Nation Newspaper censors Kammie Holder’s latest column. Read it here.

by Kammie Holder

Here is (my latest Friday Nation column) Swimming Upstream which was not published 24 September 2010. We now know clearly why some politicians behave the way they do and why some persons feel they are more equal than others in Barbados. Thus as an ignorant and naive person I wish to share this with the wider public. The blogs are uncensored and sometimes libelous but fair enough to allow persons to judge fact from fiction. Its never my aim to libel or slander but to only speak my mind in a respectable way. You judge for yourself.

Wimps, Pimps and Political deadweights.

After hearing the mouthings of Charles Skeete, Owen Arthur, David Ellis, Vincent Layne and Mia Mottley I am scared. Why am I scared? The forty or more years of growth Barbados has seen is being threatened by a lack of clarity of purpose by my government. As a patriotic Bajan I run the real risk of being marginalized for calling things as I see them or even targeted by the vindictive among us. However, the national risk is even greater than the local risk to me thus I accept whatever poison arrows may be shot at me.  Never, will I swap my integrity or honesty for a token invite to a social gathering at the expense of being a wimp or pimp.

What has me even more troubled is that our Capital inflow from the offshore sector has dropped from over a 1 billion to just 90 million. Mr. George Huston, how can you sleep at night? Mr. Hutson, the offshore sector is one of two sectors which provides needed foreign currency for our commercial existence. Why cannot you get up like Minister Richard Sealy and Donville Inniss and get things happening. The easiest and most convenient thing is to blame external forces. I am further convinced that you can do the country, my party and yourself a favor and do the honorable thing, resign!

As student of military history and strategy we know that a good Officer takes responsibility for failure of a mission on behalf of his men. On the contrary, the success of the mission is shared by the Officer and men. We have lost too many man hours to water outages and the economic cost to the country is too high in a time of low productivity. Dr Denis Lowe, you should be man enough and tell the acting Prime Minister that the management of the ministries are beyond your capabilities and ask the Governor General to revoke your warrant of appointment.

All is well with my soul and the truth shall set me free or attract vendetta. We can continue to bury our heads in the sand and hope things work out, or we can seek to collectively take corrective action. Barbados belongs to all Barbadians and their is no room for partisan politics.


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26 responses to “Nation Newspaper censors Kammie Holder’s latest column. Read it here.

  1. reality check

    God Bless you Kammie Holder

    “and the truth will set you free.”

  2. Kammie fan

    I concur with all said by Kammie

  3. Speakingout

    De Nation pun one side censoring Kammie and de Advocate pun de other side along wid de COP lambasting, and criticising de blogs fuh telling de pepuls wuh gine on in dey bakdoor before dem these 2 newspapas cud get to do it wedda dey plan tuh or not.

    Tank God fuh BarbadosToday.

  4. rasta man

    you would really do better by speaking/writing proper english

  5. ac


    what’s uh rasta man can yu explain dat to me in proper english.

  6. rasta man

    Things are not always what they seem!!!

  7. ac


    Yuh comment is full of wisdom .Perfect answer for Kammie submission as to whether his article should have been published in Nation . “Things are not always what they seem”.Yuh get a A+.

  8. Jack Bowman

    BFP says: “You judge for yourself”. Thanks, BFP. I was going to judge for myself anyway, but of course it’s always tremendous to have your (or anyone else’s) permission to form my own opinion.

    So I’ll just get on with the completely normal business of expressing my own opinion, if that’s okay.

    First, I can’t even begin to imagine what Mr. Holder has said that has caused such distress. What Mr. Holder has said is so tame and so mediocre and so deeply average that it’s impossible to know why anyone should be concerned by it.

    Second, I did get the impression (not by what Mr. Holder said, but by reactions to it) that Mr. Holder is supposed to be some kind of national treasure or something. I don’t have the slightest idea who Mr. Holder is, so I can’t possibly judge him to be a national treasure. I will, however, judge him on what he writes and the quality of his writing.

    Third, Mr. Holder seems to base his entire piece on the following observation:

    “After hearing the mouthings of Charles Skeete, Owen Arthur, David Ellis, Vincent Layne and Mia Mottley I am scared. Why am I scared?”

    I don’t know why he’s scared and neither does anybody else, because he doesn’t tell us. He simply rambles on about his patriotism and his self-professed integrity before talking pointlessly and randomly about a “token invite to a social gathering” as if that proved something or anything.

    Fourth, Mr. Holder then asks Mr. George Hutson to resign. He quotes some numbers to support his argument. Perhaps Mr. Hutson should indeed resign, but I think I’d need a second opinion on Mr. Holder’s source-free numbers before I called for that.

    Fifth, Mr. Holder treats his readers to the following sentence: “As [sic: there’s an “a” missing] student of military history and strategy we know that a good Officer takes responsibility …”.

    Right. The subject of the sentence is “we”. Obviously, the reader of the sentence is not “we”, because the reader of the sentence is not “a student of military history and strategy”. Plus, why the random capitalization of “Officer”? (A mistake repeated later.)

    Mr. Holder concludes with some wearying clichés and tiresome platitudes (“all is well with my soul”, “the truth shall set me free”) and ends without ever having said very much apart from demanding that Mr. Hutson resign on the basis of a couple of dubious and source-free numbers.

    I don’t know Mr. Hutson. I have no connection to him. Perhaps he should indeed resign as Mr. Holder suggests.

    What I am absolutely certain about is that I would not have published Mr. Holder’s piece when I was 20 years old and was the editor of the student newspaper in my university. It’s nowhere near good enough for publication. It’s poorly written, poorly reasoned, badly structured and in the end it’s just flat-out boring.

    It’s less than ordinary and tedious in its own mediocrity, and the bleating about the author’s supposed integrity simply make it even more boring.

  9. election year soon

    “It’s poorly written, poorly reasoned, badly structured and in the end it’s just flat-out boring.”

    We are talking about the Nation Newspaper aren’t we?

    This is quality prose for them!

    This editorial was rejected not for its literary quality and back up but for who it attacked and who Kammie Holder and other like minded individuals might become in an upcoming election year if enough people express themselves more vigorously.

  10. Rastaboy

    Kammie Holder should not be censored by Nation newspaper he should be banned from writing. His column is a waste of space. A Queens College fifth former could write more interesting articles than Holder. This clown in words and looks trying in vain to be relevant. Nation do us a favour and get fifth formers from our secondary schools to fill the waste of space you give Kammie. You would sell more papers with parents and schoolchildren wanting to read the thoughts of their kids and mates respectively. What kammie Holder what!

  11. Mac

    Well said Kammie, if the arrows fly, I’ll stand with you!!!!

  12. J

    Jack Bowman is right. Kammie’s piece is so badly writen that it does not deserve to be published.

  13. o henry

    cammie holder is a blp toute and if u check his facebook rants it would be revealed.
    not even the biased nation would print this crap
    is he related to mackie holder by any chance?

  14. Somebody likes my crap, eat wunna hearts out.

    The San Francisco Chronicle links to the Swimming Upstream #1, Thanks to the editor whoever he or she is, international exposure is priceless.Here is the link.

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  16. Watching, absorbing and listening!!!

    Are readers of this article English teachers or citizens practising freedom of expression on crucial matters affecting productivity? If it is the latter, then it is imperative that you look beyond the surface!!! Very few have actually commented on content but rather enjoy denigrating remarks as the main focus! Wake up people! Let your voice be valuable rather than volatile!!!

  17. lexicon

    I agree categorically with the last statement that was make to address the issue of Mr. Kammie’s article; we are not here to scrutinize the grammatical validity of Mr. Kammie writing. But to draw from it the points that he was endeavoring to convey, even though he did so in a somewhat confusing manner. I’m quite certain that we comprehended to some degree what Mr. Kammie was endeavoring to convey. Even though he lacked the grammatical resources to articulate his position conspicuously. we all at some point in our writing were guility of this lack of grammatical precision , but it only when we recapitulate it then we discover our errors. So please,let not profess that we have arrived here with paper and pen in our hands.

  18. lexicon

    Mr. Bowman, I think that you are looking to deeply into this article with a aim to intentionally draw from it the vulnerable areas. I appreciate your analytical critique, but sir, your analysis was not fair and well founded. It reflectes a mentality that has been deeply rooted in negativity and a open -mouth imbecility. My friend your blatant disregard for the freedom of expression illustrates and insensitivity on your part. Finally my friend, any fool can condemn, criticize and complain,but it is no doubt that Mr. Kammie had the moral courage to let his voice be heard .

  19. horse

    Mr. Bowman, your critique fundamentally said nothing about Mr, Kammie, all it indicates is your need to be critical. Yes it is a fact that Mr. Kammie articulated hisself in an inconspicuous fashion, so say what.

    Lets examine what is being said here to see if we can decipher if it make any good sense or not. Mr. kammie has attempted to address some concerns that he deem are of some important to him, and irrespective of his ability to grammatical express hisself it does little to detract from the points he wants to make.
    Who gave you the authority to arbitorarily and unilaterally examine with a critical eyes the structure of Mr. Kammie’s article ,are you the editor my friend? I suggest next time you endeavor to read a article that you ascertain the authentic purpose the person is trying to convey to his audiance sir.

    It is importtant that we examine circumspectly our egotistical approach when we are trying to correct those who are not truly cognizant of the shortcoming. There are way to amicablely bring to someone’s attention their inabilty to see with clarity their inadequency.

  20. James Holder

    The word of one Mr James Holder ( I suspect that his name is not really James)
    “When the hell you all back ward ass Jamaicans going stop this shit about Barbados you all so stupid the world rate you all as dogs from the mud huts of Jamaica valley full of drugs and have no sense of humour at all , cant speak proper English and you all should be shame to talk about ban Barbados we more accepted in the world than you all every where you Jamaicans go you make bad for each other and cause people to search you all ass for drugs you all can’t see no one wants to have anything to do with you all or want you all in they country you all should be shame you Jamaicans need to stop making yourselves asses and and try change the world perception about you all and to see you all as decent people and not drug lords go dig up Bob Marley and see if he could teach you all how to conduct yourself as decent people back ward ass idiots you Jamaicans are can’t stand the site in seeing you people”

  21. Mark L. Fenty Sr.

    Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance
    Mr. Kammie Holder wrote an article sometime ago describing the misconduct of those who hold’s our public office. He articulated in my view what amounts to a convincing argument based on the facts that he probably had at his disposal. Mr. Bowman you produced no facts to challenges the validity of Mr. Holder’s claims. All you did was basically provided a vague argument challenging the veracity of his grammatical aptitude. The truth of the matter is this; your negative criticism was not fair and well founded. The reason I advanced this perspective is clear and simple, Mr. Holder, I believe, was endeavoring to set the record straight about the nature of politics and the economic reality of his country. And you Mr. Bowman attempted to meticulously besmear the authenticity of Mr. Holder’s article like you are some kind literary intellectual send to check spelling. My friend ignorance can be cured, but stupidity and imbecility is forever. Who made you literary critic? It is important Mr. Bowman that you look and listen with your understanding, and then employ your intellectual perspicacity, then in the process hopefully you will decipher thought critical thinking what is being convey my friend.

    I saw no rational basis for an intelligent individual to attack Mr. Holder in this manner; it is important Mr. Bowman that you are guided by fact rather that emotions. What is important here Mr. Bowman is the idea that Mr. Holder was conveying to the consciousness of the collective masses. One doesn’t have to be intelligently gifted to ascertain what is being conveyed here my friend. Mr. Holder in my view engaged the reader’s attention as a way to heighten their awareness to the hypocrisy of those who holds our political offices.

    Therefore, for this reason, I vehemently disagree with your characterization of Mr. Holder’s grammatical expression. The idea my friend it to engage the attention of the populace as a means to arouse their awareness about the issue at hand; and I believe that Mr. Holder did an effective job in convey his message. So why do we have to go to this level in order to correct a fellow Barbadian who is expressing his constitutional right to free speech.

    There is an old adage that goes something like this Mr. Bowman,” you can take a man to the university but you can’t make him think”, and thats your problem my friend look beyond the superficiality.
    Finally, I’m in no way advocating the position that if someone is writing unintelligibly that we should not use constructive criticism as a way to bring to his attention his shortcoming. But what I advocating it the fact we don’t have to be so insensitive and impertinent to draw awareness to one inadequacy.
    Writing is just one of the medium of communicating and do we have to be really perfect; in convey what we want to say if those who we are trying to inculcate where we are coming from understands.

  22. Mark L. Fenty Sr.

    It is blatant ignorance to use the wrong doings of a few Jamaicans to unilaterally and arbitrarily judge the collective whole ,it is just abysmal ignorance and unintelligible to do so . Its like saying that all Barbadians are homosexuals and we know that is not the case, but it is the prevalent assumption within the Caribbean encirclement . Many of my friends are Jamaicans, and their are people who possess the dignity, decency, and decorum as many Barbadian do; so let not moralize of Jamaican people. For to collectively judge the whole of Jamaican for the immorality of a few, undermines the morality of the majority Mr. James Holder.

  23. Mark L. Fenty Sr.

    There appears to be blatant insensitivity couple with arrogance, deeply roots in the social tapestry of Barbadian society? I want to call attention to an issue that I believe is of great concern to me. I have notice quite recently that the attitude of some Barbadians who resides on the island; reflects an impertinent towards our Jamaicans neighbors with respect to the rape of the Jamaican national.

    Since the rape of the Jamaican national which has stirred up contention between the two islands, there have been vacuous onslaught of generalizations directed at Jamaican nationals based on established stereotypical orthodoxy by some Barbadians. Irrespective, of this fixed and conformed way of characterizing Jamaicans; I nonetheless was taught as a child that Barbadians were hospitable people with an industrious spirit. But I have since discovered that we are also an arrogant people with a downright impertinence, for West Indians whom we deem economically and socially marginalize.

    Furthermore, in recent weeks I have been acutely attentive to the current affairs on the island, since the debacle between Barbados and Jamaican unfolded into an unanticipated negative narrative. During the initial stage of the incident and beyond, one consistent theme started too emerged and that was, the arrogance disposition that has been displayed by some Barbadians, as their started rationalize the intricate dynamics of the incident.

    Nonetheless, after reading about the complex details of the incident. I couldn’t help but to feel a sense of disappointment and shame for my homeland, its people, and our reputation. Due to the fact that prior to this incident, Barbados and Barbadians had enjoy a favorable reputation throughout the Caribbean and wider world in general; however, I must confess that based on my country’s historical unfolding I would have never envisioned my fellow Barbadians officials engaging in this kind of immoral turpitude.

    There action were outrageous, but what troubles me most of all was the nature of the comments that were directed at the Jamaican nationals preceding this incident. Some Barbadians characterized Jamaican nationals with words that I wouldn’t endeavor to articulate here. Moreover, these people possessed the audacious impudicity to characterize all Jamaicans as drug dealers; this kind of mindset in my opinion imbues the principle of ignorance. And I would say to those people, “that which is woven in ignorance, must not be weaved in enlightenment” because many of my friends are Jamaicans who are people of high moral standing in their respective communities; and for one to arbitrarily assert this view, serve no good purpose but to subvert the good that those hard working and decent Jamaicans has done and are doing.

    We must be circumspect with respect to the kind of comments we make regarding our neighbors; because this kind of behavior only gives rise to the further fragmentation of the fragile bond the glue the region together. I could comprehend to some extent that in an emotionally charge issue like this, how one can react irrationally; but we can’t afford to be so gullible as to let our passions be so easily harness by these kind of issues that we lose all respect for our fellow West Indian .

    This reprehensible display of emotions has not place among people who rate themselves to be the best educated and well cultivated elements in the region. So therefore, I think that it is safe to conclude that there is relatively clear evidence that supports the view; that the characteristics of the modern Barbadian culture invites what I term, a blatant insensitivity for those who don’t merit our veneration.

    Finally, this kind of behavior should invoke our moral condemnation; because we must bear in mind the fact, that every West Indian should be look upon with a deep sense of respect. Irrespective of the general accepted view we hold of each other; we should never underscore the important role we all play to make the region a better place. Yet it can be noted, that it’s only when West Indian people travel to foreign lands their come to realize the common strides that unity, rather the unfounded differences that separate them in the regions of the Caribbean.

  24. Mark L. Fenty Sr

    Selling our National Pride
    It has been many times said, that tourism has been the vehicle that gave rise to the economic development in Barbados and many other islands in the Caribbean; and this has in essence shaped the future development of the region as a whole.

    Furthermore, there is a general consensus that supports the view, that in a region with limited or no natural resources, but its pristine beaches and the cordiality that reflects the characteristics of it s modern ethos. It makes good sense to still look toward tourism as one of the medium through which to gain the foreign dollar. Nevertheless, has this economic prosperity that has been gained through the medium of tourism, created atmospheres that given rise to attitude of impertinent towards Barbadian people? Some tourist is of the opinion that because our dependency on tourism reflects our survival that it gives them the right to act without impunity on our island.

    Moreover, Barbadians don’t have to accept disrespect from some tourist who believe that their do not have to conform to the prescribed mandates that govern our society. And this attitude is rooted I believed; in the Conventional atmosphere that has been creates to accommodate tourist to the island. With this been said, I have visited Barbados on numerous occasions and I have experiences first hand some of the inappropriateness Barbadian continues to accept all in the name of tourism.

    But does it worth the risk of sacrificing our national pride to appease those who in my view ‘hold a less than favorable opinion of us; we somehow believe that it is in the best interest of our country to accept kind insolence? The greatest American abolitionist Fredrick Douglas eloquently states, that if we want the respect of others, we must first respect ourselves”. If we abandon the belief that we’re valued then how do we expect other is going to view us?

    We need not concern ourselves any further with tourist who uses the shortcoming of one island, to cause dissention between the other islands. If Barbados is dirtier done another islands as the tourist contends, don’t come back to our island, because we never claim to be the cleanest island in the Caribbean anyway.

    It shows the kind of respect you have for the people of Barbados by insulting our intelligence, you criticized our island then make the vacuous comment that you are not referring to the people. The island reflects the people and vice versa, so if you contend that the island is dirty then in essence you are saying that the people are also dirty.

    It seem like some Barbadians are frozen in these stereotypes when it comes to engaging the tourist; we have to be very careful that we don’t sell away our national pride all in the name of the foreign dollar and tourism. Even though we have this propensity to pretend that we are more important than our fellow Bajan; we somehow loose all concept our self value when engaging the tourist.

    It is time that leaders of the Caribbean think seriously about the true economic survival of it people. It seems that our livelihood is directly tied to the countries in Europe and the United States of American. Someone once said that, ‘the essence of stupidity is doing the something over and over and expecting difference results”. In this new global economy countries of the Caribbean must be progressive in their outlook as it reflects the total success of the region.

    I have hypothesized that countries in the Caribbean must look toward intellectual capital as their progress in this new global economy. We must adopt the same thinking strategies like countries Chinese, Japans, and India.

    We have to recruit the brightest minds from all the islands of the Caribbean and send them to the universes in the United States and Europe; to studies the latest technologies and sciences. So that there can come back to the islands and teach these skills to the region. Then we can do like India and China export our skills to the United States of America and Europe and in the process attract companies to the region because of these skills.

    Then our dependency on tourism and agriculture would not be necessary to sustain us economically. We have the potential in the region to make this become a reality. If a Nigerian refugee can leave the Biafra camp in the 1970scome to America, and be responsible for our internet to operate the way it do .Then we know that this come became a reality.

    The illustrious and eloquent Jamaican Civil Right Leader Marcus Garvey once said, that God and nature made us who we are, and then through our own creative genius we made ourselves who we want to become. Follow all the great principle, let God and the sky be our limit, and eternality be our measurement”. If we can dream it than it can become a reality, we just have to put it in practice.

  25. Kammie Holder

    Thanks for the feedback. It`s hoped despite the poor grammatical structure and the incohesiveness, my concerns were not lost on your partisan mind. Many experts in the use of the queens english write empty. I have always heard never think you have a franchise on all knowledge.

    We must be careful of envious persons, they alway want to validate our thoughts and actions, which can lower our self esteem. Let`s all remember we owe it our children to speak up and out.

    FoR YOr critique