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Barbados digging out, drying out as flood waters drain

Mud, water, more mud!

When we talk about this in a few months, many of us won’t remember the water so much as all the mud. There’s nothing to put you in a mood like shoveling mud from inside your home. Shovels are in short supply. We tried and failed to buy a couple yesterday.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow (Wednesday) but not heavily. Fortunately a friend’s home is on slightly higher ground and remained dry through the weekend mess. It has become the local hotel for the foreseeable future for a few of us. Good to have friends.

The water went off earlier this evening for an hour but it’s back on. The power is off and on like a trapped politician having to answer a “yes or no” question.

Tired. Everyone you meet is tired, physically tired from cleaning up the mess, not sleeping well or upset from not being able to go home. “Mud, tired” are the two words that define life right now.

Sorry to be on such a low, but that’s life today on this rock. We’re almost done – not back to normal – but almost done the cleanup. Tomorrow will be better.

Photo courtesy of Mark@bgi: Raid or mud doan matter as Barbados Fire heads out for another call. They’re tired too but out they go because they have to. Thanks guys!

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Barbados Tourism Authority Facebook not updated for 3 months

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Tourism Minister’s “social media” programme needs some attention

Our Minister of Tourism, Richard L. Sealy, was quoted on CBC TV8 News a couple of days ago stating that the Barbados Tourism Authority and his Ministry of Tourism are using Social Media to a greater extent, and how we hired some outside experts to assist our online tourism efforts. Indeed, Minister Sealy went on and on about the wonderful benefits of Facebook, Twitter etc and how effective and cost-effective online social media is. As Minister Sealy said (and I’m going by memory here), “There is no advertisement that can match the recommendation of a friend.”

True. Very true.

Too bad that Minister Sealy (above) doesn’t have time to log into his own Ministry of Tourism website. The gruesome details are at the end of this article, but the short story is that there are no visible links on Minister Sealy’s website to any Barbados tourism website or social media. Really.

The Ministry of Tourism’s website does contain a “Latest News” section though. Here it is in full…

“Latest News

Latest news here

Type text here”

It is also too bad that the Minister doesn’t have time to log into the various Barbados Tourism Authority social media sites once every few months to check up on the, ah, status. I was about to say “progress” of his social media programme, but I think I’ll let the following speak for itself. Continue reading


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