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Arch Cot Inquest: Sky News, USA Today, Times of India following Barbados Free Press coverage

The world is paying attention, even if the Barbados elites wish it was not so

The Inquest into the deaths of five sleeping members of the Codrington family will start tomorrow, Monday, October 18, 2010 – but the inquest is being ignored by the oldstream Barbados news media. The Nation printed a few paragraphs last week announcing the inquest but nothing else, and no other Bajan news outlets mentioned the inquest at all.

“In a free society with a free press the day before the start of the inquest the Sunday papers would be full of the story of how a family of five was killed because of criminal greed and government corruption.”

Barbados deserves better from the news media

In a free society with a free press the day before the start of the inquest the Sunday papers would be full of the story.

Who wouldn’t be interested in how a home was built on a known cave and how five people were killed when their home fell into the collapsing cavern? There would be a review of the historical background and reprints of past coverage. The news media would ask why the inquest wasn’t called for three years. Fearless journalists would demand answers and wouldn’t stop asking tough questions.

In a free society with a free press.

But this is Barbados, so nothing appears in the press because some big names are involved… Continue reading


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Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines

Other Barbadians involved “Arrests not over”

– US Indictments in massive money laundering and drug smuggling through Barbados.

US$300+ million dollar profits being seized by US Government

– “Bourne Organization” kingpin Victor D’Acosta Bourne used violence, threats against witnesses, airport workers, debtors, dealers

– American Airlines personnel involved in smuggling tons of drugs over a 10 year period. Ships also used.

– Drugs came from Caribbean where “Bourne Organization” members placed drugs on American Airlines flights “throughout the Caribbean” including Barbados.

Brooklyn and Barbados businesses used as cover for smuggling, distribution, money laundering.

Drugs are big business and that reality is no different in Barbados – which now finds itself the focus of worldwide attention in the fight against organized crime.

With only three persons charged, but allegations of a multi-country conspiracy heavily based in Brooklyn and Barbados, there have to be some other very worried folks in Barbados right now. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars, tons of drugs and violence by a criminal organization that has tentacles “throughout the Caribbean”, according to the US Attorney’s office.

Is this related to the Suleman Esuf case? Continue reading


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