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Barbados Upper Crust Members Hans Kristian Rausing and wife Eva Rausing Charged With Drug Offenses

Main Entry:    stu·pid
Pronunciation: \ˈstü-pəd, ˈstyü-\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupēre to be numb, be astonished.
Date: 1541

1: slow of mind : obtuse b: given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c: lacking intelligence or reason : brutish

2: Example: Occasional Barbados residents Hans Kristian Rausing and wife Eva Rausing. Eva was caught attempting to smuggle heroin into the United States Embassy in London. Hans leapt from a window to avoid arrest over a drug-related automobile accident.

— stu·pid·ly adverb
— stu·pid·ness noun

We Love Hans and Eva Rausing!

Hans and Eva own the most expensive home on Barbados. About three months ago they ran into a little trouble when Eva tried to smuggle some heroin and cocaine into the American embassy in London. We did up an article and BFP reader Reality Check and some others came to their defense saying that the Rausings had done much for Barbados and we should therefore cut them some slack.

Fair enough. We made a reply at the time and we think it is still valid. So here it is again, with this preface: If the Rausings can get into a healthy state of mind and body, and after they are finished in the British courts, we in Barbados should welcome them again.

The Brits have finally charged them with the drugs… story here and here.

As a side note, I went to a family function last week and who should appear but a cousin who cheated on her husband two years ago. The husband forgave her after a year and took her back, mostly for the sake of the children but also for the sake of the larger family.

I didn’t want to give her a hug, but I did. For the husband. For the children. For the family.

So she is back on probation, but back just the same.

It should be the same with the Rausings. After they have done their penance, we should welcome them back on Barbados. As we said in our first article when Eva was arrested for being an idiot…

“We don’t know much about the Rausings. If they are the kind of people who really have a heart for others then we wish them well. If this causes them to rethink their lives and how much good they could do if they only became serious about the opportunities and resources that God has given them, we wish them well too.

Some folks take a long time to grow up, an some never do. And by “growing up” I mean being responsible and caring and trying to do the best one can every day.

But when you are fool enough to take crack and heroin into the US Embassy in a post-9/11 world… you have to take some heat!

So we’ll forgive them, but they gotta take the heat, fix themselves up and then do something with their lives if they want our respect.

A big hello to KT and I hope you got what I sent. Marcus


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