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Adrian Loveridge’s Tourism MATTERS: Barbados Tourism Minister talks about Social Media – the reality is quite different

The use and non-use of Social Media by The Barbados Tourism Authority


by Adrian Loveridge


As two of the last four Tourism MATTERS columns have been dedicated to the subject, it was refreshing to hear the Minister of Tourism recently state that Barbados would be increasing the use of social media to promote the destination.

This following the earlier appointment of a Director of Social Marketing by the Barbados Tourism Authority’s advertising agency in North America, MMG Worldwide, and their launch of a social media tool called Travel Share.

Not wanting to regurgitate large sections of a MMG media release explaining what the objectives of Travel Share are, it would certainly imply that this agency is at the cutting edge of maximising the benefits from this medium.

It therefore continues to beg the question, why are our tourism policymakers seemingly so slow to fully embrace what is considered by almost every competing territory, an absolute integral part of marketing? Continue reading


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Barbados Labour Party self-destructing over leadership battle of the elites

“Crabs in a barrel

An animal so stupid and selfish that when piled in a barrel they will tear each other down to get an inch closer and would easily succeed if they worked together. God we’re so much better than them…”

… sacred oath of the Barbados Labour Party

After three years of turmoil Mia fights to stay alive while King Arthur awaits rebirth.

Mottley retained “for now” say the “party faithful” ? !!!

How many “successes” at retaining Mia Mottley can the BLP survive?

The recent “attempted coup” against BLP interim leader Mia Mottley is hardly worth mentioning by itself because it is nothing more than the continuation of three years of turmoil. It simply doesn’t matter who tried to de-throne Mia this time because nothing is settled.

If anything, the leadership of the BLP is less secure and less defined.

Just who is in charge at the BLP? Bajans still can’t say and neither can the BLP, except in a show of empty bravado.

Let’s review some history and then, much to the chagrin of the BLP, we at Barbados Free Press will tell the BLP how they can be elected as the next government. Not that the BLP elites will listen to their fellow citizens at BFP: but the membership just might… Continue reading


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