Child Rape Haven Barbados – 12-Year-Old Girl Raped Ten Years Ago, No Trial For Ten Years – Defense Lawyers Succeed In Subverting Courts

“If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist? We have a sham of a ‘justice’ system.”

Child Rapist Looked After By Corrupt Old Boys’ Justice System

Barbados should hang its head in shame after a child rapist was able to walk free because his slimy lawyers delayed his trial for TEN YEARS and OUR JUDGES LET IT HAPPEN. (Nation News story link here)

There can be no excuse for what happened. No “explanation” from either the court or the legal community will suffice. We don’t even want to hear another pathetic lie or excuse from the Barbados courts and legal community.

Chief Justice David Simmons, Justice Elneth Kentish, Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, former Attorneys General Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, current Attorney General Freundel Stuart and the entire Barbados legal community should shut their disgraced mouths while the citizens discuss what can be done to return justice and rule of law to our country.

And it is not just about a child rapist walking free… although this case will do nicely to illustrate everything that is wrong with our justice system and courts. This business of witnesses and victims “settling out of court” and withdrawing their complaints after being paid money should not be tolerated. It undermines the entire justice system.

Consider this: In 1998 a twelve-year-old girl reported a rape and her attacker was charged. The victim is now 22 years old and the case never came to trial! She has spent the last TEN YEARS – half her life – avoiding her attacker who was walking free on this small island supposedly “awaiting trial”.

Delay, delay, delay. Motion this, unavailable counsel that. Conflict of dates for trial here, case remanded for settlement talks or disclosure here. And then finally after ten years she “withdraws” her willingness to testify – either after being paid off or because she has just had enough abuse.

The people who let this happen should all resign – but seeing as they won’t resign it is enough to know that their kind who have perverted our justice system to what it is now will probably BURN IN HELL. They should burn in hell.

If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist?

The Chief Justice should have said, “Not on my watch!”.

Tens years of Attorneys General should have said, “Not on my watch!”

God knows we should have been able to count on a woman judge to have some understanding of how our male-dominated society blames women rape victims – even 12-year-old children. But we couldn’t even count on Justice Elneth Kentish for justice. She said “Tsk, tek. Oh dear, what can the matter be” and that is the end of any accountability as far as she is concerned.

She ought to be ashamed of herself for allowing justice to be perverted in her court.

This should be an international story where the world community demands Barbados to account – and if we can at all place this on the world stage we will.

Barbados: Child Rape Haven

Don’t like that phrase? Then tell me why this country doesn’t deserve that title.

… article written by Shona with help from Cliverton


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  1. Hants

    This is why I like BFP.

    Here we have a 12 year old rape victim and some how the accused is not tried in a court but has been free for for the last 10 years and will never to face a Judge or jury.

    This is a 12 year old child. The state was responsible for giving her justice.

    Wha happen?

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Where are the women’s rights groups on this? The international community can help us put pressure on the judges’ boys club of Barbados.

    What is the name of the accused who now free?

    Is he connected?

  3. Sargeant

    I commented on this report in my post on your “Mango Tree falls” story from the Nation. I am aware that online articles stories may be edited for content so I may not have had the full story but I was hoping that someone would expand on it. What struck me (from the story) was the seeming lack of empathy from the judge. The complainant could hardly be faulted for the delay in getting the matter to trial and her reluctance to testify at this late stage must have been borne out of frustration.

    Rape is a traumatic event for any woman and even more so when the victim was only twelve.

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    I posted this story on 23 women’s rights blogs that I found online. If everybody did that we can make the judges sorry that they did this.

  5. 129.92

    Not the judges. Not the defense. By their own admission it was the prosecutors who were slow.

  6. 129.92

    Dear Red Lake: Both judges quoted in Tuesday’s newspapers are female, as is the prosecutor.

  7. 129.92

    Years ago before she moved to St, Lucia to the OECS Supreme Court Magistrate Sandra Mason expressed her grave concern about sexual assaults against children which take far too long to be brought before the courts.

    She was right.

    10 years is indecently long.

  8. Amused

    Meanwhile Justice Kentish, who dismissed a ten-year-old rape case after the complainant, then 12, said she did not want to proceed with the matter, noted that something went “dismally wrong” with the matter.

    “Where is the justice? I don’t think justice has been served, especially given the nature of the matters. Something is very amiss,” Justice Kentish said.

    The judge added that given the passage of time, she was equally convinced that justice could not be now served.

  9. Amused

    that was copied from the Nation

  10. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Barbados has again proven itself to be a state of advance bacwardness and a high degree of indifference. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ONCE AGAIN….ONLY IN BARBADOS.

  11. West Side Davie

    Justice Kentish sounds like she made a statement to cover herself. Nothing will happen to the lawyer or the prosecutor or the police.

    No one will be fired. No one will be held responsible for anything. Nothing will change. There will be no public inquiry as to how this happened and no facts about who was negligent will be released to the public.

    BFP makes a good point. What use is this so-called “justice system”? What use is the so-called “Chief Justice” ?


    “Welcome to Barbados. A haven for men who want to rape 12 year old girls.”

    Maybe the BTA can come up with a new catchy tune to go along with the new slogan?

  12. no name

    How many similar rape cases exist?

    This is justice denied.

  13. Anonymous

    If it was my daughter……(Balance of comment edited out by BFP. Friends, while we understand the disgust and frustration that we each have over this travesty of justice, we will not allow comments on the blog that support the idea of vigilante justice. End of story.)

  14. akabozik

    Child or not this is a typical end result of a rape charge in our court. The only thing missing is the police saying ‘She axe for it. Shake dat ting at de man what he to do?’

  15. Tony Hall

    This is shameful. I get the impression that this case was deliberately delayed through loopholes to attain the desired result i.e frustrate the victim until she is convinced to accept some money and withdraw her evidence. I suspect that the accused has some type of social connections. Some people may say that there should be some punitive measure handed out to the young lady. I could see this being done in another type of matter, not rape because she has already been traumatised.

  16. 98.67

    I wait to hear that the same thing happens in the Jippy Doyle case!

  17. 98.67

    Oh, I notice that BFP does not support vigilante justice but it does seem to support gang rape! (see anonymous comment July 2 @11:13). Tsk Tsk


    BFP says,

    Listen you stupid idiot… we receive all kinds of threatening and inappropriate comments every day and we remove them when we notice them or when we are alerted to them by supportive readers who assist in identifying unacceptable comments.

    Just like any other blog or chat group, there are many that slip through the auto-filters and will appear for some time until the monitor takes care of it.

    This in no way implies support for what is said.

    The comment you speak of was posted for only a few minutes before it was removed. Your careful note of it and the time makes me suspicious that it was posted by you through a proxy – and that you have an agenda for doing so.

    Find someplace else to comment. You’re gone.


    BFP yes block the comments block mine too Barbados Controlled Press


    BFP says,

    So it was you.

    Thought so.

  19. it all starts from the top

    How do you expect justice for a 12 year old girl when the DPP can use a blank search warrant to arrest a woman at 2 AM in the morning in front of her son and then have her strip searched at the police station because she hadn’t paid her rent.

    No doubt she deserved it!

  20. Tell me Why

    “Where is the Justice? I don’t think justice has been served, especially given the nature of the matters. Something went dismally wrong. Something is very amiss” the judge said.
    After analysing the judge’s statement and the fact that the accused was present at all times, we can see the problem lies with the prosecution ONLY. When we speak about the prosecution, it simply means that all documentation, material evidence, witnesses etc must be in place. Based on the story we cannot link the accused to any subversion of justice but the callous and lackadaisical approach by the prosecution. That’s why we need to overhaul or justice system. We have too much delays and the lack thereof in the urgency by these law enforcers. Such behaviour is the arresting officers absent, files cannot be located, police notes missing, witnesses cannot be located or being sick and the excuses goes on. This nonsense got to stop….AND MUST STOP NOW!

    Unfortunately, the complainant saw the negativity and character assassination if this case had proceeded due to the length of time. Based on facts, she made the right decision.


    BFP says,

    So after TEN YEARS you are willing to blame only the prosecution based on one sentence in a newspaper article?

    Please…. stop drinking before you write.

  21. John

    The sad reality which this case highlights is that courts are in business to render decisions, not justice.

    Sometimes a decision is just, but usually it is just a decision.

  22. Tell me Why

    I wrote an article and it disappeared after submission. As usual, my posts are based on realistic information minus threats, character assassination or curse words. Can you release it from the spams.

  23. MIXmanScottyW!

    Likewise the case of a certain radio station owner/manager
    -playing a MIX of music and other ear-fare, HQ in Sheraton Mall, upstairs…a person some feel is so evil that he’s the devil, guy has a real head for weather…the man is similarly untouchable.
    Has court cases against him by past employees to whom he owes thousands of dollars and back pay, from back in the days when the operation was located in Bay St.
    If you see those cold shark eyes of his…RUN!

  24. tstt

    Folks, I have a question which is away from the topic and hopefully I can get some feed back from you.

    My daughter (14 yrs old) will be in Barbados during the month of August. She is thinking of doing some volunteer work while there (maybe 2 to 3 hrs per day). Does any one have any serious suggestions as to where or who she can try to contact?

  25. Tell me Why

    Please…. stop drinking before you write.
    First of all, I don’t drink or I don’t smoke. But be REALISTIC. If the accused, the defendant, the judge, the jury, air-conditioning working, the lights on and the court marshal and legal staff in place. Who can you blame BFP? The only pending solution is the prosecution. Stop trying to play swing buddy and admit you are wrong. My decision is not based on the newspaper, but simple reasoning which we seems to overlook especially if one can only see through a partisan eye.

  26. isam

    Once again the wheels of justice in Barbados has taken a decade, not to spin. Nothing has change in Barbados, in terms of the judicial system. For had this person been charged with the having a ganja roach in his pocket, one could reat assure that he would have been placed in prison for umpteen years.
    There is a lack of fairness in our legal system, that continue to protect and delay the persuit of justice since time. The justices, do no act as custodians of our legal system, simply because they are politically motivated and need to be reappointed to these jobs.
    They sit on their laurels, and accepts the prosecution and police deppartment, ram goat bring game cock stories, time and a again.

    go sit in anyone of these court rooms, and see the buddy sysdtem at work. They are hard working police officers, that come to do a great job, only to be impeded by this buddy system thas been going on in this c ountry for ever.

    Now if you thin k that the criminal system, is bad, you should see it’s sister side, the civil system. It can take up to ten years and more to get a will executed in this country call Barbados. I MEAN A SIMPLE WILL.
    There is total gross incompetence, that we in Barbados allow to exsist for too long, and the time has come to put an end to it.
    This rape case was bound to fail, because the prosecution did not act in a proper way, and this is why. They should have moved for the expediting of this case, the defense was smart, in not moving for the case to go forward, knowing that it was in their client’s interest , not to do such.

    After years of this case being tantamount to a cold case, evidence would have been lost and or missed placed. The victim would becomed disgusted with this delay and the memory of witnesses become hazy. This what is calleds the classic defense strategy.
    Do not blame the victim, blame the politics of the prosecution, and or the neglect of the power that control our jurisprudence.

  27. Fishpot

    Give us the name of the person.Let him be ashame to walk around Barbados. I guarantee some where along the line he has friends in the right places.

  28. politically incorrect

    The outrage………the indignation……..the outcome?

    Same old, same old.

  29. Redds

    I would like to know how old was the accused when he comitted the rape, was he also a child at the time?

  30. J

    According to the Nation of July 1st 2008, page 16 the rape accused was “Orlando O’Brian Hoyte…the 42 -year-old- manof Prince Gap, Collymore Rock, St. Michael…the offense alledgely took place in 1998 and he was indicted in 2001.”

  31. Bajanboy

    Like everything in Barbados, you do not realise how bad things are until they directly affect you. Until you or a loved one falls sick, the conditions at the QEH are nothing more that something to complain about over a few beers. Until some greedy and corrupt politician or civil servant bends the rules or demands a bribe to makes things happen, corruption is nothing more than an abstract issue. Until you need justice and the justice system delivers none or delivers it ten years later, it is nothing to worry about.

  32. JC

    Even when you give the name people still vote for them! hmmmmmm

  33. anonlegal

    Tell me why said:

    “After analysing the judge’s statement and the fact that the accused was present at all times, we can see the problem lies with the prosecution ONLY. When we speak about the prosecution, it simply means that all documentation, material evidence, witnesses etc must be in place. Based on the story we cannot link the accused to any subversion of justice but the callous and lackadaisical approach by the prosecution.”


    I agree for the most part with this assessment but I have noticed that sometimes the prosecution has difficulty getting witnesses to show up for court. In such a case I am not sure that the prosecutor himself can be blamed.

  34. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    I am of the belief that if Barbados does not embark on a specific decisive course of action against our most archaic and corrrupt system of injustice, or promptly exposes the criminal element of deliberate procrastination, and stalling of due process – we will not see any meaningful change taking place in on our island.

    Are we not sick of this lacklustre approach to the so call standards and judicial system set in this country? How we can sit back and see the law slap the wrist of a lawyer crook for a 9 month suspension of his practice and then jail another crook for stealing money for a few years in prison. Are they both not crooks and deserving of appropriate punishment?

    I am very much starting to believe that ‘if it is not white it is not right’ because ‘once it is black it is bound to be slack.’ Anyone can take me to task for my statement I will not make any apologies for it either. The only reason why the political system in Barbados is so stable is because Barbadians are generally a peaceful, non aggressive people. How long will that last as the pressure cooker continues to boil. Successive governments continue to make a mockery of its people in this country with decisions that are beneficial only to a select few. So what do you get, rich (by illegimate means) arrogant politicians who do not have a conscience but will seek to feed their greed at any cost, even at the cost of its people. JUST ABSOLUTELY SICKENING


    BFP says,

    We edited this comment because there were inappropriate passages in it. There are still racial elements in it that we have left for discussion.

    Jukecheckedeyskirt, you are talking about RULE OF LAW and the frustrations that develop in a society when there is no rule of law – but then you turn it into a racially prejudiced comment.

    While this may be indicative of the racial undercurrents in our society, it destroys your intent to clean up the judicial system.

    It is our observation that it doesn’t matter if we are talking black or white judges or lawyers on this island…. they all act the same and they share equally in discarding the rule of law in Barbados.

    Please stand back and look at how your racial prejudice is destructive and also a tool that has been used by both the black and white power groups on this island… although most effectively of late by the black power groups.

  35. Justice

    BFP, I did not contribute to this discussion before, but I too am ashamed at the outcome of this case. Ten years for a case to come to trial is an affront to justice(no pun). Justice delayed (for victim or accused) is justice denied. But you must not be so quick to condemn as you are…it does not seem at all true that his “slimy lawyers” delayed the case (your words) but that there was a failure in the prosecution system. Did the victim turn up on all occasions? Was the prosecution always ready to proceed? Do you know if the defence ever in fact sought an adjournment?


    BFP says,

    And once again you offer excuses for the Mickey Mouse justice system. No one is at fault, or blame the victim.

    Ten years. By any standard in any justice system in the civilized world there is NO excuse that is valid.

    But you are so conditioned to accept this ongoing farce that you just can’t see it.

    Some person(s) should be fired over this. Period. But you could never agree to that because you have never really been off the island. You are still in chains, Justice. Still in chains.

  36. Barbados the Beautiful

    If it was a big up’s daughter man would long since be tried & fried.

    We need a special task force designed to get on and stay on serious violent crimes. Too many unsolved or never tried.

  37. Hants

    BFP says,
    “Ten years. By any standard in any justice system in the civilized world there is NO excuse that is valid.”

    This is so ridiculous that you wonder if they meant 10 months.

    Let us not forget that a 12 year old child was raped.

    Now they will make it go away because she is now 22 years old and not the daughter of an upper class bajan.

  38. John

    Barbados the Beautiful
    July 3, 2008 at 11:21 am
    If it was a big up’s daughter man would long since be tried & fried.

    ……. depends on whether the man were also a bigup or not and if he was, exactly how bigup he was.

    Look what just happened in St. Vincent, not once but twice.

    …. I heard stories back in the late 70’s early 80s ‘s …..

  39. John

    The judicial system delivers decisions.

    Sometimes jusice will be done, and also seen to be done.

    That is why a free press is so vital.

    It is we who are responsible for this occurrence in court.

    No reporter following the case appears to have expressed any moral outrage over the 10 year period.

    No citizen interested in court matters, no friend of the girl’s family, absolutely no one appears to have stood up to be counted.

    .. and if they did, noone sought to take on the issue as their own.

    In the days of the Wild West, vigilante justice was swift and brutal.

    People moved beyond that and adopted laws which if broken carried certain penalties.

    People also set up law enforcement systems which while not perfect, removed the responsibility from individuals to admister vigilante justice.

    They also set up judicial systems which judged law breakers and decided what to do with them. These systems removed the responsibility of vigilante justice from the people.

    But guess what, the people took on a different responsibility. That responsibility was to ensure the systems they set up worked so that there would never be a need for vigilante justice.

    When we rail about the judicial system or the law enforcement system we do so with just cause, but it is only when we take responsibility for and demand that these systems work that we will see results and can sleep peacefully.

    How many other cases such as this one exist?

    What is the oldest case outstanding and awaiting a decision on the books of the courts?

    Is there a list of outstanding cases older than five years, or 10 years or 15 years or ……. ?

    Do we have journalists that can actually find out these things?

    … do we want them?!!!

    Does a 20 year old case still qualify as being “sub judice”?

    How old does a case have to be before the papers will come out from behind the “sub judice” rationale and raise bloody hell?

    Back in 2004 I recall the coroner was very busy conducting inquests into hundreds of deaths with inquests outstanding way back. I remember reading about one from 1982. That inquest took place 22 years later in 2004 ….. when the witnesses were all dead, a fact which the coroner lamented.

    I read it in the paper!!

    Maybe it is we amateur citizen journalists, who need to step up to the plate and show the newspapers what it is we want their professional journalists to do.

    The papers and professional journalists certainly aren’t.

    … remember the stories of the Wild West.

  40. S

    This is one of the reasons I had stop coming to BFP until a UWI lecturer convinced me not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    One case does not make Barbados a child rape haven. If you have other evidence on the amount of persons denied justice in rape cases, that is something different. You should present your evidence and just not besmirch the good name of Barbados without presenting a balanced picture of our society. Was justice served in this case? How do you determine that? What evidence do you use to confirm this man’s guilt? Neither defendant nor ALLEGED victim have had their day in court. There is a reason why we do not rely on the media to convict people. Sometimes people we believe to be guilty – due to a sensationalist media -aren’t. We have a legal process which we use to judge and determine guilt. Unfortunately this sometimes breaks down.

    For me, that is where real the travesty of any justice occurred, the breakdown of this legal process, because the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator both were not able to put their evidence before our law courts.

    You want to make this young lady the standard bearer for your agenda but provide little evidence on anything. The fact that I or anyone else believes a man is guilty of a crime does not make him so. What if this man is innocent and for 10 years he has not been able to clear his name? Where is the justice in that?

    According to the American Civil Liberties Union website “in the past 35 years, 129 inmates were found to be innocent and released from death row.” From the same website “Innocent North Carolina Man Exonerated After 14 Years On Death Row”. Some of these cases indicate that there was evidence available to clear persons but was in some instances it was overlooked. We should be on our guard to strenghten our processes so that they work for the victims of crime as well as those innocent of false accusations.

    I know sensationalism sells but BFP should have some integrity. I feel sorry for Barbados and especially for those persons who google search ‘child rape haven’ find this site and go away thinking Barbados supports or defends child rapists. You do a disservice to the Child Care Board and all those person in the legal profession doing their job to keep Barbados safe.


    BFP says,

    Coming soon to BFP (this afternoon or tomorrow morning) “Yet another child-rape case in Barbados – Seven years and no trial yet.”

  41. S

    John you make some salient points!

  42. Adrian hinds

    ….and some people told it was wrong for me to retain vigilante justice in Barbados. For me justice will always be served.

  43. Anonlegal

    To “S”:

    Excellent post. I could not have said it better myself.

  44. John


    According to the American Civil Liberties Union website “in the past 35 years, 129 inmates were found to be innocent and released from death row.”


    Here are 129 instances that demonstrate that the judicial system delivers decisions and does not dispense justice.

    A just decision is not a requirement of the judicial system we set up, just a decision!!!

  45. John


    There is a reason why we do not rely on the media to convict people. Sometimes people we believe to be guilty – due to a sensationalist media -aren’t. We have a legal process which we use to judge and determine guilt. Unfortunately this sometimes breaks down.

    It is precisely because the system can, will and does break down that we rely on the media, ………..sensationalist or not.

    I agree completely that the individual cannot or should not be convicted in the media, …… but the system and the people who administer it become fair game for the media (sensationalist or not) when things go awry.

    Even the Judge clearly knows and admits “something is amiss”. If that isn’t a reason to let loose the dogs of war on the system and the persons who administer it I don’t know what else could be.

    Remember, we are paying people to do a job. It is not rocket science, and does not require any particularly brilliant individual to do it.

    In any case, we train them to do that job, pay for it with our hard earned money.

    “Blessed is he/she who expects nothing for he/she will not be disappointed”

    We need to call people to account and any media can be used, sensationalist …… or not.

  46. Adrian Hinds

    Well said John. S’s commentary is well reasoned but falls very short of addressing the issue. At it’s core it restates the tired and old concern of and about Barbados’ image. It is as if persons, not in the civil service of Barbados have signed up to be guided by the secrecy act.

  47. Justice

    You amaze me, BFP. I said that I was appalled at the time it took to try this case, yet you could say that I was making excuses for the system;when all I was doing was pointing out the falsehood in your story that his “slimy lawyers” caused the delay. You really should read with care.

  48. Tell me Why

    Justice, it is impossible to fight BFP. The best thing is to be firm in your convictions. I made my submissions that it have to be the prosecution side that fell down. The Judge, the defendant, the lawyers, the accused, the jury and the legal staff were all present. So what would have caused the constant referrals. Simply the prosecution.

  49. Hants

    S says “One case does not make Barbados a child rape haven.”

    I read in the mainstream media that child sexual abuse was a serious problem documented by the Child care Board.

    BFP is just bringing attention to the problem in a more dynamic way.
    The real danger is the headline may attract more pedophiles to Barbados.

    This too shall pass.

  50. .88

    Very sad really it is very disgusting that things like this are allowed to go unchecked.

  51. John

    What we need now is for the journalists to access the court file, minus the child’s name, and document in a detailed way what happened in each of the 10 years that the case was before the court.

    Then we don’t have to try to connect the dots.

    Maybe the Nation needs to start a blog or a website where the documents associated with a completed court matter can be accessed.

    Then again shouldn’t the judicial system do this as a way of letting the PUBLIC see how it is carrying out the mandate entrusted to it by the same PUBLIC?

  52. S

    Now John, there was reason I said you make salient points but you perhaps missed my intent.

    Now I’ll ask two questions.

    What is justice? How do we arrive at justice?

    Not wanting to delve to much into philosopy, I will define justice simply, i.e. as the guilty being punished and the innocent set free. Now my opinion is that to achieve justice, decisions have to be made. The fact that bad decisions are sometimes made, to me does not negate that the legal process is still the best road map to justice.

    I however, realising the limitation of all man made systems, advocate for a constant re-evaluation of the legal process to plug loopholes and a system of accountability by our public servants.

    For both John and Adrian Hinds my area of contention is not and never has been to hide truth, bad news or anything of the like about Barbados. I instead would prefer responsible journalism to one sided sensationalism.

    I came to BFP with high hopes of another avenue of information that was fair and tackled the substantive issues of the day. My criticism is we go more for opinions, sensationalism and not a critical examination of facts.

    There are deficiencies in this article that I take exception to:

    A man has been convicted on BFP, without regard to the facts of the case: According to the article he is a child rapist with a slimy lawyers. What is known of this case? Since when everyone accused of a crime is guilty? Belief and truth are not the same thing.

    Barbados is a child rape haven: Do we think this is true based on ONE CASE, where it appears it was slack work by the prosecution? There are many social workers in our Child Care Board who work tirelessly to ensure our children are safe but nonetheless the whole of Barbados has been blanketed with being complicit in a vile act.

    The article appears to have been written by an angry person letting off steam. That is not necessarily good journalism. Words are powerful and when we let them out we can’t take them back. We have an article which plainly states “Child Rape Haven Barbados”. An article which another reader who obviously not checking any facts has posted on 23 women’s rights blogs found online.

    Will anyone contact the Child Care Board to get statistics? Will anyone speak to those in law enforcement who may have dealt with such cases? Is a little factual information too much to ask? Has anyone thought to highlight what Barbados MAY actually be doing right with regard to victims of such crimes and where perhaps more needs to be done?

    The process worked well enough that a man was brought before the law courts. The critical part is why the case was allowed to drag on for so long and then dismissed? Is this a part of our legal system we should seek to address? Is Barbados doing anything right with regard to victims of crime in Barbados? Reading BFP I would think Barbados is a free for all where no one goes to jail.

    Come on people!!

    The media must take its job seriously. One sided, biased commentary I leave for Ministers of Propaganda.

    Perhaps I expect to much of BFP hence my disappointment.

  53. 198.1

    How precisely should the judiciary act if the prosecution is not ready?

  54. Anonlegal

    If the prosecution cant gather the evidence it needs to proceed, the court dismisses the case for want of prosecution (one cant convict someone unless there is evidence).

  55. Fairplay

    So who is keeping back Jippy Doyle Case?

  56. So you just think it is about the courts? Corruption s rampant all over this island, especially under the BLP. Take a look at the unfolding issue at the QEH with Dr. Brian Charles et al…

    He was appointed Director of Medical Services just before the last election. Yet still he was and still is a doctor at Sandy Crest MEdical Centre (and part owner); doctor for DERO, CEDERA, the Prisons, a private practitioner, recently VP of a regional Medical Insurance brokerage firm and a lecturer at Ross University.

    Who would have made him Medical Director given his other demanding work loads. But the BLP did, even though he did not sign the contract until June 20th. 2008.

    He is paid $192,000 per year by the QEH and still he was not putting in 20 hours per week; and his management skills are terrible. A great doctor but a greedy and bad manager.

    As part of the medicakl brokers for the QEH, Dr. Charles and his group charged the QEH $4 million per year for brokerage. And the claims averaged $25,000. Dr. Estwick has decided to put the brokerage service out to public tender and Dr. Charles group is now charging $1.5 million and has offered to re-imburse the QEH $2.5 million over 3 years. Tell me that he does not want locking up.

    All of this under Jerome Walcott’s watch. I wonder how much of that money went back into the BLP campaign?

    And how could George Griffith wish to give Ms. Lorde, the outgoing Director of HR that position given her great lack of experience. And to boot … she claims that she had no probationary period. Gimme a break.

    Dr. Estwick has my full support. He is merely trying to root out the corruption and wastage at the QEH.

  57. Keltruth Corp.

    I am starting to get the impression that the Bajan courts are soft on violent crimes against women. Here is a case of a man who murdered a woman, was alleged to beat another and burnt the house of a third. You will be amazed at what his sentence was

  58. Wishing In Vain

    Decent Boy And they want to speak about witch hunts they must be kidding me.

    This last gov’t was filled with frauds and thieves, we have seen disclosed on BU the fraud that was carried out by IAN WALCOTT against the insaurance company for whom he worked, he spent time in a USA prison but he wants to tell people about a witch hunt idiot.

  59. Tell me Why

    If what Decent Boy is saying – whoever he is. Shouldn’t this state of affairs be aired by the Minister of Health? Are we being suppress by orchestrated information from a selected grouping to confuse us. By the minister going public with this enormous payment, providing he has the facts. It will assist the government in obtaining empathy on their plight.

  60. John

    We have a problem with our control systems.

    We need to fix that problem.

    The press should be in the vanguard of the attempt to fix that problem.

    It is not!!!


    If lack of prosecution is the explanation and that is all we need to fix, lets fix it.

    What’s keeping us from doing it?

  61. Tell me Why

    I would appreciate Decent Boy to submit REAL evidence to BFP so that it can be ventilated. If Decent Boy fail to submit any facts, we can simply say, it is just a hoax as usual.

  62. Tell me Why

    If lack of prosecution is the explanation and that is all we need to fix, lets fix it.

    What’s keeping us from doing it?
    If a case is being called on Friday, the prosecution should have all witnesses, police giving statements, et al before the commencement of the case. If the court marshal/police have problems in locating an accused, a warrant of arrest should be automatic and that person be held until the start of the case. I find it a waste of time for the magistrate/judge waiting to find out that the accused cannot be found and the decision to give a warrant of arrest. The prosecution must start being proactive instead of being reactive before a case.

  63. Anonymous

    Show me a Barbadian Minister in government or a Prime Minister who gets treated for anything at the QEH. The sons of bitches don’t even get treated for hemmorrhoids in Barbados. Whenever high level civil servants, Ministers in government or their cronies have a bad cough, they fly up to Miami. Guess why they get to hell out of Barbados? It has to do with incompetence, maladministration, decaying conditions, you guessed it, QEH is nothing more than an undertaker’s paradise. If the politicians don’t want to receive their health care at the QEH, why should the Barbadian populace have any trust in the butchers at QEH. People like Richie Haynes was diverting monies from patients over the years to fatten up his pockets. Dr Haynes became fabulously wealthy, using the QEH facilities to treat patients and over charge them for illnesses they did not have. The powers in Barbados gave that crook a Knighthood, for what? F—up and move up.

  64. Barbados the Beautiful

    Someone asks what the courts can do to put a stop to delays.

    Maybe on the first day the man is brought before the court set a trial date and tell everyone to be ready and then make sure there is a judge jury and courtroom available that day. Police and prosecution better get their job done right before that or defence gonna walk the man.

    Too many times cases are bumped because judge not available, court or court staff not available, lawyer not available, you name it. No excuse for a rape case not to be tried within one year or less.

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  66. Tracy

    Sorry about that

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  68. maxtor

    let us be fank court cases
    in bim always take years

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