Another Barbados Child Rape With No Trial For Seven Years!

“If our “Justice System” cannot bring a child rapist to trial in ten years, what right does our “Justice System” even have to exist? We have a sham of a ‘justice’ system.”

Child Rape In Barbados – Don’t Ask For Justice

Two days ago we told you of a disgusting debacle in the Barbados courts where a child rape case was not brought to trial for TEN YEARS – and then it was thrown out. (See BFP’s Child Rape Haven Barbados – 12-Year-Old Girl Raped Ten Years Ago, No Trial For Ten Years – Defense Lawyers Succeed In Subverting Courts)

Today we remind our readers of yet another abuse of justice denied – this time for seven years without trial.

Back in 2001, Pastor Jippy Doyle was charged with the rape of a 14 year old girl, and in 2005 he went to a preliminary court enquiry on two charges of rape and two charges of attempted rape with 13 or 14 year old girls where it was determined that there was enough evidence for a full trial.

That’s it folks. That is the last that anyone heard of those rape charges.

The Nation News Has Removed All Stories About The Jippy Doyle Rape Charges!!!

We couldn’t find any of the past newspaper stories of the Jippy Doyle rape charges online anywhere. They have been removed by the Barbados news media.

Fortunately, several bloggers have been keeping records of the child rape charges against Doyle so at least there will be a public record when the Barbados court finally throws out the case after it is old enough to do so.

Whether Guilty Or Not – The Elites Are Seldom Required To Go To Trial In Barbados

That is the way things work on this island for the elites. Whether guilty or not the elites are seldom required to go to a public trial in Barbados. If there is a public outcry at the time of an occurrence, an “investigation” will be launched. If that doesn’t satisfy the public or “look good enough” then charges are laid, but they never come to trial.

If you have enough pull, even the local newspaper will delete any online stories and after seven or ten years the rape victim just wants it over and a few thousand dollars takes care of that.

Welcome to Barbados – a haven for elites who commit rape, child rape, fraud or other offenses.

Further Reading

Barbados Underground: Sir Richard Cheltenham’s Vanishing Act In The Jippy Doyle Affair

The following has been taken from other blogs and is placed here to ensure the preservation of the records…

News reports on Jippy Case from Barbados
Local Hero | Tue, 2005-09-27 12:04

Publication: Daily Nation
Pub. Date: 8/9/05
Creator: Evanson Heatherlyn
Headline:Doyle’s case adjourned
Story Body : THE PROSECUTION could be closing its case in the preliminary enquiry against pastor Dr Jippy Doyle at month end.
The defence had hinted that it could start on the next occasion. Doyle, of 2nd Avenue, Welches, St Michael, is accused of attempting to have unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage teenage girl on March 3, 2001, and having unlawful sexual intercourse with the same girl on May 12, that same year.
Yesterday, the prosecution revealed one of two remaining constables was
present. The other was on sick leave. Defence attorney Dr Richard Cheltenham later asked for an adjournment. Chief Magistrate Clyde Nicholls adjourned the matter until August 30. Doyle remains on $50 000 bail until the completion of the enquiry.
Publication: Daily Nation
Pub. Date: 9/8/05
Creator:Evanson Heatherlyn
Headline:Attorney ill, case adjourned
Story Body : PASTOR DR JIPPY DOYLE was scheduled to close his defence to two charges yesterday in District “A” Magistrates’ Court.
However, his attorney was sick, and the preliminary enquiry was adjourned until later this month. Doyle, of 2nd Avenue, Welches, St Michael, is accused of attempting to have unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage teenage girl on March 3, 2001, and having unlawful sexual intercourse with her on May 12 that year.
When the matter came up for hearing, the court learnt that Dr Richard Cheltenham, QC, Doyle’s attorney, was “not feeling 100 per cent” and was asking for a “short adjournment”. Chief Magistrate Clyde Nicholls, who is presiding over the preliminary enquiries, adjourned the matter until September 22. Doyle remains on $50 000 bail.
Publication: Sunday Sun
Paper Date: Sun, Sep 9, 2001
DOMINION LIFE CENTRE televangelist Pastor Jippy Doyle was granted $50
000 bail when he appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.
But the action in the courtyard was more gripping than that inside the court
itself. Dominion worshippers and spectators clashed verbally. “Touch not the Lord’s anointed and do His prophets no harm,” one female church member shouted, her hands flailing. She was one of several members of Doyle’s congregation who came out in support of the pastor who is facing two charges of rape and attempted rape.
Doyle’s followers huddled together, along with the curious who just wanted
to catch a glimpse of the accused. “I just come to see Jippy,” a man said as police whisked the popular pastor into the courtroom. Relatives and church members held hands inside the courtroom, while Doyle stood in the dock, hands clasped behind his back, as Magistrate Clyde Nicholls read the two charges.
The 32-year-old, of Second Avenue, Welches, St Michael, is accused of
having sex with a 13-year-old girl without her consent on May 12, and of
attempting to have sex with the same girl on March 3. He was not required to plead to the indictable charges.
Prosecutor Station Sergeant David Griffith did not object to bail, but asked that Doyle’s travel documents be surrendered to the court. Attorney-at-law Dr Richard “Johnny” Cheltenham, QC, told the court his client had two travel engagements later this year. “I propose the documents be handed up now. If and when he has to travel, he will make a case for permission to do so,” counsel said as the passports were handed over.
Relatives and worshippers surrounded the preacher as he left the courtroom.
By then the noisy crowd which had grown since Doyle’s entry, erupted, some
cheering, some booing. “Look he there, don’t hide he face,” some screamed as police officers kept watch, while others wept openly. “Be strong; we got to be strong,” another female said as she embraced her tearful sisters.
“How everybody could be happy?” a man asked, tears rolling down his
face. Tempers flared as congregation members and members of the public hurled insults at one another, while shoppers watched from Coleridge Street. Doyle returns to court November 22.
Publication: Weekend Nation
Pub. Date: 9/23/05
Creator:Evanson Heatherlyn
Headline:Over to the Assizes for Doyle
Story Body :FOUR YEARS after being charged, Pastor Dr Jippy Doyle is set to
face judge and jury.
Yesterday, the defence closed its case bringing an end to the preliminary
enquiry into two sex charges against the former televangelist in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court.
Chief Magistrate Clyde Nicholls then found that a prima facie case had been
made out and re-released the accused on $50 000 bail with two sureties.
The matter has been adjourned until October 10 for committal to the Assizes.
Doyle, of 2nd Avenue, Welches, St Michael, is accused of attempting to have
unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage teenage girl on March 3, 2001,
and having unlawful sexual intercourse with her on May 12 that year.
Both daily newspapers have been informed of this case and these reports, lets see what they do with them shall we.
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Here’s what the Herald did, or didn’t.
DBPrincess | Fri, 2005-09-30 20:43

Prophet Doyle tells of ‘darkness’ over island – 28th September 2005
This man is out on bail at this time and Laviest is even going to open his “presentation”?? I guess he either thinks that a man is innocent until proven guilty and because he is a Man of God an self proclaimed Latter Day Saint, or whatever deserves benfit of doubt. Perhaps he just doesn’t read the newspapers. Whatever it is, Jippy, or Dippy, is a suspect in a child rape and the judge decided last week that there is enough to take the case all the way. Next chapter, October 11th, keep us updated Dr. Voodoo, good job.
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More news reports
Dr. Voodoo | Thu, 2005-10-06 09:31

He;s right about the darkness though, but it’s a darkness caused by ignorant people believing in the crap he comes up with and the darkness covering governments dealings and actions. It is a depressing darkness for sure, I do think what we are doing here will bring some light though.
Jippy claims that the allegations are all about certain people trying to bring him down and stop his “good work”. No Jippy, these are authorites charging you with a crime, it has nothing to do with religion so stop trying to hide behind yours.
SXM at Crossroads say’s Dippy – 28th September 2005
Doyle in SXM – 27th September 2005
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10 responses to “Another Barbados Child Rape With No Trial For Seven Years!

  1. passin thru

    It is becoming undeniable that Barbados has serious problems with courts, justice, news media and the police coming under political control.

    One law for the rich and powerful with another set of laws for ordinary people. Who can we trust?

  2. Bajanboy

    I think if you really start to look, you will find scores of cases like this.

  3. tstt

    So what has happened to the Roy Morris case? Will it be continuously adjourned, thereby giving Mr Morris time to ensure that his teenage daughter is protected from pedophiles like himself?

  4. Amused

    Jippy Doyle is an elite??

  5. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    I had to laugh when I saw Jippy Doyle being characterised as a member of the “elite” class in Barbados…too funny.

    By the way, Johnny Cheltenham will soon be spending some time in Bermuda representing a notorious fraudster here. Check out this story in a recent edition of the Royal Gazette:


    BFP says,

    Public persons are often part of the elite in the way they are treated. Perhaps someone from the Nation can advise why they saw fit to remove from the web every article ever written in that paper about Doyle’s child rape charges.

  6. Amused

    You are part of the elite if BFP say you are I guess

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  9. God is a mircle workin GOD and he will judge his people right early . Man shall not judge

  10. touch not GOD atton
    and do his prophet no harm and everyone who has done it look out what is goin to happen next