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Child Rape Haven Barbados – 12-Year-Old Girl Raped Ten Years Ago, No Trial For Ten Years – Defense Lawyers Succeed In Subverting Courts

“If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist? We have a sham of a ‘justice’ system.”

Child Rapist Looked After By Corrupt Old Boys’ Justice System

Barbados should hang its head in shame after a child rapist was able to walk free because his slimy lawyers delayed his trial for TEN YEARS and OUR JUDGES LET IT HAPPEN. (Nation News story link here)

There can be no excuse for what happened. No “explanation” from either the court or the legal community will suffice. We don’t even want to hear another pathetic lie or excuse from the Barbados courts and legal community.

Chief Justice David Simmons, Justice Elneth Kentish, Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, former Attorneys General Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, current Attorney General Freundel Stuart and the entire Barbados legal community should shut their disgraced mouths while the citizens discuss what can be done to return justice and rule of law to our country.

And it is not just about a child rapist walking free… although this case will do nicely to illustrate everything that is wrong with our justice system and courts. This business of witnesses and victims “settling out of court” and withdrawing their complaints after being paid money should not be tolerated. It undermines the entire justice system.

Consider this: In 1998 a twelve-year-old girl reported a rape and her attacker was charged. The victim is now 22 years old and the case never came to trial! She has spent the last TEN YEARS – half her life – avoiding her attacker who was walking free on this small island supposedly “awaiting trial”.

Delay, delay, delay. Motion this, unavailable counsel that. Conflict of dates for trial here, case remanded for settlement talks or disclosure here. And then finally after ten years she “withdraws” her willingness to testify – either after being paid off or because she has just had enough abuse.

The people who let this happen should all resign – but seeing as they won’t resign it is enough to know that their kind who have perverted our justice system to what it is now will probably BURN IN HELL. They should burn in hell.

If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist?

The Chief Justice should have said, “Not on my watch!”.

Tens years of Attorneys General should have said, “Not on my watch!”

God knows we should have been able to count on a woman judge to have some understanding of how our male-dominated society blames women rape victims – even 12-year-old children. But we couldn’t even count on Justice Elneth Kentish for justice. She said “Tsk, tek. Oh dear, what can the matter be” and that is the end of any accountability as far as she is concerned.

She ought to be ashamed of herself for allowing justice to be perverted in her court.

This should be an international story where the world community demands Barbados to account – and if we can at all place this on the world stage we will.

Barbados: Child Rape Haven

Don’t like that phrase? Then tell me why this country doesn’t deserve that title.

… article written by Shona with help from Cliverton


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