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UPDATED: British Muslims Outraged Over Police Puppy… Really!


Our thanks to a BFP reader who did some further research and discovered that one of the incidents reported in the Australian newspapers The Age and the Daily Star and then linked to in our report is untrue. These newspapers reported that the Halifax and NatWest Banks had scrapped the use of piggy banks as give-aways or being used in advertising because pigs are “unclean” to potential Muslim customers.

A YouTube copy of a British TV programme states that this story about NatWest is untrue and that the bank still gives out Piggy Banks to new young customers, and we at BFP confirmed this by going to the NatWest Bank website HERE.

The NatWest Bank website says Paint your own piggy bank – get a ceramic footballer or ballerina pig, complete with paints, if you set up a Standing Order of at least £10 per month”

And that is the great thing about the blogs. Folks can read the stories, disagree, research and correct the information.

Unlike the newspapers where the NatWest story is still displayed.

So… the issue of the piggy banks being dropped from the NatWest advertising is not true – at least now. Did the NatWest bank originally make such a decision and then recind it? We couldn’t find anything online one way or another. Perhaps a letter to the president of the NatWest bank would provide an answer – perhaps not.

As to the other items listed in this story, and the lead story about Muslims being outraged over a police puppy – if any reader comes across any information that these stories as reported in the major news outlets are untrue, we’d be happy to hear about it.


Original Story…

New public housing developments and jails in Britain have their toilets installed at 90 degrees to the direction of Mecca – because Muslims must not face or point their business end towards Mecca when doing the necessary.

Many *** British banks have banned the use of “piggy banks” *** in advertising and promotion so as to not offend Muslims (*** NOTE the Correction appearing above), and some towns have banned pig toys or photos from municipal offices. The story “Three Little Pigs” has been banned from many British schools and Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre no longer has a Santa Claus at … gasp… (whisper) Christmas – because Santa might offend “non-Christians”.

As some of Ian Bourne’s polo friends might say, “Things are changing over ‘ome” with traditions, customs and culture.

Next to go… police dogs.


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