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Barbados news media and blogs lament Charlie Hebdo murders and loss of press freedom – but not enough to print the Mohammed cartoons

Mohammed Goat Cartoons

Yup, we anonymous writers at Barbados Free Press have published Mohammed cartoons in the past, as we publish the one above now. (Hey… The muslim prophet Mohammed sure has eyes and a tongue for that goat’s behind, doan you think?)

But that doesn’t take much courage at all.

So we can hardly fault the Barbados Advocate, The Nation News and Barbados Today for not publishing the “offending” Mohammed cartoons that were the excuse for three devout Muslims to commit their usual murders – this time in Paris.

Even the worshiped New York Times gave the “juis suis Charlie” salute, but didn’t have the courage to print the same Mohammed cartoons that were the latest excuse for Muslim violence and murder. The NY Times said it was out of respect, not fear, that they didn’t print the Hebdo cartoons. Really? The NY Times sure printed the infamous “Piss Christ” photo of a crucifix upside down in a jar of human urine.

Why did the NY Times print something offensive to Christians but will not print a Mohammed cartoon? Because the New York Times editors like the rest of us fear that if they print the Mohammed cartoons, they will be murdered by any number of violent devout Muslims who wish to obey the verses of the Koran that instruct Muslims to murder.

So we self censor or publish anonymously because we know that Islam is a violent religion, that encourages adherents to believe that vile, barbaric behaviour and violence will gain them heaven. The problem is with the foundation of Islam – not some current flavour or interpretation.

“There is an absolute and utter failure of the majority of Muslims to this day to condemn continued acts of violence in the name of Allah and to purge their religion of those who foment such violence.”

And that’s something we’re going to have to face here on this rock sooner or later.

Look no further than the Al-Falah Muslim School to learn what Barbadian children are being taught by their devout Muslim teacher… Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings”

Someday those chickens a going to come home to roost here, just as they did in Paris.

Further Reading

What I learned from 9/11


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St. Vincent Prime Minister says he does Obeah sorcery for the Lord


“I only work Obeah for the Lord”

SVG Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

by Peter Binose

These words were recorded as spoken by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in parliament, “I only work Obeah for the Lord”. What an insult to the Vincentian Christian society. How on earth can a prime minister in a Christian country say such a thing, and never apologise?

According to Wikipedia, Obeah (sometimes spelled Obi, Obea or Obia) is a term used in the West Indies to refer to folk magic, sorcery, and religious practices derived from West African, and specifically Igbo origin. Obeah is similar to other African derived religions including Palo, Voodoo, Santeria, rootwork, and most of all hoodoo.

Obeah is associated with both benign and malignant magic, charms, luck, and with mysticism in general. In some Caribbean nations, Obeah refers to folk religions of the African diaspora. In some cases, aspects of these folk religions have survived through syncretism with Christian symbolism and practice introduced by European colonials and slave owners. Casual observation may conclude that Christian symbolism is incorporated into Obeah worship, but in fact may represent clandestine worship and religious protest.

During slavery, Obeah was directed against the European slave masters. However, with the rise of Christianity, Obeah is considered taboo, and the term has pejorative associations.

Which ‘Lord’ is PM Gonsalves referring to?

Obeah is practiced in Suriname, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Guyana, Barbados, Grenada, Belize, The Bahamas and now according to Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves in St Vincent, and other Caribbean countries. Gonsalves said in parliament, “I only do Obeah for the Lord.” It’s true he said that, and it’s recorded in parliamentary records.

Such a statement must be an insult to Christians. Gonsalves told us he only does Obeah for the Lord. My argument is that you cannot do Obeah for God or Lord Jesus. So who is Gonsalves referring to, could it be ‘The Lord of Darkness, Satan‘?  Continue reading


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Universal Rights Group publishes rubbish about The Maldives

Marc Limon - He did what? !

URG Executive Director Marc Limon – He did what??? !!!

Maldives… a liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards?


Check out this statement by Universal Rights Group about their Executive Director, Marc Limon…

“Marc Limon worked as a diplomat (rank of Counsellor) at the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council from the body’s establishment in 2006 until the end of 2012. This included participating in the negotiations on the institution-building package (which determined how the Council would operate), on the Council’s mid-term review, and on a wide-range of thematic and country-specific issues over the course of twenty-one regular sessions and nineteen special sessions.

From 2003 onwards, Marc worked as a Senior Advisor to the Government of the Maldives, providing counsel to support the country’s democratic and human rights reform agenda. This agenda oversaw the Maldives’ peaceful transition from an Islamic autocracy to a liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards. As part of this agenda, Marc was responsible for strengthening the Maldives’ engagement with the international human rights system. This included establishing a Permanent Mission in Geneva, coordinating the country’s accession to almost all international human rights conventions and the fulfilment of its reporting obligations, extending a Standing Invitation to all human rights Special Procedures, coordinating reporting under the Universal Periodic Review and, in 2010, working on the Maldives’ successful campaign for election to the Human Rights Council (the first time the country had ever been elected to a UN body)…”

… more at Universal Rights Group

Maldives jail Christian for possessing bible

Maldives jail Christian for possessing bible

Alright. Let’s get some things square from the start: I believe that the Universal Rights Group has a place, if only to try and convince the practitioners of barbaric religious and cultural traditions to stop killing folks who don’t believe the same thing they do, and also to stop mutilating women’s genitals in order to control them by depriving them of sexual pleasure and personhood.

So good for Marc Limon and his compatriots.

But when Universal Rights Group calls The Maldives a “liberal democracy”, well… they might as well just take more LSD or whatever drug they are doing because they have lost all fucking touch with reality.

Check out these past BFP articles, do a little independent research about The Maldives and then see if you can agree with URG’s statement that The Maldives are a “liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards”.

Good Lord!

Passin thru

Further Reading at BFP

January 18, 2014: Marriage problems? Try a Maldives vacation where it’s lawful to beat and rape your wife!

March 28, 2013: 1.3 million signatures on petition to Stop Flogging Rape Victims in The Maldives! Continue reading


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Time for Jews to leave Europe

Editor’s note: I found this unfinished article by our lost friend Marcus. The last date he worked on it was March 21, 2012. I don’t know why he never finished the piece, but I’ll publish it as found because I was unaware of all the Muslim ‘holy scriptures’ instructing hatred of Jews. Marcus also referenced an editorial by Israel National News: Jews, Get Out of Europe!


As I write this, French police are surrounding a Toulouse flat where a devoutly religious Muslim is holed up. So far Mohammed Merah, 24, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, has murdered three French paratroopers, one Rabbi and three Jewish children at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school.

No doubt that Mohammed Merah did it for Allah. After all, the holy Koran and Hadiths state about the Jews…

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29)

“The Day of Resurrection will not arrive until the Moslems make war against the Jews and kill them, and until a Jew hiding behind a rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Moslem, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'” (Sahih Bukhari 004.52.176) Continue reading


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Women should boycott Maldives tourism

Maldives Holiday

Why vacation where women are second class and punished for being women?

15 year old incest rape victim sentenced to flogging for sex outside marriage

The Independent: Maldives government moves to halt public flogging of 15-year-old girl raped by stepfather

The photos of the Maldives are always so beautiful – deep blue skies, crystal clear water, calm seas and clean tranquil private resorts – but those tourism adverts hide a seething Islamic fundamentalism that has taken over the government and the island nation’s culture.

Beautiful islands, yes – but hostile to women, westerners and all non-Muslims that they call infidels. Be prepared to vacation in a culture of hate where the government and many in the population conceal their laws and feelings only long enough to grab your tourism dollars.

Pity the women born in The Maldives. Only Muslims are allowed Maldives citizenship – all other religions are barred from being citizens even if born in the Maldives.

Why should women tourists boycott the Maldives?

Girls are still married off at nine and ten years old, young women are often whipped for having sex outside marriage, rioters in the streets broke into the museum and destroyed exhibits of non-Muslim history and culture – smashing thousand year old Buddha statues and burning religious books.

The Maldives: where you will be jailed if they find you with a bible or an icon of Mary on your computer.

The Maldives: where couples are offered marriage renewal ceremonies on the beach with the Muslim Imam saying the ceremony in the local language. Couples smile at each other – not knowing that the Imam is calling them swine and infidels and saying worms will come from the husband’s penis because he is not Muslim. The resort staff nods and smiles to complete the marriage renewal farce. What an indication of the inner feelings for western tourists!

Hey… nice people those Maldives Islamist crazies!

As a woman, choosing between Maldives or Barbados for next year’s winter holiday, there really doesn’t seem to be much thought needed, does there?

How about a Maldives Wedding?

If you’re still not put off by the state of the world in The Maldives, how about planning to get married or renewing your vows there? You too can have a wonderful ceremony…  Continue reading


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Why does the LGBT community give a pass to Muslim treatment of gays?

“The gay community should be in the avant garde that is fighting for the oppressed members of their community in the Islamic world. There is no minority in the U.S. that is as passionate, as fierce, and as effective as the LGBT community. What they have achieved, in relationship to their numbers, is spectacular and unrivaled. Why would they not apply their same premise of opposition to oppression and discrimination to societies that are abhorrent and monstrous in their treatment of gays? There is no group that I would rather have shoulder-to-shoulder with me, hands down, than this effective, uncompromising movement. And what could be more crucial, and as clear-cut an issue, as life and death?”

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs says: Pro-Gay Equals Anti-Sharia.

Further Reading

Telegraph: UK Muslim radio station fined for saying gay people should be tortured

BFP: Gutless Barbados “Abstains” From UN Vote Citing Iran For Human Rights Abuses, Torture, Discrimination and Violence Against Women – AND THEN VOTES TO PROTECT IRAN!

BFP: Shame on Barbados: abstains from UN Vote allowing execution for being Gay or Lesbian


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Nonie Darwish: Islam mandates hatred of Jews

Islam’s obsession with Jew hatred.

by human rights activist and former Muslim – Nonie Darwish

Why Muslims Must Hate Jews

Recently a Pakistani religious leader, Pirzada Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, said: ‘When The Jews Are Wiped Out… The Sun Of Peace Would Begin To Rise On The Entire World’. The same preaching is routinely done not only by clerics but politicians, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. This is not just Ahmedinijad, it is at the heart of Islamic theology that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped from the earth. But few people in Western media are alarmed by this kind of rhetoric or care to expose this dreadful dark side of Islam’s obsession with Jew hatred.

I do not believe one has to be an authority on human behavior or group thinking to find out the obvious pathology in Islamic Jew hatred. It is time for all of us to uncover and expose this atrocity against the Jewish people. We owe that to humanity and the truth.

No true Muslim can see that such hatred is unbecoming and unholy for a world religion to focus on and that the credibility of Islam is tarnished by such hatred. No Muslim is allowed to go far enough to self analyze or question why such hatred. Muslims defend Jew hatred by claiming that Jews betrayed Muhammad and thus deserving of this kind of treatment. Even when I was a Muslim, I believed that the one sided story against Jews by Islam, was enough to justify all the killing, terror, lies and propaganda by Islamic leaders against Jews. To the average Muslim, routinely cursing Jews in mosques feels normal and even holy!

After a lot of thinking, analysis, research and writing I discovered that Jew hatred in Islam is an essential foundation to the Islamic belief system that Muslims cannot seem to be able to rid themselves of…

… continue reading this article at Atlas Shrugs: Darwish: Why Muslims Hate Jews


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Do Freemasons worship Satan as the “Great Architect of the Universe”? Tony Jordan says so and many Barbadians agree

Freemason symbolism in Rihanna’s music and videos?

Most of the Freemasons I’ve met let folks know that they consider Masonry as something less than a religion, but more than an ordinary community group like Rotary or Lions. They certainly wouldn’t see anything sinister in being a Mason or they wouldn’t be part of The Craft. But are these ordinary folks being duped? Are they being tricked into worshiping ‘The Old One’ as Auntie Moses would say. (Auntie warns everyone not to say ‘the name’. Say anything else but don’t call ‘the name’. Well, that’s Auntie for you.)

Last Wednesday and Thursday nights, over seven hundred Bajans gathered at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre to pray and listen to a series of talks called Secrets of Freemasonry – opened by Tony Jordan, a well-known anti-Freemasonry crusader.

A few years ago our old friends at Keltruth Blog ran an extensive series of critical articles looking at Freemasonry in Barbados, its origins, practices and Masonry’s influence in the Royal Barbados Police Force. I was surprised by some of what I read and came to the opinion that the Masons are a multi-layered hierarchy akin to a gentleman’s club at the entry levels, but with some strange and hidden goings on at the higher levels, and a history of leadership and influence in governments around the world. I once saw a piece on Masonic symbols and symbolism evident in the design and construction of Washington, DC and it really impressed me. I can’t remember if that particular article was at Keltruth blog, but I’m sure someone will find it and post it as a comment on this article.

Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter also reported on the supposed connections between Rihanna and Freemasonry, and the Masonic symbolism in her music and videos. (I can’t find the link but if Ian or someone wants to post it I’ll update this article.)

What do you think folks… Bajan Freemasons: dupes? Satan worshipers? misunderstood? Better than seven hundred people at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre think they know the answer…

‘Jordan also explained that most members in Barbados only rose to the position of master and were therefore unaware of the satanic elements of masonic lodges, whose stated tenets were brotherly love, relief and truth.

Only those in the higher echelons of the lodges, from the 31st to 33rd degree, were aware that satanic worship was at the core of their rituals and that Lucifer was worshipped as the Great Architect of the Universe, he added. “They [masonic lodges] serve the same master: the Father of All Lights, Satan . . . . The rites seek to parallel much of what is in the Bible,” he told enthralled listeners.

Read the full story at Caribbean360.com Freemasonry renounced by hundreds of Barbadians


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Lord Nazir Ahmed, UK life peer, offers reward for kidnapping of President Obama, former President George W. Bush

The UK’s first Muslim life peer has offered a reward of 10 million pounds for the kidnapping of American President Barrack Obama, and former US President George ‘Dubya’ Bush.

Lord Nazir Ahmed (photo above) offered to fund the bounty to show support of Lashkar-e-Taiba – or ‘LeT’ Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. LeT is described as “one of the largest and most active militant Islamist terrorist organizations in South Asia, operating mainly from Pakistan”

“The LeT believes that violent jihad is the duty of all Muslims and must be waged until eight objectives are met: ending persecution against Muslims, establishing Islam as the dominant way of life in the world, forcing infidels to pay jizya, fighting for the weak and feeble against oppressors, exacting revenge for killed Muslims, punishing enemies for violating oaths and treaties, defending all Muslim states, and recapturing occupied Muslim territory.”

… from the Wikipedia entry for Lashkar-e-Taiba

LeT is designated a terror group by just about everybody including the US and the UK. Remember the Mubai terror attack where Muslim terrorists gunned down men, women and children, and mutilated a pregnant Jewish woman?

Yes, that was LeT at work.

If Lord Nazir Ahmed did say what he is alleged to have said, clearly he should be removed as a life peer and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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Remembering Iran when women had rights

Iranian TV adverts 1969 to 1978: before the darkness descended.

Mini-skirts, bikinis, business men and women in fashionable attire, Coca-cola commercials, Remington electric razors, night clubs, people having fun. Teenagers holding hands in public and on television – just like normal people most everywhere…

What ever could have gone so wrong?


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Academy Awards running scared: Bans Sacha Baron Cohen for mocking Muslim dictators

Leader of Republic of Wadiya says “Death to America. And good luck, Billy Crystal. You’re fantastic.”

The mainstream media is trying hard to stay away from this story, but in the age of the internet who gives a damn about the mainstream media?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned British and Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen from the upcoming Oscars. The politically correct reason is that they feared he would ‘do something’ on the red carpet and upset the evening.

Cohen had requested permission to walk the red carpet in costume as Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, his character in the upcoming film “The Dictator” (Republic of Wadiya website!), then change into a tux before proceeding inside. That’s it. That’s all he did: request permission. The Academy said “no” and cancelled his tickets.

What’s it really all about?

The Oscars are broadcast around the world, including throughout the Middle East and South East Asia. “The Dictator” is Cohen at his best – this time as a Middle East dictator “who risks his life to ensure that democracy never comes to the country he so lovingly oppressed.”

In a time when everyone is walking on eggshells lest they set off yet another day’s murderous rampage by offended Muslims, Sacha Baron Cohen is not welcome at the Oscars because free speech and human rights are forbidden topics when the subject is Islam.

Now the Academy (or as the Leader of Wadiya calls them: the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Zionists) is trying to find a graceful way out of the mess they created by grovelling on their knees in fear of violent Muslims.

Cohen couldn’t have bought this kind of publicity for his new movie for millions and millions.

Hey… that’s the answer! The whole thing is a Zionist plot out of Hollywood.

There. I feel much better!

“Good morning, great Satan of America. How are you? I am fine, thank you. On behalf of the nation of Wadiya, I am outraged at being banned from the Oscars by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Zionists. While I applaud the Academy for taking away my right to free speech, I warn you that if you do not lift your sanctions and give me my tickets back by 12 p.m. on Sunday, you will face unimaginable consequences…

Furthermore, it is an act of aggression that no Wadiyan films have been recognized by the Academy. Where are the nominations for such classic films as “When Harry kidnapped Sally”, “You’ve got mailbomb” or “Planet of the Rapes” ?

…On top of all of this, I paid Hillary Swank $2 million to be my date and she will not refund a penny. My Sunday calendar is now as empty as a North Korean grocery store.

But whatever happens, I still plan to attend director Brett Ratner’s afterparty, since it is impossible to catch herpes twice. Death to the West. Death to America. And good luck, Billy Crystal. You’re fantastic.”


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Idolatry coming to church at the Globe?

BFP Editor Marcus reminds all readers that the following story and above video came to us anonymously, so take it with some salt. Just because some anonymous person says something doesn’t make it true… (and that includes BFP that is an anonymous blog). Think for yourself. That’s our caution to you. Now… let’s see what this is all about…

Submitted Anonymously…

Dear readers of Barbados Free Press. This guy in the above video supposedly coming to the new church The Globe this summer – the new King.

Thought you’d be interested.

Here is what it says about him at Black Media Scoop

New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King

(blackmediaSCOOP) While most Christians were having regular Sunday services, over at Eddie Long’s New Birth Church in Lithonia, Ga, Ralph Messer, who is part of the Hebrew Roots movement, was crowning Eddie Long King in an elaborate ceremony that included wrapping Long in a Torah Scroll reportedly found at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

In case you’re unable or unwilling to watch: the video shows Messer giving Long the Torah scroll declaring that he’s the first man to look upon the scroll after 300 years. Long is “wrapped in the scroll” and prayed over. Messer asks Long to take a seat, and declares that God gave Long a position of power and authority. He’s given the constitution of God as a king (6:49), the Torah, and then, Messer has four men representing the four corners of the earth, (7:04) pick the chair up. Messer then declares that Eddie Long is raised up from a commoner to a King, replete with music, cheers, and a poorly executed blessing in Hebrew. If it weren’t so offensive to Christian and Jewish sensibilities, it would be laughable.

Here are some comments from the Black Media Scoop article and the YouTube video…

“PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS SOME KIND OF JOKE..!? This is CLEAR Idolatry, something that God commands AGAINST. And the people there at the Church are encouraging it!?? Wow. This is what cracked the Earth and swallowed up the people in “The Ten Commandments” Movie back in the 50’s, lol. This is worse than Steve Harvey pimpin’ the Church the way he does and calling himself “The King”. You all better know what you’re dealing with. And Bishop Long, God help you. You are CERTAINLY NO KING!!”

“Lord have mercy! Jesus the true “King of God’s government” rode in on a donkey. The devil is getting bold he is all up in the church like look at me. Lord have mercy! This things resembles a satanic, cult type ritual to me.”

“This is a perfect example of Satan walking directly into the House of God and mocking the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and using the blind and weak as imps. How can anyone who knows our Savior sit there and give praise to man? Jesus said, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I’ll draw all men unto me!” May the Lord have mercy on all those who took part in that. Those in the congregation who didn’t walk our shall also reap the JUDGEMENT of GOD. You’ve been tricked by the trickster himself!”

“Ralph Messer & Eddie Long. God save these men and make your truth known! May fiction, lies, distortions and false teaching be exposed! Belivers are all royalty in God’s kingdom. Jesus is THEIR king not a man. Teach truth and the Word not fiction and silly drama! Shame on them and their supporters! Mr Messer why make light of another religion’s treasured relics and history? So sad and vain glory for you!”

“Whatever happened to just being an ordinary servant??? “King” Eddie Long and his “Prince” of Praise & Worship Byron Cage, the “Princess” of Praise Maurette Brown Clark…WITW??? What is this nonsense? Without God you are NOTHING and umm its looking to me like you been flying solo for awhile…Pray for the Christian Church! Pray for Salvation! Keep your Pastors lifted in prayers because Satan is BUSY!!!”


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Canadian Muslim family guilty in mass honour killing

Keeping women in their place. Words of the father…

“May the devil shit on their graves,”

“They committed treason themselves. They betrayed humankind. They betrayed Islam. They betrayed our religion…they betrayed everything.”

“I say to myself, ‘You did well.’ Were they to come to life, I would do it again.”

“There is nothing more valuable than our honour.”

… Mohammad Safia secretly recorded talking about the murders with his wife and son.

The victims: Geeti 13, Sahar 17, Zainab 17, Mohammad 52

Father, mother, brother guilty of 1st degree murder of three daughters and co-wife

Worldwide, Muslim honour killings of women and girls are so common that if North American or European papers were to cover every reported case there would be little room left on the front page for any other stories. But when a Canadian father, his second wife and a son plot weeks in advance to murder the family’s three teenage daughters and wife number one – well, that makes the news.

We like to believe that everyone wants the same things in life. This is just another reminder that not everyone shares the same values, and that some cultural values and religious scriptures may not be compatible with a free and democratic society.

National Post: No honour in ‘cold-blooded, shameless’ murder of Shafia girls

BFP’s original post July 24, 2009: Muslim Honour Killing In Canada: Three Daughters & “First Wife” Murdered By Father, 2nd Wife, Son


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BFP says Merry Christmas to popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab!

Popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab: “Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ most evil of things… worse than fornication, and drinking alcohol and killing someone…”

“You are congratulating them (Christians) on the most evil of shirk (the Muslim sin of idolatry)…”

Hey, Abu? Our family is going to pray for you tonight at dinner. We hope and pray that someday you’ll know the joy of proclaiming Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Abu, to you and your family.



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How do grade school textbooks portray Islam? New study may shock you

ACT! for America Education releases alert about forthcoming study

Brigitte Gabriel - President, ACT! for America Education

Eighteen months ago ACT! for America Education launched an in-depth analysis of thirty-eight 6th through 12th grade textbooks, to see how they treated the subject of Islam.

The research has been completed, and what we have found will shock you. The historical falsehoods, bias and other misrepresentations of Islam in these textbooks are egregious and persistent.

We are currently completing the writing and final edits to the report, which will document over 245 errors in these various textbooks.

Here’s a small sample of what we found. Continue reading


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Freedom, Understanding and the Middle East: One Muslim’s view

by Amhed Aziz

Our blogging friend Amhed Aziz is a Pakistani Muslim and a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Once in a while Amhed stops by Barbados Free Press and says “Hi”. (Hi back Amhed!)

While we may not agree with everything Amhed says, nor he with us, we’re happy to link to anything he writes. Here are a few excerpts from his blog Bleeding Humanity

“It is the Jews’ fault”, “the Jews’ control the world”, “Jews are evil”, “Jews are kafirs” – We are used to hearing these words in our part of the world. It has become a mantra for conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid and basically each and every preacher in our mosques, teacher in our schools and friends in our circles in Pakistan. Why do we blame the Jews for everything? Are these accusations based on fact or hearsay? Or are we grossly generalizing the actions of the State of Israel and the Jewish people? Have we ever tried to examine the insecurity that the State of Israel uses to perpetrate the injustices in besieged Gaza and the occupied territory of West Bank?

In this article I would like to present some history of the Jewish people so we can actually know the people that we blame and understand them as human beings. The purpose of this article is not in any way to justify the barbarism of IDF (Israel Defense Force) and the actions of the State of Israel but to understand the people we blame for everything. Actions of a state, government or an organization does not mean that they are exacting the collective will of the people, exactly like actions of Al-Qaeda, Taliban or Hezbollah does not represent the collective will of the Muslim people.  We expect them to understand us, our actions and our suffering so it is imperative for us to also endeavor to understand them as our fellow human beings. It is not a one way street…

… from the Bleeding Humanity article An attempt to understand the people we Muslims blame for all that is wrong

It’s the same old cycle. Once again an insignificant person does something radically stupid in the West, and we in the East go on to a killing rampage.

… from the Bleeding Humanity article Hating Terry Jones is bad for Muslims

Are we free? The answer to that question is normally “Yes”. The reasons given for that affirmative answer are usually: we are free from the shackles of the colonial British and we are free from the united sub-continent, so we are free. According to the Two-Nation Theory that we study all through our school lives,  essentially, we as Muslims, would be a minority in United India and our right to practice our religion would be taken away because Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations.

So today, in 2011, are we actually free? Or this is just a fallacy? In this article I would refrain from a long tirade of blaming the corruption of our leaders for our perilous history and would invite readers to look at their own selves. I would specifically focus on freedom of thought and belief.

… from the Bleeding Humanity article Freedom to Believe in Pakistan: Comparison with an arch-rival in the Middle East


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Should Down’s people be killed? Hitler said “Yes”

Hitler, Jews, abortion, God, Neo-Nazis, Racists: “180” has it all

Dear Barbados Free Press

They showed this movie today at adult bible class and it was all people could talk about for the rest of the day. I cannot say that I ‘enjoyed’ the movie, but I couldn’t turn away.

Watch it and you might consider posting a link.

Frederick C.

BFP SAYS: CAUTION – mature theme, horrible images of Holocaust, abortion etc. Made me think though.


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How long have the Jews been in Jerusalem?

4000 Years in 5 Minutes


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