Barbados is a wonderful country full of good people – but we have this one huge problem with a long-established culture of corruption and entitlement in politics and government service. Barbados Free Press and other reform-minded folks believe that the only way the culture will change is if the international community starts examining the Barbados government’s actions, inaction and policies with a critical eye in decisions regarding Barbados investments, property ownership and business deals.

International visitors to Barbados Free Press are usually shocked when they learn that Barbados government officials are not prohibited from accepting gifts of any value from land developers or companies that receive government contracts.

No Integrity Legislation exists in Barbados. As a result, powerful Government Ministers do not have to declare their assets or explain (for instance) how it is that, as a Member of the Cabinet that approves the expropriation of privately-owned lands, a Minister of Government can come to live upon a choice building lot that was forceably taken from an owner – using the full power of the Government.

Even our recently deceased Prime Minister, David Thompson, was embroiled in a conflict of interest scandal where he refused to allow independent oversight and transparency in the collapse of CLICO Barbados – a public company run by his best friend, Leroy Parris. Not only that, Prime Minister Thompson appointed Mr. Parris to be in charge of Caribbean Broadcasting – CBC – so Parris has control over what the news media tells the Bajan public about Clico and other matters of national interest.

Integrity, transparency and accountability are just words to Barbados politicians, but to fellow taxpayers the failure of successive Barbados governments to implement and enforce ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation) says “corruption”.

To international investors, the refusal of Barbados governments to define and regulate obvious conflicts of interest by elected and appointed officials says “higher risk”. After all, nothing says “banana republic” like the fact that Barbados citizens have an expectation and an acceptance that government officials will become millionaires while in office.

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  1. nancy smith

    What a shame. Is there any remote part of this earth free of exploitation? I was also sad to hear the land is now owned by government and leased by residents.
    Oil exploration off the coast? I hope and pray that never happens.
    On another note — I was reading about your sugar industry and how cheaper production elsewhere has undermined your island industry, but they cannot compare to the unique growing conditions and therefore the unique qualities of your Reserve sugars. Bravo! Marketing it should be a cinch with all the new FoodNetwork shows we enjoy in the USA.
    I also (as a photographer) use a new kind of fine art paper — made of bagasse. Unless you need it all for renewing the soil, might you consider producing this fabulous paper? My photos look like fine water colour paintings when I use the sugar cane paper to print.
    Cheers to all the locals!
    Nancy A. Smith

  2. Colin L Beadon

    About Sugar. Will there be a shortage ?

    Many of our island sugar fields are in disarray, neglected. I’ve never seen crops looking so woe-filled, and to think last year was a record rainfall year. Our St John figures, collected daily through the last 15 years, show a record high ten inches over previous records years.
    Four of the major sugar producing countries are under serious flood conditions, with much of their producing zones swept away and mudded over with their farmsteads, and much life and equipment, gone.
    We remember suggesting it seemed so stupid to neglect our sugar industry here in this island. You can postulate and add up all the figures you want, and professors can draw all their graphs to show why we should stop producing sugar, but this is not the time or the age to do it in. We have reached a Complexity Horizon, and forgotten that Earth systems go chaotic.

  3. Peter Webster

    A famous Roman (Julius Caesar?) is on record as having made the dire prediction (which may be roughly translated from the ancient Latin) “All of our arable lands are already being cultivated and our population is growing daily. Soon we will not be able to feed everyone”. In the ensuing two thousand years Criticrats, Doom and Gloomers and others who lack faith (in mankind only?) are still posing the same question, even though the world’s population has increased ten-fold to 7 billion and there is still enough food being produced to feed every human on earth. Furthermore, we have the technology and resources to increase current production by as much as 50%. There is obviously a finite production limit but how much that is and when that will be achieved remains to be seen but we can rest assured that it will not be in our lifetime.

    The food supply problems we have result from cost and affordability. The producers (farmers) need to earn a living too! They have demonstrated over and over that they can and will increase production of food any time they are adequately compensated. However the poor and hungry cannot afford to meet the cost of food and this is compounded by the fact that the farm gate price averages somewhere between 20% and 50% of the market price. The cost of handling, storage, processing, transport and marketing (value added) contributes between 50% and 80% of the market price.

    So why do we keep expecting the producer/farmer to feed the poor and hungry? Governments the world over subsidise housing, health, education, transport, and utilities for the poor but are not supposed to subsidise the most basic and important item needed by the poor – food ! Logic seems to be lacking.

    Peter Webster

  4. Peter Webster

    The following article was submitted to the Nation and the Advocate but tey have not published it.

    October 16, 2011 designated as “World Food day” has come and gone – or has it? For too many of the billion hungry people the world over, most days are “no food day”. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) promoted the theme “Food Prices – From Crisis to Stability” to highlight a worldwide trend that is “hurting the poor consumer, the small producer and agriculture in general” because “food prices which were stable for decades have become increasingly volatile”. They concluded that “controlling prices was key to the fight against hunger”.
    FAO further lamented that “Agriculture cannot respond fast enough with increased food production because of long-term under-investment in research, technology, equipment and infrastructure”.
    The statement by the FAO Director General, Dr. Jacques Diouf, leaves several unanswered questions: Why did FAO emphasise the volatility or fluctuation of food prices and not the fact that the prices were higher although fluctuating? How do higher prices hurt producers and agriculture in general? Why does FAO concern itself with the hungry? Since when are the interests of food producers the same as those of consumers? Could the high price of energy be a contributing factor to high food prices? and Why is there under-investment in agriculture?
    It is unfortunate that the FAO statement does not distinguish between the food producers and distributors. Promoting more investment in agriculture is like “pushing rope” since it deals with an effect and not the cause! Food producers around the world have repeatedly increased their production when they are adequately rewarded for their investment. Our experience in Barbados supports this. When our government in 1971 taxed all of the nasty profits out of our highly efficient sugar industry (over $50 million between 1974 and 1981) the result was dwindling capital investment in the industry with productivity falling by 50% from a high of over ten tonnes of sugar per hectare to the five tonnes per hectare currently being achieved.
    Our people supposedly abhor agriculture but several are reputed to be cultivating marijuana in discreet nooks and crannies around the island despite the risk of imprisonment. Why are they not growing sweet potatoes and yams? Could it be that cultivation of the latter is not lucrative enough?
    We need to stop expecting the food producers to feed the poor and hungry – this is society’s responsibility not the food producers who are trying to earn a living!
    I strongly recommend that FAO focus on its mandate to promote food production and leave the job of feeding the hungry to those with that conflicting mandate. In the process FAO should ensure that OXFAM and other food-aiders feed the hungry with fresh, healthy food from their poor countries like rice, yams, sweet potatoes, vegetables and coconut water instead of over-processed and unhealthy wheat flour and powdered milk. This would promote food production in the very countries where most of the hungry are located. Unfortunately, such action would put the food-aiders out of work and we cannot have that, can we?
    I recall hearing President Bush (the son) admit in the dying days of his Presidency (October, 2008) that the USA had made a mistake in providing food-aid to poor countries. He concluded that the USA should have helped the countries to produce their own food instead. At the time I thought “Wow! I wonder how many people have heard and will remember this”. Obviously not many!
    FAO also supports the “elimination of trade-distorting agricultural subsidies in rich countries”. Rubbish! Agricultural subsidies have been practiced by the rich countries for centuries. It is one of the reasons why they are rich! Their economies are not bled by having to import billions of $ in foreign food. Subsidies promote their agricultural industries, maintain their producers’ standard of living and contribute significantly to their economies by providing value added opportunities which amount to more than half of the value of their agricultural industry. They also promote their countries’ food security. Such subsidies only distort trade in agricultural commodities when the surpluses they tend to produce are dumped on the world market at less than their real cost of production. It is the act of dumping that distorts the trade not the subsidies!
    Governments the world over subsidise housing, health, education, transport, and utilities for the poor but are not supposed to subsidise the most basic and important item needed by the poor – food ! Logic seems to be lacking. Furthermore, if the subsidies are eliminated where would the food-aiders get their cheap food to feed the hungry? Round and round we go….!
    Peter Webster
    NB: Peter Webster is a retired Portfolio Manager of the Caribbean Development Bank and a former Senior Agricultural Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture.


    Its good to see that Barbados Free Press , Knows what We talking about here at Bajan Free Party,
    YOUR words are on points ,All of what we are seeing wrong now in and on Barbados has to do with the Ownership PLANTATIONS lands and the deeds.
    How many took so much and still more still here than what they took for more than 25 years of Land Fraud, Its a plan it seems once in office you can get a slice of the Massive Fraud for you, your friends , family and others. Many PMs and Ministers ATTORNEY GENERALS and lawyers have us all talking and getting no where , Its why We put the names up to give sight of Who the Persons and How it works, We here at Bajan Free Party have been looking in to what happen and who is to blame , But with the head of Police that is there now , He Also have to have a hand in this CRIME to do nothing , Just Name the heads of the Departments and you will see who was in place to cover for each other.

  6. 73

    All of you, I would like to request that you learn to write in proper English before publishing such absurdity.
    One cannot have multiple subjects for a single predicate. Just sayin.


  7. 108

    Mr. or Ms. 73, proper English or not, why are you attacking the messenger?

  8. Colin Leslie Beadon

    Around every village there should be village allotments in walking distance of homes so people who want to bend their backs a little, can grow their own foods on their own or rented lots. This is done in may other countries including Britain and Cuba. Just small lots are needed. Work can be done early morning, or in the cool of the late evening, and there are many ways to stop predial larceny, which it the prime excuse here in Barbados, for not getting soil under fingernails.

  9. The major problem with Mankind: The more food and water needed, the more trees will be cut, the more pollution will be caused by the further energy demand and methods to grow, move and ship food products to keep people from starving as world population zooms. It is an energy and population growth problem at its worst.

  10. Anonymous

    I Jerry Mervriel Nurse
    Pilgrim Road
    Christ Church

    11th October 2011

    The Honourable A. Braithwaite M.P
    Attorney General
    Wildey Industrial Park
    Saint Michael

    Dear Sir


    The pursuit of truth is noble there is no desire more natural than the desire for truth. Twenty-five years unrelenting pursuit of knowledge of truth has unearthed a mountain of irrefutable “Documentary Evidence” subject to the “Documentary Evidence Act 1882 that cannot be denied by any legal authority here or elsewhere including the Caribbean Court of Justice!

    Over the years I became a victim of relentless State Oppression and withstood every ordeal and hardship with noble persistence even imprisonment, rather than submit to the domination of those who has so shamefully and recklessly disgraced the Fraternity of Freemasons.

    The evidence, sensationally shocking unquestionably exposes Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department in shocking acts of embezzlement, theft, deception, falsification of “Records including Recorded Wills” Civil Servants Appointments and salaries and of Supreme Court Registrars twenty-five 25 years willful prevention and obstruction of natural justice. The blatant degree of fraudulent activity was irrefutably committed by privileged “Members of Barbados Fraternity of Freemasons,” especially those whom had attended the British Bar.

    For those contemplating whom I am, sufficient to say “I Am the Topaz the Lord’s Anointed” The Egyptian Priesthood famous students included Moses, Jesus and Pythagoras. In the near future Barbados will experience severe disaster from the sea affecting the Airport, Pilgrim Road, Fairy Valley, Parish Land, and Thyme Bottom moving in a catastrophe wake of destruction, these events are forthcoming.

    Be assured I am interested only in the proper recovery of that part of the Callender’s Estate devised & bequeathed by the testator (WILL) to my mother Ernesta Nurse (deceased) by Succession Act Barbados and forty-seven (47) years compensation in compliance to Administration of Estate Acts, Court Process Acts formerly Provost Marshal Acts 1904 / 06.

    The material evidence regarding matters contained in the enclosed Writ has been forwarded to New Scotland Yard, General Secretary United Nations, London Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary, and Her Majesty Queen of England – Head of the Commonwealth and is also held on Data Base with the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC).

    It is desirable matters herein are dealt with some degree of urgency brining about an acceptable end to this most unpleasant situation not of my making. May 1991 I had promised my supernatural dying mother on her death bed I will regain possession of our assets, and, this is a promise I will do whatever is necessary in life or in death to rectify making adequate provisions for such recovery of assets. Before my next engagement I would like to spend quality time with my son in his thirties, my four brothers and three sisters.

    The Law of Cause and Effect – As you sow so shall you reap. One of the first signs of Spiritual Growth is taking responsibility for one’s own actions. If this is not done voluntarily the law of cause & effects will bring one to their knees in humiliation and remorse as three American Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy affair with film star Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon in the Water Gate Scandal and Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky.

    Over the years my efforts has been directed at protecting the public image of Eltridge Garvey Husbands, Lionel Greenidge and Woodbine Davis. Was it not so my attorneys would have blown this asunder through international media exposure that would have destroyed this island Judiciary credibility affecting tourism?

    The full horror of the Callender’s Estate has not been exposed regardless of the facts we have the material evidence in our possession. Such shocking evidence will undoubtedly cause the general public to lose faith and any respect for the Supreme Court Judiciary. One has to exercise discretion in these sensitive matters.

    HEREBY MAKE OATH AND SAY as follows:
    In reference to the herein enclosed Writ, irrefutable exhibit evidence certifies the matter of Chief Marshall Frank Decourcey King was unquestionably fraudulent and evidently conducted without anyone appointed by the Court to Represent the Estate; also the fictitious Letters of Administration processed in the Executor Norman Legall’s name endorsed in BLOCK Capital letters as the signatures of my late relative Chief Justice Sir William Randolph Douglas and Mr. Justice Elliott Belgrave was serious Supreme Court Registration Department fraud.

    The said Grant of Letters of Administration was granted on Fraudulent Representation to the Probate Division of the Supreme Court by the 3rd Defendant whom were then unknown to the legitimate beneficiaries Clinton Nurse and Ernesta Nurse.

    The Third Defendant stated in writing in a letter dated 20th July 1982: “At the time of Gerald Callender’s death the Accounts were $5,420.60 in debit due to payments made on behalf of the Estate;” and the Leger Cards consists of more than (20) pages of Estate Tenants paying rents (Carrington & Sealy Solicitors) Attorneys at Law.

    There are no documented evidence on record in the Supreme Court Registration Department or Archives or elsewhere recording the existence of the claimed deceased debt to Wilkinson & Challenor Limited by Chief Marshall Frank Decourcey King in the Supreme Court Registration Conveyance No. 798 of 14th July 1967; “We succeeded in having Letters of Administration issued to Mrs. Lillian Drakes Limited to that part of the Estate and that Administration was completed sometime in 1977.”

    There exists no Recorded Judgment against Fitz-Gerald Callender deceased or authorization instructing Chief Marshal Frank Decourcey King to sell the specifically devised & bequeath Pegwell, Christ Church California Guest House property and land.
    The deceased residential property situate at Pilgrim Road in the parish of Christ Church, Limited Letters of Administration were 12th day of March 1976 Granted to Lillian Drakes by Chief Justice Sir William Randolph Douglas Q.C. However, Mrs. Lillian Drakes has already been Granted Limited Letters of Administration as unmistakably Sealed dated December 1975.

    The Third Defendant without any “Legal Authorization” whatsoever Illegally, Dishonestly and Recklessly Administered the deceased extremely large and prosperous Estate from the deceased untimely death 26th day of May 1964 to this period and has stated in the deceased 24th August 1995 Estate Account they paid Cash $8.30 for confession of Judgement in Favour of Wilkinson.
    The Third Defendant “1990 Carrington & Sealy fee re Application to Sub-Divide 7 Estate Allotments London Road Britton’s Hill Saint Michael $440.85”.

    The Third Defendant Mr. Justice Blackman presently (Justice of the Bahamas Appeal Court) with money from the deceased Account irrefutably upon “11th September 1995 paid by cheque to the Commissioner Land Tax Department the sum of $1,539.64 for the 1994/1995 Land Tax Arrears for the Four Roads Saint Philip property. These matters were hastily dismissed by Barbados Bar Association & Disciplinary Committee where Justice Blackman was Chairman.

    The deceased during his lifetime acquired and was the beneficial owner of ALL THAT parcel of land situate at Four Roads in the parish of Saint Philip in this Island, reference Land No., and (of a larger area). Land Registration Conveyance No, 1571, 2nd April, 1970 confirmation the deceased referred to in paragraph (3) hereof, purchased this said land on the said date from Foster Hall Estate Limited Sir Charles O. Williams and his wife Doris Williams.

    The 1964 deceased on the 16th day of December, 1982 by Conveyance No.1651 sold the above six bedrooms wall property on 27, 609 square of land, for “the fair market price of $3,000.00.
    The deceased sold this property by a Supreme Court Land Registration Title Deed / Conveyance (18) years after his 1964 death and burial. The Annual Land Tax Demand Notices for this “Estate Property” was in 1995 place in care of the herein CLAIMANT by correspondence received in London following written complaints to the Commissioner of Police whom refused to take any action by order of the then Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Five months before the Fraud Committed regarding the Pegwell Christ Church property another Estate property recorded in Conveyances No. 721, 972/211 28th February 1967- $3,596.00 Cash Sale, Barbados Fraternity Grandmaster – Attorney at law Nigel Ricardo Jones Q.C who was called to the Bar in 1973, unquestionably represented the London Road, Britton’s Hill, Saint Michael Estate Purchasers in conjunction with Acting Registrar and Magistrate Woodbine Davis Q.C, and Attorney at law Hamish Greig Mc Clurg Q.C. Unquestionably Mr. Nigel R. Jones “Acted” as a qualified Attorney at Law six (6) years before he was qualified.

    Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King Chief Marshall Conveyance No.798 was intentionally indorsed by an additional $300.00 to $1,545 36 from the fictitious Judgement Creditor Sum of $1,245.36 lawfully rendering the execution nil and void reference paragraphs under Court Process Act formerly (Provost Marshal Act 1904/ 06.

    September 1965 M.D. Kirton, one of seven (7) Chief Marshal’s under purported instructions to sell for the fictitious debts seized the furniture’s and fixtures in the said seven bedrooms (7) Pegwell, Christ Church property and disposed of the same prior to Supreme Court Probate of the deceased Will and Grant of Letters of Administration to the said Executor Norman Legall deceased. This is all so shameful.

    I had earnestly emphasized to the late Prime Minister David Thompson Barbados required a Chief Justice from another region in order for justice to be properly administered.

    Sir, the deceased Stocks & Shares, Insurance Monies, Land Sale Monies, Rents from more than twenty leger pages of tenants mysteriously disappears under administration of the 3rd Defendant who in reality had absolutely no authority whatsoever to administer the testator estate following the death of the Executor Norman Legall in 1968, hence the reason for the fictitious Edwin Callender and Mrs. Lillian Drakes Limited Administration.

    Four previous Attorney Generals have willfully obstructed justice prolonging matters herein whilst the legitimate beneficiaries endure extreme hardship and death. Time for rectification.

    2011 has seen the Middle East Uprising in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Serbia, Libya and elsewhere whereas the Inter-Net usage has been significant in every aspect. Enough is enough. Regardless of what evidence I provide you also have the TRUTH. I am TOPAZ.

    T O P A Z
    O P E R A
    P E N E P
    A R E P O
    Z A P O T

    I will further emphasize, I will not tolerate any further unnecessary delays in bringing these matters to a satisfactory end following forty-seven years of utter Civil Servants stupidity causing the untimely death of my beneficial mother following twenty five years of extreme hardship and suffocation.

    September 18th 2003, your records will show I was maliciously thrown into Her Majesty Prison arranged by then Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Q.C and others. The records will show from “Certified Statements of Station Sergeant Eric Franklyn and officer Meyers certifying having me held at Central Police Station at 11.05 a.m., intervened at 11.15 a.m. and Charged at 11.20 a.m. for Assaulting Constable A. Riley at — — 11.45. a.m. and of assaulting Supreme Court Marshal Mary J. Vaughan at 09.35 a.m. changed to 10.35 a.m., taking an hour and ten minutes running from Court No.7 perused by Court Marshals and Police Officers to cove a one minute journey.

    Further to this stupidity I was ordered to Pay your Courts $1,500.00, after spending seven days at Glendiary Prison for a fabricated non incident, the very same Court No.2 that handed me these Statements I have filed with the BBC here in London. Go ahead and call an election, my case was put before Justice Christopher Blackman QC by Sir David Simmons QC, the very same Justice Blackman QC who has fraudulently administered the Estate committing various maladministration of which I put him in Court No.7 9th December 1997 in Conflict of Interest before Madam Justice Mac Cormack QC who married David Simmons 30th July 1966 Mary the Virgin Church at Plimico Vauxhall, London.

  11. Anonymous

    J.M Nurse
    36 Treverton Tower
    Treverton Street
    London W10 6BG

    J M Nurse
    Pilgrim Road
    Christ Church
    West Indies

    31 January 1994

    Supreme Court Registrar
    Marie Mac Cormack
    Supreme Court Registration Office
    Colridge Street


    This is to certify that I, Jerry Mervriel Nurse, of the above Addresses, have filed for this action, details enclosed, in the Supreme Court of Barbados, against the Provost Marshal’s Office of Barbados, I, Jerry Mervriel Nurse, Claim damages, of Three Million Barbadian Dollars ($3.000.000), and the return of my family home, against the said Provost Marshal’s Office for these seizure and Auction Sale of my home, situated in Pegwell Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados. I, the said Jerry Mervriel Nurse was illegally evicted from the said property of residence, during the year of 1965, and the Keys to the Property were seized by the Provost Marshal’s Office as documented.

    I further certify, all information contained in my claim, are documented, majority being legally purchased from the Registration Department of Barbados, with additional information legally photo copied from the Barbados Civil List.

    I Request the Supreme Court f Barbados set aside the transaction of the Provost Marshal’s Office for Violating Administration of Estates Acts 1952 and Provost Marshal’s Acts 1904 /06.

    I Further Request The Supreme Court, Recognized My Application for Administration Of the said Estate, as postdated, December1993.

    I Request The Court to Order The Law Firms Carrington & Sealy And Yearwood & Boyce to Repay, Restore or Account for Money or other property, together with interest at such rate as the Court thinks Just, or as the case may be, to pay such sum by way of Compensation In Respect of the Misfeasance or Breach of Fiduciary or other Duty as the Court thinks just, Administration Estate ActsI request the Court forward Without Further Delay the requested Affidavits as Enclosed.

    Finally, this is to certify that I Jerry Mervriel Nurse have also requested an immediate written explanation of the Registrar, of the Supreme Court of Barbados, the actions taken by the Provost Marshal’s Office, formerly located within the Registration Building, the Authorized Auction Sale of the Deceased Gerald Callender Vauxhall Velox Motor Car, Registration Number believed to have been X1666, The Auction Sale of the furnishers from the property Referred to as the California Guesthouse. The said furnishers being the property of both Clinton Nurse and Ernesta Nurse, And the scandalous Auction Sale of the California Guest House, the Property of Clinton Nurse and Ernesta Nurse, Inherited In the Last Will of the Deceased Gerald Callender, recorded in the Registration Office of Barbados in Volume 138 of Wills At Folio 311, neither Clinton Nurse or Ernesta Nurse deceased © 26 May 1991, Were Notified Of the Selling Of Their Property by the said Provost Marshal’s Office, Furthermore,. neither the said Clinton Nurse, or Ernesta Nurse received any of the Money, from the Proceeds of the Said Sale of their Property which was carried out without their permission and Representation on their Behalf.

    The Clause in the Will prevented the Property from being sold, subjected to the (Wills Acts).There is sufficient evidence to suggest, the actions of the Provost Marshal’s Office, involving two former Registrars of the Registration Department and Magistrates of the Court, violated Administration of Estate Acts, Provost Marshal’s Acts and Probate Procedure Acts, constituting Error of Law. It is for the Court to recognized Errors of Law and Incorrect Procedures.

    I am prepared to venture an opinion that, the Marshal’s Office facilitate an Auction Sale of total incorrect procedures, which was misconceived from the outset, involving the Law firms Carrington & Sealy, and Yearwood & Boyce, all possessing knowledge the deceased Gerald Callender estate was solvent, following compliance to rule (7) of the non-contentious Probate Rules 1959, the deceased estate having being Advertised in the National Newspapers, the Barbados daily news and the official Gazette, with no caveat being lodged in this matter, and the Registrar Certificate of Administration was issued out of the Supreme Court with the deceased assets recorded without debts, and various persons having outstanding mortgages, in particular, Shadrach Atkins and Walter Corbin on lots number (1) & (3) London Road, Britton’s Hill in the Parish of Saint Michael.

    These two mortgages expiry dates were as documented 31 October 1971, in care of Carrington & Sealy Solicitor, Hamish Greig Mc Clurg. A copy of the Estate Succession Duty Certificate with the Registrar Certificate of Advertisement were sent to Carrington & Sealy Solicitors from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue as dated 6 September 1966, furthermore, lot number (2)London Road, Britton’s Hill, Saint Michael sold as documented February 1967 for a Cash Sum of ($3.500) carries W.A Davis Q.C signature, the Supreme Court Registrar and Hamish Greig Mc Clurg, Six months Prior to the Auction Sale of Clinton Nurse and Ernesta Nurse Property as above mention.


    SWORN THIS DAY January 1994 )
    ) )
    AT )
    ) )

  12. Anonymous

    Mr. Jerry Mervriel Nurse
    11 Caird Street
    London W10 4RP
    Tuesday 18th March 2014

    Attorney General
    Hon Aaron Braithwaite Q.C. MP
    Attorney General Chambers


    I have been commanded to put fourth content herein for your attention GERALD CALLENDER ESTATE – RENAMED – SYBIL BRAITHWAITE ESTATE

    Mr. Justice Minister, will you inform the 39 London Road, Liverpool Road and Manchester Road Britton’s Hill, Saint Michael Tenantry the “Government & Supreme Court Registration Department” have been informed in Jerry M. Nurse Writs of Summons N0.1266 / 1997 and 2107 / 1998 makes mention of the fraudulent activities whereby the Estate of Gerald Callender deceased 18th May 1964, was maliciously in 1995 renamed the Estate of Sybil Braithwaite deceased regardless of the facts the deceased Sybil Braithwaite, daughter of Verona Williams deceased originate from Fairy Valley Christ Church were related to Gerald Callender deceased the actual land owner. Verona Williams and her daughter Sybil O. Williams Braithwaite were often supported by the said Gerald Callender during his lifetime.

    Through maladministration Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law made themselves “Administrators of Gerald Callender Estate,” a business deal was arranged and Gerald Callender Estate was renamed “The Estate of Sybil Braithwaite deceased,” disregarding the facts the deceased Sybil Braithwaite and her mother Verona Williams deceased did not even own a single blade of grass in Barbados or elsewhere, and, regardless of numerous occasions 2001 Estate Administrator Jerry M. Nurse brought this matter before the Law Courts and the Supreme Court Registrar, this extremely significant matter has been disregarded to protect the names of so call distinguish’ members of society personally responsible for these tenants / former tenants wrongfully purchasing their “Allocated Land Allotments as the Estate of Sybil Braithwaite deceased” through the Urban Development Commission whereas Minister Hamilton Lashley MP was removed for trying to clean up that department messy affairs.

    Mr. Justice Minister kindly explain to these tenants your protecting the names and characters of those involved in this shameful scam is significantly more important than they purchasing stolen property, hence 18th day of September 2003 the complainant Administrator Jerry Mervriel Nurse was falsely charged and remanded for seven days at Glendairy Prison by the High Court Judge and his comrades responsible for these tenants not only purchasing stolen property but also having to take out mortgages from Banks and Credit Unions. Furthermore Mr. Justice Minister, explain to these tenants why Government appointed those five personals responsible to High Court Judges totally disregarding the Administrator Jerry Nurse written complaints supported by irrefutable material evidence years prior to their appointments?

    Mr. Justice Minister as you along with four previous Attorney Generals object to revealing the truth to these tenants many that had previously paid their rented allotments monies to Carrington & Sealy Solicitors renamed (Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law), correctly Estate of Gerald Callender deceased; I will circulate copies of this letter to these tenants entitling them to a full refund of their purchase monies, rectification of their Title Deeds / Conveyances RE: Land Tax, Town & Country Planning N0.1648 / 05/97B. Letters of Administration issued 29th July 1998 to Sybil Braithwaite deceased daughter.

    I Jerry Mervriel Nurse herein makes it abundantly clear these tenants / land owners – I Jerry Mervriel Nurse Administrator to all the Estate of Gerald Callender deceased FREELY GRANT these 39 LAND ALLOTMENTS MANCHESTER ROAD, LIVERPOOL ROAD AND LONDON ROAD TO THE TENANTS; whereby the Government has a responsibility rectifying their Title Deeds / Conveyances without costs. Ms Audrey Herbert is the most senior tenant whereas my uncle the deceased Gerald Callender often used her home as his office when he collected rents from his tenants.

    Attorney General, I find it absolutely disgusting the Government over the past fifteen (15) years allowed this Britton’s Hill Estate matter to have escalated to this shamefulness. Every possible effort has been made by Government Officials to cover up this messy affair causing unnecessary hardship that certainly could have been avoided; not even three Commissioners of Police would investigate this matter having the material evidence before them; however, as you are aware, extreme efforts were made to discredit my honourable name by notoriously corrupt Civil Servants of Barbados Judiciary, Bar Association & Disciplinary Committee.

    Mr. Justice Minister / Hon. Attorney General, regarding Gerald Callender deceased 18th May 1964 last Will & Testament bearing the date 10th December 1972, eight years following the deceased death endorsed with Barbados Signet Seal Supreme Court Certified True Copy, how was this possible without Supreme Court Corruption? How on earth a man dead in 1964 can make his last Will & Testament in 1972 and you as Justice Minister / Attorney General ignores the evidence I place before you, especially the matter of my “Specifically Devised & Bequeathed Pegwell, Christ Church California Guesthouse that was fictitiously sold 14th July 1967 in the Supreme Court Registration Building with three falsified Conveyances?

    Mr. Justice Minister / Attorney General I have brought this matter before the London Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary – The Commonwealth Caribbean Corruption Team for their investigation services following approximately thirty (30) years time wasting before your Law Courts, Bar Association & Disciplinary Committee, Prime Ministers, Police Commissioners and Governor Generals.

    The Pegwell Christ Church California Guesthouse beneficiaries are lawfully entitled to “Governmental Compensation” from “18th May 1964” to this present period. It is time Mr Justice Minister you have these matters significantly rectified without further delay. Over the years I found it necessary selling all my personal possession to finance matters herein. I have herein enclosed a copy of my British Citizen Certificate dated 28th November 1979.

    Yours truly

    CC: Circulation & Facebook

  13. Anonymous


    Reading the following you will be flabbergasted by revelations of Corruption in Barbados Judiciary that has defaulted nationals and non-nationals of estates properties estimated value approximately $500,000.000 US Dollars following Barbados November 1966 Independence.

    The Pursuit of truth is noble. There is no desire more natural than the desire for Knowledge of truth. Learning creates difficulties for anyone exposing governmental corruption, especially of this nature. The famous Greek philosopher Plato said: “There is no desire more natural than the desire for truth.” Truth is that something for which a substitute has never been found. The discovery of truth is the most wonderful, powerful and helpful work that any human being can undertake and the capacity to understand it is the greatest attribute which the mind can cultivate.”

    Everything you are about to read is backed by “Irrefutable Documentary Evidence” that cannot be contradicted or denied by any Legal Authority or by any Court of Law in Barbados or elsewhere.

    This disclosure 110% accurate, gives a most damaging description of Fraud, Fraudulent Practice, Embezzlement, Gross Professional Misconduct, Malpractice, and Deception committed by heads of the following Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department in conjunction with Ministry of Housing & Lands and Government Official Gazette Newspapers advertising those properties selected for theft.

    April 1989 following twenty-three years in England I returned to Barbados and immediately began privately investigating the theft of my 1964 million dollars inheritance. Since my return to Barbados in 1989 I Jerry Nurse became a victim of relentless state oppression in a clinical government and Supreme Court Judiciary campaign to suppress the truth coming to light with numerous organized attempts to have me killed. Who is this Jerry Nurse? Jerry Nurse is a former British Army Infantry Combat Soldier enlisted in the British Army age fifteen.

    Over the years numerous attempts were made to eradicate me to protect these so called Civil Servants pillars of society fifty (50) years massive abuse of Statute Powers of Authority. Upon 18th day of September 2003 a hostile attempt was made on my life purposely planned by Barbados Chief Justice whose wife is unquestionably from the material evidence seriously mixed up in this messy business in documents dated 18th September 1975, twenty eight (28) years earlier.

    I realize from the offset that this was going to be a difficult task. It has been a long tiresome twenty-seven years of struggling but I kept on because this is a worthwhile cause affecting the lives of every Barbadian National and numerous non-nationals.

    consequently Barbados Governmental Judiciary Administrators blindfolded Caribbean Regional Governments Break-away from the British Privy Council Final Court of Appeal formulating the regional Caribbean Court of Justice commenced August 2004 stating and making belief England were preventing Barbados from carrying out the death penalty on condemn prisoners; when in actual facts the break from the British Justice System was made with the intention of protecting these guilty Civil Servants.

    In this independent democratic country boasting of its resilient laws – the THIRD EFENDANT, a Law Firm has taken control of the deceased Fitzgerald Callender (Massive Estate without any legal authorization whatsoever) doing as they so desire following the 4th December 1968 death of the Executor Norman Legall.

    (a) Making individuals of that Law Firm and others wealthy whilst disinheriting the deceased wife, son, daughters, nephews, nieces and other named beneficiaries.

    (95) The Police Commissioner does absolutely nothing regardless of complaints supported by Irrefutable Material Evidence such as fraudulent Supreme Court Conveyances, Certified Land Tax Recorded payments by Mr. Justice C. A. Blackman Q.C the Police have stated

    (96) BARBADOS POLICE COMMISSIONER 1995 AND 1996 – RE: N0.38/96/1/66
    RE: Estate of Fitzgerald Callender (deceased).

    “I refer to your letter of 13th May 1996, on the abovementioned subject, and I would like to remind you that in a letter dated 1995-12-04, you were informed that your complaint was investigated and referred to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution. You were further informed that we, the Police, were advised by the Director of Public Prosecution that no criminal offence was found to be committed.”

    (97) RE: N0.38/95/1/30 – RE: Estate of Gerald Callender (Deceased)
    “I refer to your letter dated February 2nd, 1995, on the above subject.”

    (a) “We have conducted an investigation into the matter and there is no evidence to support any criminal act on the part of anyone.”

    (b) “Our investigation shows that the matter you have complained of is of a Civil Nature, hence it is suggested that you retained an Attorney-at-Law to handle the matter on your behalf.” (Exhibit U).

    Dr. William F. Pepper, my USA attorney, 17th day September 2004 faxed Barbados Commissioner of Police Mr. Darwin Dottin stating: “We are appalled at what appears to be the blatant degree of fraudulent activity which has denied the heirs of Fitzgerald Callender to their rightful legacy of assets since the 1960’s”:

    “We are considering an Alien Tort Claim Act Proceeding here in the United States on behalf of the Estate and its Administrator Mr. Jerry Nurse. This is the result of what appears to be the complete breakdown of the system of Civil Justice in the Courts of Barbados”.

    “We are also contemplating using the investigative services of reporting journalist friends of ours with the Observer, Guardian and Telegraph newspapers in London. They would be pleased to expose any corruption of this sort they could establish”;

    Police Commissioner it is time to call a halt to the common thievery which has characterized the handling of this Estate by Lawyers, the Courts and benefiting Public Officials in your jurisdiction.”

    The Law of Cause and Effect – As you sow so shall you reap. “One of the first signs of Spiritual Growth is taking responsibility for one’s own actions. If this is not done voluntarily the law of cause & effects will bring one to their knees in humiliation and remorse as three American Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy affair with film star Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon in the Water Gate Scandal and Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky,” – all scandals exposed.

    Is Barbados on the brink of fundamentalist uprising as citizens are no longer prepared to stand idle oppressed by corrupt Civil Servants, Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges and other officials? Barbados Free Press has been exposing corruption and various breeches of law for a few years but really needs you the general public input to come fourth and speak out. “The Lord God is our Strength and Redeemer.”

    November 2005, Serbia – Montenegro, “authorities have brought Criminal Charges against (40) Judges in a massive effort to fight corruption in Serbia. Justice Minister Zoran Stojkovic acknowledged that Serbia Judiciary was plagued with corruption.” What actions will Barbados Government implement to eradicate this massive corrupt Masonic Mafia style Brotherhood?

    ENGLAND. Lord Chief Justice Stapleton said,
    “The greatest safe-guard against revolution, riots and the like is that the public should have confidence in the Judicial Tribunals and their decisions. Judges are appointed to administer justice; without the help of Counsel they cannot succeed. Every Member of the Bar is a helper in the administration of justice and he owes a duty not only to his client, but to the court, and that duty is fulfilled by using all the powers to bring before the court the relevant facts and decisions to the end that a proper result may be attained.”

    JOHN EMERICH EDWAD DARLBERG – LORD ACTION 1st Viscount 1870 – 1963 Said):
    “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” But the weaknesses and imperfections of human nature are not a reason for disregarding law as a means of regulations political conduct.”

    7th February 1771, Speech, House of Commons, London – “The greater the power, the greater the abuse.” “Why do people still do the things that are wrong when they are aware of the consequences that follow?”

    In Chandler . V. DPP, Lord Devlin (said),

    “The courts will not review the proper exercise of discretionary power, but they will intervene to correct excess or abuse.” “Excess means action which exceeded the limits of the prerogative. In the case of a statutory power, the courts may quash action taken for improper purposes or in bad faith.”

    “No one was above the law; that officials like private citizens were under a duty to obey the same law. The rights of the individual were secured not by guarantees set down in a formal document but by the ordinary remedies of private law available against those who unlawfully interfered with his liberty, whether they were private citizens or officials.”

    WILLIAM GLADSTONE 27TH APRIL 1886, (said):
    “You cannot fight against the future; time is on our side. The Great Social Forces which move onward in their might and majesty, and which the tumult of our debate does not for a moment impede or disturb – those Great Social Forces are against you; they are marshaled on our side; and the banner which we now carry in this fight, thought perhaps at some moment it may droop over our sinking heads, yet it soon again will float in the eye of heaven, and it will borne by firm hands of the united people of the three kingdoms, perhaps not to an easy, but to a certain and not distant victory.”

    “Elevate your vision?: “Has my right honourable friend in whom mistrust rises to its utmost height, ever really considered the astonishing phenomena connected with some portion of the conduct of various attorneys at law and government officials in the administration of justice; and involving at the same time, the security of every man’s rights and the fountain of honour?”

    PROVERBS – 8 / 4 & 5
    Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive against them.

    Following are recorded Official Gazette names and Estate of other fictitious Chief Marshal Auction Sales (Supreme Court Victims); disclosed by Jerry Nurse in his letter dated 5th January 1999 addressed to the Right Honourable Chief Justice Sir Denny Williams Q.C.

    Government Printed Papers – Barbados Official Gazette
    Chief Marshal Advertisement of Properties
    For Public Auction Sale 1966, 1967 / 1968
    Law Courts Registration Building



    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 874
    13 Feb 1967 – 11 Nov 1966
    2 Rods 17 Perches of Land at Workman Village, Saint George,
    attached from: LEOTTA WATSON
    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal

    Notice NO: 58
    21 Mar 1967 – 18 Jan 1967
    2 Acres, 1 Rod 34 Perches, at Coles. Near Merricks, Saint. Philip, attached from
    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal

    Notice NO: 120
    14 Apr 1967 – 7 Feb 1967
    2 Rods and Dwellinghouse, at Water Street, Christ Church,
    attached from: OSFORD LAYNE.
    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal Notice
    Sale prevented following Parliamentary Debate after Letter to Prime Minister Barrow.

    NO: 80
    21 Apr 1967 – 18 Jan 1967
    37, 262 sq. ft. of land, at Bush Hall, Saint Michael,
    attached from : Iris Jordan Executrix to JOSEPH EMMANUEL E.
    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal:

    Notice NO: 321
    14 Jul 1967 – 8 May 1967
    12, 341 sq. ft. of land and Dwellinghouse, on Lot 35, Elridge Plantation, Christ Church,
    attached from – GERALD CALLENDER
    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal == JERRY NURSE PROPERTY

    Notice NO: 27 Jul 1967 10 Jul 1967
    9,543 sq.ft. of land and Dwellinghouse name “EL-ROMANSO” at Maxwell, Christ Church
    appraised value $32, 200.00 – ADVERTISED IN THE ADVOCATE NEWSPAPERS as dated attached from : HERBERT WEBBER & STELLA WEBBER –
    Frank Decourcey King Acting Chief Marshal Deeds changed to Sale dame by PM Errol Barrow?
    Notice NO: 482

    5 Sept 1967 28 May 1967, Sale Date 28th August 1967
    7 Acres, 1 Rod, 34 Perches, 12 ft. wide road,
    at Friendship Plantation, Saint Andrew
    (No appraised value) attached from (JOE BUCKET) ESMOND FOSTER
    Frank Decourcey King Acting Chief Marshal

    THE Constitutional Law of The Great Seal And Its Misuse
    “Making or preparing a Warrant for passing an Instrument under the Great Seal or procuring an Instrument to be passed under that Seal, otherwise than as provided by the Crown Office Act 1877 or the Great Seal Act 1884, is an offense. Forgery of the Great Seal if Committed with Intent to Defraud or Deceive, is also an offense. Instruments includes any Letters – Patent, Letters Close, Writs, Commission and Grant, any document required to be passed under the Great Seal Act 1884.”

    FOR PUBLIC AUCTION SALES 1966, 1967 & 1968


    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 814 6 Feb 1968

    25 Oct 1967
    44, 610 sq. ft of land, at Porters, Saint James, appraised value $26,766.00,
    attached from JOHN D. IFILL

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 147 7 May 1968
    16 Jan 1968
    4,157 sq. ft of land
    part of a larger are of 8. 712 sq. ft at Chelsea Road, Saint Michael
    on lands of Bay Plantation (Public Road)
    attached from: SMEDLEY REMY

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 280
    27 Jun 1968 14 Mar 1968
    3 Rods, 30 Perches of land at Ashton Hall, Saint Peter appraised value $250.00
    attached from: CYNTHIA MABEL CORBIN

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 302
    25 Jul 1968 8 Apr 1968 (Land or Property size not recorded) appraised value $6,220.
    Land situate in Browne,s Gap, Eagle Hall, Saint Michael
    attached from: ERCIL HOLDER
    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 442,
    25 Jul 1968, 8 Apr 1968
    2 Rods of land at Middleton, Saint George,
    on lands of (Providence Plantation)

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 441
    2 Sept 1968 – 29 May 1968
    2, 744 sq. ft of land together with the Chattel Dwellinghouse, appraised value $1,204.60
    Pasture Road, Bank Hall, Saint Michael,
    attached from: GEORGIANA JORDAN

    (JOHN 7 / 7/8)- The world cannot hate you; but it hates me for exposing the wickedness of its ways.

    And Mr. Frank King;

    Frank Decourcey King, Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 27 Jul 1967 10 Jul 1967
    9,543 sq.ft. of land and Dwellinghouse name “EL-ROMANSO” at Maxwell, Christ Church
    appraised value $32, 200.00 – ADVERTISED IN THE ADVOCATE NEWSPAPERS as dated attached from : HERBERT WEBBER & STELLA WEBBER
    The above $32,200.00 Chief Marshal Supreme Court Public Auction Judgment Sale has to be the most painful part of my investigations. This property carries Title Deeds of ownership by The Right Hounourable Errol Walton Barrow MP, first – Prime Minister of Barbados. Usually referred to as the “Father of Barbados Independence” his birth date 21st January is a celebrated Public Bank Holiday. Jerry Nurse reported this matter to Barbados Government and has been astonished finding a “New Set of Title Deeds referring to Prime Minister Errol Barrow as the person who made the sale and not Frank King as advertised. This is so shameful and vile. Having reported these matters as filed in Jerry Nurse Supreme Court Writs of Summons 1266 / 1997 and 2107 / 1998 another Webber Conveyance has emerged whereas Prime Minister Errol Barrow sold the Webbers Maxwell Road Christ Church property and not Justice Frank King as advertised Barbados Chief Marshal.

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  15. Gail a. Elkins

    I’ve accomplished a great deal in my ancestry research. Barbados is one area that I’ve experienced minimal research. I do know my Nathaniel Partidge line were planters and immigrated from England to Barbados in late 160o’s. ( Partridge left Barbados for Charles Town 1704-5) I would like to know more of Partidges in Barbados . Respectfully, Gail Attaway Elkins

  16. Anonymous

    I would like to address your story about the cane field murderer and the officer who stopped because of a child. Did you do any background info on that officer or did you just form an opinion to suit your narrative? That officer has integrity, and he doesn’t care if you’re “high crust” or a peasant. If you break the law, you will be arrested. Children are sacred to him, and we don’t know his thoughts behind why he didn’t want to arrest a man in front of his child. Did you even interview him, or again you formed an opinion to suit your narrative? Is this even Investigative reporting? Please stop calling your blog “free press” and instead call it “free opinions.”

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