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San Francisco Chronicle features Kammie Holder’s “Swimming Up Stream”

On Friday September 24, 2010, The Nation newspaper refused to publish Kammie Holder’s weekly column because they disagreed with his straight talk. After that, Kammie quit or the newspaper fired him – we don’t know what happened.

That’s fine. The Nation can do what they want… and so can Kammie or any Bajan who cares enough about our country and our people to write and share their thoughts.

But the world has changed. No longer can the “oldstream” Bajan news media dis-empower and dis-enfranchise any citizen because the newspaper doesn’t agree with their politics – or because the citizen criticizes the elites who own the Barbados news media and everything else ‘pon this rock.

Kammie Holder said “To HELL with the Nation newspaper” and took his message to the internet. To Facebook, Twitter and the blogs. A few weeks later and the The San Francisco Chronicle decided that he had something worthwhile to say… so they linked to his article. The San Francisco Chronicle has a daily readership of 1.6 million people.

At this moment if you Google or Yahoo! search for “Barbados Independence”, you’ll find that Kammie’s article is #4 out of 82,400 returns. The Nation and The Barbados Advocate are not found on the list.

Even if Kammie is too classy to say the message out loud, we will do it for him: “Nation News… stick it where the sun doan shine! You media elites no longer control everything. The world is changing, but you don’t know it.”


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Bajan Reporter considers role of “The Snitch” in Owen Arthur’s coup

UPDATED: October 19, 2010, 9:47am Bridgetown

I can’t believe that I originally titled the article “… roll of “The Snitch” but it happened because I had too much rum at the time. I got it right when I wrote “Who is the person dubbed “The Snitch”? What was her role in removing the Honourable Mia A. Mottley from her post as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados?”

But that doesn’t excuse the title error. Can’t believe I did that. But I did. I’ve changed it to “role” but probably screwed up the links and all that. Can’t believe I’m hung over on a Tuesday mrning but there ya go.

Must drink less rum.

Ok. Tomorrow, I will start drinking less. Realy. 😉


Spies, traitors, anger and tears – Welcome to politics!

While the pot was boiling at the BLP’s Roebuck Street Headquarters on Monday morning, journalist Ian Bourne had his camera focused on some of the quick “backroom” happenings that usually slide by under the radar. I guess Owen thought nobody noticed because he got a little flustered when Mr. Bourne asked about the conversation.

Who is the person dubbed “The Snitch”? What was her role in removing the Honourable Mia A. Mottley from her post as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados?

The Bajan Reporter has the exclusive story and the unmodified photo: Barbados Labour Party allows Internal Strife to place their Public Reputation on the balance – Owen Arthur claims “No Wish” to cast Aside Mia Mottley…


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