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Barbados celebrates yet another loan. We scored US$45 million!

This time it’s the Inter-American Development Bank

We said the magic words: “Sustainable Environmental Green Economy Alternative Energy Framework” and other sustainable green stuff…

Yes folks, we’re dancing in the streets because our credit is still good. Of course, our credit is good because we’ve secured the new loan with our land, with our children’s futures and God knows how much of our GNP for God knows how many more decades.

Who cares what it’s for. We just scored another US$45 million. We can’t tell you what we did with the last US$10 million EU sugar money or the money we borrowed for development of a standards organization, but if no one is really doing any follow up to confirm where the money went, hey… that’s just life on this island. Continue reading


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Al Barrack gets it wrong again – it’s not racism, it’s business as usual

It’s not about Justice denied because of race: it’s about no rule of law in Barbados and… revenge

Poor Al Barrack dressed up in whiteface yesterday to illustrate his belief that the 100% black government of Barbados is not paying a court ordered judgment to him because he is black. Barrack says if he were white, the government would pay up.

Maybe he’s saying that ordinary folks are nothing to our government, that if he were white he would be respected. (Ahhhh… but if Al Barrack was white, would he have been awarded the government contract in the first place? Was he merely the right sucker in the right place at the right time, or, was it all a big accident that could have happened to anyone?)

We at BFP don’t believe it’s about race. We think it’s about business as usual in Barbados: when political elites from either the DLP or the BLP form a government, they do whatever the hell they want – the rule of law and the courts be damned. It’s always been that way. The party in power uses the law when convenient, and ignores it when the law is inconvenient.

It has always been that way.

Before we talk about how revenge factors into the Al Barrack story, let’s quickly review how Barrack arrived where he is in the first place… Continue reading


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