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Spark of the Day! The future of Barbados…

Spark of the Day is our daily reminder that we can live and work together on this planet if we become like children and appreciate each other and the wonders of our home called “The good, good Earth”.

Give thanks to BFP reader Red Lake Lassie for directing us to the Flickr photographer YG – who sure knows light and composition!

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Independence Day: Emera wants 100% of Barbados Light & Power

Should we sell Barbados Light & Power to the Canadians?

Good for Barbados, or selling the family silver?

by West Side Davie with Cliverton

Independence Day is a fitting time for Bajans to consider the difference between dreams and goals, and the difference between blind celebration and a grounded perspective on reality. For too long we have celebrated November 30th with much flag waving and remembrance of the heady days of the 1960’s – but little serious consideration given to where the good ship Barbados is sailing now and how the machinery is holding up.

We dance and sing about how we love the ship and what a good ship it is (and it is too!) – but I fear we’ve been putting off some needed maintenance and refitting because it’s easier and cheaper to slap on a coat of paint and say “It still looks good!”

Indeed, it could be said that Independence Day has become somewhat of a coat of paint administered annually to make us feel good about ourselves. Or, perhaps Independence Day is like a shot of rum for the masses so they won’t notice that we’ve just mortgaged another part of the ship to keep food on the table and fuel in the tanks.

Friends, if you borrow money to put food on the table and fuel in the tank, you’ll soon lose your ship as you sell it off piece by piece while the machinery deteriorates for lack of care.

And that is why I approach Emera’s offer to purchase 100% of Barbados Light & Power with some trepidation and perhaps some guilt too. Continue reading


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Spark of the Day!

Dear BFP,

Here is an idea you could start on Independence Day.

I notice that the issue of discussing Islamic fundamentalism brings out the worst in some people on both sides of any conversation. While it is necessary to cover the issue, it would be good to see some uplifting material presented as a balance.

Just an idea if something could be generated each day from an automated computer system where something like the “Spark of the Day” could remind people of their humanity and our common interest for tolerance to each other.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and people of all religions could submit their photos and one from Barbados and one international (so people get reminded that they are part of a greater whole) could be shown each day and perhaps a Barbadian song once a week.

I am not certain of technicalities but if people were drawn to it each day as they wake up it could be a breath of fresh air. For example there are lots of incredible photos on the internet, many of them in the public domain so there would be no problem reusing them.

Here is an example of a recent photo of a Buddhist monk ( Vietnam ) and his novices. It has a certain purity and sense of happiness that might affect people positively.

I’m not sure it could be easy to initiate but could be like a shot of caffeine for those who care. You might need a special e-mail to send them to, but it could capture the interest of Barbadians. If done right it could add more of an uplifting feeling to Barbados Free Press than constantly dealing only with corruption and some of the tougher issues that you do.

I respect and admire Barbados Free Press for tackling tough issues and being positive and eclectic in many ways, but it would be nice if you could give us an uplifting photo every morning to send us on our way to work.

Yours truly,


(full name withheld by request)

Barbados Free Press replies

Hi GG,

What an excellent idea. Okay, we’ll try it. We don’t know of any automated programme that would do the necessary, but we’ll try to find a photo or two every day. If our readers pitch in we’ll have a variety of perspectives and lots of photos.

How about it folks? Send us your uplifting photos of humanity from Barbados and around the world and we’ll do our best to post something every day.

Send your photos to:

Or… if you see something good on the net, post the URL as a comment or email it to us. BFP will then get permission to use the photo or post it under “fair use” if possible.

Give Thanks!

(and thanks to Barbados Holiday Lettings for the photo “Barbados Friends”)


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Of Manners and Standards… and buttons worn by shop assistants

Can a Polite Pig help Bajans regain our lost culture?

by David Gittens

“But quite apart from his immediate political and economic agenda, the Prime Minister is concerned about the general direction in which the country seems to be headed.

In an exclusive SUNDAY SUN interview this week, Stuart, 59, pointed to falling national standards while using excellence as his benchmark for performance.”

… an excerpt from The Nation article PM’s Plan

All through the years I have had indigestion caused by the very very seldom outspeaking by local authority figures regarding the general slip-shodden approach to work and productivity, and the non-existence of basic, everyday good manners that once-upon-a-time were the hallmark of local ‘culture.’ Continue reading


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Barbados road deaths: 240% higher rate than UK

Another year without modern anti-drunk driving laws

Be careful out there!

As Independence Day, Christmas and the new year arrive, BFP wants to remind our readers to have fun, but be careful because drunk drivers think that they are “the reason for the season”.

Our friends at the Barbados Road Safety Association recently placed 28 markers at various places around the island to remind us that Barbados is averaging 28 road fatalities a year. We thank them for that valuable service and the good work the BRSA does all year.

And we confess that we loved it earlier this year when BRSA President Sharmane Roland Bowen asked Are the police looking for someone to do their jobs for them?

The BRSA publicity campaigns save lives. Folks see the crosses and slow down. They read about the campaign and plan how they will get home before they have their first drink and maybe grab the car keys from a friend who’s had too much. Who knows how many lives have been saved by the BRSA’s efforts? Maybe even your life or the lives of your loved ones and friends.

But publicity campaigns can only do so much. If we want to change the culture of drinking and driving in Barbados, we must enact modern laws and give the police the tools to protect us. Continue reading


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“Good for a cheap chuckle”

Dear BFP,

Barbados Advocate, Saturday November 27th, Page 12. Bottom left.

China placed a notice for Independence Day, saying “Congratualations Barbados“. I don’t know if the Chinese embassy did up the notice or if it was a printer’s devil at the Advocate but it’s good for a cheap chuckle. Enjoy!


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Barbados Today: Please tell us it’s a typo!

Error, or a tongue in cheek that the editor missed?

Barbados is “moving towards seeking third world status” ??? Either way, it made us pause…

Even if the 3rd world status was meant tongue in cheek, and maybe especially so, it’s an excellent opinion piece by Dennis de Peize. Take a minute to finish it at Barbados Today…

Independence resolution

Continue to take pride in what you do

by Dennis de Peize

As Barbados prepares to celebrate its 44th anniversary as an independent nation, it is important that its citizens move beyond basking in the glory of past achievements in the post-Independence era.

Moreover, it would represent a sense of maturity if the people could advance beyond the usual political rhetoric that is meant to glorify either the Democratic Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party, on their respective role in championing the break from the colonial ties with Britain.

At this juncture in its history as a developing small island state, that is moving towards seeking third world status, it would seem to be in the best interest of the nation if its citizens direct their attention on how best to make Barbados a better place to work, live and play. It therefore means that as a people the objective should be that of putting Barbados first.

It is not an insurmountable challenge, provided that the populace is prepared to be led by the thoughts expressed by the late Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable David J. H. Thompson, who viewed that “Barbados was more than an economy, it is a society”.

… continue reading this article at Barbados Today


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