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Please visit our friends at… Little Good Harbour villas

Click the banner to visit Little Good Harbour: a charming cluster of cottages, nestled around a central swimming pool and lush tropical gardens, that epitomises the best of Caribbean architecture and hospitality.

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The theft of two Barbados National Parks by friends of government.

Barbados National Trust President Dr. Karl Watson seeks government promise to comfort him.

Publicly surrenders to lying politicians and their developer friends.

Dr. Karl Watson, the President of the Barbados National Trust, was in the paper recently saying he “eagerly awaited the day when the formal Cabinet decision to legally establish the National Park of Barbados would become reality.”

He urged the government to withstand pressure from “real estate barons” and to save the Scotland District from the urban sprawl creeping across Barbados. He wanted a “guarantee” from politicians that we will have some green space left.

But then in the next breath, Dr. Watson predicted that stopping the urbanisation of the island is a lost cause. I had to read his quotes three times to convince myself that he said it, but it’s there. Unless we hear that he was somehow grossly misquoted, the Doctor surrendered.

What Dr. Watson must realize and didn’t want to say, is that the “real estate barons” and those in government who control the land use are as one.

This island’s two promised National Parks and other green space may be doomed, but it is not because those in government cannot “withstand the pressure” from the real estate barons. Our green space is doomed because our political elites ARE the “real estate barons” who directly and indirectly profit from land speculation and development. Continue reading


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Sam Lord’s Castle as an over-valued asset in the CLICO – CL Financial pyramid fraud

In 2005 CLICO’s Leroy Parris said he had to talk with CL Financial about Sam Lord’s Castle, but…

Isn’t the official line that Clico Holdings (Barbados) was “separate and distinct” from its parent company CL Financial in Trinidad?

The burning of Sam Lord’s Castle two days ago was predictable, and was predicted by us in April of 2009.

What is interesting though, is that the burning is causing folks to reexamine how Sam Lord’s Castle fit into the CL Financial and CLICO pyramid fraud. After reading a recently updated article at The Antillean, I think that Leroy Parris probably now regrets some of what he said in a 2005 press conference. Continue reading


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