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Disposable Dads reminded to keep paying whether working or not


“The kind of wife and mother for your child that you should be seeking will not be found rubbing crotches together on the road at Cropover…

Unfortunately that eliminates 90% of young Bajan women.”

by The Man with no Future

Hear me, oh young men!

For the life of me I don’t know why any man would want to father a child these days, let alone get married.

Look at the hundreds of poor dumb “fathers in name only” the Barbados government is making redundant in the mass-firings. Government kicking them in the ass on the way out: reminding them to Keep Paying. Nevermind they have no job, no money and no prospect of finding new work on this dying island. The message is “Keep paying the woman you made pregnant, fool.”

You want slavery for all of your prime working years?

Father a child.

father sons blackYou want to put your future, the next 20 years in the hands of a woman who could turn on you at any time, kick you out of the home you paid for, take 75% of your earnings with no end in sight?

Just because she feels like it and the rules are set up to enslave men?

Father a child.

You want to cry and beg every week to see your son and have access used as a weapon against you? You want your son constantly told that you are no good? You want to have your son lied to and told you didn’t pick him up because you don’t love him?

Father a child.  Continue reading


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Felicia Browne really asks: Are women tough enough for the rough and tumble of politics?

Women in Politics: Gender Imbalances

press release to Barbados Free Press by Felicia Browne

Felicia Browne

Felicia Browne

Women’s Rights advocate Felicia Browne maintains that it very important that women in politics are respected by their male counterparts. Browne argues that although political discourses may at times become passionate, it ought not to become passionate, differences should be discussed in terms of opinion and political stance, not by bullying because of gender.

Her concern follows from a recent assertion by a male Minister and Parliamentary Representative to a female Opposition Leader here in Barbados. Following from his argument, Browne notes that though he may not have intended verbal abuse his female counterpart, his public assertion reinforces some of the alarming concerns that woman’s activists are raising awareness of, when highlighting the issues on women’s rights.

Browne adds that “The Minister must be fully aware that women are being abused verbally and physically in our societies. We must never allow ourselves to project such impassionate messages to pass as a social norm. We must never allow such verbal abuses to be so easily projected and excused as a “social norm”, particularly by those who should look to garner more respect as representatives of a nation.

These types of norms are detrimental, not only to our women but to our families. The growing trend in Domestic Violence is reflective on the nature of how women are being treated as human beings. We must recognize the long-term effects that those terms can have our societies. Such statements that seeks to dehumanize the woman in sexual; derogatory terms- has not place in national politics or any part of our society.

We cannot continue to believe that these types of abuses do not affect women in general. It is not surprising that women are not encouraged into politics. Women usually exhibit fears due to the fact that such humiliations deter them to contribute meaningfully to their communities and societies. We must also observe that our young children and youths have privy to such information and can lead to a false perception that this type of behavior is acceptable. We must attempt and continue to show respect and gratitude to each other- show peace and understanding- rather look to methods of political discourse that are demeaning or disrespectful to anyone involved.

Felicia Browne is a Feminist Philosopher at the University of the West Indies and Human Rights Advisor. (FeliciaBrowne.com)

Editor’s note: (Cliverton) But what about studies that show that women are usually the initiators of physical violence in relationships even if they come out poorly when violence is once engaged? Huh? What about that?

Let’s not get into victim celebration too much lest the truth out…

“Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In nonreciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases.”

National Institute of Health study Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury

“While studies have consistently found that women initiate as much violence against their male partners as vice versa, two-thirds of domestic violence injuries are suffered by women.”

Researcher Says Women’s Initiation of Domestic Violence Predicts Risk to Women


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DLP has ‘No Holds Barred’ discussion with Muslims: ignores Islamic abuse of women, intolerance of other religions etc.

Barbados Election Stuart Inniss

Fair trade: Muslims’ didn’t mention Donville Inniss sex business, PM Stuart didn’t mention Koranic instruction to beat wives

by Jason

What is a politician to do when a mosque community asks to meet and hold discussions? Obviously the Muslims are part of the general electorate so the politician attends and hopes to grab a few votes while keeping the foot out of the mouth.

That’s usually not so difficult with other religious groups, but with the Muslims the politicians have to tread carefully: because many of the Islamic religious texts, laws, social customs and teachings are in total opposition to a free and democratic society like ours.

There is also a risk that the general population will see the politician as either abandoning the values of our society and becoming a ‘useful idiot’ for the Islamists (those who want to see Islamic rule worldwide).

“The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) headed by leader Prime Minister Freundel Stuart engaged in an almost 45 minutes no holds barred discussion with the Muslim community at their Mosque at Kensington New Road, St. Michael today, touching on topics of education, energy, the Palestinian situation and same sex marriage.”

from the Nation article DLP team meets Muslim community

So Freundel Stuart, Donville Inniss, Patrick Todd, Michael Carrington and Richard Sealy attended the Kensington New Road Mosque.

Apparently, Minister Inniss did not bring his pet goat or hand out any ‘Orgasm.com’ trial memberships.

Nothing was said about the verses in the Koran that instruct husbands to discipline their wives by beating them. No mention was made about the unacceptable values being taught to the young people in the Islamic schools on the island such as that women are less reliable as witnesses in court than men, and that rape prevention is primarily the responsibility of women through the clothes they wear.

The Prime Minister said nice things about Muslims and assured the Islamic community that the DLP will not be implementing gay marriage or changing the law prohibiting anal sex. In return, the Islamic community didn’t mention Orgasm.com or Kinkfarm.com and will probably throw a few votes to the DLP candidates.

The ladies and gentlemen of the Barbados news media wrote positive articles about the visit and nobody mentioned that ‘diversity‘ only flows one way with the Muslim community and that the Koran says that Muslims who leave the religion should be murdered.

Altogether a fairly successful visit for the Prime Minister and his DLP team!

Missing in action during Mosque visit: Inniss pet goat

Missing in action during Mosque visit: Inniss pet goat

Continue reading


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Gay rights, Women’s rights: Sir Ronald Sanders and President Obama did not speak the truth

UK Muslim Acid Attacks

One huge omission reduced the President’s message to soggy Pablum

by Jason

I was surprised by the lack of honesty in Ronald Sander’s new article published at Bajan Reporter. President Obama: The Man Unveiled is Sir Ronald’s assessment of the President’s Inauguration speech and a tribute to Obama’s focus upon gay and women’s rights.

The lack of honesty by both Obama and Sir Ronald is the truth that both deliberately ignored: the greatest threat to Gay/Lesbian and Women’s rights today stems from the followers of one religion: Islam.

2013: Muslim vigilante gangs patrol London streets

London: Muslim gay hate poster

London: Muslim gay hate poster

In the UK we’ve recently seen an increase in groups of young Muslim males enforcing Islamic standards upon citizens on British streets. Women with ‘immoral clothing‘ are targeted as are pedestrians carrying or drinking alcohol. The horrific Muslim acid attack on a young Victoria Secret shop girl mirrors similar attacks throughout Europe as a core of Muslims use violence to impose their beliefs upon others.

Can lynchings of gays and lesbians be far behind the acid attacks?

Hanging is the usual method of taking care of gays throughout the Middle East and Persia – although in Afghanistan they prefer to throw gays from tall buildings.

And in the midst of the ongoing Islamic-motivated violence against human rights, conspicuously absent is any kind of movement within Islam to stop those who use violence to impose Muslim beliefs and standards upon others. The Muslim patrols are a sign of things to come.

Over 90% of honour murders worldwide are performed by members of one religion: Islam. The Koran instructs men to discipline their wives with beatings. That is the instruction of Islam’s most holy scriptures.

“Against the reality of historical and current events concerning human rights for gays, lesbians and women, both Obama and Sanders are cowards who did not speak the truth.”

President Obama was silent on the role of Islam in using violence against gays, lesbians and women. Sir Ronald Sanders was equally silent.

He is the first President to identify discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians as an infringement of their rights and a wrong that cries out for correction. “Our journey is not complete”, he declared. “until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well”.

Sir Ronald Sanders at The Bajan Reporter


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Arab Spring withers in Tunisia – One woman’s battle

“A woman gang-raped by the police was later prosecuted.”

by Souhir Stephenson

ON Oct. 23, 2011, I voted for the first time as a Tunisian citizen. It was the first election of the Arab Spring. Pictures of smiling, proud voters flooded the Internet. The world watched, surprised and hopeful. Moderate political Islam in the Arab world was touted as a possibility rather than an oxymoron.

A year later, we have no democracy, no trust in elected officials, no improved constitution. Human rights and women’s rights are threatened. The economy is tanking.

Tourism is dwindling. Who wants to vacation among bands of bearded savages raiding embassies, staking their black pirate flag over universities or burning trucks carrying beer?”

Meanwhile, our government and puppet president watch, without arresting these Salafist extremists.

We have one thing left from our revolution: free speech. That is why Facebook is filled with outrage and cell-phone videos of the madness; why we exchange skits and caricatures of our dictators, past and present. If something will save us, it will be our refusal to shut up again.

… continue reading the New York Times article Tunisia, a Sad Year Later

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Shona: Every Bajan woman should watch this video

The next time Owen S. Arthur gets going, we should call Julia Gillard

“Let’s go through the opposition leader’s repulsive double standards when it comes to misogyny and sexism…”

In a parliamentary debate, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard called opposition leader Tony Abbott a misogynist and a hypocrite. Abbott had requested that the government remove Peter Slipper as speaker following the release of offensive text messages he sent referring to female genitalia. In response Prime Minister Gillard lets fly at Mr. Abbott – who looks like he wishes he had kept his mouth shut.

I had to watch this video twice.

Also look at the proportion of women elected representatives in the Australian Parliament!



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Domestic violence, spousal rape: A Bajan woman’s story

Love. Hate. Murder. Sometimes there’s not much time or distance in between…

“The abuse climaxed a Friday night in February 2008. Minus the details that, to this day, make me uncomfortable in discussing, he returned to the home, intoxicated, physically assaulted me over a period of seven hours and finally raped me.

I called the police. As I recounted the events of the night, what I recall most of this dialogue, was that it seemed very important to the police that I understand that I was not ‘raped’. Rape, two officers, made clear for me that morning, could not take place between a man and a wife, and unless they were separated a period of one year (it was seven months) and therefore legally separated, rape did not exist. As it were, we were still man and wife. Admittedly, while it was as hard for me to be subjective that morning, as it is still now – the police were not offended by this cruel and violent act, rather they spent their efforts that morning in humiliating me – in diminishing the occurrences of that night to something insignificant and of little consequence, while to me, the events of that night had possibly more reverberations onto my life than any other event of my thirty-three years.

It was also the first time I had ever felt ashamed to be a woman.

I was in the same position as I had been previously – worried that a charge would simply result in a fine, worried that a charge would inflame my abuser. I attempted a different strategy. I went to the doctors. I documented my injuries. I went to court. I made an application for a restraining order. I brought it back to the police station in order that they would serve him.

And then, even while the swelling of my bruises were still subsiding, I was metaphorically struck again. The police officer on duty read the application. He volunteered at no prompting from anyone, to offer to me – and a room full of people, including neighbours and even a colleague – his opinion on the matter; that unless I had been separated for a period of one year, I had not been raped.

Mortified, I left the police station and ruminated on the insensitivities of men. I decided that as I am taking a stance against one abuser, I would not tolerate abuse from another. I returned to the police station and very calmly and rationally, asked the police officer, not in his capacity as servant of the law, but as one human being to another, to please show me some sensitivity.

His reply was that if I had an issue with him, I should direct it to the station sergeant. I left ashamed now not only for me, but for him as well.

My abuser was not served the application for a restraining order for over a month. Despite my very frequent calls to the police station, to the bailiffs, to my lawyer, to Central Police Station, to the court house – despite me providing frequent details as to his whereabouts (he was always very easy to find) – despite my pleads for protection, I did not go to court over the matter until April…”

Read the full article as Juliette Maughan helps a victim to tell her story: Domestic Violence in Barbados: Who will protect the victim?


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When should you beat your wife? There’s an iPhone App for that!

by ‘Thomas the plumber’

The Apple iPhone is an amazing piece of technology. Anything you want to know, you’ve got it in your hand with just a few queries. Last month in the middle of installing a sink I found that the new (EU) standard connector wouldn’t marry up with the 70 year old pipes I was dealing with. (I hate renovations. Give me new construction anytime!) What to do? Easy! Within a couple of minutes I was off to the store for the exact parts I needed for the transition… thanks to iPhone and Google.

Google is one thing, but iPhone apps take being a plumber to a whole new level. With Plumber Pro, I manage all my jobs, my clients, issue hourly and parts invoices, send estimates and process credit cards for smaller jobs. All from my iPhone. At the end of the week I send the whole mess to my bookkeeper who is supposed to integrate it into the business accounting records.

Only one problem: lately my bookkeeper has been lazy and inattentive to her business duties, and to some of her other duties as well. She’s also my wife and I’ve just about had it with her.

Talking doesn’t seem to do any good and I’ve come close to hitting her on a few occasions. Believe me, it would give me pleasure.

What should I do about this?

The family business and my happiness as the head of our household are suffering. My wife is lazy and disobedient. She spends most of her time watching the telly. I swear if I come home one more time and find her watching Coronation Street I’ll put my foot through the screen. When it comes to bedtime she’s always tired. Never interested. I’ve just about had it.

Thanks to the Apple iPhone though, I now have a guide to when it is permissible and advisable to discipline and even beat my wife. This is not something I’m taking lightly, so I did my research and I’ve found an iPhone App that deals with this important question: When should you beat your wife?

The alQuran iPhone App is exactly what I was looking for! It has an excellent interface, over 100 translations in 30 different languages, easy scrolling, and a wonderful search capability. I searched for ‘discipline wife’ and immediately was taken to 4:34. That was exactly the advice I needed!

“Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”

I didn’t want to misinterpret this important Quran verse, so I looked up some esteemed Islamic scholars to read what they had to say. You can Google search it yourself and make up your own mind, but the scholars are in agreement with the Quran (how could they not be?). Dr. Ahmad Shafaat sums it up like this:

“However, to be effective in its purpose of shaking the wife out of her nasty mood it is important that it should provide an energetic demonstration of the anger, frustration and love of the husband. In other words, it should neither seriously hurt the wife nor reduce it to a set of meaningless motions devoid of emotions.”

So there you have it. Tonight I shall return home and discipline my wife so she will obey me as the Quran and the esteemed Islamic scholars teach. I won’t hit her at first, but if in three days she has not come around, I will obey the Quran. I think I’m going to enjoy this.

The iPhone Apps are truly wonderful!


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Self defense or murder? A woman’s life is only worth five years in jail.

UPDATED: February 11, 2012

Our Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock, has a record for going easy on killers of women. We’d like to see a list drawn up that features the worst of his deal-making during sentencing. The DPP’s motto seems to be “Anything to avoid a murder trial”. By now the word must be out there in the criminal world that nobody ever gets convicted of murder in Barbados: you can always do a deal.

Here’s a previous incident, but we wonder how many slip by. Feel free to list some of the other incidents that come to mind…

Barbados Chief Prosecutor: Woman “provoked” her killer by refusing sex, therefore not murder.

The Nation on Tuesday Feb 7th : “Man who killed ex-girlfriend put away for five years”.

I am wondering if there has been any discussion or outrage about this, and I have missed it. It just seems outrageous that the convicted man claims a very suspect situation to be self-defense and has been taken at his word. That the court sees fit to sentence this man to mere 5 years (which in prison time is not actually) is maddening to me! I’m sure this woman, Sonia Phillips’, family is being punished all over again at this injustice.

At the same time we are all discussing Raul Garcia who got 15 years for his offense. So if this murderer had weed in his possession at the time, he would get more time for the weed than for killing this woman?

It seems in this system a woman’s life is worth a lot less than a shipment of drugs. This is outrageous!!

I hope more people speak out about this, not just for women, but for all the murder victims in Barbados whose killers get insultingly low sentences. I speak from tragically personal experience on this issue.

Thank you for your time, and please help me speak out about this issue.

Name provided, withheld by BFP editor


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Justice in Barbados: Woman beater walks free, victim pressured to not testify

Barbados Court again affirms right of men to abuse women

by Mary Tulong

Ryan Hinds "Women are nothing."

Nothing better illustrates the plight of women in Barbados and the sad male-friendly and elites-friendly condition of our justice system than the recent case of former Barbados cricket captain Ryan Hinds.

Hinds was charged with SEVEN charges against Charlene Osbourne, but he walked free on December 5th after the victim was pressured to not testify. Without her testimony, that was the end of of the charges.

This happens all the time in Barbados courts when the all-male system looks after its own.

Women are beaten and it usually takes more than one beating for the police to lay charges, or the case has to be a bad one. Arrest and charges are the exception.

The police are reluctant to lay charges for two reasons…

  1. Men have the right to beat their wives, girl friends and new female acquaintances on this island without interference from the authorities so long as they don’t go too far.
  2. Police know that 90% of the time that they do lay charges the female victim refuses to testify in the end and all their work is for naught. As a result, police don’t lay assault charges until several offenses or a bad beating happens.

The fraud of the justice system was again laid bare in the Ryan Hinds case.

Why did the court let Ryan Hinds go? Why did the court not force Osbourne to testify? Because that is the way things are done in Barbados. Women are nothing. Male elites can do whatever they want.

What was accomplished in the Ryan Hinds case? Many old lessons were reinforced!

Men again learned that no matter how badly you beat women, they can always be pressured to drop the charges. Police learned that it is useless to treat an assault on a woman seriously. The judge learned that assault charges are a waste of time when a West Indies cricketer is involved.

Abusive animals learned that once the police are involved they can pretend to modify their behaviour, take “anger management counseling” and walk free.

Many jurisdictions in the USA and the United Kingdom stopped this charade ten and twenty years ago by refusing to drop charges. Sometimes the women are charged for failing to testify. The result is that men and women know that assault is serious business. They know that it better not happen and if the police become involved charges are laid when warranted and they cannot be dropped.

That results in respect for women.

What happened with Ryan Hinds was a lesson that women are nothing in Barbados.

Nation News: Hinds at peace


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How many years should rape victims be jailed?

UPDATED: Jailed rape victim forced to marry her attacker

Where is the outrage? Where are the women’s rights advocates? Why to they flee when the story is one of Islam once again brutalizing women?


KABUL—Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday pardoned an Afghan woman serving a 12-year prison sentence for having sex out of wedlock after she was raped by a relative.

Karzai’s office said in a statement that the woman and her attacker have agreed to marry. That would reverse an earlier decision by the 19-year-old woman, who had previously refused a judge’s offer of freedom if she agreed to marry the rapist.

Islamic Barbarians sentence rape victim to 12 years in jail

Sharia? Islamic values and standards? Just say, “No thanks!”

Get one thing straight before you read this story, friends – there is nothing unusual here, for the vast majority of women imprisoned in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries are victims. It’s the same in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and everywhere else where Islamic laws and standards are the basis of society.

Under Islamic law and culture, it is the duty of the women prevent rape and adultery by covering themselves and never going about alone. Young Bajan students are taught this in our Al-Falah Islamic School. You don’t have to believe us on this, just listen to the young Bajan Muslim women repeating this warped concept for themselves.

(BFP story: Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands…”)

If rape happens, it is the fault of the woman. –  Continue reading


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Omar Sharif slaps woman in public, but she deserved it

Auntie Moses is all upset.

“She stood there smiling as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be slapped by a man in public. Maybe it is just so in that place.”

Back in 1973, Egyptian screen icon Omar Sharif was in Barbados filming The Tamarind Seed with Julie Andrews. For Auntie Moses, the memory of meeting Mr. Sharif (Doctor Zhivago!) is second only to Frank Sinatra kissing her on the cheek at the Barbados Yacht Club after she hid him in a walk-in cooler. It’s a true story!

So you can imagine Auntie’s horror at the viral video that shows Omar Sharif slapping a woman in public yesterday at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar.

Apparently the fan didn’t wait in line and that offended Mr. Sharif, so he did what comes naturally to any Middle Eastern misogynist: he told her in Arabic to wait her turn and slapped the woman a big one right across the face.

Then he realized that this was going out over the airwaves, so he quickly recovered and let the shaken woman stand beside him for a photo. She stood there smiling as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be slapped by a man in public. Maybe it is just so in that place.

The question I have is this: Same situation, same woman – but at the Los Angeles or Sundance Film Festivals. Would Sharif have slapped the woman?

Well? Would he?


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Saudi Court orders woman lashed: for driving

Muslim men expect no further trouble from this woman.

Saudi Muslim males experts at keeping women in their place

It’s not enough that Saudi men cut off their daughters’ genitals so they cannot enjoy sex. It’s not enough that women are forced to wear bags over their heads to prevent rape. It’s not enough that women have to have permission from a male family member to venture outside the home.

In Saudi Arabia, rape victims are punished and a woman’s word in court is only worth half of a man’s word. It’s not enough that daughters are by law given less than sons at the time of an estate settlement. It’s not enough that women are denied health care for lack of female medical staff. Let a woman die rather than have a male doctor touch her, that’s the Saudi way.

Those Saudi women must be kept in their place, and one of the ways that Saudi Muslim men do that is to prohibit women from driving. Can’t have women going anywhere they like, when they like, you know. That’s way too radical!

The Saudi laws are all based upon the Koran – and who are we mere infidels to be telling the Saudis how they should treat their women?

Besides… we need the oil so we don’t want to insult them by suggesting that they are doing anything wrong.

And when it comes to what young Barbadian Muslim women are taught in the Al-Falah Islamic School, well, who are we to complain about that either?

Saudi woman to be lashed for driving car

A Saudi woman has been sentenced to to 10 lashes for challenging a ban on women driving. Continue reading


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Saudi women get to vote – in 4 years, with husband’s permission

Still legal to beat your wife. Women not allowed to drive

Girls are not valued highly in Islam; the Koran says that the birth of a daughter makes a father’s “face darken and he is filled with gloom” (sura 43:15)…from Muslims Debate

Saudi Arabian despot King Abdullah just declared by royal fiat that women may now vote in municipal elections.

Oh… not in this Thursday’s election, mind you. Saudi women have to wait four years for the next election and they will not be allowed to be part of the national government.

And when that election arrives in four years, Saudi women will still have to have their husband’s or male family member’s permission to leave the home to vote. They won’t be able to drive to the poll and they had better behave themselves because it is still legal for husbands to beat any of their women.

If Saudi women try to go outside without a head covering, the religious police will beat them as per usual. How important is the head covering? The Saudis would rather see young women burn to death than be seen without a head covering. In the UK, Muslim clerics urge Brit Muslims to beat women for not wearing the hijab. In Barbados, Muslim girls are taught that wearing hijab is mandatory.

Not to forget that Saudi Arabia punishes rape victims for failing to prevent their own rapes.

Progress? Saudi Spring? A grand celebration of the dawn of human rights in Saudi Arabia?

Our comments are open for discussion: but only for men. We’ll allow the women to take part in this political discussion in four years – if their husbands give them permission.


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Saudi Arabia threatens news media over Ethical Oil Commercial

Saudi Arabia threatens “Don’t talk about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia”

Until the day arrives when our cars and factories are all powered by the sun, wind or clean nuclear fusion, we’re going to be buying oil. Lots of oil.

Should we buy oil from fascist despots who want to impose Sharia law on the west and wipe out women’s rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech? Or should we buy our oil from more ethical sources?

Saudi Arabia threatened to sue The Oprah Network in the USA and television stations in Canada if they ran the above commercial. As one Canadian journalist said to the Saudi fascists Take your secret Saudi threats and shove ’em, you misogynist creeps!

“Canada is a country that is a champion of freedom of speech. That is a constitutional right,”

“And we don’t take kindly to foreign governments threatening directly or indirectly Canadian broadcasters or media for giving voice to freedom of speech. We think that’s inappropriate and certainly inconsistent with Canada’s belief in freedom of speech.”

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tells the Saudi fascists to kiss their camels in the Globe story: Ethical oil’ ad sparks war of words between Ottawa, Saudis


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Commonwealth Report: Barbados is one of the best places to be a girl

Barbados rated #2 just behind New Zealand

Out of 50 Commonwealth countries in the just released report “Because You’re a Girl – Growing up in the Commonwealth”, Barbados stands near the top as a good place to be a girl growing up. Compared with so many other countries, Bajan women have opportunities and equality with men in every area of life – according to the study’s sponsors: Plan International and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some things that need changing or work, but it’s good to see international recognition and confirmation that Bajan girls and women have every opportunity to be the best that they can be, and that our society recognizes and promotes the ideology that women are full citizens and deserve equal rights and opportunities with men.

You can download the PDF report at Plan International here…

Research reveals best and worst places in Commonwealth to be a girl


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Barbados Chief Prosecutor: Woman “provoked” her killer by refusing sex, therefore not murder.

Attention Women’s Rights Advocates around the world.

Barbados women had better not withhold sex if they know what’s good for them

No, this outrage didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It happened in the Caribbean island nation of Barbados where our Director of Public Prosecutions – DPP, Charles Leacock (above photo), dropped a charge of murder to manslaughter because the murdered woman had refused sex and therefore “provoked” her killer.

It’s even more sordid than that. The murdered woman couldn’t pay her rent and her killer had offered to pay the rent in return for sex. When she changed her mind to this extortion, she was beaten to death.

DPP Charles Leacock has a record for abusing women and the law

This is not the first time that DPP Charles Leacock has been caught excusing or participating in violence against women. When his tenant Ronja Juman fell behind on the rent, Leacock had his corrupt police officer friend raid Juman’s home in the middle of the night to terrorize Juman and her children. The police dragged her off half-naked to the police station where her vagina was searched for money and the lease agreement.

Yes, you read that correctly. The object of the raid and the search was, according to the faked search warrant, Juman’s copy of the rental agreement with Leacock. The police looked up her vagina for the evidence, but it was really all about teaching Leacock’s tenant a lesson. Now she and other single mothers know what happens when you don’t pay your rent to a landlord who is arguably the most powerful man on the island.

In another case when his corrupt police friend was charged with accepting bribes, DPP Charles Leacock secretly withdrew the charges as we and everyone else predicted.

Here is the full story of the latest outrage as printed in the Barbados Advocate. You should read the story at the newspaper’s website, but we print it in full because Barbados news media tends to modify or delete news stories to change history.

Women have a right to say no


I cannot believe what I am reading, in January 2011, the second decade of the 21st century.

That human rights can be so trampled and Barbados dragged back into the dark ages by a judicial officer so steeped in male macho culture that a woman desperate to pay her rent is lured to his house by a man who promises to help, then when she changes her mind about sex in return for the money, she is murdered and according to the newspaper report: “the Director of Public Prosecutions said he accepted a manslaughter plea based on provocation (my emphasis), because Griffith went to Pile’s home and when they were about to have sex she changed her mind and he got vex.” Continue reading


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Pakistan sentences Christian woman to death for “blasphemy”

Mother of two “insulted Muhammad” by asking what Muhammad had done for women

“Some of the women workers had reportedly been pressuring Bibi to renounce her Christian faith and accept Islam. During one discussion, Bibi responded by speaking of how Jesus had died on the cross for the sins of humanity and asking the Muslim women what Muhammad had done for them.”

Asia Bibi, 37 years old, is sentenced to be executed under the Pakistan Penal Code. The law imposes life in prison for defiling the Qur’an and death for insulting the person who Muslims say is their prophet, Muhammad.

There are only about 2.8 million Christians left in Pakistan. As with all countries where Muslims are in the majority, other religions are slowly but surely stamped out through a combination of the imposition of Islamic law, lack of human rights protection by government and Muslim violence.

According to what I’ve read, that is the way it is everywhere there is a Muslim majority.

If any of our readers are aware of a Muslim majority country where people of other religions are not persecuted, I’m all ears. What do our Muslim readers think about this death sentence? Should people have freedom of speech to criticize Islam or the Muslim prophet called Muhammed?

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