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DLP still waving the “Arthur is corrupt” flag without doing anything about it

Barbados Free Press received this anonymously-written article from someone who claims to be a DLP member. Fair enough, we’ll publish just about anything that isn’t threatening or promoting violence or racism. Although we split up a couple of longer paragraphs for readability, we didn’t change a word.

Two points we at BFP would like to make and then we’ll publish the article as it was received…

1/ The “campaign donation” cheque that Owen Arthur put into his personal bank account and that David Thompson waved around during his “Bussa” speech was for $75,000, not $750,000 as this article claims. It’s all corruption but you might as well get the amount straight.

2/ The DLP started yelling about the BLP corruption years ago and they have had almost 3 years to do something with all the evidence they have – but that’s not going to happen. The DLP could lay numerous charges and civil lawsuits to recover the stolen funds but they have a gentleman’s agreement with the BLP that no charges will be laid – only words angrily spoken.

That’s because the DLP don’t want the same treatment from the BLP next time the government switches around.

Remember friends: There is only ONE political party in Barbados. Any talk of corruption charges, investigations or legislative changes are all politics and not real. All for show.

Here’s the article we received…

All eyes on the BLP

Hear the name: “Owen Arthur” and immediately you think of the man who received $750,000 as campaign financing but secretly deposited it into his personal bank account. That’s why for us in the DLP, Arthur is the best person to lead the BLP into the next election. Continue reading


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CLICO International Life Insurance and Gail Riley – What’s the story?

Notice in paper a normal event, or something else?

CLICO International Life Insurance ran an advert on page 12 of Sunday’s Barbados Advocate to “…advise our policyholders and the public that GAIL RILEY is no longer authorized to transact business on our behalf.”

The notice went on to say, “We urge our policyholders to contact us… for any queries or requests they may have.”

Lots of folks leave their employers for all kinds of good and normal reasons such as taking a better position or wanting to do something different, but we can’t recall seeing CLICO Life publish such a notice before. Is it standard procedure when someone leaves their employ, or is there a story behind the notice?

We intend no grief to Gail Riley, and she’s probably a nice person who is moving on to better things, but the “CLICO” name is newsworthy at the moment for obvious reasons so our interest is piqued.

Is there a story here, or just a normal advert?

Comments are open folks!


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