingly noticeable in the US press.

    The Monsanto menace takes over
    The feds see no evil as a belligerent strongman seeks control of America’s food supply

    By Chris Parker

    Monsanto knew that it needed more than genetically modified crops to squeeze out competitors, so it also began buying the biggest seed businesses, spending $12 billion by the time its splurge concluded. The company was cornering agriculture by buying up the best shelf space and distribution channels. All its boasting about global benevolence began to look much more like a naked power grab.

    Seed prices soared. Between 1995 and 2011, the cost of soybeans increased 325 percent. The price of corn rose 259 percent. And the cost of genetically modified cotton jumped a stunning 516 percent.

    Instead of feeding the world, Monsanto simply drove prices through the roof, taking the biggest share for itself.


    Trust Us. Why Would We Lie?

    At the same time that Monsanto was cornering the food supply, its principal products — GM crops — were receiving less scrutiny than an NSA contractor.

    Monsanto understood early on that the best way to stave off bad publicity was to limit research. Prior to a recently negotiated agreement with major universities, the company had severely restricted access to its seeds. Filmmaker Bertram Verhaag’s 2010 award-winning documentary, Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money, noted that nearly 95 percent of genetic-engineering research is paid for and controlled by corporations like Monsanto.

    Meanwhile, former employees embedded in government make sure the feds never get too nosy.

    Michael Taylor has turned that into an art form. He’s gone back and forth from government to Monsanto enough times that it’s no longer just a revolving door; it’s a Batpole. During an early-’90s stint with the FDA, he helped usher Bovine Growth Hormone milk into the food supply and authored the decision that kept the government out of Monsanto’s GM crop business.

    Known as “substantial equivalence,” it declared that genetically modified products are essentially the same as their non-GM counterparts — and therefore require no additional labeling or testing for food safety or toxicity.

    Never mind that no accepted science backed his theory.

    “It’s simply a political calculation invented by Michael Taylor and Monsanto and adopted by U.S. federal policy-makers to resist labeling,” says Jim Gerritsen, a farmer in Maine. “You have this collusion between corporations and the government, and the essence is that the people’s interest isn’t being served.”

  102. GreenMonkey

    A Review Essay on Kristina Borjesson’s New Feature-Length Documentary, TWA Flight 800

    by Prof Anthony Hall PhD

    TWA Flight 800 relates the story of how politics intervened to prevent an honest federal assessment of the causes of an airplane crash. The FBI and later the CIA jumped into the investigation preempting the role of a number of career professionals working under the auspices of the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB was ostensibly the lead federal agency in the investigation but its activities were clearly subordinated to agencies charged to act in the name of “national security.” This deep intervention into the realm of aviation safety marks the inception of a new phase in the growth of the national security state. Especially after 9/11 the apparatus of so-called national security would assert dominance over more and more areas of American life.

    TWA Flight 800 is a case study in the corruption of scientific method in a controversial case involving national security, passenger planes, apprehensions of terrorism, denigrated eyewitnesses, and the willingness of the big media conglomerates to favor the pronouncements of public officials over the evidence of wrongdoing unearthed by genuine investigative journalists…….


    Borjesson herself was one of those investigative journalists who faced recriminations from her employer for attempting to do her job as she understood it. CBS News fired its Emmy Award winning employee. Borjesson has stayed with the story nevertheless. TWA Flight 800 embodies her best effort to vindicate not only herself but several career professionals whose expertise in investigating airline crashes was preempted by forces whose true nature has yet to be explained by those public officials responsible for the fiasco.

  103. GreenMonkey

    UK’s internet porn censors to censor more than just porn. Open Rights groups sees Cameron’s proposed internet porn censorship policy is the first step for the UK government in implementing on the sly a much fuller form of internet censorship. It appears it will be a concerted effort to to enhance the profitability of big business by discouraging competition and to reduce or eliminate the ability of social/political activists and “conspiracy theorists” to reach an audience via the internet.

    UK Internet Porn Censor to Also Block Conspiracy Theories
    Big Brother Weds the Nanny Who’s Pregnant with Internet Censorship.

    by Eric Blair
    Activist Post

    The totalitarian tip-toe is tap dancing to tyranny with the proposed Internet censorship bill in the United Kingdom. In the name of keeping children safe from porn, the UK law will impose Internet filters on far more than just porn.

    According to Wired:

    As well as pornography, users may automatically be opted in to blocks on “violent material”, “extremist related content”, “anorexia and eating disorder websites” and “suicide related websites”, “alcohol” and “smoking”. But the list doesn’t stop there. It even extends to blocking “web forums” and “esoteric material”, whatever that is. “Web blocking circumvention tools” is also included, of course.

    The definition of “esoteric” makes clear that censorship of broad topics is the goal of this so-called ISP filter:

    es·o·ter·ic [es-uh-ter-ik] adjective
    1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest;
    2. belonging to the select few.
    3. private; secret; confidential.

    Translation: anything outside the acceptable mainstream narrative will be filtered. In short, the free flow of information is under assault with this law. (my emphasis /GM)

    The organization Open Rights Group refers to this totalitarian tip-toe as “sleepwalking into censorship”:

    What’s clear here is that David Cameron wants people to sleepwalk into censorship. We know that people stick with defaults: this is part of the idea behind ‘nudge theory’ and ‘choice architecture’ that is popular with Cameron.

    The implication is that filtering is good, or at least harmless, for anyone, whether adult or child. Of course, this is not true; there’s not just the question of false positives for web users, but the affect on a network economy of excluding a proportion of a legitimate website’s audience.

    More at:

  104. GreenMonkey

    This Little Piggy Was Fed GMOs

    A groundbreaking new study [1] shows that pigs were harmed by the consumption of feed containing genetically modified (GM) crops.

    Find a clear summary of the study here
    Find the full paper here
    (links in original)

    GM-fed females had on average a 25% heavier uterus than non-GM-fed females, a possible indicator of disease that requires further investigation. Also, the level of severe inflammation in stomachs was markedly higher in pigs fed on the GM diet. The research results were striking and statistically significant.

    Lead researcher Dr. Judy Carman, adjunct associate professor at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia,[2] said: “Our findings are noteworthy for several reasons. First, we found these results in real on-farm conditions, not in a laboratory, but with the added benefit of strict scientific controls that are not normally present on farms.

    “Second, we used pigs. Pigs with these health problems end up in our food supply. We eat them.

    “Third, pigs have a similar digestive system to people, so we need to investigate if people are also getting digestive problems from eating GM crops.

    “Fourth, we found these adverse effects when we fed the animals a mixture of crops containing three GM genes and the GM proteins that these genes produce. Yet no food regulator anywhere in the world requires a safety assessment for the possible toxic effects of mixtures. Regulators simply assume that they can’t happen.

    “Our results provide clear evidence that regulators need to safety assess GM crops containing mixtures of GM genes, regardless of whether those genes occur in the one GM plant or in a mixture of GM plants eaten in the same meal, even if regulators have already assessed GM plants containing single GM genes in the mixture.”

    The new study lends scientific credibility to anecdotal evidence from farmers and veterinarians, who have for some years reported reproductive and digestive problems in pigs fed on a diet containing GM soy and corn.[3]



  106. Colin Leslie Beadon

    It is going to be interesting to see if the politicians are going to pass the bill into law pertaining into the seizure of criminally accrued assets!!!.

  107. Magic

    Hello, I’m Magic. I can see.
    I see green energy contracts were signed for government buildings, I see ministers reporting signing huge contracts for waste to energy, but I did not see how these things came about. I it in many other areas too. And you saw cuts, taxes.
    Sometimes the magic is seen within the not-seeing?
    Is the GOB magic too?

  108. Colin Leslie Beadon

    One can fall under the spell of optical and mental illusion, and the sweeping away of distasteful reality. One can survive many moons like that, but then the sun insists on rising. And then light makes bare that which we’d rather not see, or dream of. And then the Goose, layer of the golden egg, lays stiff in death. CLB

  109. GreenMonkey

    How do you know your ship is sinking? The rats are leaving.

    Hedge funds, insider traders begin dumping Monsanto stock as reality of GMOs sinks in across Wall Street

    (NaturalNews) Monsanto executives and insiders are dumping Monsanto stock in record volumes, sending the stock price spiraling downward. CEO Hugh Grant just sold off 40,000 shares at $97.74, and both Janet Holloway and Gerald Steiner — both high-level Monsanto executives — recently ditched more than 10,000 shares each. Tom Hartley also bailed on another 6,000 shares at $100.15. (See sources below.)

    Hedge funds, meanwhile, are also dumping Monsanto stock, most likely due to sharply increased “negative sentiment.” This means people increasingly don’t like Monsanto, and that’s a direct result of all the growing realizations about the dangers of GMOs, Monsanto’s predatory business practices, the company’s dangerous experiments that have already unleashed genetic pollution, and the fact that GM corn has been experimentally found to cause widespread cancer tumors in rat studies.


    So far this year, Monsanto (MON) share prices have plummeted from a high of $109 to a current trading range around $95. That’s a drop of nearly 13%, and the bad news for Monsanto just keeps coming.

    For one, the European Union’s new food safety guidelines affirm the methodology and findings of the Seralini GM corn rat study. As much as the biotech industry and all its pimped-out science trolls have attempted to attack the study, the secret is already out: GM corn causes cancer tumors and consumers accurately see GM corn as equivalent to a “poison” symbol on foods.

    More at:

  110. Rastaman

    Isn’t it remarkable that a POOR chicken farmer/producer can be the owner of two hotels.Says a lot for the industry.

  111. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Will it, won’t it.??? The ticking middle east bomb. The price of oil is rising. Are we dreaming on as though the Syria and the Egypt situations effect us not ? If the Suez canal gets shut, we’ll need bicycles and horses, and food growing in every inch of soil.

  112. Palfree

    Well known risk expert and professor of risk engineering at New York University believes GMO crops are not worth the risk.

    Global risk expert speaks out on the danger of GMOs.

    Last week the maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur Craig Venter tweeted: “Golden rice vitamin A could prevent blindness in 250000 children/year. Anti GMO people check your morals.

    The global risk expert and the Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, responded on Twitter:

    “Pro GMO people, check your understanding of

    1) Risk & probability and 2) invoking “morals” as a tactic while endangering people.”

    “Point 2: There are other alternatives with controlled & known side effects.”

    He also told Venter, a synthetic biologist with massive vested interests in the acceptance of genetic engineering and no background in risk (nor toxicology for that matter!):

    “@JCVenter In other words it is not rigorous to make something with fat-tailed risks look like the “only” alternative to [blindness] when it is not.”

    “Fat-tailed risks” means that when things go bad, they can go catastrophically bad.

    Taleb has outlined his strong concerns about GM before. Below is what he wrote a couple of months ago. There are graphs in the original text, which are available at the link.

    EXTRACT: Now, for mathematical reasons (a mechanism called the “Lindy Effect”), linked to the relationship between time and fragility, mother nature is vastly “wiser” so to speak than humans, as time has a lot of value in detecting what is breakable and what is not. Time is also a bullshit detector. Nothing humans have introduced in modern times has made us unconditionally better without unpredictable side effects, and ones that are usually detected with considerable delays (transfats, steroids, tobacco, Thalidomide, etc.)

    …GMOs… their risk is not local. Invoking the risk of “famine” is a poor strategy, no different from urging people to play Russian roulette in order to get out of poverty. And calling the GMO approach “scientific” betrays a very poor — indeed warped — understanding of probabilistic payoffs and risk management.

    More at:

  113. Poor Barbados Free Press. We seem to have lost our lust for discourse, or perhaps we’ve gone to Facebook, where the discourse is so much world wide, and the contacts are so many.

  114. Magic

    You saw discourse, but it was for regime change. Regime change occurred, but the new regime has all but failed. And with it Barbados? Or can discourse turn it around? There seems no appetite at BFP for creating discourse within the context of DLP failure. Is a guilty feeling, or was this meant to be? I was one for regime change too, but I see that the fork in the road led us to the same place. I enjoy your thoughts CLB.

  115. Anonymous

    Listen i am a Bajan just listened to the BBC news @ 3 am they went from America s shut down how it could effect the world economy and it could be worst than than the last crash to Twiter and some making a billion $ then to a charity that for children is a tax rite off for the Rich to Grommets in 15 minutes HELLO am i stupid ???????????? what are you selling? I am disappointed, or are we just complacent again, HELLO!

  116. Perhaps it won’t matter which party holds Barbados at its mercy. Take a look, using Google, at ‘World Temperature Studies’ by Camilio Mora . Take a look at that, to keep your mind off what governments do and get away with daily.

  117. Anonymous

    Is there a public office in barbados where I can see a copy of someones will

  118. What is Barbados willing to do for the Philippines? That is a great and utter misery there beyond anything we have seen in many years. Luckily, those people are almost quite used to being struck in this way, and they all pull together to start cleaning it up and helping each other though hungry, thirsty, wet, roofless, friends and close family dead or missing, a home area they do not even recognize any more.
    These things happen in this world, and we in our islands need to bare this in mind, and we must must find some way to assist in the Philippines, like so many other places are doing right now.
    We should be reminded by such a disaster, that mankind, at the press of a few buttons, can cause self-induced mayhem far worse than this, with his own atomic weapons.

  119. Anonymous

    Is there somewhere to complain about an abundance of black smoke coming out of the back of a ZR van? Driving up Dayrell’s road today, there was one that was ridiculous! You hardly ever see police anywhere monitoring these things. Do these vehicles have road worthy certificates I wonder.


    The American Thanksgiving: Rejoicing In Genocide And White Supremacy

    By Glen Ford

    27 November, 2006
    Black Agenda Report

    “Thanksgiving as presently celebrated is an affront to civilization.”

    Nobody but Americans celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of “the founders” as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No Halloween of the imagination can rival the exterminationist reality that was the genesis, and remains the legacy, of the American Thanksgiving. It is the most loathsome, humanity-insulting day of the year – a pure glorification of racist barbarity.

    We should all be thankful that the time grows nearer when the almost four centuries-old abomination will be deprived of its reason for being: white supremacy. Then we may all eat and drink in peace and gratitude for the blessings of humanity’s deliverance from the rule of evil men.

    “The near-erasure of Native Americans in Massachusetts was the true mission of the Pilgrim enterprise – Act One of the American Dream.”

    Thanksgiving is much more than a lie – if it were that simple, an historical correction of the record of events in 1600s Massachusetts would suffice to purge the “flaw” in the national mythology. But Thanksgiving is not just a twisted fable, and the mythology it nurtures is itself inherently evil. The real-life events – subsequently revised – were perfectly understood at the time as the first, definitive triumphs of the genocidal European project in New England. The near-erasure of Native Americans in Massachusetts and, soon thereafter, from most of the remainder of the northern English colonial seaboard was the true mission of the Pilgrim enterprise – Act One of the American Dream. African Slavery commenced contemporaneously – an overlapping and ultimately inseparable Act Two.

    The last Act in the American drama must be the “root and branch” eradication of all vestiges of Act One and Two – America’s seminal crimes and formative projects. Thanksgiving as presently celebrated – that is, as a national political event – is an affront to civilization.

    Celebrating the unspeakable

    White America embraced Thanksgiving because a majority of that population glories in the fruits, if not the unpleasant details, of genocide and slavery and feels, on the whole, good about their heritage: a cornucopia of privilege and national power. Children are taught to identify with the good fortune of the Pilgrims. It does not much matter that the Native American and African holocausts that flowed from the feast at Plymouth are hidden from the children’s version of the story – kids learn soon enough that Indians were made scarce and Africans became enslaved. But they will also never forget the core message of the holiday: that the Pilgrims were good people, who could not have purposely set such evil in motion. Just as the first Thanksgivings marked the consolidation of the English toehold in what became the United States, the core ideological content of the holiday serves to validate all that has since occurred on these shores – a national consecration of the unspeakable, a balm and benediction for the victors, a blessing of the fruits of murder and kidnapping, and an implicit obligation to continue the seamless historical project in the present day.

    “The story provides the essential first frame of the American saga. It is unalloyed racist propaganda.”

    The Thanksgiving story is an absolution of the Pilgrims, whose brutal quest for absolute power in the New World is made to seem both religiously motivated and eminently human. Most importantly, the Pilgrims are depicted as victims – of harsh weather and their own naïve yet wholesome visions of a new beginning. In light of this carefully nurtured fable, whatever happened to the Indians, from Plymouth to California and beyond, in the aftermath of the 1621 dinner must be considered a mistake, the result of misunderstandings – at worst, a series of lamentable tragedies. The story provides the essential first frame of the American saga. It is unalloyed racist propaganda, a tale that endures because it served the purposes of a succession of the Pilgrims’ political heirs, in much the same way that Nazi-enhanced mythology of a glorious Aryan/German past advanced another murderous, expansionist mission.

    Thanksgiving is quite dangerous – as were the Pilgrims.

    Rejoicing in a cemetery

    The English settlers, their ostensibly religious venture backed by a trading company, were glad to discover that they had landed in a virtual cemetery in 1620. Corn still sprouted in the abandoned fields of the Wampanoags, but only a remnant of the local population remained around the fabled Rock. In a letter to England, Massachusetts Bay colony founder John Winthrop wrote, “But for the natives in these parts, God hath so pursued them, as for 300 miles space the greatest part of them are swept away by smallpox which still continues among them. So as God hath thereby cleared our title to this place, those who remain in these parts, being in all not 50, have put themselves under our protection.”

    “The Pilgrims thanked their deity for having ‘pursued’ the Indians to mass death.”

    Ever diligent to claim their own advantages as God’s will, the Pilgrims thanked their deity for having “pursued” the Indians to mass death. However, it was not divine intervention that wiped out most of the natives around the village of Patuxet but, most likely, smallpox-embedded blankets planted during an English visit or slave raid. Six years before the Pilgrim landing, a ship sailed into Patuxet’s harbor, captained by none other than the famous seaman and mercenary soldier John Smith, former leader of the first successful English colony in the New World, at Jamestown, Virginia. Epidemic and slavery followed in his wake, as Debra Glidden described in

    In 1614 the Plymouth Company of England, a joint stock company, hired Captain John Smith to explore land in its behalf. Along what is now the coast of Massachusetts in the territory of the Wampanoag, Smith visited the town of Patuxet according to “The Colonial Horizon,” a 1969 book edited by William Goetzinan. Smith renamed the town Plymouth in honor of his employers, but the Wampanoag who inhabited the town continued to call it Patuxet.

    The following year Captain Hunt, an English slave trader, arrived at Patuxet. It was common practice for explorers to capture Indians, take them to Europe and sell them into slavery for 220 shillings apiece. That practice was described in a 1622 account of happenings entitled “A Declaration of the State of the Colony and Affairs in Virginia,” written by Edward Waterhouse. True to the explorer tradition, Hunt kidnapped a number of Wampanoags to sell into slavery.

    Another common practice among European explorers was to give “smallpox blankets” to the Indians. Since smallpox was unknown on this continent prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Native Americans did not have any natural immunity to the disease so smallpox would effectively wipe out entire villages with very little effort required by the Europeans. William Fenton describes how Europeans decimated Native American villages in his 1957 work “American Indian and White relations to 1830.” From 1615 to 1619 smallpox ran rampant among the Wampanoags and their neighbors to the north. The Wampanoag lost 70 percent of their population to the epidemic and the Massachusetts lost 90 percent.

    Most of the Wampanoag had died from the smallpox epidemic so when the Pilgrims arrived they found well-cleared fields which they claimed for their own. A Puritan colonist, quoted by Harvard University’s Perry Miller, praised the plague that had wiped out the Indians for it was “the wonderful preparation of the Lord Jesus Christ, by his providence for his people’s abode in the Western world.”

    Historians have since speculated endlessly on why the woods in the region resembled a park to the disembarking Pilgrims in 1620. The reason should have been obvious: hundreds, if not thousands, of people had lived there just five years before.

    In less than three generations the settlers would turn all of New England into a charnel house for Native Americans, and fire the economic engines of slavery throughout English-speaking America. Plymouth Rock is the place where the nightmare truly began.

    The uninvited?

    It is not at all clear what happened at the first – and only – “integrated” Thanksgiving feast. Only two written accounts of the three-day event exist, and one of them, by Governor William Bradford, was written 20 years after the fact. Was Chief Massasoit invited to bring 90 Indians with him to dine with 52 colonists, most of them women and children? This seems unlikely. A good harvest had provided the settlers with plenty of food, according to their accounts, so the whites didn’t really need the Wampanoag’s offering of five deer. What we do know is that there had been lots of tension between the two groups that fall. John Two-Hawks, who runs the Native Circle web site, gives a sketch of the facts:

    “Thanksgiving’ did not begin as a great loving relationship between the pilgrims and the Wampanoag, Pequot and Narragansett people. In fact, in October of 1621 when the pilgrim survivors of their first winter in Turtle Island sat down to share the first unofficial ‘Thanksgiving’ meal, the Indians who were there were not even invited! There was no turkey, squash, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie. A few days before this alleged feast took place, a company of ‘pilgrims’ led by Miles Standish actively sought the head of a local Indian chief, and an 11 foot high wall was erected around the entire Plymouth settlement for the very purpose of keeping Indians out!”

    It is much more likely that Chief Massasoit either crashed the party, or brought enough men to ensure that he was not kidnapped or harmed by the Pilgrims. Dr. Tingba Apidta, in his “Black Folks’ Guide to Understanding Thanksgiving,” surmises that the settlers “brandished their weaponry” early and got drunk soon thereafter. He notes that “each Pilgrim drank at least a half gallon of beer a day, which they preferred even to water. This daily inebriation led their governor, William Bradford, to comment on his people’s ‘notorious sin,’ which included their ‘drunkenness and uncleanliness’ and rampant ‘sodomy.’”

    Soon after the feast the brutish Miles Standish “got his bloody prize,” Dr. Apidta writes:

    “He went to the Indians, pretended to be a trader, then beheaded an Indian man named Wituwamat. He brought the head to Plymouth, where it was displayed on a wooden spike for many years, according to Gary B. Nash, ‘as a symbol of white power.’ Standish had the Indian man’s young brother hanged from the rafters for good measure. From that time on, the whites were known to the Indians of Massachusetts by the name ‘Wotowquenange,’ which in their tongue meant cutthroats and stabbers.”

    What is certain is that the first feast was not called a “Thanksgiving” at the time; no further integrated dining occasions were scheduled; and the first, official all-Pilgrim “Thanksgiving” had to wait until 1637, when the whites of New England celebrated the massacre of the Wampanoag’s southern neighbors, the Pequots.

    The real Thanksgiving Day Massacre

    The Pequots today own the Foxwood Casino and Hotel, in Ledyard, Connecticut, with gross gaming revenues of over $9 billion in 2000. This is truly a (very belated) miracle, since the real first Pilgrim Thanksgiving was intended as the Pequot’s epitaph. Sixteen years after the problematical Plymouth feast, the English tried mightily to erase the Pequots from the face of the Earth, and thanked God for the blessing.

    Having subdued, intimidated or made mercenaries of most of the tribes of Massachusetts, the English turned their growing force southward, toward the rich Connecticut valley, the Pequot’s sphere of influence. At the point where the Mystic River meets the sea, the combined force of English and allied Indians bypassed the Pequot fort to attack and set ablaze a town full of women, children and old people.

    “Many prisoners were executed, and surviving women and children sold into slavery in the West Indies.”

    William Bradford, the former Governor of Plymouth and one of the chroniclers of the 1621 feast, was also on hand for the great massacre of 1637:
    “Those that escaped the fire were slain with the sword; some hewed to pieces, others run through with their rapiers, so that they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire…horrible was the stink and scent thereof, but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to enclose their enemies in their hands, and give them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an enemy.”

    The rest of the white folks thought so, too. “This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequots,” read Governor John Winthrop’s proclamation. The authentic Thanksgiving Day was born.

    Most historians believe about 700 Pequots were slaughtered at Mystic. Many prisoners were executed, and surviving women and children sold into slavery in the West Indies. Pequot prisoners that escaped execution were parceled out to Indian tribes allied with the English. The Pequot were thought to have been extinguished as a people. According to IndyMedia, “The Pequot tribe numbered 8,000 when the Pilgrims arrived, but disease had brought their numbers down to 1,500 by 1637. The Pequot ‘War’ killed all but a handful of remaining members of the tribe.”

    But there were still too many Indians around to suit the whites of New England, who bided their time while their own numbers increased to critical, murderous mass.

    Guest’s head on a pole

    By the 1670s the colonists, with 8,000 men under arms, felt strong enough to demand that the Pilgrims’ former dinner guests the Wampanoags disarm and submit to the authority of the Crown. After a series of settler provocations in 1675, the Wampanoag struck back, under the leadership of Chief Metacomet, son of Massasoit, called King Philip by the English. Metacomet/Philip, whose wife and son were captured and sold into West Indian slavery, wiped out 13 settlements and killed 600 adult white men before the tide of battle turned. A 1996 issue of the Revolutionary Worker provides an excellent narrative:

    In their victory, the settlers launched an all-out genocide against the remaining Native people. The Massachusetts government offered 20 shillings bounty for every Indian scalp, and 40 shillings for every prisoner who could be sold into slavery. Soldiers were allowed to enslave any Indian woman or child under 14 they could capture. The “Praying Indians” who had converted to Christianity and fought on the side of the European troops were accused of shooting into the treetops during battles with “hostiles.” They were enslaved or killed. Other “peaceful” Indians of Dartmouth and Dover were invited to negotiate or seek refuge at trading posts – and were sold onto slave ships.

    It is not known how many Indians were sold into slavery, but in this campaign, 500 enslaved Indians were shipped from Plymouth alone. Of the 12,000 Indians in the surrounding tribes, probably about half died from battle, massacre and starvation.

    After King Philip’s War, there were almost no Indians left free in the northern British colonies. A colonist wrote from Manhattan’s New York colony: “There is now but few Indians upon the island and those few no ways hurtful. It is to be admired how strangely they have decreased by the hand of God, since the English first settled in these parts.” In Massachusetts, the colonists declared a “day of public thanksgiving” in 1676, saying, “there now scarce remains a name or family of them [the Indians] but are either slain, captivated or fled.”

    Fifty-five years after the original Thanksgiving Day, the Puritans had destroyed the generous Wampanoag and all other neighboring tribes. The Wampanoag chief King Philip was beheaded. His head was stuck on a pole in Plymouth, where the skull still hung on display 24 years later.

    This is not thought to be a fit Thanksgiving tale for the children of today, but it’s the real story, well-known to the settler children of New England at the time – the white kids who saw the Wampanoag head on the pole year after year and knew for certain that God loved them best of all, and that every atrocity they might ever commit against a heathen, non-white was blessed.

    There’s a good term for the process thus set in motion: nation-building.

    Roots of the slave trade

    The British North American colonists’ practice of enslaving Indians for labor or direct sale to the West Indies preceded the appearance of the first chained Africans at the dock in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. The Jamestown colonists’ human transaction with the Dutch vessel was an unscheduled occurrence. However, once the African slave trade became commercially established, the fates of Indians and Africans in the colonies became inextricably entwined. New England, born of up-close-and-personal, burn-them-in-the-fires-of-hell genocide, led the political and commercial development of the English colonies. The region also led the nascent nation’s descent into a slavery-based society and economy.

    “Once the African slave trade became commercially established, the fates of Indians and Africans in the colonies became inextricably entwined.”

    Ironically, an apologist for Virginian slavery made one of the best, early cases for the indictment of New England as the engine of the American slave trade. Unreconstructed secessionist Lewis Dabney’s 1867 book “A Defense of Virginia” traced the slave trade’s origins all the way back to Plymouth Rock:

    The planting of the commercial States of North America began with the colony of Puritan Independents at Plymouth, in 1620, which was subsequently enlarged into the State of Massachusetts. The other trading colonies, Rhode Island and Connecticut, as well as New Hampshire (which never had an extensive shipping interest), were offshoots of Massachusetts. They partook of the same characteristics and pursuits; and hence, the example of the parent colony is taken here as a fair representation of them.

    The first ship from America, which embarked in the African slave trade, was the Desire, Captain Pierce, of Salem; and this was among the first vessels ever built in the colony. The promptitude with which the “Puritan Fathers” embarked in this business may be comprehended, when it is stated that the Desire sailed upon her voyage in June, 1637. [Note: the year they massacred the Pequots.] The first feeble and dubious foothold was gained by the white man at Plymouth less than seventeen years before; and as is well known, many years were expended by the struggle of the handful of settlers for existence. So that it may be correctly said, that the commerce of New England was born of the slave trade; as its subsequent prosperity was largely founded upon it. The Desire, proceeding to the Bahamas, with a cargo of “dry fish and strong liquors, the only commodities for those parts,” obtained the negroes from two British men-of-war, which had captured them from a Spanish slaver.

    Thus, the trade of which the good ship Desire, of Salem, was the harbinger, grew into grand proportions; and for nearly two centuries poured a flood of wealth into New England, as well as no inconsiderable number of slaves. Meanwhile, the other maritime colonies of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and Connecticut, followed the example of their elder sister emulously; and their commercial history is but a repetition of that of Massachusetts. The towns of Providence, Newport, and New Haven became famous slave trading ports. The magnificent harbor of the second, especially, was the favorite starting-place of the slave ships; and its commerce rivaled, or even exceeded, that of the present commercial metropolis, New York. All the four original States, of course, became slaveholding.
    The Revolution that exploded in 1770s New England was undertaken by men thoroughly imbued with the worldview of the Indian-killer and slave-holder. How could they not be? The “country” they claimed as their own was fathered by genocide and mothered by slavery – its true distinction among the commercial nations of the world. And these men were not ashamed, but proud, with vast ambition to spread their exceptional characteristics West and South and wherever their so-far successful project in nation-building might take them – and by the same bloody, savage methods that had served them so well in the past.

    “The ‘country’ they claimed as their own was fathered by genocide and mothered by slavery.”

    At the moment of deepest national crisis following the battle of Gettysburg in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln invoked the national fable that is far more central to the white American personality than Lincoln’s battlefield “Address.” Lincoln seized upon the 1621 feast as the historic “Thanksgiving” – bypassing the official and authentic 1637 precedent – and assigned the dateless, murky event the fourth Thursday in November.

    Lincoln surveyed a broken nation, and attempted nation-rebuilding, based on the purest white myth. The same year that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he renewed the national commitment to a white manifest destiny that began at Plymouth Rock. Lincoln sought to rekindle a shared national mission that former Confederates and Unionists and white immigrants from Europe could collectively embrace. It was and remains a barbaric and racist national unifier, by definition. Only the most fantastic lies can sanitize the history of the Plymouth Colony of Massachusetts.

    ”Like a rock”

    The Thanksgiving holiday fable is at once a window on the way that many, if not most, white Americans view the world and their place in it, and a pollutant that leaches barbarism into the modern era. The fable attempts to glorify the indefensible, to enshrine an era and mission that represent the nation’s lowest moral denominators. Thanksgiving as framed in the mythology is, consequently, a drag on that which is potentially civilizing in the national character, a crippling, atavistic deformity. Defenders of the holiday will claim that the politically-corrected children’s version promotes brotherhood, but that is an impossibility – a bald excuse to prolong the worship of colonial “forefathers” and to erase the crimes they committed. Those bastards burned the Pequot women and children, and ushered in the multinational business of slavery. These are facts. The myth is an insidious diversion – and worse.

    Humanity cannot tolerate a 21st Century superpower, much of whose population perceives the world through the eyes of 17th Century land and flesh bandits. Yet that is the trick that fate has played on the globe.

    “Indians who had initially cooperated with the squatters were transmogrified into ‘savages’ deserving displacement and death.”

    The English arrived with criminal intent – and brought wives and children to form new societies predicated on successful plunder. To justify the murderous enterprise, Indians who had initially cooperated with the squatters were transmogrified into “savages” deserving displacement and death. The relentlessly refreshed lie of Indian savagery became a truth in the minds of white Americans, a fact to be acted upon by every succeeding generation of whites. The settlers became a singular people confronting the great “frontier” – a euphemism for centuries of genocidal campaigns against a darker, “savage” people marked for extinction.

    The necessity of genocide was the operative, working assumption of the expanding American nation. “Manifest Destiny” was born at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown, later to fall (to paraphrase Malcolm) like a rock on Mexico, the Philippines, Haiti, Nicaragua, etc. Little children were taught that the American project was inherently good, Godly, and that those who got in the way were “evil-doers” or just plain subhuman, to be gloriously eliminated. The lie is central to white American identity, embraced by waves of European settlers who never saw a red person.

    Bloody Fruits of the First Feast

    Only a century ago, American soldiers caused the deaths of possibly a million Filipinos whom they had been sent to “liberate” from Spanish rule. They didn’t even know who they were killing, and so rationalized their behavior by substituting the usual American victims. Colonel Funston, of the Twentieth Kansas Volunteers, explained what got him motivated in the Philippines:

    “Our fighting blood was up and we all wanted to kill ‘niggers.’ This shooting human beings is a ‘hot game,’ and beats rabbit hunting all to pieces.” Another wrote that “the boys go for the enemy as if they were chasing jack-rabbits …. I, for one, hope that Uncle Sam will apply the chastening rod, good, hard, and plenty, and lay it on until they come into the reservation and promise to be good ‘Injuns.'”

    In 2003, President George Bush addressed the Philippine Congress in Manila. “America is proud of its part in the great story of the Filipino people,” said Bush. “Together our soldiers liberated the Philippines from colonial rule.” Bush failed to mention what every Filipino knows: immediately upon the ouster of the Spanish, the U.S. claimed the Philippines as its own colony, causing the death of a million people – Colonel Funston’s “niggers” – in the process.

    At least two million Vietnamese and untold numbers of Cambodian “gooks” died as a result of U.S. aggression, two generations ago. When noted at all, these hellish consequences were often dismissed on the grounds that “Asians don’t value life the way we do.” The truth, of course, is that most white Americans don’t value Asian or other non-white lives at all, and never have.

    Today, although in excess of 600,000 Iraqis are thought to have died since the U.S. invasion, the national dialogue revolves solely around the less than 3,000 American dead. Colonel Joe Anderson of the 101st Airborne Division summed up the general American attitude toward Iraqis early in the occupation. “They don’t understand being nice,” said Anderson. “We spent so long here working with kid gloves, but the average Iraqi guy will tell you, ‘The only thing people respect here is violence…. They only understand being shot at, being killed. That’s the culture.’ … Nice guys do finish last here.”

    Col. Anderson personifies the unfitness of Americans to play a major role in the world, much less rule it. “We poured a lot of our heart and soul into trying to help the people,” he bitched, as if Americans were God’s gift to the planet. “But it can be frustrating when you hear stupid people still saying, ‘You’re occupiers. You want our oil. You’re turning our country over to Israel.’” He cannot fathom that other people – non-whites – aspire to run their own affairs, and will kill and die to achieve that basic right.

    “The Mayflower’s cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims.”

    What does this have to do with the Mayflower? Everything. Although possibly against their wishes, the Pilgrims hosted the Wampanoag for three no doubt anxious days. The same men killed and enslaved Wampanoags immediately before and after the feast. They, their newly arrived English comrades and their children roasted hundreds of neighboring Indians alive just 16 years later, and two generations afterwards cleared nearly the whole of New England of its indigenous “savages,” while enthusiastically enriching themselves through the invention of transoceanic, sophisticated means of enslaving millions. The Mayflower’s cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans.

    Thanksgiving encourages these cognitive cripples in their madness, just as it is designed to do.

    In Iraq, as in the Philippines, as in U.S. occupied Haiti in 1914, we hear echoes of the words of Massachusetts Bay colony founder John Winthrop. The English had come to expropriate native land and resources, but somehow convinced themselves that their presence was benign. “So as God hath thereby cleared our title to this place, those who remain in these parts…have put themselves under our protection,” said the Pilgrim-in-Chief.

    Throughout the Middle East and in spreading regions of the globe, the U.S. invites the natives to a “feast” of “democracy” – at the point of a gun. Frustrated at native unwillingness to dine on the corpses of their own national sovereignty, the Americans threaten to punish those who demonstrate such “unthankfulness.”

    In these times, we should remember the unthankful Pequot women and children roasting in the flames of their village, and the Wampanoag man, murdered by the Pilgrim saint Miles Standish, whose spiked head was displayed for years in Plymouth, the founding site of the national narrative and celebratory feast.

    Things are looking up

    We began this essay by saying that “the day grows nearer when the almost four centuries-old abomination [Thanksgiving] will be deprived of its reason for being: white supremacy.” We firmly believe this. The wired world works against the Bush men’s insane leap to global hegemony, while creating the material basis for (dare we say the words) brother- and sisterhood among humankind. It becomes clear that the fruits of millennia of human genius cannot be captured and packaged for the enrichment of a few for much longer – and certainly not by a cabal that cannot see beyond the bubble of its own, warped history. The dim outlines of a new and more democratic world order can be seen in the often tentative, but sometimes dramatic actions of movements and nations determined to construct a fairer way to live. As the world witnesses the brutality, stupidity and sheer incompetence of the Pirates currently at the helm of the United States, the urgency of a common, alternative human project becomes apparent to all. The “end of history” that the Bush men triumphantly announced is really the end of them, through a process they have accelerated with every deranged action and delusional strategy they have undertaken since 2001.

    They are like men in quicksand. White racism as a global scourge will sink with them, and eventually whither to a mere prejudice rather than a world-threatening menace.

    When that day comes, it will at last be time for a global Thanksgiving.

    BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford can be reached at Glen.Ford (at) Be sure to substitute @ for (at).


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    HD | Journey of Faith 2013 – Part 12: What is Islam All About? by Mufti Ismail Menk

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    I greet you with the warmest Islamic greetings of peace; Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu which means May the peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you. I personally think people need to be educated about Islam from the Muslims themselves and not from the controversial Western media agencies like FOX, CNN, etc, as we are not like what the media portrays us to be. Here is some brief info on Islam and Christianity.

    Islam means submission,surrendering, obedience and peace in sincerity with God Almighty. Therefore, the Muslim is one who submits himself/herself to God Almighty. Islam is the continuation of the message of Moses and Jesus which is that God is ONE.
    Deuteronomy 6: 4 Moses says; “Hear O Israel the Lord OUR God is ONE
    Mark 12:29 Jesus says that the greatest commandment of all is that; “Hear O Israel the Lord OUR God is ONE. Important words are OUR and ONE; OUR- my and your God is ONE. Jesus alludes to the fact that it is also his God as well which makes saying Jesus is God become confusing. God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – 3 GODS or ONE GOD.?
    Quran Surah/Chapter 112 Verses 1-4 “Say O Muhammad: He is God the ONE and ONLY; (Verse 2)The Eternal, the Absolute; (Verse 3) He does not beget nor is He begotten (He does not give birth nor was He born); (Verse 4) And there is nothing like God.”

    God’s name in Arabic is ALLAH which means THE ONE TRUE GOD or The ONE ONLY to be worshipped. God’s name in Aramaic (the language of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him) is ALLAHA. In Hebrew it’s ELOHIM. These three languages are known as the Semitic languages and I’m sure you can see the similarities in them with regards to God’s name. In addition, we Muslims also believe in Jesus and his virgin birth and his many miracles like bringing the dead back to life and we get this information from our Holy Book which is known as Quran which in English means ‘The Recitation.’

    The differences between Muslims and Christians are that we believe he is only a prophet and not God incarnate or as the literal/physical son of God or the Trinity or that Jesus was crucified; we believe that Jesus was saved from the cross with someone similar to him on the cross, i.e. God placed Jesus’ likeness into that of someone who we believe is Judas. We Muslims say that looking at scripture we see that Jews used to refer to many people as sons of God but not in a literal/physical sense but to mean that these specific persons are righteous people. We also believe in the TORAH and the BIBLE but we believed that these have been changed by man, in that the protection of the scriptures was placed into the hands of the Scribes, rabbis and priests but they changed it to suit their needs at the time (there is still some truth in these scriptures) while the protection of the Quran is in God’s control as God says in the Quran: “We revealed the Quran as a reminder and guidance for mankind and We will indeed guard it from corruption.” God NEVER breaks promises.

    We also believe in all the Biblical prophets including Adam, Noah, David, Solomon, Moses, John the Baptist and Christ Jesus, son of Mary (may God’s peace be upon her; N.B. We also believe that Jesus is the Christ/Messiah which does not mean saviour as some Christians say but rather Messiah which is a Hebrew word means ‘the anointed one.’ The Old Testament also says that the true Messiah of God can never be killed which comes back to my point that Jesus was not crucified). Furthermore, the Quran says in Chapter 2 Verse 136: “Say, O believers/Muslims, “We have believed in Allah/God and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims in submission to Him.”
    *ISLAM is the religion of ALL the prophets. It may have come with different names at different times but the element of submission to God has always been there, for example Moses was a Muslim and he is considered a Jew but the word Judaism never existed in his time. It came after him when the children of Israel heard people calling them that due to the area of Judea. So the word Judaism is derived from a place called Judea. Jesus was a Jew following what Prophet Moses brought but he was also given the gospel (not the gospels in the New testament; can’t discuss this now) to change some of what Prophet Moses brought due to certain issues within the community of the children of Israel like divorce, etc. The word Christian came in the 2nd century when someone called the followers of Prophet Jesus ‘Christian’ at a place called Antioch. Again, Prophet Jesus never heard the word Christian. He came as a follower of Moses’ religion which was Islam, therefore he is also a Muslim. So basically the religion of Islam has always existed (from the time of Prophet Adam peace be upon him) but just that the name Islam and Muslim itself has only existed for the followers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who is the last messenger of God; no other prophets or messengers will come after him.

    In conclusion, Jews and Christians living at their respected times who followed the true teachings of their respected prophets peace be upon them (i.e. Moses and Jesus) then they are considered Muslims and will enter Paradise. Today, the way to enter Paradise is to follow God and his messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, i.e. following the Quran which is the last revelation of God and which also acts a criteria to judge what is right and wrong in the previous scriptures, and to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who is a descendant of Prophet Ishmael peace be upon him while some of the Biblical prophets are descendants of Prophet Isaac and their father is Prophet Abraham peace be upon him; hence this is the reason why Islam, Christianity and Judaism are known as the Abrahamic faiths.

    ISLAM – The True Religion Of God (Allah) – [HD]

  123. The Muslim

    Purpose of life

    The Meaning Of Life – Muslim Spoken Word ᴴᴰ

  124. yatinkiteasy


  125. The Muslim IS LIFE JUST A GAME?
    Find out your purpose in life DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER
    Test the message of Islam and the message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

  126. The Muslim Many prophets, One message; the Oneness of God

  127. The Muslim

    Sheikh Khalid Yasin – Muslim woman have no rights? Must See!

  128. The Muslim

    Bikini and G-String Are OK But Wearing Hijab or Veil ISN’T

  129. The Muslim

    Are Muslim women oppressed? or truly liberated.

  130. Rastaman

    Seems like Barbados is history..

  131. Victor R Callender

    While most of us the living in many countries continue our lamentations, about the social and financial decay of our countries, we in another breath continue to behave as if eternity belongs to us. The only constant, is that god’s grace covers humanity, indistinguishably. Many would revel in the seemingly moral decay of our respective countries, yet reverberating for the solemnity we once knew. Generations come and go, and with each generation, comes new ideas, new social pivot points and depending on who you ask, a break down in social values. All growth of the social kind, is not always good, all change not always good. The sweet thing about Barbados, is its people. The once bucolic, quaint evervesence of my island home, and of the “Pride in Industry” disposition of Barbadians, seems now to be under siege. The siege of Barbados, comes to its shores from the offshore slave masters, offering bajans, another form of slavery. Our once resolute “walkabout attitude” and ability to self determination, has been changed and now occupied by corporate raiders, who only can love, the financial bottom line. Although, I cannot argue with anyones ability to make a profit, I ask, a profit at what price? If we as bajans and global citizens, look at ourselves closely, the ancient african proverb would echo true, To thyself, be true.” We cannot spend our way to wealth and riches, abandon the concepts that brought many of us, to first class educational ideals, and throw those defining aspects of our Barbadianess away, for so-called modernity. Barbadians need to reflect seriously, about the economic, social and political upheavals that will visit our Island home. And then ask the serious questions, relative to what part we want to play, in positively affecting the tangent of change.

  132. Benjamin Ben Israel


  133. Peter Webster

    Is it true that the quasi-civil servants of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company (BAMC) has been stealthily negotiating increased wages for their fellow union members. This from a state corporation which has been losing more than 100 million dollars a year of the Barbadian pauperized taxpayer’s money every year. Does this not fall under Dr. Estwick’s Ministry? Did Dr. Estwick not recommend a pay freeze years ago? What is this hot air artist going to do about it?…nothing! as usual.

  134. M Newman

    Illegal vendors on Barbados – surely one rule for all?
    One must congratulate the speed at which the department of housing and land removed the illegal structure but up by a local vendor on the constitution river project, and the more recent removal of an illegal café at Rock Dundo. Whilst no one would wish to deprive any Bajan of a living clearly we can not allow illegal structures to stay or we would end up with a state of anarchy, which leads me to this question: How is L’attitude beach bar and grill in Speightstown being allowed to stay open? It has been open for a year or more, illegally on crown land, presumably with no licenses and taking up a huge amount of space behind Jordans supermarket on the broadwalk. Many local business owners have asked this question of the department of housing and land only to be told that the owner, Pierre Spennard has friends in high places. Clearly he must have as Mr Spennard’s previous company, Jusco holdings, went bankrupt owing hundreds of thousands of dollars yet he is apparently allowed to be a director of a new company, Cut throat investments inc, and set up next door to his previous premises. How can this be?

  135. gentle jim

    How ironic that a rally car sponsored by SOL wins the SOL rally Barbados.
    Also the Rally Club needs to get its act together. Can you imagine that on Friday night at Bushy Park persons were still paying monies to come into the venue when the event was already over..

  136. rastaman

    Barbados Advocate of Fri June 6th Rally Barbados .
    Returning on Sunday was never a question for Paul Bird who said that “I only come to win the event and I don’t drive to finish second, fourth or fifth….I COME TO WIN, SO NO POINT IN DRIVING TO THE END AND PUTTING MILEAGE ON THE CAR.” This says a lot about the man and the contempt that he has for his fans in the island.

  137. Anonymous

    There is a very large open drain/gutter after you pass One Accord Plaza I noticed when I had to go to Earthworks. At night a car could swerve off the road and fall into it. Should I call Ministry of Transport?

  138. Sam Lord’s Castle. A request for help.

    Unfortunately, I never knew of Sam Lord’s Castle until this year, four years after it became a camp fire and opportunity to make s’more’s or charcoaled hot dogs. The pictures are amazing. The Castle must have been quite the experience in first person, and I can’t help but feel empty for what could have been. Reading the comments of many about their visit is inspiring for me though…….but you might ask yourself, why do I have any feelings for the place at all?

    Well, besides being a lover of the historical, I am a genealogy researcher, live in Virginia, USA, and through my research, have been introduced to the former edifice. My wife’s had a ‘cousin’ who passed away while living in the Castle on November 21, 1928. Was he renting or owner? I’m not sure, not having access to deed information. If he owned it, what happened after he died? This cousin was George Cunningham Cook. He was a Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy, a Superintendent and representative of a the Canadian Government Merchant Marine (CGMM) in Barbados. He would often travel from Halifax, NS, Montreal, Que, and St Phillip, Barbados. Sadly, he died young due to complications of an explosion on board a steamship a few months later. He was 57, leaving a wife, Lilly, and son, George Elliott Cook (born 1901).

    When George C. Cook passed away, he was buried next to Lord family tomb. That further leads me to think he may have been owner of Lord’s Castle at the time of his death. His headstone is located in St Phillips Parish Church cemetery. I don’t know where Lord’s tomb is, but would love to have a photo of George’s stone and any family buried with him.

    Would anyone mind looking into Mr. Cook there in Barbados? Any photo’s and info could be posted here.

    I must give credit to a fellow researcher, Patricia Lumsden, who provided much of the info I’ve shared.

  139. Anonymous

    Could somebody tell me when income tax will be paid?. Assurances was given that refunds would have started at the end of August 2014. Was the money taken to pay for the trip to Samoa Islands? Another lie told to keep people quiet? 19000 people and counting out of work, and can’t get at least the tax refunds for a little reprieve from the madness.

  140. Just intruding myself all.
    As a concerned expat…..

  141. Anonymous

    I must be missing something .How is it possible for Bushy Park Circuit Inc to employ
    1. A general manager , .Mark Hamilton
    2 A business manager, Zoe Manning
    3.A secretary ,Kurt Seabra
    3 A CEO , whose name escapes me
    When they only have two events a year.?
    Also with regard to the CEO post how come this position was not advertised and obviously NO LOCAL was qualified for the position.
    Wonder if he has a work permit ?
    Wonder who is really paying these individuals but the old saying is still true “You can fool ALL the people sometime and some of the people ALL the time BUT ……….

  142. Anonymous

    Wow on top of this they are now looking to fill three other positions. Wonder where this money is coming from?

  143. Benjamin


  144. Benjamin


    Ruddy, a word used to refer to red or
    fair complexion, in contrast to the dark
    skin of the hebrews

    Wake up!!!

  145. gentlejim

    Was wondering if there are any non white drivers involved in ROC ? As it stands there may be more participants than spectators as I hear that no locals are buying any tickets

  146. Benjamin

    This process has affected our people till today and the offspring of the slave master continue in his ruler ship over us because that division has started from slavery. That reverse role of the black man and woman continue till today and hence destruction of the black family. This is why the men group up effeminate, pants sagging, they cannot control their emotions and resolve problems by the knife or the gun.

  147. The problem with allowing in incompatible streams of people of incompatible faiths into small Islands, is that sooner or later, their irrational extremist arrive too, and slowly evolve critical mass. France has suddenly come face to face with such a problem, as have other countries like the UK and Europe. Trinidad, in 1990, went through the mill with it, yet in Trinidad’s case it was much home reared though it could quite easily not have been of total local origin. Who supplied the guns, for instance ?

  148. Barbados Free Press should have a writer’s Corner, where a writer could place a short story, or script, a couple pages, or paragraphs. Like this:
    Late night Idylls. The shores of Lake Maracaibo.
    There were things he had not wanted to write about for many years, thinking perhaps they were best weathered away by time. Yet time, as he had thought it might, could never deaden such memories. And so the years had slipped, and before his memory should fail, ….
    Even the bodega music, had a life of its own, the late night music of the bodegas, which he loved still , the languid throb of boleros, or waltzing Castian, the bote, still cut into his being.
    And the girls he danced with; the slap of their sandals, the soft almost urgent sound of their voices, as they sang, sweet- breathed, body pressed- swinging tightly- giving,… against him. And so the warm nights around Lake Maracaibo merged , the girls in your arms, sweating , into one.
    True, he was near- exhausted after days and nights out on wells on the lake with little sleep; and so he and his Venezuela crew coming off lake, late, stopped off, at watering holes they referred to as ‘The Convents’ their walls being cluttered with sad-faced Mother Mary images, their lighting being ambiance- creating flickering candles.
    And the girls gathering around, fascinating long black haired- sweeping young women, carefully dressed, with impeccable bodies, and manners, if you treated them as the ladies they deserved.
    Those dark Latin eyes, their small sometimes inquisitive hands, the almost childlike smoothness of their skins, their natural un-forced laughter; and what they would tell about the misfortune of their lives where they came from, Barranquilla, Cucuta, or Bogota; and what they could promise with their eyes.
    It was in the bodegas his aficion had emerged for the voices of Latin singers like Dutra and Manzanero, Ledesma and Luis Miguel “Para que acabar este amor?” “ Que estran~o que no podria dormir sin ti”. It was in the bodegas he had learned what it was like to dance with experts who could portray every word of a love song in the sway of the dance; the hypnotics, of guitar, trumpet, cowbell, and deep throbbing tumba; And then girl in your arms, who relinquished more than you could ask.
    Ok, so he and his crew filled the tables with their empty Zulia, Regional, or Polar beer bottles, and he fed his crew and the young ladies, parallia of steak, pork and chicken, and expertly cooked yucca, whose aroma from the kitchens pervaded the ambiance of candle- flickering tables and the sense- quickening perfumes of the girls.
    The Convents, in truth were such places, so clean, self managed, no madam officiating, just a big cheerful armed guard sitting on a leaned -back chair against the outer wall in the car park, spitting chewing tobacco or chicken bones.
    It was difficult not to fall in love. The ladies clung, like long lost lovers each time they revisited, or left. ‘ El Hombre Simpatico’ they called him, laughing and happy, to see him return.
    At last, full-bellied,… and often enough,… a little too groggily – unsteady, … they’d clamber into their powerful V eight pickups trucks to drive for station base,…en la amanecer , in early dawn.
    Heart-felt, indented in his being, who could insist he forget those people and those places now?
    The End. Colin Leslie Beadon. April 2014.

  149. gentlejim

    After reading two articles in the press late last year regarding the new Bushy Park facility I think it is time that Barbadians hear the full truth about this development ..My understanding is .
    1. The Government of Barbados and by extension the PEOPLE of Barbados own the land.
    2. Investors(SOME STILLTO BE IDENTIFIED) have erected buildings on said land presumeably with a contract .Surely the details of said contract should be available to the public seeing that the land is owned by the TAXPAYERS of Barbados.
    3. Mr Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sport has confirmed that part of this contract stipulates that the facility shall be leased to other SPORTING organisations at a reasonable rate after discussion with the primary shareholder ,that being Government.
    4. Who are the real investors in the new facility at Bushy Park?
    5. Why has PERMANENT branding been allowed ,which prohibits competing entities from branding their products even if they sponsor an event there. Case in point LIME is not allowed to advertise because DIGICEL is already there .
    6. Is Bushy Park Motor Sport Inc (BPMSI) a shareholder in the new development and if not what gives them the right to charge fees for the usuage of the track?
    7. Is it true that the revenue from the Top Gear festival went directly to BPMSI ?
    8. Is it true that there is a law suit pending with regard to the use of the RALLY CROSS name being used without permission at the said Top Gear event?
    9. Is it also true that a certain individual has threatened to dig up the track if his demands are not met?
    10. As majority owners at Bushy Park should Government not have a representative on the Board which administers the facility?
    11. How is it possible for BPCI to employ and I assume PAY
    a: General Manager
    b:A business Manager
    c: A Secretary
    d :A CEO which position was not advertised locally
    when they only had two events last year and only have one event planned for this year?
    Barbadians need answers to these questions and more as it seems in today’s world MONEY does all the talking.

    BUT the old saying is still true ” You can fool ALL the people SOME of the time an and SOME of the people ALL the time ,but you cannot fool ALL the people ALL the time

  150. Tee White

    It’s time for us Bajans to leave white supremacy behind

    Dear BFP
    As a Bajan returning home after living for over 40 years in England, I was shocked to find out that our ‘independent’ Barbados is celebrating the arrival of the English colonialists on this island.

    As we all know, their arrival here marked the beginning of the 200 year long holocaust against our African fore-parents, whose descendants now make up the overwhelming majority of our population. There is not a crime that could be committed against a human being that the English settlers didn’t carry out against our fore-parents. Celebrating their arrival on the island is nothing more than celebrating white supremacy and disrespecting the suffering of our ancestors and the colossal sacrifices they made, including sometimes giving up their lives, so that we could progress to where we are today. It is like Jews celebrating Hitler coming to power. Why would we want to do this?

    In 2015, isn’t it time that we Bajans leave this white supremacy behind?

    Tee White

  151. gentlejim

    The recent disappearance of Karen Harris once again brings to the forefront the situation with race in Barbados.
    Some people like to classify it as class but as one of mixed race I am absolutely certain it is a race issue.
    I have several “friends” who are classified as white but if their ancestry is checked I am sure they will find that it is not really so .
    As Mr Mark Maloney quite glibly stated he could not be a racist because his grandfather was black. Ha Ha .
    My white side of the family ostracized my white mother for reasons best known to themselves, but the main one was obviously because she had a coloured child ,some even leaving Barbados because of the situation.
    I hold no brief for them as they did not know any different and I forgive them.
    However growing up was not easy as I remember the days when my mother and I went to the famous Aquatic Club and I was not allowed in the showers.
    In those days there was also the “blackballing” of prospective members of certain clubs and it was a shock to be in that category.
    Throughout my work days I had to give 110 % to be considered for promotion as excuse after excuse was given why I should not get any higher in the organization.
    Even now my children bear the brunt of stigma in this so called free Barbados where they are only to reach a certain level in what they excel in but are not supposed to go any further. especially if it is at the expense of a white person..
    It is clear to me that the so called ” whites” in Barbados feel threatened by persons of another colour who “DARE” to rival them and will continue to do all in their power to ensure that the status quo remains.
    They will be your friends until they find out that you are better than them and then all hell will break loose.
    Having said all that I hope and pray that the lady is found safe and sound.
    The floor is open for comments.

  152. pastor g

    More questions than answers. We will never know the truth .about this situation

  153. There is only one group of birds, in Barbados, who tend to stick together when one of their brood is lost. Birds of a feather, stick together, and if some species don’t, then what right is there to blame those that do ?????

  154. Crossroads

    Story used by the BBC. 1982.
    Colin Leslie Beadon.
    t was late Autumn and the trees were shedding golden leaves
    that swirled in eddies on the crossroads. The damp gutters
    were filled with leaves and the children shuffled through them
    on the way to school. The clear shrill song of a robin came
    from the sycamores back of the cafe where the old man sat.
    He tilted his head on the side of his good ear so he might hear
    the song better. A double-decker bus swept past with
    ‘Smarden’ on its billboard. The wind the bus left ruffled the
    old man’s thin white hair where he sat in the shelter a wicker
    screen made with the wall of the cafe. Late roses blossomed
    and twisted in the screen.
    A waitress came with a tray.
    “Another cup of coffee sir?” she asked, noting his dry wrin-
    kled hands, his thread-worn jacket, the deeply lined strangely
    scarred face.
    “Thank you. No,” he said slowly.
    “Will there be anything else?”
    “Nothing else.”
    “That will be thirty-five p., sir.”
    The old man fumbled the inside pocket of his waistcoat.
    He pulled out three coins. The girl leaned over in her clean
    apron. With fine supple hands she spread the coins on the
    table. A small diamond engagement ring flashed on her fin-
    “That’s not enough,” she said suspiciously.
    “It is all that I have,” the old man peered up through grey
    hard-seeing eyes.
    “Where do you live sir?” the girl asked. She swept back the
    blond hair a gust had driven partly over her eyes.

    The old man’s mouth remained stubbornly closed. He
    looked across at the bank that had just opened. The girl shook
    her head and swayed saucily away with his cup and the last of
    his money.
    The old man looked around at the other tables. He saw that
    he was quite alone now. He looked across at the bank again.
    He had not noticed anybody enter its doors.
    He felt between the buttons of his wrinkled, once white, too
    many times washed shirt. Careful as his lightly trembling hands
    would allow, he pulled out the gun and lay it on his lap. He
    looked at it tenderly. It was an old pitted Smith and Wesson
    ’45, an American sergeant with Wingate had given him in
    Burma. The wood of the grip was gnarled, and there was a
    small piece missing. He stuck it back and closed the flaps of
    his jacket protectively.
    The girl came back with a dusting cloth. She dusted the
    tabletops and the chairs, and as high up on the tops of the
    umbrellas that shaded each table as she could reach.
    The old man stood up uncertainly, and the girl saw the stain
    around the crotch of his worn trousers. He took his cane from
    the other seat and started towards the crossroad’s edge.
    The girl watched him go. It must be terrible to be that old
    and feeble, she thought. He must have been nice looking once.
    You can tell he must have been. Wonder where he comes
    from? I’ve never seen him here. He looks as though he was
    army once. He’s got that straight back my Harold has, and he
    tries to keep his shoulders the same way. She went on dust-
    The old man came to the crossroad’s edge. He stood listen-
    ing and looking about. A car passed, and he saw a younger
    reflection of himself in its glass as it went by. He worked
    across the road carefully and then he was entering the door-
    way of the bank.

    A teller looked up over the top of her glasses. Through
    bright red painted lips she said, good morning, in a flat profes-
    sional voice. The old man nodded. He stood uncertainly,
    catching his breath, leaning heavily on his cane.
    He looked around the bank. There was a fresh pink-cheeked
    girl and a clerk sitting together back of the counter. They
    were smiling secretly at each other, the young man’s hand on
    her knee below their desk. The female teller looked down at
    her hand. She was painting her fingernails with bright varnish
    to match her lips.
    The old man hobbled over to the counter. He leaned against
    it for support, reached into his shirt, and slipped out the gun,
    sticking the snub-nosed barrel along the top of the counter.
    “I don’t wish to hurt anybody,” he said.
    The teller swept off her glasses. She could see a little way
    down the great dark-rifled hole of the muzzle.
    “What do you want?” she said pompously.
    The two who had been talking turned and froze where they
    sat. They looked at each other startled.
    “You,” the old man said to the clerk. “Open the vault. Fill
    one of the money sacks. Fill it with twenty pound notes.”
    “You’d better do as he says Larry,” the teller said. “He’s
    got a gun.”
    “I can see that,” the clerk said white-faced. “It’s a bloody
    big four five automatic.” He got up carefully.
    “Do as I say and nobody will get hurt,” the old man said.
    His hand was shaking lightly and there was a tremble on his
    lower lip.
    The clerk went over, unlocked the safe, swung back the
    heavy steel door, and started scooping bank notes into the sack.
    “We don’t have enough twenties to fill it,” he said after a
    “Tens and fives will do quite nicely,” the old man said.

    Just then the village policeman stepped into the bank.
    “Stop Burney,” the woman teller said quickly. “This gen-
    tleman’s got a gun pointed at my belly.”
    The village policeman stopped dead in his tracks. He could
    see now that what he had heard was true. He turned on his
    “That was a policeman,” the woman teller said to the old
    man. “Don’t you think you had better go?”
    “Hand me the sack,” the old man said. He was trembling
    badly now, and did not look as though he might be able to
    stand much longer. A police whistle screamed and screamed
    The clerk carne over with the sack that hung down heavily.
    He swung it over the counter top. The old man stuck the gun
    in his waist, gathered the mouth of the sack, and pulled it with
    his free hand. It swung with its weight and nearly threw him
    off balance. With the help of his cane, he made a few stum-
    bling paces towards the door, swayed, dropped the sack and
    sat on it. Trembling badly, he pulled the gun out of his waist
    and sat there holding it on his knee.
    The hollow wail of a police siren sounded outside and far
    away. It carne steadily closer. Nobody moved in the bank.
    They looked at each other, and they looked at the old man,
    who tried to stand up but there seemed no strength in his legs
    any more. So he sat, one hand resting on his cane, the other
    on the gun in his lap.
    A tall stone-faced police officer blocked the light in the
    doorway. A pale ray of sunlight struck the buttons on his
    epaulettes. He stood there looking down on the old man. He
    had a police special in his hand, but he was not pointing it at
    anything in particular.
    “It’s no use old man,” he said, his voice strong and well

    “Go away,” the old man said. He motioned with the ’45’
    for the police officer to leave the way he had come in. The
    police officer sucked his teeth, turned and went out.
    Across the street at the cafe, a charwoman in an overfilled
    pink skirt, bosom-bursting pink blouse, a shopping basket
    clutched under her arm, had come up to the waitress who was
    standing at the road’s edge watching the show across the road
    in the bank.
    “You ‘aven’t seen an old man with a cane,” the charwoman
    asked, her head nodding continuously.
    “He’s robbing the bank,” the girl said excitedly.
    “He’s up to what?” said the charwoman, glancing
    unbelievingly at the bank.
    “He didn’t have enough money to pay for his coffee. Maybe
    that’s why he’s robbing the bank,” the girl said excitedly.
    “Didn’t know he had any money,” the char said sharply,
    her head nodding all the time.
    “He did. But he didn’t have enough. He’s sitting on a few
    thousand now, so they’re saying.”
    “My God. Oh my God! Don’t believe it. What ever will
    the old ‘orror get up to next?” The charwoman stood on the
    pavement’s edge.
    “Off-icer,” she called. “Off- icer. It’s important.”
    The police officer looked to see if the crossroads were clear,
    then stepped over sharply.
    “The old man, …. ”
    “You know him madam?”
    “I care for him. What’s he up to in there!”
    “He’s sitting on a sack of money and he’s armed,” the po-
    lice officer said tightly. “How dangerous is he?”
    “Captain Pelham-Reed dangerous! He’s not dangerous.
    He’s just a mischievous old ‘orror. That’s what he is.”

    “Mischievous or not, you’d better come on over and have a
    word with him, seeing as he’s in your care.”
    At the door of the bank, the charwoman called,
    “Captain. Captain Pelham. It’s me, .. .It’s Rosy. I’ve fin-
    ished the shopping. Come to take you home. I’ve got ever
    such nice mutton chops for your lunch.”
    “Keep out,” the old man said. “Keep away. I don’t want
    mutton chops.”
    “Come on captain. You know you love mutton.”
    Over her shoulder she said to the police officer,
    “He’s alone. Nobody ever comes to visit him. It’s a shame
    really. He’s two sons somewhere, but they never come. He’s
    a nice old man. Gets up to tricks sometimes. He was wounded
    badly, a few times they say. He fought well for his country he
    And then, “Come on Captain Pelham. We must be off then.
    I’ll bring the car. Put that gun away. The police will have it.
    I told you if they see it they’ll ‘ave it.” And then to the officer,
    “Don’t think it’s loaded or anything. He always says as it is,
    to keep me from touching it. But I don’t think it is. He wouldn’t
    harm a soul really. Never seen him harm a fly. He’ll sit and
    listen to the birds sing all summer long if you leave him alone.
    He loves to hear the birds. I don’t think it’s loaded. It’s just
    an old relic he loves. It’s like his toy. It’s all he can say that
    he’s got really.”
    In the bank, the old man raised the gun till the barrel rattled
    in his few aged teeth. His brown-blotched finger whitened on
    the trigger, and there was a sudden blinding flash in his head.
    And that was all he ever knew. It took them three days to
    clear up the mess he had made.
    The End.
    Story used on the BBC. 1982
    Of course, this story was written before gun control. CLB

  155. How many other people in Barbados, did not get their NIS pension for February 2015 ?

  156. benjamin

    We have been lied to; we are not Africans as we have been taught by the Europeans and so called historians in society.

  157. Benjamin

    There is no such thing as mixed race or 10% black, 15% white and 75% Cherokee; that is confusion and it is not according to the bible. You are the seed of your father. There are 18 nations described in the bible and they are still present on the earth today. The Caucasian then divided up these nation, placed them in lands called by his names, and created the confusion. All the nations that were in the bible are still present today but the so called Caucasian has fooled us that we are mixed.

    Psalms:49:11: Their inward thought is, that their houses shall continue for ever, and their dwelling places to all generations; they CALL THEIR LANDS after their OWN NAMES.

    Nu:1:18: And they assembled all the congregation together on the first day of the second month, and they declared their PEDIGREES after their families, by the HOUSE OF THEIR FATHERS, according to the number of the names, from twenty years old and upward, by their polls.

    There is no such thing as mixed race. Keep letting the Caucasian fool you.

  158. Blind Girl and the Storm.

    At his question the villagers and the priest who had seemed
    happy and respectful to see him at first, now stood silent.
    They stood, some with saws, some with claw hammers or planks in their hands. The priest whose eyes were speculative and sharp, caressed the cross on his chest with thin sensual fingers. He turned to the young officer and said, not without some authority,
    “You’d do best to stay away from her.”
    The villagers said nothing. They nodded and looked at the ground, or at one another out of the side of their eyes.
    Going back the way he had come, along the coral-dusty road
    that wandered through fields of thickening sugar cane, the young officer stopped, perplexed, and looked up the hill again, to where the shack stood on its high unprotected prominence as if outcast from the village about one and a half mile.
    At last, his duty, his doubt in the priest, and his youthful curiosity, bade him go. It took him some ten minutes to pick a path up the side of the hill.
    Lightly breathless after his climb, he saw her.
    “You must find shelter. It will be too dangerous here,” he began.
    He viewed the shack and the tall casuarinas whose lower branches shaded the roof. Though the tree insinuated protection with its sturdy weathered trunk, he knew it could cause grave damage should it go.
    “How can I,” said the blind girl. A kitten played in her lap where she sat with her back to the trunk of the tree. And there were a few goats, two ewes, an angry red cock with fine plumage, and the staunch bulk of a Black-Bellied ram with a fine spread of curled-back horn. The ram had raised up its great head on his approach, and moved a few paces closer to the girl. But it now tugged grass again.
    The shack sat on boulders. It was the law of the sugar cane tenancy that give it impermanence, as though it might be ordered moved any moment, or blown away to matchwood by the first indifferent squall.
    “It would be foolish to stay here,” said the young officer.
    “Where are your people to look after you ? ” He took off his hat and wiped his dark sweating face with the back of his arm, looking out to sea where dense cloud had obliterated the horizon.
    “There’s my people, “ replied the girl, her face sweeping the stock somewhere near her.
    ‘Huh,’ said the young officer. ‘A few animals. This is no time to make joke.” But she had arrested him now somehow, and he had started to take further stock of her, appraising her calm unhurried surety.

    Hammerings and sawings came from the village south of the hill where folk boarded up windows and doors. But here, it was hot and still, and the grackles and doves were hushed in the casurina tree where they had their nests.
    “Come, “ said the young officer. “Enough of this. I will take you to the church where you will be safe.”
    The blind girl shuddered; a grey pallor came into her face.
    “I won’t go there. You can’t make me. I shan’t leave my animals besides.”
    “What is it with a few animals? They will look after themselves.
    They will find their own shelter, no doubt.”
    The blind girl was not listening. She seemed to have displaced herself, and there was the hint of a smile in her face, as though she hoped or knew something beyond him.
    The young officer hesitated. ‘Don’t you understand. Don’t you listen to forecasts?”
    The blind girl turned her face to the sea. ‘I’ve not need to hear such things.” Through her nose she drew in a slow breath, savouring the air as it came to her.
    Now the young officer’s expression softened. She pleased his eye; so dark and full bodied, her face oval, so smooth and unblemished. Her hair, thick dark and vibrant, with its own wild will. The red dress spread about her, showed enough of her strong thighs and bare feet. It was her eyes too, that shone with their grey stone light, and she captivated his attention., for he was a tall young officer, sturdy and full of ambition in the prime of his life, who spat the dust from his mouth to one side discreetly, from his walk up the hill.
    “I’m taking you to the church. You cannot obstruct the arm of the law in such matters of safety.”
    The blind girl shuddered and paled again. “I won’t, you won’t make me.” She tightened her fist.
    “Then we shall see about it,” replied the young officer smiling to himself, knowing she could not know it. “It is my duty to see you to safety. The Welfare Services notified the station of your circumstances, besides.”
    “You will not know what you’re getting yourself into,” she taunted, “I’ll warn you against it.”
    “I will not put up with such insinuations,” he replied, using a big word he hoped would impress her, for he found difficulty in lifting his gaze from her now.

    The first gust of the approaching weather came up the hill to bend the sky-scraping tall fingers of the casurina. Three of its cones pelted the gabled roof, bounding down the shingles to bounce at their feet.
    “Enough of this. Time to go. You are not hearing thunder?”
    “ I won’t,” said the girl. ‘I have no reason to.” And again came her half hidden smile, arresting his attention.
    The young officer frowned. He stood a few moments in vexation. Then he abruptly turned around the side of the abode, and went through the open door.
    It was dark and cool inside, and there were just a few simple things; a hard-worn dark island- mahogany rocker by the door, a bed with spotless sheet, a small table with a white round crochet lace on it, and resting on this, a hand-worn Braille Bible, and battery operated radio even now giving a weather report.
    There was a wardrobe beside the bed, which he opened. From their hangers he carefully pulled three dresses, one white, one black, another blood red. Gingerly from the shelf he scooped up a few pieces of dainty underwear, and found an empty bag into which he slid all these garments carefully. Then he closed the wooden window shutters and locked them down tight with their latches, shut off the radio, and lastly made the door tight behind him as he stepped out.
    “I have what you will need,” he said, leaning down to help her rise to her feet.
    “I won’t. I won’t,” she spat. She stood up and wrestled herself free from him with surprising agility, turned, and threw her arms around the trunk of the tree she had been sitting against.
    The cock strutted, clucked and glared, its comb seeming to redden, its sharp spurs glinting in the sun. The massive horned head of the ram swung up, to glare with almond-eyed disdain.
    “Leave me alone. You’ll not make me if I don’t want to.”
    “Either you come or I shall carry you,” replied the young officer, a self-conscious smile crossing his lips as he tucked the mouth of the paper bag under his thick leather belt.
    “You won’t either,” said the girl laughing impudently now, “You won’t know what you are letting yourself in for, if you try it.”
    The young officer had had quite enough. He came at the girl, put his strong hands about her and dislodged her. Then he swung her into his arms with no trouble.
    She lay inert, nestled in his firm grasp, oddly pacified, her face against his shoulder, her hair touching the side of his face. He could feel the swell of her young breasts in his chest, and it raced his heart momentarily.
    Holding her, her body full with dark spirit close up to him like that, his senses quickened by the sweet musk smell of her, he started to walk, strangely contented in himself. Her cool fingers began to explore the contours of his face, his brows, his nose, lips, chin, and around the base of his neck.
    Her reverie did not last long, for she remembered where she was being taken. And quite suddenly she came to life, struggling and kicking about her with the strength of a demon, and he tightened his arms like the steel bands of serpent’s coils about her, so that like some small trapped animal unable to free itself, she issued a wild forlorn cry.
    He spotted his way down the hill, doing his best to contain her and yet side step boulders, whishing he had taken the longer track instead. But there came the whistling whirl of wings, and the cock sprang with a chortle, and clashed its razor spurs in his back. And as he started to turn, to fend off the fowl, allowing the girl to the ground, a quick-moving shadow hit him in the waist with tremendous force.
    In the short grass the young officer lay stunned face down, his hat a few feet ahead of him, a searing pain in his side, and the hot quick-panting stench of the ram’s breath at the nap of his neck.
    The blind girl recovered from the spot she had been flung when the young policeman went down. She guided herself back to the tree’s shade. The officer moaned a little, and made as if to start getting up, but the girl’s urgent voice came like an afterthought to stay him,
    “Don’t move ! Don’t ! Lay still. Titan’ll be at you.”
    And then her sharp taunting laugh, ‘I told you. But you weren’t hearing.”
    The young officer lay in the short grass the casurina cones made uncomfortable. The sun beat on his back, and the thunder grumbled ominously, far off, and strong gusts wafted up the slope of the hill, bending the tree’s high limber boughs and the tails of the fowls.

    “You can call the ram,” suggested the office, “I must need look at my side.”
    “You’ll promise not to trouble me,” replied the blind girl from the shade. The thunder grumbled again, in low barking repeated mutterings, a cloud had gone over the sun. The casurina sighed in the gusts, and its finer boughs beat a light tattoo on the roof.
    “Call the cock,” insisted the young man, for now the cock’s sickle-sharp beak pecked a few inches from his nose, its cold flint eyes looked into his own, and a warning questioning utterance came from its throat.
    “You must promise, or I’ll leave you right there,” came the girl’s voice, softer now, though still serious.
    “We are at risk to our lives, seventy, eighty miles per hour, they have advised. We must seek shelter.” The officer insisted.
    “You’ll stay right there till you promise,” said the blind girl, indifferent.
    The cock strutted, ruffled its neck and dropped its winds. It made little shuffling runs at his face, as if to finish him off now he was down.
    “This cock looking to do some harm,’ said the

    young officer, almost pleadingly. The girl called “ Chantle,

    Chantle” in a bell clear voice; and the cock sped away up

    the hill to her.

    “Like you have your own security,” said the young
    officer, trying to make a joke now, the ram still close by,
    eyeing him, pawing, and tugging angrily at grass again.
    “I won’t trouble you then.”

    “You must promise. You’ll have to say it for me to

    call Titan.”

    “ I promise I won’t trouble you then,” said the

    young man.

    Titan trotted to her call. She scratched between the

    horns and around the ears; yet its black almond eyes looked

    back with baleful suspicion as the young officer, gathering

    himself , dusting off his police hat, got painfully to his feet.

    He placed his hat on his head now, and then took the bag from his waist,

    pulled up his shirt to look with some consternation at the ugly red mash of

    the butting And then he remembered the feel of the girl in his arms.

    Still hoping to persuade her to come away with him, he said,

    “This is real foolishness. We must leave now.”

    “No,” she cut him short. “It won’t hardly touch here. The

    Village’ll get the worst of it. “

    “What nonsense. How can you know these things? “

    “I know,” said the girl. “You’ll not have to believe it if you don’t want.”

    The young officer could see the waves on the distant reefs to their

    east, starting to churn like a herd of wild white horses. A streak of jagged

    lightening zipped into the sea, bringing after,… a much louder ‘Crack !’.

    He took off his hat for the new strength in the gusts, and a dark ugly

    cloud-mass put out the sun.

    “There’ll be damage in the village, but it won’t hardly reach here.

    The village’ll suffer worse for it,” said the blind girl again.

    “ You don’t know that ! You don’t know it.” argued the young

    officer. And again came his one sense of surety that he did not wish to

    see the last of this girl. She had a spell over him now. And so he lingered,

    not wishing to leave her, wishing they were away safe together, far from

    this unprotected place.

    ‘There’s things I know of,” she said. She moved around the base

    of the trunk, to sit where she could feel the incoming storm in her face.

    Her lips moved as though she were calmly speaking.

    The young officer came up beside her. He stood, searching her face,

    finding a peace and inner sanctuary about her, a calm yet detached

    capability that both fascinated and make him want to possess her.

    At last, he believed the truth in what she has said. Yet he stood on,

    aimless, undecided, “I’ve got to go about my duty, but I don’t want to

    leave you. I want to see you again. I have to see you. “

    For once the blind girl found nothing to say. A slow burning

    wonder filled her. For the first time she turned her face up to the sound of

    his voice, her sightless eyes forlorn in their hidden understanding. Her

    tone changed , “You’ll need not fear for me. You ought go to your job.”

    “No,” I can’t go. I don’t care to leave you. What is you name?”

    “If I tell you, then you must go to your duty.” Again her face

    flushed in a new wonder, and a flush broke out on her arms which she

    placed over her breasts and her heart, to stop its loud- thumping working.

    “Circe ! she said, abruptly. “Circe ! Now must you go and do

    your duty. You’ll suit yourself to come back again.”

    He turned reluctantly, but with new energy and purpose; and

    she sat , listening to the retreating sounds of his limping footsteps, till she

    could hear them no longer.

    Submerged in her own thoughts, and now the fast- closing storm,

    the cock and the big ram, and the hens and the ewes and few goats, settled

    beside her. The kitten had fallen asleep in her lap again, and with the

    first of the rain, she pulled herself up, found her way to the door of her

    home, and called her animals in to shelter.

    She listened to the turmoil skirting to her south, and her small radio

    later, gave the news of the old church roof collapse, the misfortune

    to the sheltering priest and a small number of his flock.

    But all the blind girl had been positive about, was the song of first

    rapture in her young heart, the cry of the casurina in the wind, the rattle

    of a few dead- falling branches,…. and the fresh smell of the rain.

    The End

    Colin Leslie Beadon.

  159. The Blind Girl and the Storm, was written about early 1990s. Agents never saw it, maybe just as well. Yet it pleased me to have written it, because it wrote itself, like few short stories ever do.

  160. Muslim4Ever

    Rise of ISIS: Origins and Reality

  161. benjamin


  162. Rummplestilskin


    I enjoyed reading the Blind Girl and The Storm. Of similar flavor to a few of Samuel Selvon’s I think, if I may say?

    Best Wishes.


  163. Rumplestilskin


    On ‘Crossroads’. Poignant. Very touching too.
    A lot of emotions and even a bit of lifestory glimpsed in that short story.
    Leaves questions….. but not really. A strong ending.

    Good one.

    Best Wishes.

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  173. Tituba

    we enjoy wunna blog but disappointed it so far overlooked the anti-indigenous aka anti-Amerindian racism de Barbados which is infamous and just too plain for all de world to see. Sum our Caribbean mates from Suriname with far-east Asian blood (aka Javanese\China) duh suffer discrimination in Bridgetown such as rejection from the finer hotels or hearing Bajans utter “savage monkey” or “dirty heathen” under the breathe as dem walkin by. How come too many Bajans ain able to see difference between Amerindian and Chinese?

    De Lokono-Arawak and Carib-Kalinago nations re-claimed a mere fraction of Ichirouganaim…aka dem ABORIGINAL land on Culpepper Island in 2006 and soso dun been spurned by Barbados.

    Pleaz attend to the marginalisation of the autochtonous Lokono-Arawak people and the anti-Amerindian, anti-Asian racisms deh Bimshire.

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