UPDATED: Pastor Jippy Doyle – Barbados Child Sex Trial Finally Starts After 7 Years – Police Witness Died Weeks Ago!

UPDATED: Jippy Doyle ConvictedStory Here

BFP’s original story…

Disgusting Delay Undermines Justice System In Barbados

Now that one of the key witnesses in the child sex charges of Pastor Jippy Doyle died, it is finally convenient to have the trial.

In May, 2001, Royal Barbados Police Sergeant Stephen Adamson collected important forensic evidence at the time of the alleged sexual assault of a 13 year old girl by Pastor Jippy Doyle.

Over seven years later, the Jippy Doyle child-sex trial has started, but Sergeant Adamson’s evidence was read by someone else because he died a few weeks ago on June 1, 2008.

Oh well, at least it is not as bad as, say, a ten year delay in a child rape charge…

See BFP’s article Child Rape Haven Barbados – 12-Year-Old Girl Raped Ten Years Ago, No Trial For Ten Years – Defense Lawyers Succeed In Subverting Courts

Does anyone else get the feeling that the judges, lawyers, witnesses and accused are but scripted actors in a play, with Barbados as the audience and Justice as the understudy that never takes the stage?

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  1. zero tolerance

    “Does anyone else get the feeling that the judges, lawyers, witnesses and accused are but scripted actors in a play, with Barbados as the audience and Justice as the understudy that never takes the stage?”

    Brilliant, BFP.

  2. The scout

    This whole scenario is poking fun at the justice system. It makes me wonder about the circumstances behind Adamson’s death.

  3. Fool me once

    We need a law that says all cases got to trial inside one year then put in police people who can get the job done. No allowance for dropping the charges when girl paid off.

  4. littleboy

    Did somebody say vigilante justice can work?
    Doyle and many others of his ilk have been taking advantage of those they should be protecting, knowing full well that they (the perpetrators) will never be convicted by a court in Barbados.
    And for God’s sake I hope no one brings that BS about “innocent until proven guilty”.!!!
    We all know how the justice system has been tampered with before.
    The Catholic church has admitted guilt and paid those affected by their priests, but not one of those cases was brought in Barbados!!!
    I know of a priest (Anglican) who did that rubbish for years and the victims , instead of him, were ridiculed.
    I hope that Doyle gets a prison sentence, but after seeing what recently happened with Chandler who had 3 illegal guns, I have doubts.
    Justice? Justice my foot!!!


    The case will be set aside; this is Barbados we only send the little guys to jail remember/

  6. no name

    Justice delayed IS justice denied.
    Lengthy delays cause untold suffering for those involved, whether innocent or guilty.


    it’s getting to the point where I have little interest in commenting on stories like this — that are sempiternal .

    let’s wait and see what happens….

    BFP ~ please keep up the pressure…

    Like the issue with UFOs … gradually the ‘truth’ is emerging thanks to the blogs

  8. no name

    Unless, of course, the outcome is already decided,
    in advance.

  9. ROGL

    How could you say that about ‘a man of God’ like our Jipps?

    Anyone with such powers of pure vision
    and the God-given ability to predict tidal waves and other cool stuff
    must be respected and held in the highest esteem!
    The Bible say so.

    Jipps should be a National hero
    given the coverage and publicity he’s received from the local newsrag/s over the past few decades.

    I refuse to believe that such a Man of God could have charges laid against him!
    Surely his church, or masonic-Lodge, or Old Buddy Old Pal system could squirm him off the charge?
    Something’s wrong here!

  10. thouhgtful

    so case coming up.

    case keep getting push back.

    case coming up {years later}.

    witness dies sudden {a bit too sudden}.

    case calls.

    no witness.

    victim was 13years at the time, now victim is 20years.

    ummmmm… so what did Adamson die of? does anyone “really” know?

  11. no name

    From the Nation

    Police sergeant dies suddenly

    Date June 02, 2008
    Brief Police sergeant dies suddenly
    JUST HOURS AFTER the climax of Police Week celebrations, the Royal Barbados Police Force was struck another tragic blow.

    Sergeant Stephen Adamson, 44, of the Forensic Scenes of Crime Unit, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospita

    JUST HOURS AFTER the climax of Police Week celebrations, the Royal Barbados Police Force was struck another tragic blow.

    Sergeant Stephen Adamson, 44, of the Forensic Scenes of Crime Unit, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday morning after collapsing at Central Police Station.

    Adamson, of Hillswick, St Joseph, is the second policeman on duty to die within a week.

    Last Monday, motorcyclist Constable Henry Jackman lost his life in an accident with a truck along Bagatelle, St Thomas.

    Jackman was riding a police motorcycle when the incident occurred.

    Meanwhile, Adamson’s death was described as a sad loss to the force.

    “Sergeant Adamson was a dedicated officer who enjoyed his duties as a crime scene investigator and assisting investigators throughout the island,” said head of the unit Inspector Roderick Walcott yesterday.

    The father of four joined the force in 1986. (TS)

  12. Hants

    The benefit of having the case coming up now is that the Defence Lawyer can be more agressive with a 20 year old woman than a 13 year old child.

    Mr. Doyle has a 99% chance of winning unless Barbados has “changed”.

  13. Tony Hall

    There is no unusual circumstance around Sgt. Adamson’s death. He died from a heart attack. Being a police officer is a very stressful job considering the circumstances one has to work under.
    There will be no problem with the late Sgt. Adamson ‘s evidence since he would have be considered an “expert witness”.


    BFP says,

    No problem? There is a BIG PROBLEM when a witness is not available for the pleasure of the court. The case took so long that he died. A damn shame that the system didn’t have the trial in May.

    7 Years for a child sex case to come to trial. That is not justice. That is a joke. A pathetic joke.

  14. Rohan

    “Does anyone else get the feeling that the judges, lawyers, witnesses and accused are but scripted actors in a play, with Barbados as the audience and Justice as the understudy that never takes the stage?”

    Brilliant, BFP.
    I second that sentiment! Masterful even.

    I wish BFP would post who wrote what more often so I would know who to give a million “respeks” to for writing like this.

    Does anyone in Bim know if his church is still going strong? That would be interesting to know.


    BFP says,

    Marcus wrote that statement. Clive wrote the rest.

  15. crossroads

    I would say Justice is the script that they can’t get right.

  16. Rohan

    BFP says,

    Marcus wrote that statement. Clive wrote the rest

    Duly noted. Good work guys. I’m crossing my fingers that more and more stories like this one gets picked up by the international press.

  17. J

    Dear Scout:

    Adamson was a bigggggggggg!!!!! fat guy who died of a heart attack.

  18. I remember when Jippy Doyle would pester CBC for interviews, when they wanted him to leave quick they’d let ME interview him… I would ask what happen to the 1995 Kick Em’Jenny?

    He’d try and dodge and say that he never gave a specific date then I’d refer to a clipping from the Saturday Sun when he DID give a date!

    Then he’d change the subject, so then I asked if he still expects his parishioners to donate, he’d confirm that, so then I asked him why he wears a big GOLD bracelet & watch with real rings with HUGE diamonds in them and he demands for the camera to be switched off and says this is not part of the interview – for the rest of my time at CBC he did not appear if I was near…

  19. 329.18

    Bravo, Ian!
    Excellent story.

    Like soooo many “pastors” they really are full of shirt and shenanigans!

  20. Tony Hall

    BFP says,

    No problem? There is a BIG PROBLEM when a witness is not available for the pleasure of the court. The case took so long that he died. A damn shame that the system didn’t have the trial in May.

    7 Years for a child sex case to come to trial. That is not justice. That is a joke. A pathetic joke.

    You obviously misunderstood me. Sgt. Adamson was no “ordinary” witness. His death will not take away anything from the case. As an “expert” witness (Crime Scenes Officer) his evidence will be placed before the court, and usually a defence attorney with the experience of Sir Richard Cheltenham will not challenge such evidence under the circumstances it was admitted. He will try to find other loopholes.


    BFP says,

    Respectfully, Tony, we must strongly disagree with your perspective and analysis. It may be that Sgt. Adamson made mistakes. It may be that he overlooked evidence that would have proved the innocence of the accused. It may be that there will be new evidence at the trial that his personal recollections would enhance or explain (when such evidence is not contained in his report).

    But mostly it is about justice, the appearance of justice.

    An accused should have the ability to face his accusers – which include not only the alleged victim, but the prosecution witnesses as well.

    There is no acceptable reason for a child sex trial to be delayed for seven years. No excuse is acceptable. None.

  21. ROGL

    A seven-year delay says a lot for the power of The Church
    and for personal Jipp-Power.

    Isn’t it amazing what ‘churches’
    and others who shield themselves behind that mysterious and impenetrable ‘veil of religion’
    can get away with
    and have got away with
    over the years, the centuries.

  22. eureka

    I never liked this man at all; something about him reminded me of Jimmy Swaggart. But having read Ian Bourne’s post, I like him even less now and hope somehow that he gets a stiff jail sentence.

    Just as some of the earlier posts said, the sudden death of Sgt. Adamson is a little too sudden for comfort. There appears to be something more in the mortar besides the pestle.

  23. Eddie - Sudden death?

    T Eureka,

    Like you, I am no admirer of “Pastor/Prophet” Doyle, but I thnk it would be unfair to link the Sgt’s death (by innuendo) to Doyle.

    I knew Sgt. Adamson personally. And as an earlier commentor said, the Sgt. was definitely a big man, too big. His dying of a heart attack is no surprise.

  24. Eddie - Pastor, et al

    True Christianity is not about wearing diamond rings, gold watches and having personal body guards.

    This type of extravagence coupled with contradictory lifestyles (not practicing what you preach) give ammunition and support to people who are already sceptical to Christians and Christianity.

    It is unfortuate that gullible (but, perhaps well meaning) folks fall for this “prosperity Gospel” – “name it, and claim it!”.

    True Christianity is about surrendering and giving.

  25. Tell me Why

    I knew Sgt. Adamson personally. And as an earlier commentor said, the Sgt. was definitely a big man, too big. His dying of a heart attack is no surprise.
    I am not planing to comment on this case until its finale, but I have to state heart attacks are not synonymous with size especially if the person is an active person. So please! no excuses.

  26. no name

    Eddie – Pastor, et al said
    “True Christianity is about surrendering and giving.”

    LOVE and humility

    By their fruits you will know them

  27. John

    Seven years is definitely too long a time to come to trial.

    But so too is months to report the rape if what I read is right.

    I’ll wait to the final verdict of the jury and see what happens.

    Twelve (?) people will watch and hear what goes on and decide who to believe.

    They may or may not get it right but hopefully they will give it their best shot based on the evidence available.

  28. Eddie - Pastor, et al

    .Tell Me Why,

    You say that heart attacks are not synonymous with size?
    I don’t know if you have researched some new medical science, but it is common knowledge that obese people are not only magnets for heart attacks, but are candidates for a host of other diseases.

    Wow! “Heart attacks are not synonymous with size!”

  29. Eddie - Pastor, et al

    No name,

    Yes, I agree – Love and humility

  30. J

    Dear John:

    You say that months went by before the rape was reported and you find that strange.

    You do know John that most rapes are never reported to the police.

    A 13 year old who is raped by a parental figure, parent, step-parent, neighbour, teacher, pastor is scared and traumatized and the most likely reaction is to try hard to forget that is happened.

    You may not understand but that is how the human minds works.

    People try to shield themselves from the psychological storm of a traumatic event.

    Men who are abused in warfare also tend to do the same. So it is not a specifically female thing, nor is it a specifically Bajan thing.

  31. Devils Advocate

    In today’s account of the trial the pastor claims to have a ‘file’ on the girl. He claims to have proof that she was getting ‘intimate’ with another ‘older’ man. He also claimed that he spoke to this mysterious man and told him how inappropriate it was but did not tell her mother. He also admits to submitting this file to the court without the mother’s knowledge. So now he is going to try the ‘she was a fast little girl’ defence?
    Do you understand why some women do not report sexual assaults? All the defendant has to do is make you seem ‘wutless’ and it will cast doubt on the case. The most diabolical method is to get it all on tape. The woman (or girl) is damned if she admits it’s her and damned if she doesn’t.

  32. J

    I wonder why the high priced lawyer did not call this mysterious “other older man” to give evidence? To have him in court to swear on the Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And to face cross examination?

    If the mysterious older man existed don’t you think that the defense lawyer would have called him to give evidence?

    The “file on the girl” was probably created after the rape. A lot of nonsense trumped together to try to create doubt in the minds of the jury and to make an innocent child look bad.

    The stuff on the file was stuff like “she talks to the boys in the church.”

    All church going young girls talk to the church going young boys. And the church going young boys talk to the church going young girls. This is normal healthy Christian behaviour.

  33. Just me

    I am wondering why it is that people are so quick to past judgement and are so unforgiving. Half of you don’t know the said Jippy yet you condemn him based on your likes and dislikes. Which is the worse of the two sins (1) a man charged with the rape of a minor (2) nations of people who hypocritically cast doubt and attack a person whom they don’t know. Remember sin is sin and none of us can be found blameless of sin


    BFP say

    All have fallen short of the glory of the LORD.,,, but few of us have sex with children instead of protecting and defending the ones who need help.

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  36. Five Women, Four Men – Read ’em & weep… My opinion was formed off of vis-a-vis interviews and I did not like what I saw…

  37. J

    Dear Just Me:

    You talk about forgivness.

    Let me give you theology lesson 101

    Before there can be forgiveness there must be repentance.

    After repentance may come forgiveness. But forgiveness can only come voluntarily. I cannot be commanded

    After forgivness may come reconciliation. But sometimes the sin is too grave and it is not possible to be reconciled with the sinner

    How for example would you propose that a child who is the victim of father/daughter incest be reconciled with her father?

    And Dear Just Me:

    Nobody was “quick” to pass judgement.

    Jippy raped this child more than 7 years ago. There is nothing quick about 7 years. 7 years is a long, long, long time. In this case justice was gravely delayed.

    And in those 7 years we hear no evidence that Jippy repented or asked forgiveness of the child. If he had repented and asked the child’s forgiveness would not his high priced lawyer have so informed the court?

    Actually Just me of your 2 questions, number 1 is worse.

  38. J

    And Just Me:

    Only the one sinned against can offer forgiveness,

    I cannot forgive Jippy for a sin he committed against someone else.

    The notion that a third party can offer forgiveness is a fallacy that too many Christians hold. It is a notion not supported by Scripture.

    The sinner MUST repent. The one sinned against MAY offer forgiveness. Reconcilation may or may not be possible.

  39. Just me

    Peoples watch your strong statements that alludes to a caterogical statement that the young man raped the girl. What is even worse is that some of you can even begin to try to link the Srgt’s death to the case.

    Are you people so hungry for a person’s life that you say almost anything publicly to paint a dirty picture of person.

    Because a jury satisfied your appetites and found a man guilty of a charge he said he didn’t and despite the inconsitencies in the young ladies story- this does not mean that the young man is guilty. Remove the scales from your eyes, release yourselves from the bitterness and anger and may God set all of you free.

  40. Not Psychotic

    Just me,

    SYA. Jippy guilty! Jippy had one the most experienced and able attorneys defending him. The only scales that need removing are those covering his supporters eyes who have more faith in Jippy than they do in God.

  41. To J


    You have made some strong statements, but they are heavily engrained in Theology. In other words, they could be a little difficult to unravel.(I suspect you have some professional training in Theology) Try writing for the ordinary laymen. That is, write simpler.

    By the way – I agree with everything you’ve said.

    To: Just me

    If the man committed a crime, he needs to pay. I think there is a scripture that says something to this effect: If the elders commit a sin, punish them before the whole assemby so that the others may fear”

    There is only one perfect example, and that is Jesus.
    It makes a mock of Christianity when blind allegiance is held for a man who has deliberately delayed the court system to soften the impact of the law.

    By the way, where did “Dr. Doyle” earn his doctorate?

  42. J

    “Dr. Doyle” has no doctorate.

    He is a mock-mock doctor.

    No formal training, just what my Anglican, parents, Sunday school teachers, and priests taught me over the past 50+ years.

    No formal training in theology at all.

    No university degree either.

    No real degree.

    No mock-mock degree.

    Just a very ordinary Bajan.

  43. Not Psychotic

    But J, he can’t be ordinary. How many ordinary people get others to lift them from their car to the church so that their shoes don’t get muddied? Jippy was god (for those pathetic members of his “church”)!

  44. Not Psychotic

    Did Dr Doyle get his doctorate the same place Gordon Mathews, Lucille Baird and Pat Alleyne (of BNOTL) got theirs?

  45. J

    Dear Just Me:

    If a jury says that Jippy Doyle is guilty, then he is guilty as hell.

    How is it that you can believe Jippy and you cannot believe the girl, her mother, the doctor, and a jury of NINE people?

    Sir Richard Cheltenham is one of the best criminal lawyers in Barbados, perhaps in the English speaking Caribbean. Sir Richard represented Jippy excellently. (I wish that I could afford to hire Sir Ricard if I was ever in trouble.)

    The jury convicted.

  46. J

    The University of the West Indies, at Cave Hill is the only university in Barbados that has the authority to award doctorates.

    After secondary school it takes 6 to 10 years of full time study for a bright student to earn a doctorate.

    3 or 4 for a bachelor’s.

    1 or 2 for the master’s.

    2 to 4 or more for the doctorate.

    Tell me if I lie.

    Show me when and where Jippy disciplined himself and attended to full time study for 6 to 10 years.

    Show me.

    A lotta frauds walking ’bout this place.

  47. Not Psychotic

    I agree with you. Ask Dr Lowe (the Minister of Urban Developement etc) where he got his doctorate from and can he give the title of his thesis.

  48. Not Psychotic

    Most (all?) of these jokey doctorates are touted by people associated with some church as a pastor or bishop!

  49. "Doctors"


    You might be right. UWI may be the only University in Barbados” with the authority to award doctorates.

    However, gone are the days when to earn a doctorate you had to look to UWI only.
    We are living in a very competitive age and there are accredited universities “a pleanty” out there (even IVY LEAGUERS) where you can earn degrees, even doctoral without leaving these shores.

    The educational system is changing. It is no longer for the privileged few (or those lucky to earn scholarships). Institutions are targeting those who can’t leave their jobs – the over 30’s (Especially those in supervisory/managerial postions).

    Saying this however, I also acknowledge that there are paper pushing “degree mills” out there who would pring a certificate for the right fee.
    JIPPLY DOYLE WAS A RECIPIENT OF WOTHLESS PAPER FROM A DEGREE MILL (In a conversation he told me he could set me up)

    Honory Doctorates
    There are people who are holders of honorary doctorates who do themselves a disservice when they allow people to refer to them as “Dr”.
    Some holders of these honorary titles that come to mind are: Rev. Gordon Matthews, George Lamming and Rev. Wes Hall.
    This cerificate is not earned through study and therefore it would do the holders well to soften it when in media spotlight.

    Dr. Dennis Lowe – I used to think his was bogus,
    but I think his is earned. He
    even lectured at his former

    Pat Alleyne – She probably did hers via Distance. I
    think she is genuine. Her Bachelors
    and Masters, I think are good.

    Lucille Baird – ? Good question. Where?

    I have noticed a flood of “Doctors” on the Barbados landscape in recent times.

  50. Sussudio

    Jippy Doyle whaT!! I remember him growing up in Thorpes Cottage. You would think that after coming from such humble beginnings and being able to get in the limelight to collifox ppl under the guise of religion that he would behave himself. This is not the first time I have heard of his pedophilic behaviour towards little girls. I am sorry that the child’s family did not get a bullpistle to lick he wid before he went to court. Imagine that the congregation there supporting him. If he had a squeaky clean rep I woulda have to tell he all the best buddy ya on ya own!!!DAmn child molester!!

  51. Not Psychotic


    This place gives “genuine” degrees.


    The paper on which the degrees are printed is genuine paper! One does not need a doctorate to lecture by the way.

  52. Would appreciate your comments

    Not Psychotic,

    I think when Dr. Lowe was lecturing, he was doing his doctoral studies at his alma matter. Can’t remember the name of the University.

  53. J

    Even while convention holds that those on whom an accredited or chartered university such as UWI (and I did not attend UWI) confers honorary doctorates do not use them. Universities such as UWI will sometimes award honorary doctorates for what is in effect a lifetime of solid intellectual achievement. Many universites have awarded honorary doctorates on George Lamming, V.S Naipaul, Deryk Walcott, Austin “Tom” Clarke, Dame Nita Barrow etc. Solid achievers all of them.

    Such degrees are indeed an honor, conferred on honorable people.

    Don’t know about Gordon Matthews nor Denis Lowe.

  54. J

    Sometime people who “get” not earn degrees by distance do not even understand tht the university is not accredited and that the degree is worthless. Non-accredited universities are notorious for creating their own accrediting bodies. Such selfserving accrediting bodies then accredit the institutions which formed them.

    Its like if you form your own church and then ordain yourself as Bishop or Prophet.

  55. J

    If you want to know if a Barbados institution is accredited check with the Barbados Accreditation Council.

    If you want to know if an American institution is accredited check the link below. The link also provides information on the highly complex accreditation used in the United States.

    If the link does not work from this blog, then type it in manually


    And then you may want to check Jippy’s degree against those listed here, or your own or anyone else’s.

    Whether or not a post-secondary educational institution is accredited in not a secret process. The information has long been in the public domain.

    Employers especially should always check credentials and institutions for themselves.

  56. J

    And if a “university” tells you that you can get your degree without studying, without attending classes, without exams, they are LYING to you.

    And stealing your money.

    Getting a university degree has to be HARD WORK.

    If you haven’t worked hard the piece of paper on your wall is worthless.

  57. Sad Stories

    If you do the crime, do the time. He took advantage of a CHILD. It’s reasoning from people like “Just Me” that encourages silence from our youth that have been wronged. Stop making excuses for these criminals.

  58. .83

    It is so sad how people can dislike a person much, that they can move from saying a man is guilty even before he is convicted of a crime, to saying that he has something to do with the death of the officer to saying that he his doctorate is fake. Just to let you know, the university in Barbados is not the only place that you can obtain a doctorate, and personally I KNOW it’s not any of your business where he recieved his education. It is your choice if you want to respect the title on his name and refer to him as Dr.Jippy Doyle, because as far as I am aware no one is putting a gun to your head and saying call him Dr. Jippy Doyle.

    Like it or not 100% of Doyle,, the same way some people are on the”victim’s side”,can’t change my mind so please don’t even try

  59. .83

    In some of these blogs it says that he is obviously guilty because of the two witnesses, his lawyer and the jury. As far as I am concern the girl(women)is an automatic witness as well as the officer because he supposely found supporting evidence. The lawyer is there to do his job and defend his client. But when it comes to the jury that is another story. For one, Barbados is a very small place and having a jury is not a good idea especially when the people that are selected to stand are regular citizens, everyone knows each other and talks about each other. And because of that alot of times peoples ideas are imposed on each other, without realizing it. And it is very possible that when the people of the jury heard what the case was on they had an automatic mind set. So no matter how hard the lawyer may work and even if the victim was the only witness, the accuser can still be found guilty based on personal opinions from the jury. In most cases, if not all the jury makes the last decision, which is sometimes really an injustice.

  60. Juris

    Anonymous, a jury decides the “truth” based on the evidence it hears. With a unanimous verdict, nine people, not known to each other, believed from what they heard that Doyle raped the girl. You might differ, but are you basing your judgment on the evidence?

  61. J

    Dear Anonymous:

    If not jury trials, then what?

    Can you think of a better system?

    And Jippy Doyle’s doctorate IS FAKE.

    And yes as long as I live in this commuity it IS my business.

    If the doctorate was a private matter then Jippy would have kept the fact that he had a doctorate to himself. But if he brings the matter to public attention then he has to be prepared to receive the public’s attentions.

    But it is Jippy himself who told the people of Barbados that he had a doctorate. And that was a lie.

    Pastors and priests and yes Christians in the pew are called to “The Way, the TRUTH, and the Light” that is Christians are called to come to know, to love and to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Christianity is not mock sport. If the pastor is a long standing liar, how then can he lead his congregation to the Truth?

    At any time in the past few years Jippy Doyle could have told us himself that he had no doctorate. He could have repented of his lies. He chose not to.

    At any time in the past few years he could have repented for raping the child. He chose not to.

    He chose to live in a state of divorce from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, even while leading a congregation. And you are going to tell me that is a private matter?

    Jippy Doyle lived high on the wages of his congregation. Poor foolish people who believed that he could lead them. People who believed that he had the spiritual and academic qualifications to lead them. He had neither. He was an ongoing liar. He had no doctorate. He was not a Christian. He was a wolf in shepherd’s clothing preying on the flock of foolish sheep

    Why don’t you check his university against the list on the link that I provided above. Once you have done so then tell the BFP family what you have found. Whether or not he has a doctorate is not a private matter. It is the business of this community which we call home.

    Why don’t you call the sinner to repentance instead of defending him?

    A jury of his peers found guilty.


    God is not dead.

    Is is not good to mock the ALMIGHTY.

  62. J

    I do not dislike or hate Jipy Doyle since I have never met the man and I have no desire to meet him.

    Buy “YES’ I do hate what he did to that child.

  63. J

    Dear Anonymous:

    You can choose to be on Jippy’s side or you can choose to be on the side of righteousness.

    But you can’t be on both sides.

    But you tell me that you have already chosen your side and will not be changing your mind.

    I pity you.

  64. "Doctorate"


    I think I concur with most of what you have said (Even though, I think you’re coming down a little rough)
    Yes, it is the public’s concern when public figures go around encouraging people to refer to them as “Doctor” when what they have is an internet 6 month’s piece of paper or an honorary Doctorate.

    As you said earlier, one earns degrees by sweat.It took me nearly 3 years to complete my Masters and may I tell you, those were 3 sacrificial, self depriving years. So you see, to hear people parading themselves as “Dr Boogie” when they don’t have the foggiest idea of what it takes to burn the midnight oil – is an assault and an affront to the public’s intelligence. It also makes a mockery of academia.

    George Lamming – His only acclaim to fame is his novel “In the castle of my skin”. His is not internationally renowned like Naipau and the rest. His fame in the world of Literature is mainly reserved to Barbados. In short – He is not international material.
    Ps. His novel though, is excellent.

  65. Juris

    You are mistaken, Doctorate, Lamming is internationally acclaimed.

  66. J

    Dear Doctorate:

    George Lamming is writer of international stature.

    Lamming has published the following novels: In the Castle of my skin; The Emigrants; Of Age and Innocence; Season of Adventure; Pleasures of Exile; Water with berries; Natives of my person.

    Lamming has been awarded the following Fellowships: Guggenheim; Canada Council; Langston Huges; Fulbright.

    Lamming has taught at Brown University; the University of Texas at Austin; University of Pennsylvania; City University of New York; the University of the West Indies.

    Lamming has published essays and poems.

    He has published criticisms in peer reviewed journals.

    Other scholars have written extensively on Lamming.

    He has also taught in Denmark, Tanzania, Australia, Trinidad and Venezuela.

    We are fortunate to have him here still teaching and working even though he is in his 80’s.

  67. "Doctors"


    I tended my apologies to you on the other Blog

  68. J

    Dear “Doctors”


  69. Just me

    You pretend to speak from a position of authority but what you are proving to us is that you are no different from the person you have accused and condemned.

    For your information, I am not a member of Jippy’s congregration and some of the comments most of you have made about him I have heard to. Guess what? I chose not to jump on the bandwagon of public hatred and condemnation and crucify a man that I know nothing of personally. These actions remind me of what happened to Jesus-while not known was accused and had to pay the price for a debt he didn’t commit. The people were so blinded by hatred and they intent to kill him was so strong that they crucified and innocent man. I am not saying that Jippy is innocent nor guilty, I was not there when the alledge situation occured and the evidence against him was so shaky I will not judge him. Not sure how a jury found him guilty either- was it based on what they feel the outcome should be to appease “his haters” ? Did any of you make an attempt to attend the hearing so that you can make an informed decision based on what was presented in court? I didn’t think so!

    Unfortunately, Jippy was found guilty the day the story broke. And guess what, I don’t beleive that Jippy is perfect either but he does not deserve what the public is meting out to him. God will deal with Jippy for any wrong doing he has commited- stop trying to to do God’s job!

    I am sure there are several other issues that need addressing in B’dos yet none of you choose to raise the issues that affect all of our lives and that of our children. Yet you find time to focus on GOSSIP and petty issues such as who has a doctorate and the means by which it was attained. Come on people, its time to mature- no wonder our nation is in crisis.

  70. J

    Dear Just Me:

    But I am different from Jippy. I have never raped a child.

    I did not accuse Jippy. The Director of Public Prosecutions did as it was his job to do.

    I did not condemn Jippy. The jury not me found him guilty.

    Jippy will not be crucified. In Barbados we do not crucify anybody.

    You may be committing blasphemy when you compare the rapist Jippy Doyle with the sinless Jesus Christ.

    Neither you nor I have to judge Jippy Doyle. We have excellent judges whom we can trust to act justly.

    Of course neither you nor I were present when the rape was committed. Rapists do not generally invite others to witness the rape The lack of witnesses does not mean that rape never occurs.

    Render unto Ceasar’s the things that are Ceasar’s and unto God the things that are God’s. In every single country of the world rape is a serious crime that is punished by Ceasar (that is the State). God may yet have his own punishment in store for Jippy. Just because the State may punish Jippy does not prevent God from punishing Jippy again.

    Lets leave God’s punishment in God’s hands, shall we.

    I do not hate Jippy Doyle, but I hate the sin that he committed against that child.

  71. J

    And Dear Just Me.

    If a person says that they have a doctorate when they do not that is NOT a petty issue.

    When I go to a doctor and he tells me that he has a degree in medicine he had better be telling the truth.

    When I go to a lawyer and she tells that she has a degree in law she had better be telling me the truth.

    When I go to the pharmacist and he tells me that he has a degree in pharmacy he had better be telling me the truth.

    When I go to a counselor and she tells me that she has a degree in psychology she had better be telling me the truth.

    When I go to an accountant and he tells me that he has a degree in accounting he had better be telling me the truth.

    When I hire a tiler and she tells me that she has a certificate after studing masonary and tiling at the Polytechnic for a year she had better be telling me the truth.

    When I hire a joiner to build my cupboards and he tells me that he studied at the Polytechnic for 2 years and has a certificate in woodworking and that further he has 10 additional years of experience he had better be telling me the truth.

    If as you seem to think it is not important to have valid academic credentials, can you please tell me why Jippy Doyle hired one of the most academically qualified and experienced lawyers in Barbados?

    Why didn’t Jippy hire J? After all I can turn on my printer now and have a real looking law degree from a fake university in 5 minutes. But I bet that neither you nor Jippy would hire me.

    Why not?

  72. "Doctorate"

    Just Me,

    I think you are fighting a loosing battle. The court has found him guilty. That is a given.
    Sir Richard Cheltenham is no novice to the Courts. In fact, he hardly looses a criminal case (this is the first one I have heard of him loosing).

    Yes, some folks are sentenced wrongfully. However, the facts presented seem to suggest he was guilty as charged

    His followers keeping a racket in the courtyard was an insult to common decency (and common sense).

    He is not the first Minister to be sentenced for indecency, and surely will not be the last.

    Get over it. If you are a Christian (and I believe you are) you need to look to the Faultless one.

    By the way, I am in no way being partial to J’s comments. The facts are blinding.

  73. The Devils Advocate

    @ Just me
    Which is the worse of the two sins (1) a man charged with the rape of a minor (2) nations of people who hypocritically cast doubt and attack a person whom they don’t know.
    Being a convicted rapist is way worst than being a hypocrite………….. but if you think about it, Mr. Doyle is both a hypocrite and a rapist

    Correct me if i am wrong but
    Do we need to wait for god to convict people ?
    Are you saying that this case is not an issue that needs addressing in Barbados?
    Is this the first time the ‘Rev Dr’ has been accused of this type of crime?
    Child rape is not an issue that affects our lives and that of our children?
    Is that what bloggers on this issue are doing “Gossip”? “Petty issues”?
    A major issue affecting us is people who blindly follow others and make excuses based on blind faith -Apologists
    What about the girl who at 13 years was raped by a man she trusted? Do most of you realise that most child abusers no longer rape but ‘groom’ children into sexual activity. You see, they make absolutely sure that the little one gives their ‘consent’. The new breed makes sure that the little one enjoys it and is less likely to ‘tell on’ them. The child also feels shame for being ‘bad’ and enjoying it. The adult involved will tell the child that the parents will not love them if they find out. Shame on the adults that claim that this was not reported because the little girl was ‘fast’ or that money was involved. Minor children should not be led astray. In track, if a sprinter is fast it is ability+coaching. If a child is ‘fast’ who is doing the coaching?

  74. The Devil

    I offer this interesting perspective by Trinidadian Kevin Baldeosingh on the issue of suspect PhDs and pastors.


    Baldeosingh had this to say about a pastor named Cuffie who was flaunting his then newly acquired doctorate.

    “That Pastor Cuffie should have found it necessary to get a PhD – albeit one from a suspect university – seems somewhat contradictory. As a Christian fundamentalist, after all, Cuffie is necessarily anti-intellectual. And yet not only did he have a fervent desire to put “Doctor” before his name, but he also purchased several half-hour television spots to advertise his purchase, sorry, achievement.

    There was no financial or professional reason for Cuffie to get a PhD. He is already fabulously wealthy, with a loyal congregation, and a high public profile. His real motive, it therefore seems, was prestige. And herein lies the contradiction: why should academic qualifications be viewed as prestigious by a man who vehemently opposes any genuine intellectual activities, such as science and literature?”

    We could substitute the name Jippy Doyle (or some other pastor of one’s choice) and Baldeosingh’s comment would still remain accurate.

  75. Anonymous


  76. Just me3436

    Dear Just Me,

    I support what you have stated 100%, especially the part about what happened in the court room during the trail. Many of the bloggers above, were not present during the trail, but for those who were, would all know that the verdict was shocking for all.

    And for a person looking on it, it’s sad to read blogs, saying rather crued things that as christians you wouldn’t say, and then at the ending putting god’s name in it, when we all know that he wouldn’t support the things that were stated.(not all bloggers but most)

  77. Open letter to West Indies cricket rep at ICC.
    1.How long will it take a proposal and decision to divide the cricketing nations into First and Second Divisions, so to speak, and put in place a relegation and promotion system?
    2. This would take rearranging itineraries and save face. No longer would top bowlers and batsmen appear like supermen against (sic) Zimbabwe and Bangladesh – cheap wickets and runs
    3. This would give W Indies time to find their place, save their face, and earn their spurs. Right now it is all an embarrassment in W Indies and English cricket

  78. How did you arrive at that, Devil?

    Dear “The Devil”,
    I quote from your note above:”…..As a Christian Fundamentalist, after all, Cuffy is necessariily anti-interlectual”
    Do you know what you are saying? Do you know what Christian Fundamentalism is all about?
    Excuse me, but if I am not mistaken, there are hundreds of these universities scattered all over the world.

  79. Sweet Pea

    Anyone out there know?…Whatever happened to Jippy’s wife and kids? I think her name was Mondel or something like that…

  80. Pure Life

    Mondel is not a name that one would remember so easily unless you have had very close contact with the person. Plus only few people refer to her by that name so Sweet Pea stop hiding behind the blog and leave the man’s wife and children out of your maliciousness. By the way, if she wanted to give you or anyone else information about her whereabouts don’t you think she would have informed personally? I certainly think so and since you have to make a public query it means that you are malicious and unnecessarily so since the answer to your query does not help you in any way except to satisfy your “gutter mentality”. So Back off!

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  82. 199

    Hi BFP, could n’t wait for u to comment, offically, on this case where I hear the miscreant has just got ten years!! Let’s allow ourselves a period of celebration in the hope that it’s the beginning of the demise of all the vermin who think that because Bim is a small, island they can do as they like!!

    Three cheers for locking-up he backside!!

  83. 199

    Now for the next, vermin!!

  84. I love what ROGL said and I am not a Bajan……
    There is more in the frying pan than the flying fish!!!!

    Something is fishy…I am a Trinbagonian and imagine I can agree with ROGL…how can a man know and sees things of the future like 9 eleven if God is not with him???

    If Christ himself was to return now we would Crucify him all over again!!!!!

    I heard stories of the girl’s family including the mother and another older sister that made me wonder if this was not a “set up” for monetary gain from Dr. Jippy Doyle…..Yes Dr. if they can give Brian Lara a Dr. rate why not Jippy?????

    If you knew him and his testimony of where he was from and where God brought him to…you all would not cast STONES!!!!!!!

    Look at the beam in your own eye and stop looking at the specks in others……

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