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Barbados Labour Party coup: Mottley out, Arthur in… but former PM still refuses to talk about “campaign donations” to personal bank account.

As if it matters

Interim Leader of the Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley was ousted this morning in a coup that saw former Prime Minister Owen Arthur returned to the leadership of the BLP.

Folks, it just shows you that nothing has changed with the Barbados Labour Party.

Prime Minister David Thompson is ill on death’s door, so Owen Arthur and his boys smelled blood in the water and a possible weakened government and they decided to act. Nothing to do with Mottley or her performance or leadership. It’s all about perceived opportunity.

What makes Owen Arthur so much more desirable as BLP leader in contrast to January of 2008 when the public and his party kicked his corrupt ass out onto the street? Ha! Opportunity and nothing else.

The story is still developing but here is part of what Mia Mottley had to say a few minutes ago…


Mia Mottley will continue to represent the people of St. Michael North East and leave her future in the Barbados Labour Party to “time and God”.

Less than half an hour after being ousted by a group of sitting members of the BLP, led by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who is taking over as Opposition Leader, Mottley issued a statement to the media…

“In public life, I have known defeat and I have known victory. Neither defines you as a person. Values and principles do.

Earlier today, I was informed by His Excellency the Governor General that my appointment as Leader of the Opposition was revoked at the request…”

Continue reading Mia Mottley’s statement at Barbados Today

Barbados Free Press says…

NEVER underestimate the power of public sympathy towards someone who is perceived to be unfairly treated. This “defeat” may be the best thing that ever happened to advance the political career of Mia Mottley. I, Cliverton, predict that in five years or less she will be re-invented and re-invigorated.

This “defeat” provides Mia Mottley with a public disconnection between herself and the old guard. That was the problem with Mia: she was seen as very much a part of the corrupt Arthur government.

Now, she will be seen as an outsider from the “old boys’ network”.

That is just what she needs.

As for Owen Arthur, he could have stepped aside with dignity and cultivated his “wise elder” image.

Mark my words: Owen Arthur will go down in defeat and disgrace. His “best by” date is long past, but he won’t acknowledge the fact gracefully.


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Forbes picks up Barbados Free Press news feed!

We’re not sure why it’s happening.

Our visitor stats are surging and BFP will soon welcome our 9 millionth visitor. Yesterday we told you that Sky News, USA Today, CNN, Times of India and a host of other outlets are following our coverage of the Arch Cot Inquest.

Now we see that a few hours ago Forbes.com picked up our article Michael Lee-Chin’s AIC Finance – Another CL Financial CLICO situation in progress?

Our thanks to author Afra Raymond for that one!

FORBES.com didn’t pick up Barbados Advocate. They didn’t follow The Nation or the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation feeds. They tuned in to Barbados Free Press. OMG!

Why should the some of the world’s most prestigious news organizations pay attention to a nothing little blog like Barbados Free Press?

We haven’t a clue… but it’s happening.


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Michael Winner’s new book: Not so unbelievable!

A delicious, indiscreet memoir about dining with Hollywood stars

Death Wish director and #1 Barbados fan Michael Winner just published a new totally uncensored book of his meals and relationships with some very famous people: some dead and some still living.

Jack Lemmon, John Cleese (above with Michael), Faye Dunaway, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and a host of other big names are included in Winner’s memoir “Unbelievable! My Life In Restaurants And Other Places”

Will the stars be offended here on earth or wherever they are now? I doubt it.

Michael Winner is not unkind to anyone except those who serve him bad meals.

Can’t wait to read his new book, which probably could be titled “Lives of the rich and famous Hollywood stars with all the cow manure striped away”

Michael Winner loves Barbados. Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Horizon Helicopters

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Wise words from Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

“There are not many things in a small country that we can control, or that we can determine. We cannot determine, for example, the price of oil. We cannot determine whether or not there’s going to be peace in the Middle East, or whether there’s going to be a war in Afghanistan or not. We cannot determine whether terrorists will or will not strike in any part of the world.

There are certain things beyond our control as a small developing country.

So what we have to focus on are those things that we can control; those things that allow us to make our mark and to let people know who we are.”

… Acting PM Freundel Stuart in the Barbados Advocate article Acting Prime Minister: Don’t mistake good service for servitude

Times are going to get more difficult. You haven’t seen anything yet…

At this moment, the business world in Barbados IS going to Hell – especially tourism that is the foundation of our economy. Say what you will about “diversification”, that’s fine for 15 years down the road. Right now we have tourism and tourism and tourism as our top three reasons why we all eat every day.

Remember how Owen and Mia announced we were going to be “The biotechnology capital of the Western hemisphere”??? Then it was offshore call centres that were going to save us. Then energy from cane leavings. Yup, we used to manufacture chips for IBM too… remember?

But we always come back to tourism because it is, and will remain, our foundation. Continue reading


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Michael Lee-Chin’s AIC Finance – Another CL Financial CLICO situation in progress?

“If CL Financial could not sustain paying high interest-rates, how can AIC continue to offer these rates in today’s market?”

AIC Finance and the big question…

by Afra Raymond

Ian Narine’s article Is there enough for everyone? in the Business Guardian (October 14, 2010) attempted to point out the way he had tried to warn the investing public on the perils of CL Financial.  That column made interesting reading, but just try to think if any such situation is unfolding right now.

Just as an example, AIC Finance is owned and run by the Jamaican billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin (photo above), who came in for mention in Anthony Wilson’s October 15, 2009 Business Guardian article ‘Will Lee-Chin avoid Duprey’s fate?’ I commented on that in the November 2, 2009 Trinidad & Tobago Review in ‘Duprey’s fate’. The points are once again pertinent.

AIC Barbados defaulted on a USD bond in 2009. Continue reading


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