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Did I enjoy eating Giant African Land Snails? Hell yes!

Thanks to BFP reader iWatcha for this culinary recommendation…

“Did I enjoy it? Hell yes. It’s rare to find a totally new combination of flavour and texture and it was privilege to be shown how to prepare it properly. Will I be knocking up land snail at my next dinner party? I’m ashamed to say, no. I’m not sure I could find anyone to share it…”

“I’d gladly fill you in on the whole process of shell smashing, guts removal, washing with alum rocks and boiling for ages but you’d be better off watching the video above for the full, rather astonishing effect.”

Tim Hayward takes you right from buying the snails at the market (or finding them in your garden!) to de-sliming and then all the way to the table in the Guardian’s article and video: Hard as Snails

Would the folks at BFP eat them? Would you?

Watching the video, Shona said something like “Eeeeeewwww!” but Robert said (with a big smile), “That’s nothing compared with snacking on live grubs in Brazil. Wiggly fellows as big as your thumb, aren’t they!”


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Barbados Underground blog “suspended” by WordPress for violations. What happened?

Was it threats to witnesses, threats to journalists, calls for racial genocide, XXX articles or something else?

Visitors to the Barbados Underground blog on Monday morning were greeted with a notice from WordPress.com internet hosting that the entire blog had been “suspended” for failure to comply with WordPress.com policies.

Later in the day the blogsite was put back up, but without any explanation from the editors or WordPress. It is as if nothing ever happened.

But it did.

Why was Barbados Underground suspended? Continue reading


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