Wall Street Journal Covers Corrupt VECO – But Misses Barbados Connection

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent little summary piece of how VECO Corporation bribed politicians in Alaska as a normal part of doing business. (WSJ article here)

Where the WSJ article fails, is that it doesn’t mention the fact that VECO had a 10-year relationship with many BLP politicians in Barbados – where it built the oil terminal and the new Barbados prison.

Jim Carlton wrote the WSJ article. Perhaps someone should send him an email telling him to turn his thoughts to Barbados. Here we don’t have any crooked politicians. That must be true because former Attorney General Dale Marshall “investigated” the VECO bribery charges in Alaska for about 15 minutes and then announced that VECO had been on the up and up with Barbados so there was no need for a more formal inquiry.

Thanks, Dale!

Here is Jim Carlton’s contact info…  jim.carlton@wsj.com


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4 responses to “Wall Street Journal Covers Corrupt VECO – But Misses Barbados Connection

  1. crossroads

    Sorry, I would’nt want to attract any more negtative press to Bdos. We are doing well on our own.

  2. Hants

    BFP you should know by now that America does not care about anywhere else in the world especially not a little 2×4 blip in the Caribbean.

    A USA senator is way more important and newsworthy to them than a Caribbean Prime Minister.

  3. 451.56

    Hants is right.
    America does/says/utters/publishes
    what is good for America.

    The rest of the world barely exists,for them
    but that’s all going to change in the next few years!

  4. Sargeant

    Surely the Thompson led gov’t should investigate the VECO/Barbados connection with regard to the cost overrun during the building of the new prison. Bill Allen and other VECO employees have already been convicted for corrupt activities in the USA and if they were so brazen to bribe officials in the USA where there are actual laws with teeth and the feds are always sniffing around it wouldn’t be a leap of faith to assume that Barbados must have seemed to be a prime target for this type of activity.

    It would be interesting to learn how VECO an Alaskan pipe building company secured a contract to build a prison in Barbados

    In any event another politician with ties to Bill Allen and VECO will be facing the music