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Musical tribute to Prime Minister David Thompson

“The whole nation praying for you.”

Tribute to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados

Song written by: Shawn Barrow
Musical Arrangement: Anderson Ward, 
Vocals: Shawnie + Mr Impact
Recorded at Uprising Studio


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Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson dead of cancer at 48

Father, Husband, Son, Prime Minister: David Thompson passes at home, surrounded by family

“Know for sure that this experience has brought me much closer to God, whose compassionate love and grace I commend to you based particularly on my personal experience these past six months.

I invite you to continue to uphold my family and me in prayer at home and at church; in communities and in neighbourhoods wherever you meet. May God comfort everyone who may have lost relatives in recent times; may He bless all who are faced with personal and health challenges; indeed, may He bless each and every family of St John; each and every child.”

… from the Prime Minister’s last letter to his St. John constituents (full text below)

David John Howard Thompson went to be with the Lord on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at about 2:10am. He fought hard, with courage and with the dignity that was always part of his character in public and in private – but in the end the best medicine and doctors could not defeat the pancreatic cancer that claimed him.

Still, it is a mercy that he had time to prepare himself, his loved ones, his friends and his beloved Barbados for his passing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Mara, and his three daughters Misha, Oya  and Osa and David’s mum, Margaret Knight.

Here is David Thompson’s final letter to the people of St. John, as released ten days ago… Continue reading


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When Owen Arthur praised Leroy Parris and CLICO

“Listening to Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur, one would think that the CLICO affair is entirely a DLP problem. The BLP want the populace to forget about the 14 years they were responsible for letting Parris and CLICO run wild and roughshod over the interests of Barbados…”

by Nevermind Kurt

The close family and business relationship between our current Prime Minister David Thompson and former CLICO mis-director Leroy Parris is well known and the subject of numerous BFP articles and cartoons.

Leroy Parris is Godfather to one of Thompson’s daughters and Thompson is Godfather to Leroy’s son. Leroy Parris is a longtime financial and political supporter of David Thompson and the DLP. David Thompson also did lawyering for Parris and CLICO for years and years.

It was and still is a cosy relationship where Parris looked after Thompson during the Opposition years, supplying money to grease the DLP political wheels and lucrative jobs to Thompson’s law firm. He provided Thompson with connections, other clients and perks like the use of the CL Financial corporate jet and I’m not only talking about the trips that are publicly known and covered in BFP’s articles.

In return when elected Prime Minister, Thompson provided millions in bailout bucks when CLICO collapsed and made sure there was no independent judicial oversight once the trouble became known. When things went all to hell for Parris, Thompson gave him a cushy job as head of the CBC – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. Once in charge of the CBC, Parris worked with Thompson’s former campaign communications director (now a CBC employee), Reudon Eversley, to make the news organization effectively an arm of the DLP government.

As an example of what they can accomplish when they put their minds to it, the CBC covered the Sam Lord’s Castle fire on the night it burned, but haven’t mentioned it since! Neither have they performed anything but perfunctory reporting on the CLICO – CL Financial collapse. One doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to see the DLP and Leroy Parris agenda in CBC’s reporting. Thanks to Parris and Thompson, the organisation’s credibility is at an all-time low.

Naturally, the BLP are upset that Parris was put in charge of the CBC and BLP spokespersons rightfully remind the voters of this fact whenever they can. But the BLP conveniently forget that they were great friends with Parris too. Listening to Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur, one would think that the CLICO affair is entirely a DLP problem.

The BLP want the populace to forget about the 14 years they were responsible for the non-oversight of CLICO – when the BLP let Parris and CLICO run wild and roughshod over the interests of Barbados. Continue reading


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CheapFlights.co.uk reports searches for Barbados vacations down 23% !

Increases to UK’s Air Passenger Duty to blame

No other single statistic we’ve seen comes close to illustrating what devastation has been wrought by the UK Government against Barbados. This new report from CheapFlights says it all.

We are especially troubled that Barbados appears to be twice as hard hit as other Caribbean destinations. Why is that? Could it be that our upscale reputation is costing us ordinary tourists in an economic slowdown… or could there be something else happening too? Are people less satisfied with a Barbados vacation than some other Caribbean destinations?

THAT is something to think about. Perhaps our resident tourism expert Adrian Loveridge could sound off on that question?

Our thanks to CheapFlights for their comprehensive press release, and for standing up for us ordinary folks in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean who depend upon tourism to feed our families. Here is their press release in full…

CheapFlights UK notes 11+% reduction in Caribbean Search Traffic, post 2009 increase in UK Air Passenger Duty.

Popular destinations hit hardest – Searches fall up to 23% Continue reading


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