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Happy Independence Day To Our American Friends – Remembering Crispus Attucks And The Invisible Blacks Of 1776

The Invisible Blacks Of The American Revolution

Happy July 4th Independence Day to our American friends. Like many Caribbean families, we have relatives in the USA and other countries – even in the country of Brooklyn. 😉 Continue reading


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Source: Barbados SSA Corruption By BLP Minister Liz Thompson, Andrew Thomas – Conflict of Interest By Stanton Alleyne

BLP Minister Liz Thompson And Bid Fixing At The Sanitation Service Authority

THE FOLLOWING comes to us from an anonymous source who used a proxy remailer from Austria. We have no way of knowing who this person is, whether the information is true, partially true, or whether there is a bit of mischief afoot.

Nonetheless we’re going to print the letter and see what our readers can make of it.

With no transparency, freedom of information laws, conflict of interest standards or accountability legislation, Barbados citizens can only scratch the surface of government wrong-doing by talking and pooling our knowledge.

Let’s see what our readers think of this piece. Once again, take with lots of salt…

Dear BFP,

I had meant to address your article about the General Manager of the SSA, appearing on your blog on 28 June 2008 entitled Garbage Strike Is A Side Issue In The National Debate About Corruption In Public Service, but work constraints prevented me from addressing the issue before.

First, I think you are providing a good service but given your lack of resources (unlike the mainstream media) you tend to rush headlong at times without checking. This may also be due to the fact that you lack the contacts and time to pursue certain issues properly. Be that as it may I think you mean well, even if at times you are way out at left wing.

What is interesting from the comments following the SSA blog is that the majority of the public obviously believes that every civil servant is a thief, even when they do not have the facts of a matter.

This case is really a case of ‘A Man Scorned’. Mr. Thomas is that man scorned and he would go to any length to get his money. It is interesting that BFP readers talk about Alleyne is a BLP crook etc. etc. not knowing that Andrew Thomas was in cahoots with BLP ministers and operatives.

So leh we go. Mr. Thomas was told to underbid for work at the SSA by the then Minister of Health Liz Thompson, who told him that any cost over-runs would be taken care of by the ‘GOVERNMENT”. Government here does not mean the BLP, it means the taxpayers. This cost overrun ploy was the modus operandus of many contractors, especially those who had high up BLP friends.

When Mr. Thomas bid for the work, Chris Griffith was the General Manager of the SSA and Stanton Alleyne was the Deputy General Manager. The work was done, however, Mr. Thomas claimed, as was advised, for cost over-runs. Griffith subsequently retired and Mr. Alleyne became Acting General Manager. Mr. Thomas wrote to Alleyne asking to be paid for the cost over-runs that he felt was dues to him. Mr. Alleyne refused to pay Mr. Thomas saying that he did not see work that warranted the sums that Mr. Thomas was asking for. (IF ALLEYNE WAS IN THOMAS’ POCKET WOULD HE NOT HAVE PAID HIM AND LOOK TO GET SOME OF THE MONEY?).

The two cheques being talked about are for $500 each totalling $1,000. Really, that is shite money for a GM. What this ‘Man Spurned’ (Thomas) did was hire two cars on two different occasions from Mr. Alleyne. Like most senior civil servants Mr. Alleyne has a small hired car business – which I find disgusting – but is it illegal. I think the lawyers and the union did not want to put it in the public domain that Alleyne has hired cars. Anyway in payment for the cars, a devious Thomas wrote the cheques to Stanton Alleyne. When you write someone a cheque you do not say what it is for, however, it is there for record that X received a cheque from you. Thus he sends these two cheques to the new Board and they hot-and-sweaty fire Alleyne.

Dr. Don Marshall always knows almost everything and pretends that he is a neutral commentator but yet he is made chairman of a board and all he can do is summarily fire a man without investigating a matter properly. And heck the neutral commentator that he is and champion of the people could find himself in Westbury Cemetery telling grave diggers that they should arrive at work at a specific time. Grave diggers know what they have to do and when they have to do it for. Are families complaining that graves are being delivered late? As one of your bloggers pointed out, the Board sets policy not go on the job to direct workers. But power does get to all uh them.

If he is well verse in governance issues he would know that he and his board should resign. How will they work with a man that they tried to fire? But people like Don want power so while they shame they don’t have the guts to give it up. Don’t fuhget that he wanted to run for the seat which James Paul won.

We have to be careful in this country. This country is too small for people to be hired only on the basis that they are B, D, NDP or Pep. We don’t need that type of tribalism. Many of us supported the DLP in the January election because we were pissed off with the tired antics of Owen, Mia and the BLP. But for that Run For Your Money rum-grabbing JACKASS Rev. Massiah to suggest that the DLP should fix up DEMS makes me cringe. The BLP played this game and it upset be immensely and I would not be taking it from the DEMS. For a party that castigated stupid Lammy Craig for his Douglas Leopold Phillips speech in Parliament to keep silent following Massiah’s pronouncements is frightening. I wonder which bible Massiah reads. He probably does be too drunk to read the Bible.

Yes the new government needed to get the rid of George Edgehill because he at times behave as a BLP government operativ not a civil servant. No one would believe that there was a GM at NHC. But to get the rid of all GM and senior civil servants should not be condoned. They are Bajans out there who do not rabidly support any party but they are qualified and are willing to work hard to see this country progress, should they be made to suffer because they are not DEms now and then later because they are not Bees.

I’ve said enough, I await those stinging replies.

The Soothsayer


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To Our Hardworking SSA Drivers, Loaders and Police Officers…

The Sanitation Service Authority recently held two seminars for drivers and lorryloaders on how best to take care of the Authority’s new vehicles.

St Sgt Rodney Inniss, Forensic Collision Investigator with the Royal Barbados Police Force, conducted a fascinating presentation on defensive driving with a contingent of SSA staff at the ICBL’s Country Road headquarters. This officer has held similar courses for Rayside Construction, CO Williams Companies, as well as BS & T and other businesses with vehicular fleets.

The Station Sergeant had a detailed presentation touching on many subjects and the audience was very receptive to the officer’s innovative approach. The investigator urged them to plan their routes carefully and to heed all traffic signs, rules and regulations.

The SSA’s Manager, Stanton Alleyne thanked staff for their support during the challenging week of June 23 to 27th, he also reminded them of the TV campaign designed to encourage Barbadians to respect SSA workers more and employ best waste practices at all times.

Michael Nicholls, Deputy Manager of Operations, in his segment urged crews to be aware that noises carry in early hours and while on such a shift it may be better to use a type of code or signal rather than shout instructions to each other. He also praised staff members for remembering to replace lids on bins which were emptied.

SSA Transport Superintendent, Mr. Elvin Chase, also spoke with workers on the proper procedures and techniques of preventative maintenance with all vehicles before and after starting a shift on the road.

Barbados Free Press Comments

The above is taken from a press release by the Sanitation Service Authority sent out today. Despite the recent industrial action by the SSA, the er, “management problems” and the outrageous neglect of duty by the Commissioner of the Royal Barbados Police Force and other officers – we appreciate and wish to remind our readers that 99.9% of the folks at the SSA and the RBPF work hard every day to make Barbados the best it can be.

We appreciate that and we appreciate the hard-working folks at the SSA and the RBPF.

Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses – BFP


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Another Barbados Child Rape With No Trial For Seven Years!

“If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist? We have a sham of a ‘justice’ system.”

Child Rape In Barbados – Don’t Ask For Justice

Two days ago we told you of a disgusting debacle in the Barbados courts where a child rape case was not brought to trial for TEN YEARS – and then it was thrown out. (See BFP’s Child Rape Haven Barbados – 12-Year-Old Girl Raped Ten Years Ago, No Trial For Ten Years – Defense Lawyers Succeed In Subverting Courts)

Today we remind our readers of yet another abuse of justice denied – this time for seven years without trial.

Back in 2001, Pastor Jippy Doyle was charged with the rape of a 14 year old girl, and in 2005 he went to a preliminary court enquiry on two charges of rape and two charges of attempted rape with 13 or 14 year old girls where it was determined that there was enough evidence for a full trial.

That’s it folks. That is the last that anyone heard of those rape charges.

The Nation News Has Removed All Stories About The Jippy Doyle Rape Charges!!!

We couldn’t find any of the past newspaper stories of the Jippy Doyle rape charges online anywhere. They have been removed by the Barbados news media.

Fortunately, several bloggers have been keeping records of the child rape charges against Doyle so at least there will be a public record when the Barbados court finally throws out the case after it is old enough to do so.

Whether Guilty Or Not – The Elites Are Seldom Required To Go To Trial In Barbados

That is the way things work on this island for the elites. Whether guilty or not the elites are seldom required to go to a public trial in Barbados. If there is a public outcry at the time of an occurrence, an “investigation” will be launched. If that doesn’t satisfy the public or “look good enough” then charges are laid, but they never come to trial.

If you have enough pull, even the local newspaper will delete any online stories and after seven or ten years the rape victim just wants it over and a few thousand dollars takes care of that.

Welcome to Barbados – a haven for elites who commit rape, child rape, fraud or other offenses.

Further Reading

Barbados Underground: Sir Richard Cheltenham’s Vanishing Act In The Jippy Doyle Affair

The following has been taken from other blogs and is placed here to ensure the preservation of the records…

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