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Shame on Rihanna! Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth – not coming to David Thompson’s funeral.

UPDATED: November 3, 2010, 11:47am from the funeral of PM David Thompson

Photo from TV feed at 11:47am: Rihanna watches as the funeral procession leaves Kensington Oval for St. Johns Parish where Prime Minister David Thompson will be buried.

Rihanna arrived in Barbados late Tuesday afternoon, and is currently at the funeral. What happened to change her mind from her publicist’s announcement that she was too busy to attend? Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter has some thoughts…

Barbadian Social Media influence Rihanna’s Mourning of Youngest Prime Minister of Barbados – Cultural Ambassador accepts responsibility and attends late PM Thompson’s funeral!

You can get the live link to the funeral where you can view the proceedings and see the audience here…

Funeral coverage of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & live TV link

Original article as published October 28, 2010…

“Our PM practically shut down our Island when she won that Grammy. Gave her a full concert, gave her a SUV, Land + a House at the super exclusive Apes Hill (Valued at Millions) plus made her a Cultural Ambassador and she seriously can’t take the day or two to fly home to show her respect for the man who did all that ??? I mean she’s flown home for two days to attend reggae concerts !!!

And then to have her “people” send that statement?! She couldn’t even make that personally??”

… found on the net by Ian Bourne as reported in comments below Kammie’s article.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty will be judged harshly by Bajans

by Kammie Holder

I am a Barbadian blogger and a social activist who takes my responsibility to readers seriously. Many of you may or may not know that the Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson QC of Rihanna’s home country Barbados has died.

With his passing, I took the decision to curtail all blogging for a week as a mark of respect. However, upon reading the Barbados Nation Newspaper October 27th edition I have to break my silence.

I was brought to tears by an article titled “Rihanna Not Coming For Funeral”. It is quoted by her agent Amanda Silverman, “Rihanna would not be attending the state Funeral next Wednesday November 3rd because her schedule would not permit.”

As a Bajan (and I think I speak for the majority of Bajans) Ms Silverman please tell Miss Fenty that America has made her famous, but as a Cultural Ambassador with a diplomatic passport she also has a responsibility to her country. Continue reading


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