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The Happy Meal that will not die!

Why Barbados rejected McDonald’s Restaurants – Reason #743

Photographer Sally Davies purchased a McDonald’s Happy Meal on April 10, 2010, put it on her kitchen counter and photographed it every day thereafter for six months to document the deterioration.

So what happened to the burger and fries as it sat on the counter at room temperature for six months?

Nothing. Not a thing.

The meal got a little hard, but there was no rot or mould. No bugs, no flies, no worms either. It looks as good as the day it was, ah, hatched? born? synthesized?


I’ll stick with cutters from Marcia’s Place at Oistins, thank you very much.

Further Reading if you can stomach it…

Grub Street, New York: McDonald’s Hamburgers: Almost Entirely Indestructible


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Kammie Holder’s Swimming Up Stream: Our flag

On the eve of Barbados 44th Independence I want to speak about our flag and what it should mean to you. What does it mean to you since its adoption as our symbol of independence on November 30, 1966?

Flags stir up emotions in us, that few other symbols can and some persons see it as a national insult to desecrate a nation`s flag.

The blue color in the flag of Barbados represents the sea, and gold symbolizes the golden sands of the island, while the broken trident centered represents the break from our colonial past. Continue reading


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